Free romance Kindle books for 05 Oct 18

Lost and Found: A Romantic Suspense Thriller Series (Desperate Secrets Book 1)

by Sienna Hart

Gwendolyn Manasti is new in town, but she’s desperate to save the local orphanage from being auctioned off. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep that from happening, even catching the eye of Andrew Villanueva, one of the richest men in town. But Gwynn’s feelings for Andrew’s brother, John, are growing. And love could undo every one of her carefully laid plans…

The Passage (The Wonderland Series: Book 1)

by Irina Shapiro

In the spring of 1685, Lord Hugo Everly, ardent supporter of the Protestant upstart the Duke of Monmouth, vanishes without a trace just before the Monmouth Rebellion, leaving future generations forever baffled as to what might have become of him.

In 2013, while visiting Everly Manor as part of her job as a location scout for a film production company, Neve Ashley stumbles onto a secret passage that leads her into the seventeenth century and straight into the path of the ill-fated lord. Neve is able to return safely to her own time, but she can’t forget the man she met or the fate that’s about to befall him. Against her better judgment, Neve decides to go back and warn Hugo of impending danger, not realizing that she’s walking into danger herself, for history is never straightforward, and people’s motives not always what they appear to be. Taken hostage by the very man she was trying to save, Neve is trapped in the seventeenth century, her fate now intertwined with that of her captor, and the future something that neither one of them could have envisioned.

The Lie (Valley of the Lilies Book 1)

by Aurora Svenson

Elicia Lilja swore she’d never return to the Valley of the Lilies and the small town where she spent such a devastating final year of high school more than a decade ago. But when her beloved father is diagnosed with a terminal illness she feels she has no other choice but to go back so she can be with him. Now all she has to do to survive being back in the Valley is avoid the ghosts the town still holds for herâ??one tall, dark and unfairly handsome one in particularâ?¦

Elicia is finally back in town and Patrick Cederberg will stop at nothing to win back the girl who stole his heart at eighteen, and has yet to release it.
The only problem is she can’t stand the sight of him. He can’t really blame her since he dumped her in the cruelest way possible back then, and made her believe a lie he can never tell her the truth about. Winning back her trust, and her heart, seems impossible.
But then someone starts sending Elicia threatening notes, and Patrick doesn’t hesitate to step in to protect the only woman he’s ever wanted. Soon he’s in her life, and her bed, again, but fighting his way back into her heart proves another battle altogetherâ?¦

A tale of a second chance at first love, of betrayal and forgiveness, and heartbreak that can only be healed by the kind of love that comes around once in a lifetime, this is the first full-length story in the Valley of the Lilies Series. It is a stand-alone novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating.

18+ due to mature language and graphic love scenes.

The Texan’s Irish Bride (The McClintocks Book 1)

by Caroline Clemmons

Cenora Rose O’Neill knows her father somehow arranged the trap for Dallas, but she agrees to wed the handsome stranger. She’d do anything to protect her family, and she wants to save herself from the bully Tom Williams. A fine settled man like Dallas will rid himself of her soon enough, but at least she and her family will be safely away from Tom Williams.

Texas rancher Dallas McClintock has no plans to wed for several years. Right now, he’s trying to establish himself as a successful horse breeder. Severely wounded rescuing Cenora from kidnappers, Dallas is taken to her family’s wagon to be tended. He is trapped into marrying Cenora, but he is not a man who goes back on his word. His wife has a silly superstition for everything, but passion-filled nights with her make up for everythingâ??even when her wild, eccentric family drives crazy.

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