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Buddhism for Beginners: How Mindfulness and Meditation Will Change Your Life

by K. Connors

Buddhism for Beginners

How Mindfulness and Meditation Will Change Your Life

If you want to focus on personal spiritual development and strive for a deep insight into the true nature of life, then continue reading…

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – Buddha

If our present suffering is the result of bad karma from a prior life, what is the real present remedy for suffering in this life?

Who is the Karma Judge? And why Mindfulness and Meditation?

If you don’t understand the immediate answers to the above, you’re not alone.

You see, Buddhist practices like meditation are means of changing yourself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom.

Inside, you’ll find the experiences developed within the Buddhist tradition over thousands of years have created an incomparable resource for all those who wish to follow the path.

In Buddhism for Beginners, discover:

  • What Buddhism really is
  • The history of Buddhism
  • Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism
  • Buddhism in America
  • Why mindfulness and meditation
  • Gods (or lack of) in Buddhism
  • Addressing social issues through Buddhism


Check out Buddhism for Beginners: How Mindfulness and Meditation Will Change Your Life and discover the road to enlightenment today!

The Vanishing: The Renee MacRae case (Murder World: Scotland Book 3)

by Steve MacGregor

In November 1976 Renee MacRae, the estranged wife of a millionaire Inverness businessman, vanished with her three year old son Andrew. No-one could have guessed then that, more than forty years later, we still wouldn’t be certain what happened to Renee or her son.

This became Scotland’s longest running missing person case and it involved a massive, expensive and recurring police effort. There have been a great many theories about what happened to Renee, why and where her body may have been concealed. There have been almost as many theories about who killed her and why and this case continues to be debated in the Highlands and beyond.

What there haven’t been, until now, are any books about this fascinating case. For the first time in this book you can read details of what we do know and theories about what we don’t know. Using hindsight, logic and plain common-sense I believe that we can unravel at least some of the mysteries that surround this case. So, let’s travel back to 1976, and a dark, isolated and lonely highland roadâ?¦

Murder World: Real crimes, real killers.

Cleopatra: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History


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The last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom and the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra reigned over the end of an era. Cleopatra has been defined by her relationships with powerful Roman statesmen Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, both of whom fathered her children, but there is much more to Cleopatra’s story than romantic intrigue.

Inside you will read about…

â?? The Ptolemaic Dynasty
â?? Cleopatra as Queen
â?? Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
â?? Mark Antony and Cleopatra
â?? Propaganda Wars
â?? The Last Pharaoh of Egypt: Cleopatra’s Suicide
And much more!

One of the first independent female rulers of an ancient kingdom, Cleopatra was a gifted diplomat, efficient administrator, and accomplished linguist who ruled her kingdom with more courage than the majority of her male predecessors. Cleopatra’s death ended an era, but her life promised the dawn of a new age, one where women might dare to rule the world.

Trumpty Dumpty: Faking America Great Again

by James Shaw


â?¨”TRUMPTY DUMPTY’s” lyrics were written in January 2018. Soon after, it was performed and recorded by the bands, Twitter Litter and Earth Dance. Almost immediately, the music-streaming sites iTunes, Google Music, Pandora, Spotify, and some thirty-one other music-streaming sites worked out distribution agreements, for the Audio of “Trumpty Dumpty,” with nationally-renowned music aggregators, TuneCore.

We are very pleased to present to you the complete lyrics for “TRUMPTY DUMPTY.” For the entire bands’ (Earth Dance or Twitter Litter) performance of this song, please go to the music-streaming sites mentioned above. Internationally-renowned U.S. protest songwriter and musician, Bob Dylan, has listened to “Trumpty Dumpty” and written a positive, favorable response to it, for which we are very grateful.

“TRUMPTY DUMPTY” was released to the nation well before the important books, Fire and Fury,” “Unhinged,” and “Fear.” Since the beginning of 2018, “TRUMPTY DUMPTY” has been alerting Americans about President Trump’s Art of the Steal. Solid continuously-mounting evidence, in an investigation conducted by the United States Department of Justice, shows Mr. Trump, in a pre-conceived conspiracy with Russian czar Vladimir Putin, won the 2016 Presidential Election by defrauding (by hacking Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters) the United States.

The Art of the Steal appears to be the only “art” Mr. Trump relies on and in which he prefers to engage.

The Beaufort Bride: The Life of Margaret Beaufort (The Beaufort Chronicles Book 1)

by Judith Arnopp

As King Henry VI slips into insanity and the realm of England teeters on the brink of civil war, a child is married to the mad king’s brother. Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, takes his child bride into Wales where she discovers a land of strife and strangers.
At Caldicot Castle and Lamphey Palace Margaret must put aside childhood, acquire the dignity of a Countess and, despite her tender years, produce Richmond with a son and heir.
While Edmund battles to restore the king’s peace, Margaret quietly supports his quest; but it is a quest fraught with danger.
As the friction between York and Lancaster intensifies 14-year-old Margaret, now widowed, turns for protection to her brother-in-law, Jasper Tudor. At his stronghold in Pembroke, two months after her husband’s death, Margaret gives birth to a son whom she names Henry, after her cousin the king.
Margaret is small of stature but her tiny frame conceals a fierce and loyal heart and a determination that will not falter until her son’s destiny as the king of England is secured.
The Beaufort Bride traces Margaret’s early years from her nursery days at Bletsoe Castle to the birth of her only son in 1457 at Pembroke Castle. Her story continues in Book Two: The Beaufort Woman.

A Dual Purpose: An autobiography told in two distinct voices.

by Al Arevalo

This autobiography was written with such brute honesty that it can be at times hard to imagine any American having to endure it’s hardships, but who because of the choices made illustrate a sheer determination to overcome lifes true obstacles by
means of experiencing it through an empowered state of self awareness and life affirming perspective in mind.

A Dual Purpose comes written in one of the most original methods ever brought forth, this self reflective life path, is expressed in two distinctive voices, that of the writers himself, and the other his own souls.

This moving and unrelenting account of having to choose life in the face of desperately seeking death will leave you haunted with vivid images of lost innocence and scrambling to revaluate things you once thought to be absolute.

You will come to learn the truth behind lifes greatest questions and in some cases, will come to understand why some questions should be left unanswered.

From being raped as a child to being forced into slave labor existence as a closeted adolescent, to the systematic removal of everyone he ever loved you will feel the desperation of seeking the cosmic answers even when in the end it cannot save him from his own agreed upon fates.

When in the end, it all comes crashing down around him the greatest of lessons will have been answered in such a way that your brain is left tingling and wondering if we really truly understand what this reality is made of and if we’re really ready to move on as the creators of our own reality across all the dimensional possibilities.

Who knew, that one day a victimized boy lost in the passages of Purgative state, could then grow into this man filled with such wisdom and clarity capable of leading us into the world of who we will be, going forward as humanity.

On Love and Frugality: A Memoir: How an absurdly thrifty Frenchman proved that money canâ??t buy love

by Allison Romain-Dika

Allie Romain-Dika was still figuring it all out. A late 20-something on her way to nursing school, her plan was just as uncharted as ever. The only plan she did have was to have no plan at all. Until she meets Richard, whose love of soccer was only rivaled by his love of saving money. He is her opposite in all of the best ways and her equivalent in many others. She is smitten, but what seems at first to be student-related penny-pinching will later prove to be his never-ending quest to not only save money but never spend it. She soon finds herself living the experiment that would test the hypothesis that money can’t buy love. Will she choose to chart the course with this hilarious thrifty Frenchman? Is a life of unwanted freebies, bargain basement vacations, and worst of all, planning a future something she can envision? Were these questions that she ever thought she’d have to ask herself?

On Love and Frugality is a heartwarming and humorous story of the growth to adulthood, the art of compromise in a relationship, and the many financial lessons that a frugal Frenchman can teach you if you only let him.

Death Waits At The Depot

by Warren Robinson

This is the true story of two young men of the Georgia frontier who met by chance for the first time on the night of April 26th, 1909. One was black, one was white. Fate brought their paths together at a railroad depot in the new town of Lenox, Georgia and neither man would walk away from that encounter. This story is suspenseful with many twists and turns and covers more than 100 years of Georgia history during the 20th century, including many ironic discoveries. While it begins with the heinous act of murder and its legal consequences, it also includes an interesting story of frontier Georgia history and more than a few humorous stories that make it a book that most readers feel compelled to finish without putting it down.

Butcher a Hog: a novel

by Brian J O’Sullivan

Butcher a Hog is a moving fictionalized memoir that recounts one man’s struggle with addiction, homelessness, and overwhelming adversity as his life unfolds in a sustained series of misadventures and noble failures that encapsulates his attempt to survive against all odds. Detailing two decades in the life of working-class, undocumented Irish emigrant, Butcher a Hog follows Liam McCarthy from his arrival in New York City in 1985 through a litany of shadowy living situations in Irish-American neighborhoods â??from Boston to the Bronxâ??and traces his efforts to forge a livelihood amidst the realities of marginal employment, manual labor, and chronic substance abuse. With honesty and trenchant Irish humor, the novel shares both warm-hearted moments and bleak, dark times, culminating twenty years later with forty-one-year-old Liam facing an uncertain future of voluntary institutionalization in order to receive a prescribed round of ECT, or electroconvulsive therapy.

Written in a direct, confessional tone, Butcher a Hog moves across decades and generations to revisit episodes in Liam’s youth in his hometown in Kerry, introducing a poignant story of secret abuse and childhood pain shaded with family and social dysfunction. Even the tale of Liam’s first communion becomes a backdrop for diminished expectations and self-enforced alienation that will underscore his failings in adult life, as he inevitably moves from one fiasco to another, each time somehow managing to transcend the latest in a string of personal disasters. Throughout it is a testament to one man’s life and the relationships he formed in the course of trying to move past or run away from a haunting specter of depression and self-destruction. Butcher a Hog tells a meaningful and memorable story of a misguided young man who is forced to immigrate and find a way to survive on the streets of New York in the 1980s that along the way reveals a comical, unrelentingly honest path of personal discovery.

The Life that is Waiting

by Gwen Owen

Have you ever thought about quitting your job, getting rid of everything you own, and starting over someplace new? What stopped you? Maybe you have family responsibilitiesâ??kids you don’t want to uproot, parents who need care, or both. Maybe you’re afraid everyone you know will think you’re crazy. Or that you’re having a midlife crisis. Maybe you think you don’t have enough money to make the move. That’s what Gwen thought too. Until she didn’t.

Hit hard by the 2008 recession, Gwen and her husband were struggling to pull themselves back up into the middle class and not getting anywhere. As their youngest child became an adult, Gwen’s frustration with the life she was living grew too big to ignore. But did that make the idea of chucking it all and moving away a good idea? And was it even financially possible for them to relocate? This is the true story of Gwen’s journey to discover The Life That is Waiting for herâ??a journey of 4 adults, 2 pets, and 2 cars, spanning more than 900 miles.

Russian Serial Killers: The Fractured Mirror of Russian Society

by Garry deGrood

Russian Serial Killers is not a condemnation of the Russian people. It is an analysis of the root causes of extreme violence committed by the worst elements of Russian society. The shattered lives of the victims and their families should cause us all to reflect on the failure to build a cohesive and inclusive society free of violence and full of compassion. Our civilization depends on it.

A Short Introduction to Constantine the Great

by John Lord

One of the links in the history of civilization is the reign of Constantine, not unworthily called the Great, since it would be difficult to find a greater than he among the Roman emperors, after Julius Caesar, while his labors were by far more beneficent. A new era began with his illustrious reign,–the triumph of Christianity as the established religion of the crumbling Empire. Under his enlightened protection the Church, persecuted from the time of Nero, and never fashionable or popular, or even powerful as an institution, arose triumphant, defiant, almost militant, with new passions and interests; ambitious, full of enthusiasm, and with unbounded hope,–a great spiritual power, whose authority even princes and nobles were at last unable to withstand. No longer did the Christians live in catacombs and hiding-places; no longer did they sing their mournful songs over the bleeding and burning bodies of the saints, but arose in the majesty of a new and irresistible power,–temporal as well as spiritual,–breathing vengeance on ancient foes, grasping great dignities, seizing the revenues of princes, and proclaiming the sovereignty of their invisible King. In defence of their own doctrines they became fierce, arrogant, dogmatic, contentious,–not with sword in one hand and crucifix in the other, like the warlike popes and bishops of mediaeval Europe, but with intense theological hatreds, and austere contempt of those luxuries and pleasures which had demoralized society…

सरल �� डायर�/Saral Ki Diary (Part/भा� Book 1) (Hindi Edition)

by Sanjay Grover

à¤?्या à¤?रà¥? à¤?न हाथà¥?à¤? à¤?ा ? à¤?ाà¤? डालà¥? à¤?न्हà¥?à¤? ? फà¥?à¤?à¤? à¤?ए à¤?हà¥?à¤? à¤?ाà¤?र ? या हरदम ढà¤?à¤? à¤?र रà¤?à¥? à¤?हà¥?à¤? ? à¤?ुपा दà¥? ! या à¤?िसà¥? à¤?ुरदुरà¥? à¤?à¥?à¥? पर तब तà¤? रà¤?à¥?ता रहà¥? à¤?ब तà¤? दà¥?सरà¥? लà¥?à¤?à¥?à¤? à¤?à¥? तरह मर्दानà¥?, à¤?ुरदुरà¥?, सà¤?्त या à¤?à¤?ठà¥?लà¥? ना हà¥? à¤?ाएà¤?। तनहाà¤? à¤?à¥? à¤?à¥?à¤?à¥? सà¥? à¤?à¥?à¤?à¥? वà¤?्à¥?à¥? मà¥?à¤? भà¥? यà¥? हà¥?न भावनाएà¤?, यà¥? à¤?पराध-बà¥?ध सरल à¤?ा पà¥?à¤?ा नहà¥?à¤? à¤?à¥?à¥?तà¥?। à¤?िसà¥? सà¥? हाथ मिलानà¥? सà¥? भà¥? डरता हà¥?, बà¤?ता हà¥? सरल। बà¥?à¤?-बà¥?à¤? मà¥?à¤? सुननà¥? à¤?à¥? मिल à¤?à¥? à¤?ाता हà¥?- â??à¤?रà¥? यार, तुम्हारà¥? हाथ तà¥? लà¥?à¤?ियà¥?à¤? सà¥? भà¥? à¤?़्यादा मुलायम हà¥?à¤?।”à¤?à¤?र रात à¤?à¤?धà¥?रà¥? मà¥?à¤? तà¥?रा à¤?à¥?हरा दà¥?à¤?à¥? बà¤?à¥?र à¤?à¥?à¤? तुझसà¥? हाथ मिलाए तà¥? यहà¥? समझà¥?à¤?ा à¤?िसà¥? लà¥?à¤?à¥? à¤?ा हाथ पà¤?à¥? लिया हà¥?।’

U Can 2 (U CAN 2! Book 1)

by Patty McCall

There is HOPE if you have been a victim of ABUSE!
If you think there is no hope after being a victim of ABUSE this book is for U! 11 Courageous individuals will share their stories how they overcame and moved on. We pray this book will Inspire and Encourage U to change from Victims to Victors! Patty McCall and Janet Gale wrote a song U Can 2 and produced a Music Video for this movement. Sales from the book go directly to the non-profit P.A.I.N. account to make a difference and help break the cycle of abuse!

Lesbian Lovers Collection: Girls Loving Girls

by Cindy Centurion

Cindy’s Lesbian Lovers collection is over 22,000 words wrapped together for girls that just love girls. Some of the stories are based around her life and the lives of her nearest and dearest friends. Of course they are of a sexual nature and there are more than a few blindfolds and toys used in the most steamy, lustful, erotic encounters. But the underlying theme is of course love, sharing fantasies and keeping your lover enthralled in the passion that binds two hearts together.

Her three most downloaded books are brought together for the excitement of girls that can’t get enoughâ?¦

Cindy is One Horny Lesbian

Lesbian Love Actually

Getting Ready – Kelly & Susan – Toys, Role-play, Dress Up, Bondage

Read and enjoy with your partner, love, fantasies, relationships and fun.

Leather Apron, Jack the Ripper, and the Whitechapel Murders of 1888

by Mike Covell

London, 1888, and the vicinity is in the grips of a scare, but who is behind the scare and what do we know of him?

Before the world came to know “Jack the Ripper”, “Leather Apron” was the name on the lips of the frightened residents of London’s East End.

This book explores the origin of the name, and the people behind the stories. Featuring a wide range of primary historical sources, newspaper reports and other chapters on other “Leather Apron” scares.

Sandra Bridewell The Black Widow: A Collection of True Crime

by Paul Bird

An Anthology of True Crime
Some people are desperately unlucky. Misfortune follows them, leeching into every part of their lives. And just when it seems that matters might be turning for the better, it strikes again. Others contribute to their own personal tragedies, individual actions steering their lives, like a mis-programmed driverless car, towards their own downfalls.
Which of these destinies applies most to Sandra Bridewell depends very much on your own perspective, your personal interpretations of the facts, of the suggestions, of the outcomes. But the sobriquet â??The Black Widow’ gives a clear idea of where many stand in their interpretation of her life choices.

What is clear is this…Sandra Bridewell loved finding new husbands. And loved killed them even more.

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