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Belinda’s Sweet Escape: Mail Order Bride Romance

by Mercy Levy

Belinda is an orphaned young woman living in New York. She has run away from her parents after they gave up her baby for adoption against her wishes.

Betrothed to a rich young tyrant, her baby would have proven to be a scandal in the city, and they were doing their best to cover it up.

As a result, Belinda ran away to make her own life, and soon reached news that her parents had tragically passed. Determined to remain on her feet, Belinda refuses to go back to her rich estate.

Instead, when things get hard, she becomes a mail-order bride and heads out west. The man she marries has a small child, about the same age as her own child would have been.

She can’t help but fall in love with the family, but there seems to be a dark secret he’s not telling her.

Why doesn’t he ever mention his first wife? What happened to her? Is Belinda going to face the same fate his previous wife did, or is she simply going crazy?

Fighting the Promise

by F. Allan Roth

When the Chinese conquered America, the government gave up without a fight — but the people didn’t.
Church leaders had cautioned the people that the collapse of their nation was the fulfillment of an ancient prophetic promise from the Book of Mormon. Fighting against the occupation, they warned, would be the same as fighting against God’s righteous judgment on a nation ripened in iniquity.
But when war came to their town, Bishop Stuart Holliwell and his family found themselves Fighting the Promise.

Stole His Billionaire Heart: Billionaire Romance

by Mercy Levy

Casey Van Wilding grew up surrounded by old money. It was no a shock to his friends when he met, wined, and dined the beautiful young Jayda.

But she, more than the long, forgettable line of mini-dresses and merlot tastings, had all his attention.

She’d learned young that she had a light touch comparable to any thief on the street. Her guardian, Evan, had beaten the best tricks of the trade into her until there was no pocket she couldn’t pick.

Evan chose Casey for her. She knew the man was worth more than she could imagine, and wanted her share. But Jayda had another plan; escape.

Casey had the means, if she could get it away from him without being caught. But, his generosity and the world he showed her dazzled her, and his appetite for her stole her breath and gave her new life.

Instead of hating her as she thinks he should, Casey promises her all the freedom she could ever need if she stays with him and gives him the only thing he doesn’t have. A dirty little secret for them to share.

The Royal Couple: A Christian Romance (Royals Book 1)

by Nicole Taylor

Winner of the 2016 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award!

Movie star, BARBARA Dickson, tells herself she is fine being single. She has a successful career, enjoys her philanthropic pursuits and is growing in her relationship with the Lord. Then, the dashing billionaire who shattered her young heart walks back into her life and rocks her well-ordered existence.

Sparks fly when devastatingly handsome blue-blood heir WILLIAM Lamport III first sets eyes on Barbara at his family’s estate. The two fall hard and fast for each other, but William’s past comes back to haunt him and tear the two apart.

Now, nine years later, William has returned and is determined to reunite with the one woman he has never been able to forget. He hotly pursues Barbara in the hopes she’ll give him another chance. He is bewildered that all she seems willing to offer him is friendship. William is used to getting what he wants, but this strong, amazing, woman of faith is no easy conquest.

Will this journey teach William to surrender to God’s will and not seek his own? And will Barbara trust God with her future or will she allow fear to keep her from giving her heart to the only man she has ever loved?

Buddhism for beginners: The values of Buddhism in social life, live a life worth living with Happiness, Peace, and Enlightenment (Buddhism Rituals, Teachings, Meditation, Mindfulness)

by Tashi Rabten

This book appeared for breakdown using the age-old yet startlingly contemporary tradition. It is written internally of because of the tradition but is partial to an updated modern audience. It does not compromise the reality and wonder of Buddhism but is structured being accessible.
There aren’t secret mantras or mandalas revealed inside the book. Such things should be received inside the appropriate context from one’s master every time a sample may be ready. However, individuals who have to take into consideration the most significant influence of Buddhism, this book offers because of the question.
Rendered from the down-to-earth and highly readable style, with witty quips and self-effacing humility that gives it its distinctive appeal and persuasive power.
A light, accessible guide for everyone interested from the functional attributes of meditation.
This book presents an unprecedented intersection of psychology, neurology, and contemplative practice, and is particularly filled with practical tools and skills which can be used daily to tap the unused potential using the brain and rewire it before a long time for greater well-being and comfort.

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The TREE of LIFE: A Medical Thriller (A Dr. Nicklaus Hart Novel Book 2)

by Timothy Browne

A massive earthquake hits Eastern Turkey, the ancient area of Mesopotamia, unveiling hidden secrets and opening an epic battle between good and evil.

Dr. Nicklaus Hart has lost his moral compass. As an orthopedic surgeon in a busy trauma practice, the cares of the world overshadow what Nick knows is true about himself. With his life unraveling, he falls into his old patterns of stress relief but knows they are a poisonous cure. Nick is shaken from his moral slumber when a massive earthquake strikes Eastern Turkey, and he makes the snap decision to respond. Thrown into the chaos and devastation, Nick must face his internal struggle head-on.

When he cares for a man and woman from Russia, Nick is cast into a mystery as old as time. He learns the Russians are searching for the original tree of life. Intrigued, Nick and his friends accompany the agents to a town in Southeastern Turkey. A region where ISIS has infiltrated and is positioning to reestablish the caliphate. The team falls into the hands of the terrorist cell. Threatened with his life, Nick must choose between his life and his faith, and he discovers the true meaning of the tree of life.

The Tree of Life is the second book in a series of skillfully crafted medical thrillers. If you like fast-paced adventure, international settings, sizzling medical suspense, then you’ll love this heart-pounding thriller by Timothy Browne.

Buy The Tree of Life to continue this exciting new series today.

The God of Statism: And The History of Jewish Defiance

by Tim Orum

The God of Statism portrays a biblical interpretation showing the authors were warning of the dangers
of Statism, and why they were persecuted relentlessly by the “Powers That Be” (Elohim, God). Living in
times of Warlords, Kings, Caesars, and Pharaohs, governance and oppression were the primary issues
they had to deal with in their lives. Their leaders had the power of life and death over all citizens, who
rarely had rights or property of their own. This is the fearful phenomena they wrote of in their books
and parables and is referred to as “The Powers That Be”, later changed to the anglicized word “God”.
Rather than pay obeisance to this “God” they refused, and so were subjugated to centuries of
harassment and persecution. They describe through their parables the many ways God can punish
those who are “evil in the sight of the Lord”. Their books show the division, wars, pestilence, suffering,
and plagues dealt out by the “Powers That Be” in attempts to bring the Jewish ancestors into
Most of the content in The Old Testament shows their struggle against the God of Statism and the
punishment they received as a result, but also demonstrates how and why the fear of this God is still
with us. They describe how the “Powers That Be” take over most cultures through the methods they lay
out in their parables, many of which are based on actual events. Once their parables are understood, it
is easy to see how relevant they are to contemporary cultural issues. Most of our planet is still
controlled by the God of Statism, and very much wants to control those regions not in complete
Fortunately, as well as pointing out the problems and issues, they also show how there can be a
solution. They show how we can make the “Powers That Be” powerless. They describe how we can find
our way back into Eden, provided we can understand the message. The end of the story has not yet
been written, and awaits our decision.

True Christian Love: 100 Meditations about loving others (Classic Meditations)

by Sam Myers

This is another in the Classic Meditations Series. The subject of this book is True Christian Love. These great devotional writers describe the attributes of Christian love, and as opposed to what it is not. This book will give you a good fundamental view of Christian love and it’s actions. This book includes writings from: J.R. Miller, John Angell James, Thomas Watson, John MacDuff, Charles Spurgeon, John Newton, Henrietta Wilson, Jonathan Edwards, J.C. Ryle, George Everard, Charles Naylor, Timothy Shay Arthur, Hannah More, Henry Ward Beecher, J.C. Pittman, William Dyer, Charles Orr, William Nicholson, Alexander Smellie, A. W. PINK, Tozer, George Lawson

Kings and Kingdoms : A Small Group Study on the Gospel

by Preston Cave

Do you want a group study guide focusing on the King Jesus story? Look no further than “Kings and Kingdoms”. Five chapters filled with simple to understand information to lead the reader closer to the Messiah.

Emotional Intelligence: The life manual book Manifest the life of your dreams with The Light

by Katherine Abbott

Fed up with trying to get what you really want in

life? Do you want to manifest something but it’s just not happening?

For years I studied every possible angle on positive thinking, the Law of Attraction and motivation. I worked relentlessly trying to manifest the sort of life I really wanted. It didn’t work and I became more and more disillusioned with the whole process. Then, the magic happened. I started to receive information about ‘The Light’ and how, if I learned how to work with it, I could move into the life I’d always wanted. Not only this, I could actually begin to understand what was going on in my life and feel happier, more peaceful and excited about life.

In this book learn everything I was told about ‘The Light’ and how to work with it to transform your life into the life of your dreams.

– Find out why you’ve been struggling to manifest what you want

– Learn the principles of ‘The Light’ and how they can create a new way of manifesting

– Find how to combat the obstacles you have come up against

– Manifest not only what you want now but way beyond!

– Follow simple information that can easily be implemented into any life at any time

– Includes answers as to why things you may have tried haven’t worked before.

Use the Universal information that enabled me to create my dream life… too good to be true? It isn’t. Here I’m simply sharing what worked for me. I’ve done it, I’ve manifested, you can too!

I really did try everything and it just never seemed to work. Then, I started channeling information from the Universe and learned about ‘The Light’. The information is simple but extremely powerful. You can learn the information that changed my life and start manifesting what you want today. It’s straight forward and enabled me to relax and enjoy my life again. Questions? Come to the community and reach out. Why is it so cheap? Because, when I learned this information I just wanted everyone to know about it. Even if you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked (I have been there!!)- buy the book today and get my solution to happiness and freedom…

Emotional Intelligence: The wake up book Manifestation and spiritual guidance for empaths, healers and lightworkers

by Katherine Abbott

Are you being called to transform your life? Do you feel you want to reinvent yourself to a whole new level and find greater meaning and depth?

In the last few years many people have begun talking about feeling the call to a more authentic existence. Fed up of the ‘daily grind’, many of us are looking for lives that are more meaningful and rich. There is a general understanding that many people on the planet are beginning to ‘wake up’ and move towards a new type of earth existence; one where we have a positive and loving effect on each other and the world. This happened to me and it all began with a big, painful, messy spiritual awakening where I saw my whole life fall apart at the seams. However, what followed was quite astonishing. I found my true self, my purpose and my passion for life.

Find out how you too can transform your life to uncover your real purpose, light and happiness…

– Realise you are not alone in your experiences and desires. Learn how to use these desires to transform your life

– Follow simple exercises, meditations and visualisations that will enable you to understand and manifest your purpose

– Understand how your healer, lightworker or empathic nature could be calling you to greater things and how to use this information to create an amazing and meaningful life

– Overcome and work with your spiritual awakening symptoms and stop the suffering today!

– Follow simple information that can easily be implemented into any life at any time

– Create healing, harmony and direction in your life

Heal your spiritual awakening symptoms, create harmony and peacefulness and find your true purpose. Join me in my story and learn how you can too can awaken to an even greater you!

I always considered myself to be quite spiritually and emotionally aware. I had a good life, a decent career and life was pretty good. However, what I didn’t know was that the Universe had different ideas for me. I was being called to greater things and, since you are here, I believe you are too! By joining me in this story, you can learn the information that really woke me up to a whole new level of meaning and joyfulness in my life and use it to turbo charge your own manifestations and awakening. Questions? Come to community and reach out. Why is it so cheap? Because, spiritual awakening can be difficult. If I can shorten or improve the experience for you, I want to do it! Even if you’re finding it difficult and nothing is working (I have been there!!)- buy the book today and get my solution to waking up and finding your authentic self…

Spiritually Generating Real Money: Practical Application and Considerations

by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

This book is designed in such a way with links to a wealth of additional materials including audio and video that work together as the person reads the book. This book is a mystical process that asks the reader to stop and assess their current financial state and to then declare an intention for more money or some specific money. A very excellent generic intention is provided for people if they want to choose the intention provided. You are asked to write down the intention and that begins the process which the book unfolds. Their are links to follow, a 2 minute video to watch, and by the end of the book the reader who is willing is now clear on what to do and how long to wait and so on everything has been covered. The intention made spiritually should work the purely benevolent magic of the changes needed internally so the money shows up externally. There are no guarantees but the person who offers this book knows that people generate more money than they ever had before in their life after doing this process. You don’t have to read the book and then do the process. This book is the process and that is something elegant about it. Getting more money might not make your happy, and you will always want more money, so you can always do this process again and again this is how the book is designed. Enjoy.

God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea: Experiencing God in the Midst of Everyday Moments

by Rose Chandler Johnson

Georgia Author of the Year Award Finalist in Religion and Spirituality
Selah Award Finalist

In the South, nothing is more refreshing than a glass of sweet iced tea. Nothing, that is, except experiencing God in those small, everyday moments. God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea is a deeply personal collection of spiritual treasures designed to help readers experience new mercies each morning. Seasoned with insight and grace, each of the 52 touching devotionals points to the divine presence of God in everyday moments.
Life is full of challenges that keep us from spending time with God and experiencing his presence in our day-to-day activities. But He is always there ready to pour out His blessings. If you desire to experience the reality of God in the everyday moments of life, this devotional journey is for you.
Whether purchased as a personal resource or given as a heartfelt gift, God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea will help readers develop a closer relationship with God. Each devotion is followed by suggested Scriptures for further reading, questions for journaling, a prayer, a sweet tea moment (thought for the day), and a prayer focus.

Magnetic Mindset: How To Transform Your Life By Renewing Your Mind (Magnetic Faith Book 2)

by David Ramos

How do you transform the impossible into the inevitable? It begins with the power of your mind.

In Magnetic Mindset (Book 2 of the Magnetic Faith series), you’ll be exposed to one of the most influential, yet misunderstood, tools in the Christian life. Your thoughts are the framework upon which you have built your current life. So if you desire something different, change must begin here.

In addition to learning the exact methods the Bible provides for renewing your mind, you’ll also learn:

  • What the 3 Dimensions of Your Mind are and precisely how to use each one to your advantage 
  • How to identify and refute the lies Satan wants to keep you stuck in 
  • The 7 Magnetic Beliefs which are essential to catapulting you into the blessed life God has ready for you to live 

If you have struggled with negative, unhelpful, and even destructive thoughts…If you know you are capable of so much more than what your life currently shows… If you want to feel like you are making measurable, promising progress towards your goals each and every day – this book is for you.

You have everything you need in order to master your mind and change your life. This book can and will be your training guide, but you have to take the first step. You have to believe in and want the better God has for you enough to take action.

Buy this book and start renewing your mind today!

The Silver Lining: Angel Blessings

by Jennifer Lynch

The Silver Lining is a book about life, healing, hope and spiritual fulfillment. It starts by explaining that without our experiences good, or bad, we may never find our wonderful silver lining and realize the vast potential for our own healing and the healing of humanity as a whole.

“The Silver Lining” is an honest and moving guide to stepping into your spirituality. It’s a book that just shines! At last, here is a book that will inspire everyone who reads it.

In describing her journey Jennifer has managed to clarify a sometimes very complicated process – taking the first steps to discovering the true meaning of spirituality – and making it very transparent. EVERYONE should read this.”

“Wound within her story this book expounds many spiritual truths in a very simple and human way. It reminds us of who we truly are, and wherever you are on your
journey it will point your way forward.”

“Reading “The Silver Lining” should reverberate with most of us, as Jennifer takes us on a spiritual journey that rediscovers childhood fears and brings us back in touch
with the steps to gaining our own â??silver lining.’ It is a good read for anyone wanting to understand better the simple underlying principles of manifestation and is grounded
in common sense and compassion with her own unique wisdom.”

31 Days to a More Joyful You

by Lisa Cline

Studies have shown that if you participate in a specific activity or behavior for twenty-one days in a row, you are forming a habit. So by focusing on joy for a full month (thirty-one days) you are solidifying that joy habit.
This book is therefore divided into thirty-one days. Each one includes a thought provoking quote or scripture, a small devotional, and a question or call to action to get you thinking more in depth about making the change to live in a life of Joy.

To Know God As Father

by Lisa Cline

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a father who is for you, not against you…

If you’ve ever wanted to have a father who is there, present with you, in every moment of the day, who delights greatly in your accomplishments, and who comforts you in your deepest pain. . . if you’ve ever wanted to have a father who will never mock you or push you beyond what you can handle, but who loves you the same yesterday, today, and forever. . . then this book is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, rich or poor, if you were raised in an adoptive, single parent, or foster home, or if you are athletic, bookish, or a couch potato by nature. Every person on this planet, no matter what their circumstances, has one thing in common: they are all greatly loved by our Father in heaven!

Whether our earthly fathers have been good to us, or have abandoned, abused, or pushed us, or just failed to love us as they should have, we have a Father who is far greater than any we have ever known. He is waiting. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time To Know God as Father.

70 Ways To Hear God Excerpts & Study Guide

by 1UniqueWriter

Information is given in this book to advise of a myriad of ways we can hear God. It consists of electrifying chronicles that entail uncanny revelations and testimonies.

This book is the study guide version of 70 Ways To Hear God. It consists of 35 excerpts and a series of brainstorming questions to provoke your prophetic capabilities.

Information is given to help you:
– Identify why you aren’t hearing God.
– Discover what can be done to hear God.
– Recognize how God speaks.

Download and get started now.

People of Faith in a Changing World: Devotions for Life

by Jo Bower

“Much of what I know today will not be so tomorrow….” This quote from a devotion in “People of Faith in a Changing World” reflects the uncertainty of our world. Jo Bower has kept a journal through the changes in her life, and shares her devotions based on those journals. The journals grew from the prayers she began writing in college as a discipline for her prayer life.

The devotions reflect an extraordinarily honest record of the author’s thoughts, emotions and opinions as she faces the things all “People of Faith” struggle with in this ever shifting culture.

Encouragement, God’s faithfulness, growth, unity, asking ‘why,’ balance, change, the Christian walk and service, and overcoming are all themes readers will encounter in “People of Faith in a Changing World.” Seasonal Devotions are also part of this collection.

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