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Blockchain: The comprehensive beginnerâ??s guide to learn Blockchain with its innovative technology and Modern Financial Framework that will improve and revolutionize the Next Digital Economy

by Frank Walrtin

Learn Blockchain with its innovative technology and Modern Financial Framework that will improve and revolutionize the Next Digital Economy, using the power of Blockchain

The comprehensive beginner’s guide to learn Blockchain with its innovative technology and Modern Financial Framework that will improve and revolutionize the Next Digital Economy, using the power of Blockchain

IT is a book targeted for anyone interested in Blockchain , and wants to have a Comprehensive learning experience in Blockchain, Furthermore, for people who want to learn Blockchain with its innovative technology and Modern Financial Framework, Then this book is perfect for you!

â??â??â?? Discover everything you need to know about Blockchain with its innovative technology and Modern Financial Framework, using the power of Blockchain â??â??â??

With this book, you will improve your knowledge in Blockchain:

   � Overview of Blockchain.

   � Blockchain and the Finance Industry.

   � Decentralization.

   � Mining.

   � Hashing.

   � Decentralized Applications.

   � Volatility.

   � Security.

And much more!

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Deep Learning: An Essential Guide to Deep Learning for Beginners Who Want to Understand How Deep Neural Networks Work and Relate to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

by Herbert Jones

If you want to learn about Deep Learning then keep reading…

It’s said that filling the observable universe with an infinite number of monkeys on infinite typewriters and letting them type for an infinite amount of time would eventually produce Shakespeare’s works. However, what would happen if we applied the infinite monkey theorem to computer programs capable of learning and evolution? Would a thousand such smart machines thrown together and allowed to evolve undisturbed produce a human mind or something much greater? Well, scientists decided to give it a go and see what happened.

That line of reasoning, alongside the fact we’ve nearly exhausted all the possible progress of the scientific method, motivated the creation of deep learning, a process in which computer programs meant to learn and adapt to the environment evolve on their own without any human intervention or even knowledge how their evolution occurs. Such software could eventually develop a will of its own and escape containment or even be intentionally unleashed on the planet as a cyber-weapon.

This book analyzes the validity of such seemingly preposterous possibilities while compiling and investigating academic research concerning deep learning and its practical applications, referencing, and quick summarizing of numerous academic writings that need to be meticulously picked apart by the curious reader – who can then truly understand what lies ahead of us all in a future dominated by smart machines. If that same reader finds themselves starting up exhaustive conversations with complete strangers on deep learning, this book has done its job superbly.

Deep Learning: An Essential Guide to Deep Learning for Beginners Who Want to Understand How Deep Neural Networks Work and Relate to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence cover topics such as:

  • Improving the Scientific Method
  • How It All Started
  • Appeasing the Rebellious Spirits
  • Quantum Approach To Science
  • The Replication Crisis
  • Evolving the Machine Brain
  • The Future of Deep Learning
  • Medicine with the Help of a Digital Genie
  • And Much, Much More

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Galactic Badlands: A LitRPG Space Western

by Zachariah Dracoulis

Charles Broadstokes is a little confused…

There are cowboy boots on his feet, pop-up hints appearing in his vision, and, oh yeah, there’s a mariachi band in his head.
The world’s not going to slow down and let him catch up though, no, it’s going to throw a chrome hover car at him and hope he gets the picture.
Charles isn’t what you’d call inept though, and before long he’s proving himself as a quick shooter, fast learner, and more than willing to immerse himself in his pseudo-digital reality full of cruel crimelords, dangerous wild animals, and all manner of fun allies in this, the first novel of the Galactic Badlands saga.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION â?? SEO: Business Digital Marketing Success

by Malik M.

In this SEO technique book, everything that seems intimidating in the process of SEO will be totally clarified for your understanding and also the way you will profit from it will be revealed.

The first way to kick off with this course is to understand what Search Engine Optimization is all about. The goal of SEO is very simple. It is to get you on the first page of Google. The reality of this is that over 95% of web traffic goes to websites on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages.

So if you are getting on the first page of Google, you are going to get a lot more of visitors to your website which means a lot more sales for you and a lot more money in your pocket.

And if you can get on the first position on Google’s Search Engine Result Page for a particular search phrase, you can get 33% for all the search traffic for that search term. Also if you are in the first position of Google’s search result, you are going to remain there for months or even years which will get you a ton of traffic from Google. This is why SEO is so exciting and the reason why everybody wants to know about it.

It is also a highly paid and high in demand marketing skill because it can deliver a great return on marketing investment and ton of traffic to your site

However, you should start with the goal of getting to the top position of the first page of Search Engine Optimization.
If you find this amazing SEO book exciting, which you will, please leave a good review rating for the benefits of this great book to reach many other people.

Wishing you outstanding success in your SEO journey!

What is SEO and How it Works?
SEO is an acronym for Search engine optimization that impacts the visibility of a website or web pages in the search engine result page which is often called organic or natural results. The web page search result is said to be organic if is optimized and not paid for.

SEO brings in a ton of visitors from the search engine result page to a web page. These visitors can bring in huge sales when they are turned into customers.

The Importance of SEO Services
The importance of Search Engine Optimization is so great because of the huge traffic it can bring to a website. Despite this importance, lots of people still do not know the right steps to take in order to get the huge benefits of SEO.

This book, however, was crafted to outline the techniques of SEO and how to implement them for ranking your website higher on the top spot of the search engines, including Google search engine. With the right implementation of the SEO techniques in this book, your web pages will rank very high on the search engine which will give you the results you desire.

Search engine rankings for web pages are accomplished through SEO and in order to achieve that, you need to make provision for useful and helpful information to display on the search engine results page which will compel people to click through to visit your web pages.

Consistent implementation of the SEO techniques can help you to meet up with the constant and ever-changing search engine algorithms.

What will be covered:
Introduction to SEO
How to Perform Keyword Research?
On-Page Optimization
Link Building for Off-Page Optimization
Best Free SEO Tools
How to Rank Higher with SEO on Google?
How to Find High-Converting Keywords
SEO Services Best Practice

You have taken the right decision to have this SEO technique book that gives great insights into succeeding in SEO for business digital marketing growth. Lots of people are loving this book and are succeeding in the service of SEO as they follow all the recommended SEO practical steps in it.

To know all about the steps of achieving success in SEO, don’t skip any SEO step in this book and you will definitely succeed. When you come across something that you don’t understand, let me know about it and I will be here to help you all along the way. You can email me at [email protected]

Side-Hustle Kickstart: Making Money Part-Time via One Hour Ecommerce and Freelancing Business

by Lexi Grey

Here are 2 Business Ideas That Any Beginner Can Start


You don’t need any technical knowledge or business experience to make money via these business ideas.

What you’ll learn in this bundle:

* How to choose the perfect product for your ecom store
* How to set up your own buy button via paypal
* How to create a website from scratch in 30 minutes or less
* The exact landing page formula to use in your new business
* The exact SEO checklist I use to rank keywords in Google
* How to advertise on Facebook for less than $5 per day

– How to start even without an expertise in any area
– How to let others do the work for you for as low as $1
– How to research the right category and the right service to sell- Why you should start your career on Fiverr
– The top 4 categories to choose for beginners
– Why your gallery should always be a top priority
– How to confirm if there’s a market for your service
– How to create and set up your Fiverr service listing
– An examples of a “best-selling” description from a service that already sold more than 20,000 times
– How to upsell your customers so you’ll make 2x more money in the long term

They say that it your moment of your decision that you destiny is shaped. I want you to make that decision today.The decision to live the freedom lifestyle. The decision to take action and make things happen.

Remember you don’t need the following:


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Computer Full Forms Terminology

by Neeraj Kumar

Get List of Most Important Full Forms of Computer Relating Terms and know the word COMPUTER really have any full form

Another Introduction to Programming with Java Book

by Tim Talbot

Learn Java with this easy to read Introduction to Java book. Written with the beginner in mind but flexible enough to allow flicking through chapters to study only the content you need to.

Another Introduction to Programming with Java Book covers all the basics of Programming with Java including:

– Variables and Operators
– Flow Control (Loops, Switch and If statements)
– Access Modifiers
– Functions / Methods
– Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, Classes and Objects
– Error Handling
– Inheritance and Polymorphism
– Interfaces

Throughout the chapters, you will encounter exercises in order to help you grasp the concepts you have been studying up until that point. Finally, there is a larger scale project at the end of the book to bring all your knowledge together.

Machine Learning: 2 Manuscripts in 1 Book – Neural Networks Understand How Neural Networks Work, Deep Learning A Sensible Guide Presenting the Concepts (Machine Learning Series 3)

by Matthew Harper

This Book Includes: Neural Networks and Deep Learning!

Book 1)

Neural Networks: Step-by-Step | Understand How Neural Networks Work, Starting With Simple Ideas (Machine Learning Series Book 1)

Machines are observing your habits, learning your patterns and adjusting their behaviour accordingly. Understand the concepts behind this amazing technology, step-by-step.

Neural Networks are the key component

A machine capable of learning is already here, it is real and it is exciting. Many may not be aware of it but it already plays an important role in our lives in many ways. Ever wonder how all those lists of websites can come up so quickly when you do a Google search? What about how Amazon knows exactly what to recommend to you every time you visit their website? And what about how Netflix can choose a list of shows that suit your taste perfectly?

Understand how a machine learns

How these computers are capable of doing all of these things is the subject of this book. Using this book as a guide, we’ll come to understand how the art of neural networks has made it possible for computer science to turn in a whole new direction, opening the doors to an amazing new era of technology.

A complex topic made simple

Even as a novice in this industry, you will understand the basics of what neural networks are, how they work, and the many tasks you can apply them to, including:

  • Algorithms and how they work
  • The concepts behind neural networks
  • The basic architecture of a neural network
  • The different technical aspects of these programs
  • The different types of neural networks

Book 2)

Deep Learning: Step-by-Step | A Sensible Guide Presenting the Concepts of Deep Learning With Real-World Examples (Machine Learning Series Book 2)

We exist at a time that only a half-century ago was the stuff of science fiction. Discover how deep learning have the ability to do things never thought possible.

Understand how Deep Learning works

Have you ever wondered how large corporations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter know so much about you? How do the same advertisements keep showing up wherever you go? Ever used Google Translate to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language? The reality is that deep learning and its predecessor, machine learning, has had a hand with all of it.

Grasp the concept behind it

Deep learning has probably become one of the most complex developments that mankind has created to date. Anyone interested in the future would find deep learning to be a fascinating subject. This new and innovative form of computer science is already changing the way we live our lives, making things easier, faster, and more efficient.

Simple enough for the layman

This book will explain to you in simple layman’s terms the basic foundation and concept of deep learning and how it works, including:

  • How deep learning came about and the basic concept behind it
  • The different aspects of deep learning
  • The different types of machine learning and what they are used for
  • Basic understanding of how it works
  • Several applications of the technology already in use today
  • What the future holds for you and deep learning

Zero Down Internet Business: Start a Work from Home Part-Time Business Without Investing a Single Cent If You Choose To!

by Jacob Arroyo

Here’s how you can start a new internet marketing – work at home business as a side-hustle

You don’t need huge capital, business experience or technical knowledge to implement any of these business models.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The 4 step process on how to make at least $1,000 per month via Aliexpress
– How to get started with ZERO capital
– How to find products that are guaranteed best-seller!
– How to create a free website from scratch
– How to create a product listing
– How to set up your payment option
– How to drive free traffic from Facebook and Youtube
– How to fulfill your orders

– The exact process of how affiliate marketing works
– How to find the best products to promote
– How to choose the best product to promote
– How to create your own wordpress website in 60 minutes or less
– How to write a product review that converts website visitors into customers
– How to rank your website on Google
– How to apply some ninja on-page seo tactics on your website
– How to use youtube to get more traffic
– Examples of profitable affiliate marketing websites

– How to play to get paid
– the step by step instruction on how to take advantage of this secret, crazy and passionate market
– One of the most profitable niches today
– How to optimize your youtube videos for maximum SEO effectivity
– What to use to monetize your videos
– How to record your videos
– One simple traffic source that will double your income

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A Maneira Fácil de Lucrar Com o Material de Direitos de Marca Própria: Aprenda as maneiras mais simples e rápidas de lucrar com o material de PLR (Portuguese Edition)

by Geferson Coelho

Uma solução única para todos os seus problemas de tráfego na web!
Você é incapaz de articular seu conceito de negócio? Seu site não está gerando
o tipo de tráfego que você deseja?
Obter no topo da página de resultados do Search Engine com conteúdo especializado!

Faça o tráfego do seu site multiplicar , colocando em conteúdo PLR especialista!

Você está lutando para obter o conteúdo perfeito para colocar no seu site? Você está gastando mais do que você pensou em desenvolvimento de conteúdo? A popularidade do seu site está sofrendo por causa do conteúdo genérico? Você tem material de Private Label Rights (PLR), mas não consegue usá-lo adequadamente? Não se preocupe com isso! Existe uma solução simples para todos os seus problemas!

Aumente a popularidade do seu site ao incorporar efetivamente o material de PLR

Uma pesquisa conduzida pela Universidade Estadual da Pensilvânia indicou que 90% das pessoas não pesquisam além dos 30 links na página de resultados do mecanismo de busca. Deste, os 10 primeiros recebem 80% do tráfego. Você sabe como esses sites conseguem se elevar na página de resultados do mecanismo de busca? � através de ótimo conteúdo com as palavras-chave relevantes. Você não precisa gastar horas criando conteúdo valioso para seus leitores. Você pode simplesmente usar o material PLR para obter uma classificação melhor pelos mecanismos de pesquisa.

– Você pode reescrever o material de PLR â??â??para manter o conteúdo em sintonia com suas necessidades e com as expectativas de seu público

– Ganhe mais na página de resultados do mecanismo de pesquisa

– Conheça os seus leitores como um líder de pensamento que compartilha conteúdo de alta qualidade

– Publique conteúdo escrito por especialistas em seu próprio nome, desde que você tenha comprado direitos completos para o conteúdo

– O material de PLR â??â??é geralmente escrito por especialistas, então você tem a garantia de um conteúdo preciso

– Não limite apenas as informações do seu site para artigos. Você pode incluir ebooks, software, relatórios e scripts.

– Poupe muito tempo no mês publicando o material de PLR â??â??no seu site

– Não há hiperlinks externos redirecionando o tráfego do seu site

– Receber reconhecimento como especialista em um tópico, pois você pode publicar material de PLR â??â??com seu próprio nome

– Obtenha conteúdo de alta qualidade a preços acessíveis

– Cortar as despesas de uma cópia freelance ou redator de conteúdo

– Obtenha conteúdo versátil no seu site

– Obtenha uma grande quantidade de conteúdo de uma só vez, para que você tenha o suficiente para usar mais tarde, como e quando precisar

– Obtenha produtos que você pode usar ou vender como se fosse seu, aumentando a credibilidade do seu negócio

– Beneficie das altas taxas de retorno do material de PLR

Capitalize estes benefícios com os usos do material de direitos de marca própria

Você sabia que o Private Label Right é muito diferente de Revender Direitos e Revender Direitos Mestres? Como negócio, o seu benefício do material de PLR â??â??será muito maior do que o gerado pelo material RR ou MRR. Ter material PLR abre caminhos que você não sabia que estavam disponíveis para você. O conteúdo certo pode fazer seu tráfego na web subir. Use-o com sabedoria e aproveite o poder do conteúdo!

Aprenda a usar o material de PLR â??â??apropriadamente e de uma maneira amigável do mecanismo de pesquisa

Entenda como identificar e comprar materiais de PLR

Obtenha conhecimento sobre como reescrever artigos de PLR â??â??para tornar seu conteúdo único

Entenda a diferença básica entre RR, MRR e PLR

Aprenda como desenvolver um novo produto a partir do material de PLR â??â??que você comprou

Aumente seu tráfego, credibilidade e popularidade on-line usando os materiais da Private Label Rights de forma ideal

Sente-se e aproveite os benefícios de ser considerado um especialista do setor!

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Instagram Marketing für Anfänger: Wie Sie für Ihr Unternehmen Instagram optimal nutzen, Follower aufbauen und Reichweite für Ihre Marke generieren – Die … Ausgabe 2018 / 2019 (German Edition)

by RB Buchverlag

  • Instagram für Anfänger

  • Lernen Sie die Welt von Instagram kennen und erfahren Sie, wie Sie sich Ihre eigene Präsenz auf dieser Seite aufbauen und erfolgreich organisieren. Kreieren Sie eigene Beiträge, welche Follower generieren und Ihr Marketing verbessern.

  • Für wen ist dieses Buch?
  • Dieses Buch richtet sich an jedes Unternehmen, welches die Absicht hat den eigenen Vertrieb mithilfe einer Instagramseite zu maximieren. Für alle Influencer und die, die es werden wollen, werden mehrere bewährte Strategien zum Erfolg beschrieben.

  • Was erfahren Sie?

  • Wenn Sie dieses Buch gelesen haben wissen Sie wie man die Social-Media-Seite erfolgreich benutzt und eine eigene geeignete Strategie entwickeln und umsetzen kann. AuÃ?erdem erfahren Sie, wie interessenweckende Inhalte erstellt und diese der geeigneten Zielgruppe nahegebracht werden. Lernen Sie, was Hashtags sind und wie Sie sie bewusst und korrekt einsetzen, wie Werbung schalten und Gewinnspiele veranstalten um Ihre Community zu stärken.
    Die Onlinepräsenz Ihrer Firma erstrahlt, nachdem Sie dieses Buch gelesen haben, in einem völlig neuen Glanz.

    web development: php,sql,css

    by ram kumar

    web development

    website development
    this book fully coding and output you will

    practices well.This book is a gateway to the

    entire php language.

    .an excellent book for development

    Quick Cash Formulas (Internet Marketing Business Ideas 2018): The Art of Making Fast Cash Online. Facebook Local Business Consulting & Blogging for a Living.

    by Ken Caroline

    Create Your Own Online Marketing Business That Makes Money Month In and Month Out!

    Starting and Marketing a Profitable Business Doesn’t Have to Be Super Hard!

    In fact, you can get started with low capital, no experience and no technical knowledge.

    Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this bundle:

    Facebook Local Promotions
    – 37 best business ideas to start for first time entrepreneurs
    – How to create and optimize your Facebook fan page
    – How to grow your followers as fast as possible
    – Examples of how to do a proper post
    – How to monetize your Facebook fan page to make money and grow your business fast
    – 3 ways to increase your Facebook fans without spending a dime
    – The giveaway method and how it can help you grow your Facebook fans into thousands in just a few days!
    – My favorite way of increasing Facebook fans (only few are using this because they’re thinking that it’s hard)

    How to Make a Blog
    – Why you should always start with your passion but still consider other topics
    – Where to find the best-topics that will most likely to make money
    – 4 ways to find a topic that can be profitable in the near future
    – How to create a WordPress blog from start to finish
    – How to choose the right domain name for your blog
    – The 6 step structure to follow for writing your own blog posts
    – The best resources to read to learn more about writing great content that people read
    – 7 monetization strategies to apply for you to make money through your blog
    – This one trick that will allow you to be the “go-to’guy” when it comes to products in your niche

    Choose to Make Money Now

    Don’t wait till everything feels perfect. You can start your business today and grow it to five figures per month!

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