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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

by Washington Irving

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“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a short story by American author Washington Irving, contained in his collection of 34 essays and short stories entitled The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Written while Irving was living abroad in Birmingham, England, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was first published in 1820. Along with Irving’s companion piece “Rip Van Winkle”, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is among the earliest examples of American fiction with enduring popularity.

Playing For Fun: A Small Town Romance (Stewart Island Series Book 6)

by Tracey Alvarez

Is Ford Komeke New Zealand’s most reluctant Bachelor?

Wanted: A woman for Ford.
Maori mechanic Ford Komeke can’t deny he could use an up-skill in the dating arena. It’s a local in-joke that his game, as far as women go, sucks. Thanks to the meddling of New Zealand’s worst octogenarian matchmaker, he’s got an online dating profile, a new wardrobe, and a haircut from Stewart Island’s sexy hairdresser, Holly Parker. But since he’s well and truly mired in the friendzone with Holly, what’s the harm in exploring his options? A little jealousy could work wonders.

Offered: Dream job with a catch.
What do you say when you’re offered an un-turn-downable career opportunity? You say, hell-to-the-yeah! Only there’s a problem. To get the dream job Holly must leave Stewart Island and her two best friends, Shaye and Ford. But if Holly can distract Shaye with wedding planning and set Ford up with a nice girl so she can stop imagining him naked, neither will notice if she exits stage right. Neither will notice if her feelings for Ford stop being strictly platonic.

Warning: One kiss is never enough.
As addictive as the chocolate stash Holly hides in her fridge, one kiss forces them out of the friendzoneâ??way out of the friendzone. Heat and hunger explode, but the ugliness in Ford’s past hold his heart hostage. Playing for fun or playing for keeps? Holly and Ford must decide because the consequences of falling in love means that someone’s heart or someone’s dream will ultimately end up shattered.

PLAYING FOR FUN is the sixth story in Tracey Alvarez’s best-selling Stewart Island books set against the stunning backdrop of Aotearoa, New Zealand. If you like heartwarming, sexy and sweet small town romances with a touch of comedy, you’ll love sharing the journey with these authentic men and women struggling to find their special someone.

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Intended for mature 18+ aged readers who enjoy their feel good romance on the steamier side.

Praise for the Stewart Island series!

“It’s officialâ?¦I’m hooked on this series! I want to jump on a plane and fly to this island, because apparently they grow them big and HOT in New Zealandâ?¦men that is!!!” ~ Swept Away By Romance

“Perfection comes in many shapes and forms, and Ms Alvarez delivers in her contemporary voice and quirky character traits that make a distinctive difference between average and stellar storytelling.” ~ InD’Tale Magazine

“Just as the must-read series of Donna Kauffman (The Bachelors of Blueberry Cove), Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor), Terri Osburn (Anchor Island), Marie Force (The McCarthys of Gansett Island), Sherryl Woods (Chesapeake Shores) have entranced me with their seaside settings and caring communities – so has Tracey Alvarez – and I’m adding her series to my must-read shelf too.”~ Fab Fantasy Fiction

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Book 3: Ready To Burn. Featuring Shaye and Del.
Book 4: Christmas With You. Featuring Carly and Kip.
Book 5: My Forever Valentine. Due South Short Stories.
Book 6: Playing For Fun. Featuring Holly and Ford.
Book 7: Drawing Me In. Featuring Bree and Harley.
Book 7.5: Kissing The Bride. A Due South Short Story.
Book 8: Saying I Do. Featuring MacKenna and Joe.
Book 9: Home For Christmas. Stewart Island novella.

Palabras Perdidas…: Algunas veces simplemente no son suficientes (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Arevalo Ruiz

Palabras embolatadas, despistadas, lentas, perezosas, que nunca llegaron o llegaron tarde a su destino, pero todas ellas palabras perdidas al fin.

Songs of Inequality

by Elias Ledesma

Songs of Inequality is a collection of poetry that details the experiences of humanity in an attempt to transform a spiritual and materialistic society into one unified voice. Elias Ledesma relies on the streets of New York for his inspiration as he shares many interesting images and ideas that highlight life in urban America. By fusing elements and sensory details from both Romantic and Contemporary poets coupled with Roman and Greek imagery in his compilation, Ledesma presents a wide range of verse that empowers others to create their own destinies through self-discovery. The over eighty cantos included in this anthology feature misty mountains and molten rocks, men that died in the fight for freedom, days of boyish youth and prepubescent boom, and a beautiful goddess of the night. Ledesma’s introspective collection of poetry and prose will encourage others to embrace total wholeness so that “we may remember the vastness of ourselves never begun within the womb of All.”

Chasing Darkness

by Ralph Zieff

Morry Sonen is a psychotherapist from Portland, Maine. After a terrifying session with a psychopathic patient, Morry`s impulsive personality propels him into a strange odyssey in the dark underworld of 1990s Manhattan.

On this journey, he indulges in his addictions – food, love and sex – and of course, Manhattan itself. He sets out knowing little about his own dark side, but soon embraces it all.

Moving ever closer to danger, he meets Pauline, a refined prostitute, Jean-Claude, a lovable and flamboyant celebrity restaurateur, and Nancy, a mistress of the subterranean world of S & M.

Even the lion at Central Park Zoo understands more about Morry than he does. Closing in on his inner darkness, Morry flies high above it all… but as with Icarus, is descent inevitable?

When Words Matter

by Jacie Middlemann

Linda read over the opinion piece a friend had emailed her. She didn’t have to read far to know she was in complete agreement with the author’s assessment of the recent gathering that had taken place in several locations including her own small community. With a few quick and easy clicks on her computer she sent it to her social media network page.

Jenna wasn’t certain she agreed with all the many viewpoints held by those she’d met throughout the day. But it had been so exciting to be there with her friendsâ?¦to be part of such a huge event that in its way felt like it really meant somethingâ?¦at least to her.

This is a story about the undeniable strength of family even during difficult times of discord and disagreements. When Words Matter is about two people who know what’s really important no matter the differences that separate them.

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