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The Althorn Encounters

by Cody Toye

I am Althorn the Crow, knower of all things to know and I have a tough job. I am tasked with carrying the souls of the dead to their rightful place in the afterlife. I have encountered some pretty strange things during my journeys, but none as bizarre as the deaths you are about to read. These are just some of the encounters during a normal day in my life.
Sixteen tales of death and chaos from short fiction writers Cody Toye, Adelise M. Cullens, The Saber, and Chandre Toye. From a mass suicide to a zombie apocalypse and everything in between, these sixteen stories follow Althorn’s most bizarre encounters with the spirit world.

Black Redneck vs. Space Zombies (A Black Redneck Adventure Book 1)

by Steven Roy

The Devourer and the Space Zombies she creates have destroyed countless worlds.

Those worlds didn’t have the Black Redneck.

Jefferson Balladeer hates Picayune, Mississippi, and rightly so. Adopted by a white farming family, he was indoctrinated into a traditional small town culture. He was taught to ride a horse and shoot a gun.

In an effort to impress Big Beau, his older adoptive brother, Jefferson becomes the best at these things. He becomes a rodeo star and an expert marksman, but in spite of all this Jefferson is never truly accepted by the people of Picayune. You see, Jefferson is black. In fact, everyone calls him the Black Redneck.

When Jefferson is old enough to think for himself and learns that his adoptive father may have adopted him to have another hand on the farm, Jefferson puts Picayune in his rearview mirror with no intention of ever coming back.

Ten years later, Jefferson has reinvented himself. He’s a successful novelist with no trace of his once thick accent. Heck, he hardly ever eats meat.

It’s about this time that he learns Big Beau has died and left him the sole heir of Balladeer farms.

Jefferson’s plan is to return to Mississippi and turn the giant farm into a subdivision, much to the chagrin of the people of Picayune.

But, what Jefferson thought would be a minor inconvenience becomes a struggle for survival when the Devourer, the most feared creature in the galaxy, crashes into the woods surrounding Balladeer farms and starts turning unsuspecting teenagers into space zombies.

Now to survive long enough save the world and get back to his new life Jefferson will have to embrace his roots, strap on his guns, and mount up, because there’s only one man on Earth who has a chance against the Devourer and he’s called The Black Redneck.

The Wabele

by Christopher Malinger

The Wabele is a tale about twin boys, who unknowingly unleash evil into Door County, Wisconsin, while playing with a ritual mask from the secret Poro Society of West Africa. They become both target and bridge for an evil spirit, who sadistically assumes the persona of a clown, Mister Devlin. He is determined to seek revenge upon the Coast Guard lighthouse keeper and Door county for past wrongs.

A Game of Vampires (The Vampire Games Book 0)

by Caroline Peckham

A Game of Vampires is a 20K Prequel Novella set 100 years before The Vampire Games Series.

I’m ready to pull off the biggest con of my life. The only problem? The Lord I serve has just brought me to an island whilst he attends something called the ‘V Games’.

I was set to spend a week in this icy place where the sun never rises, staying in a castle owned by a peculiar couple called the Helsings. But everything’s changed.
Vampires exist. And this is no game. It’s pure hell.
And the worst thing? The love of my life is one of the contestants.

If I don’t save her, no one will.

I’m coming for you, Evangeline.



THE VAMPIRE GAMES SEASON 1: Varick and Selena’s Story
V Games – start the series for just 0.99 —–>
V Games: Fresh From The Grave
V Games: Dead Before Dawn

THE VAMPIRE GAMES SEASON 2: Jameson and Cass’s Story
Wolf Games
Wolf Games: Island of Shade (Coming Soon)
Wolf Games: Severed Fates (Coming Soon)

Tales From A Dark Country

by Jerrod Cotosman

Tales From A Dark Country is an anthology of horror stories in a traditional vein. There are vampires, werewolves, the walking dead and other things that go bump in the night. If you like being scared and dare to venture into dark and lonely places like the woods of Ohio, the mountains of Transylvania or the desolation of the Old West, these stories are for you.

Don’t Look Behind You-A Collection of Horror (Chamber of Horror Series Book 3)

by Billy Wells

Don’t Look Behind You is a collection of 17 stories for readers who love horror and appreciate a good scare.

If you are fans of Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt, Night Gallery, Outer Limits, One Step Beyond, and horror stories with a plot and a twist ending, look no further. Billy Wells Horror is your ticket to a journey into the macabre if you dare.

The average Amazon review rating on all 22 books of Billy Wells Horror is 4.3!!

Hark! Please be aware that some of these offerings are quite gruesome.
If you are prone to nightmares, do not read this book: bedtime when you are alone.
2.If you believe in ghosts, goblins, or the Loch Ness monster.
3.during the full moon, particularly when the wolfbane blooms.
4.around a campfire after dark in a dense forest.
5.if the news reported a deranged maniac escaped from the local asylum.
6.if you have rats in the cellar or bats in your belfry.
7.if you think something from another planet has landed on earth.
8.if limbs being hacked off make you queasy.
9.if you believe a boogeyman lives in your closet.
10.if you live in close proximity to Transylvania or the Black Lagoon.

These are the stories in this book:
Randolph and Francene have come from the cemetery with some friends to visit a house where they lived when they were alive.
Marty’s new toy man is eating his other super heroes in his collection. He wonders what Witch Albert will do when they are gone, and she gets hungry.
A bank robber takes a desolate road to escape a roadblock. He would have been better off turning himself in to the police.
Mandy is the only one who can see her imaginary friend who lives in the swamp.
Barry believes a young man in the window seat is orchestrating Armageddon on his laptop computer game.
Cecil returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, he discovers the father he never knew was a serial killer who devoured his victims.
Alex seeks revenge on three partner who reneged on making him partner after 31 years of service in remote locations
Werewolves cause madness and mayhem at Dizzyworld Amusement Park.
Settlers come upon a deserted town where the former occupants fled in a hurry from something evil.
Clyde Bottoms is receiving calls from a disconnected phone last used by the Morningside Cemetery twenty-five years ago in Hell Massachusetts.
After attempting to start a concrete business in northern New Jersey, the police found what was left of Earl Breedlove crawling around a dumpster in Newark. His brother, John, seeks revenge.
Louie finds a deformed taxidermist with outstanding credentials to mount his most prized kill from twenty-five years of hunting.
Jeremy White stared in disbelief at the footprints in the snow leading away from his front door, and none coming to it. He suspected Billy Smith had broken into his house during the night, and he wanted to catch him.
Agnes returns from a scary walk after dark and finds her front door standing open. A serial killer the media calls the “Boogeyman” will kill another woman in the next four hours if he follows his pattern.
After Tomas sees an intense light as doctors try desperately to revive him, he finds himself fighting for survival as a new character in the original movie Night of the Living Dead.
Matt and Penny pick up a young man with a flat tire on a lonely road in the middle of the night.
Blanche foolishly risks her career as a university professor to enhance the learning curve of her students by supplying fresher cadavers for them to dissect.

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Blood Crescent (Divine Series Book 1)

by S.M. McCoy

A missing mother. A magical birthright. Can she uncover the secrets of her family legacy before the bloodline runs dry?

Sixteen-year-old Crystal Dylan thought magic only existed in storybooks. But everything changes when she finds out her long-departed mom isn’t dead: she was stolen away by the same power-hungry league now hunting her own enchanted blood. In search of answers, she must make sense of a hidden mystical realm and two mysterious protectors.

Victor is more than just the boy-next-door. As a shifter, he’s lost track of the many lives he’s led and the memories of his true self. But as he stands close to the beautiful Crystal, he can sense his past coming back into focus. So when dark forces threaten to drain Crystal’s powers, he may just have to risk an enchanted kiss that could save her lifeâ?¦ or seal her fate.

With enemies closing in, Crystal must find her mom and uncover her magical destiny before her powers fall into the clutches of evil.

Blood Crescent is the first novel in the exhilarating Divine Series of YA paranormal fantasies. If you like hidden magical realms, fresh new takes on vampire lore, and heartfelt journeys of self-discovery, then you’ll love Stevie McCoy’s spellbinding coming-of-age tale.

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Deadsheet: W. H. Bones Horror Short #3 (W. H Bones Horror Shorts)

by W. H. Bones

Ciaran Macaulay is having a bit of a hairy time at work of late. Under pressure to perform, in a job that he hates for a financial services company in London, he is haunted by visions and dreams resulting from an animal attack whilst on holiday in Romania.

A new short story about loss, change, growth, moving beyond grief, decapitations and werewolves from the inimitable master of the macabre, W. H. Bones.

Praise for W. H. Bones:

‘One to watch out for, if he’s not already watching you.’

‘[A] febrile, genuinely troubled mind.’

Tales of the Dead

by Zachariah Langley

Tales from a world where the dead have been reanimated and unforgivingly turned loose on an uncertain planet.

Cedar Hill

by E.v McQueen

Eli Cole has suffered nightmares since the night his family moved to Cedar Hill, but now those nightmares have begun to communicate with him in the waking world.

They come with a message, one that has him believing that his father may not be the man he thinks he is.

Audrey Cross experiences the final moments of murder victims, even though they haven’t happened yet. She has spent the better part of her life ignoring the visions, but when she witnesses the brutal murder of a young woman in Cedar Hill, a woman whose brother is known to her, she must finally embrace her macabre burden in order to save her.

A storm is coming to Cedar Hill Cemetery, and with it, something ancient lurks in the dark, something that has waited a very long time for just the right moment to reveal itself.

Curse of the Evil Fairies Fort

by Drac Von Stoller

Long ago, tales of fairies were very much real and respected among many Irish families for fear that they may be cursed. Patrick and Sophie O’Brian were direct descendants of a family that had fallen victim to one such curse. Since they only knew of the tales that were told by their parents and were not directly affected by the superstitions, they did not really believe in any of them. They would often joke about the evil fairies that lived in the forts just miles from where they lived. Their father would tell bedtime stories to their three children Seamus, Niall and Aine. The children often had nightmares about fairies taking their souls and coming back as a changeling to torment their family. Then the fairies would die shortly thereafter with their parents never realizing that it isn’t their child.

The Great Spider War

by Brent Reilly

Gonzalo Gonzales clones prehistoric mega-spiders in the Colombian Amazon to turn their venom into serum. For years he fights off the drug cartel until a bitter betrayal costs him his family. To get them back, he’ll need an army, but the only killers he can count on are a million giant spiders. With a spider army at his back, he goes to save his loved ones and kill those who betrayed him, if it’s the last thing he does.

EXCERPTS: The drug soldiers shined flashlights at the monster that killed several men and wounded a dozen others. Javier was still convulsing, his mouth drooling something unnatural. The venom stretched his face and emptied his bladder.

Marcos woke from a bad dream to face his worst nightmare. A giant hairy spider on his chest stared at him hungrily. He turned in bed, throwing off his blanket, and ran.

A second spider landed on his head. Screaming, he twirled like a dancer, arms over his head like in a rave.

Gonzalo dumped a few hundred war prisoners into the Pit, then watched a thousand mega-spiders feast on them. Spiders dissolved the drug soldiers from their insides, then sucked their interiors such that they deflated like defective mannequins. “Gonzo’s Revenge” social media soon called it.

“It’s tying me up with some kind of rope. I can’t move my arms! Ah! It’s climbing on me. I think it’s that face-hugger from Aliens, but three times bigger.”

A feast 100 million years in the making happened as the mega sank her fangs into Salvador Blanco, who screamed like a girl and wet himself like a baby. Acid dissolved his organs, turning them into a liquidy mush. The last thing he experienced was a giant prehistoric spider drinking him from the inside out.

The Dead Don’t Turn (The Scourge Book 1)

by Phil Maxey

A man runs from what destroyed the world, while trying to deal with his own demons. A woman searches for her husband, while trying to keep herself and her daughter alive. Both brought together by the scourge.

When Joel Garret, a member of an elite tactical unit of the FBI woke up on a fine Californian day, he had no idea the world had already ended. Most of those around him in Los Angeles had no idea either. But as the scourge took full affect the blood started to flow in the streets, and Joel found himself fighting to survive against those that had changed, and his own inner demons.

The People

by Zachary Byrd

“Tales From The Crypt Meets The Twilight Zone”

Experts tried justifying this, tried explaining it with logic. Anything concluding her fallout to settle down students of the university, and residents surrounding. Doctors have deemed it mental, while well-known demonologists have come forward claiming evil spirits. One thing is certain. The details surrounding Kendall Harrison are not only baffling, they are terrifying.

Countless hours have been spent with the Harrison family, Marcy Simmons, and Ryan Denning. Attempting to try and understand this sporadic event, it has been requested to respect the privacy of those mentioned, and all others involved with this case. What you are about to read is an occurrence taking place near a university in Indiana through insight shared. The Kendall Harrison case has become one of Indiana’s most disturbing investigations, creating much public attention and hysteria, within the past few years.

Horror: -The Real Experience

by Uknown Author

This books is collection of the Real horror incidents happened with the peoples around the world. This stories are narrated by the the unknowns or itself with those incidents belongs.
all are real time experiences of the bad vibes and ghosts.
The personal information about the places and the names of characters are hided for the privacy.
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s tough not to get freaked out when you’re alone and you hear something bump in the night or even hear a voice. The stories in this book will freak you out .

Dexter Boomstick: Apocalyptic Survival meets Horror and Romance

by M.P. Lombardo

A tale of young love dives into the deep, dark end of monsters, science fiction, military action, and psychological thrills…

A mysterious explosion at a small-town hospital unleashes a mysterious army of paranormal creatures. The town’s only hope is Dexter “Boomstick” Reynolds, a 30-year-old sporting goods store manager with legendary bat-swinging power. Dexter must find his girlfriend Roxanne, battle the Soup-Can Knight and discover the mysteries of where it all began, including the origin of The Golden Slugger.

Will the mystical Golden Slugger baseball bat, business casual attire, and devilishly good looks be enough for Dexter to prevail?

45,000 words of horror, apocalyptic romance, and adventure. Dexter Boomstick contains explicit language, violence, and sexual content.

Dead Spirits Farm

by Geoffrey Sleight

The plan was for Ben and Eleanor to put business life behind them and spend idyllic days living at an old farmhouse in beautiful countryside. The reality became a living nightmare, with ghosts in the evil farmstead driving them towards insanity, trapped into suffering the same horrors of its grisly past.

Simon Says: Demon Hunter Book 1

by Adam Dark

#1 Amazon bestselling authors Adam Dark & Matthew Thrush bring you the first twisted tale from the Oakwood Valley School for Boys where the legend of the Demon Hunter was born.

For the boys at Oakwood Valley, adoption is not an option. The last boy who tried to leave is buried behind the shed. And the one up for it next is the master’s favorite. You do not want to be his favorite.

But Bobby’s ill fate is only the beginning. There’s something worse living inside the walls at Oakwood Valley. And it’s living inside our master.

How do you kill a demon that lives inside the house?

What if you can’t get out?

What if you’re next?

Survival is more than adoption, it’s knowing whom to sacrifice to live one more day.

If you think you can sleep after reading this tale, let’s see you put that courage to the test. Grab your copy today!

Demon Hunter Book 1 â?? Simon Says

Demon Hunter Book 2 â?? Knock Knock

Demon Hunter Book 3 â?? Coming 2018

Demon Hunter Book 4 â?? Coming 2018

Demon Hunter Book 5 â?? Coming 2019

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