Free science fiction Kindle books for 05 Oct 18

An Obliquity (The Perihelion Book 2)

by D.M. Wozniak

It is Friday, January 4, 2069: the perihelion. A darkness unlike any other has fallen upon Bluecore 1C. Some hope to use this darkness as a doorway to freedom, while others sense an opportunity to bury their secrets. And then, there are those who find the dark perfect for hunting.

In this thrilling conclusion to the critically-acclaimed novel The Perihelion, each of the six residents of Bluecore 1C must strike his or her own separate path towards salvation. Their interlaced stories become a compelling exploration of moral deviation and ultimate redemption.

Cygnus 5: The Complete Trilogy: A galaxy spanning space opera

by Alex Oliver

Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged

Taken advantage of by her superior officer, her career in ruins, war hero Captain Aurora Campos has been shipwrecked on a penal planet. Abandoned by her government, with no one to trust but the escaped deviant she was sent there to capture, she has a lot of rage to go around.

They want her to disappear. To shut up. To stop making waves. But that’s not going to happen.

For Bryant Jones – the ‘deviant’ in question – Aurora is the villain. She’s the war-dog of a Christian Fundamentalist state that conquered his world and arrested him for ‘unnatural’ crimes. ‘Crimes’ that were perfectly legal in his world.

Yet in the face of a planet full of angry felons, it’s a case of work together or die.

And sometimes all it takes to light the fire that changes history is two victims united against a common oppressor.

(Though discovering an abandoned alien doomsday weapon also helps.)


“This book is exciting and fun and poignant and just a cracking good read. It’s very cool to read a sci-fi adventure where both main characters are people of colour and one of them is bisexual. It’s not often in books that a genius queer black man and a staunch badass woman of colour get to save the world together and I absolutely loved that.”

The Education of Lilanoir Rue (Sanguis City)

by Morgan Jane Mitchell

A prequel to Sanguis City(July 2013), the first novella in the Sanguis City series.— Lilanoir Rue, a side effect of The End of the world, has never had a say in her future until now. A rift between two factions of the Human Reservation is growing and she is offered a life with the man she loves. But nothing is ever normal for Lily, even something as simple as love. Used to being called a monster, Lily meets a real one at the worst possible moment but finds out that he isn’t the only one she needs to fear.

Jurassic Resort: We must enter the past to survive the future

by Brent Reilly

An alien fleet will arrive in 50 years to exterminate humanity, but the physicists who found the Grand Theory of Everything have discovered a way to enter dinosaur times. Only by putting people in the past can we survive the future. All we must do is create a self-sustaining population in a world dominated by Earth’s fiercest creatures. To pay for it all, we’ll need dino tourism. What could go wrong?

EXCERPTS: Sweating bullets in the dark, Ray heard the raptors more than he saw them. Their stench threatened to overwhelm his gag reflex — that’s how much it sucked. Ray limp-ran for his life. His heart was racing faster than his legs as he knew the raptors were gaining on him. He tried reloading on the run, but fear made his fingers fumble.

Hunting portals is dangerous. Time does not exist independently of space, and space moves. Earth flies around the Sun at 66,600 mph, while rotating on its axis at 1070 mph, as our solar system moves at 559,234 mph, while our galaxy hurls us through space at 671,080 mph.

Five T-rexes were waist deep in mud and despair when the giant snakes attacked. The biggest titanoboa was squeezing the shit out of Timmy. Or maybe Tim just shat himself — the water looked mucky.

Jackson had too much going on to deal with this. He felt like a hooker who didn’t have time to screw around.

He saw an enormous pterosaur diving at them. “Evasive maneuver!” “What?” the idiot pilot asked.

“Retreat!” Ray yelled when he saw how many raptors charged them. The grenades fragged the first wave, but the second wave sprinted at full speed, eager to taste the new meat.

The 60′ mosasaur from the Cretaceous swam through the portal and mostly landed in Montana, sinking under the surface as heavy caliber bullets struck its thick hide. It swung its tail like a titanoboa for a burst of speed as it dove past the hovercraft.

Another raptor leapt into the water to attack the T-rex from behind — the dreaded Sodomy Maneuver — only for the theropod to smack it with its stiff tail.

The line of twelve angry triceratops thought they had the humans trapped against the trees when drones fired Hellfire missiles.

The matriarch mega-raptor maximized speed to knock Ray down and tear out his stomach to get to the more delicious organs. Expecting this, Ray faked left and sidestepped right, cutting into her claw halfway to the elbow.

Three troodons flew at him in a coordinated assault. With just two swords, Ray sidestepped to cut the two on his right, letting one fly past him.

The theropod ignored him to bite off a raptor leg. Chinito got annoyed. “Ray, stop serenading that T-rex and get back in the boat.”

A one-ton raptor charged him. Ray ducked under as she leapt, her hand and feet claws cutting air. Ray drew a sword, as he rose, to slice her back leg. Then he sprinted to the T-rex.

Desert Strike (Sundown Apocalypse Book 4)

by Leo Nix

After winning the command of the Alice Springs military force, Sundown’s commando is in a position to pose a real threat to the Revelationist terrorists.

What was supposed to be a holiday patrol to the hot springs on the Diamantina plains turns into a nightmare for the commando, and only heroic sacrifices can save them. A startling development with the secret Pine Gap facility may prove to be a boon or a curse for their group, and for Sundown himself.

Desert Strike is the fourth novel in Leo Nix’s Sundown Apocalypse series: hard-fitting, fast-paced adventure in the harsh Australian Outback. This is a standalone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

Dystopyum (The D-ot Hexalogy Book 1)

by Chris Finkelstein

A step or two down.

Silver Skies (Gears of Destiny Book 1)

by Quinn Hooks

Her role as a spy in the war of liberation now finished, all Serra wants is a hot bath, a plate of strawberry crepes at the Festival of Silver Skies, and to sort out the complex relationship with her great love Fratu. But with a contract on her head, and an enemy out for revenge, this scrappy Nephilim Usagi finds she must postpone retirement long enough for one more battleâ??this time to save her own life.

The Ogress’ Son: Epic Steampunk Dystopian

by Page Zaplendam

For fans of S.M. Stirling’s Emberverse, Billy Burke’s TV show ‘Revolution,’ and Bobby Adair’s The Last Survivors.

It’s a new Dark Age.

An apocalyptic level scientific overreach catastrophe reversed the poles, killed off 97% of the world’s population, and caused inheritable genetic anomalies in some of the few who survived.

Those with flawed genes, the Unearthly, are pariahs, science and technology is regulated by a despotic king, lawlessness has given way to local fiefdoms, and a new dark age has arisen, explaining what were once scientific facts as legend, lore, and myth.

Slade lives a quiet life in the Iron Wood, hunting alongside his mother and visiting the village only to trade goods. But when she’s assassinated, he goes out into the dreaded human world to find her killer. Human he might be, but as the son of the Ogress, he is unafraid of rebels, Syndicate crime lords, or ruthless nobles who would love nothing more than to see him dead.

Appeals to lovers of dystopian adventures, steampunk elements, sword fighting, and smatterings of romance.

Page Zaplendam is a southern writer with a wide range of fiction interests. As mama to a lot of littles, she doesn’t gets her books out there as often as she’d like, but it’s not for lack of having the need to craft, create, and share new stories with the world. Besides exciting dystopian adventure tales, she also writes about vampires, sweet romance, and sometimes sweet vampire romance.


by David M Henley

Eight years ago, Pierre Junior was born out of a psionic enhancement program. He escaped immediately after his birth and all attempts to find him failed.

Now Pierre is back . . . and he’s taking over the world, one mind at a time.

The Pierre Junior Omnibus tells the story of a psionic messiah with unlimited telepathic and telekinetic powers who leads a rebellion that will either unite humanity or destroy it forever.

Praise for Pierre Junior

â??. . . a complex novel full of new scientific concepts, big ideas, an epic arc and a wide range of characters . . . Threads and ideas that have been developed across three novels converge to produce a well-crafted and satisfying conclusion. He is not an author who leaves the big questions unresolved, but pleasingly unravels the mysteries one by one.’ The Australian

â??David M Henley has created a trilogy that is both deeply complex and highly enjoyable. Every chapter, divided up with either lines of worship or warnings about Pierre Jnr, is a twist of the ethical knife. Be it influenced by The Will of the people, manipulation by the Psi’s or by Pierre Jnr himself, or pure self-interest, each decision that must be made is a hard one. It makes the reader ponder their own reaction to the situation and ask themselves what the right choice really is.’

â??This is not just a grim depiction of what our future might look like; it’s so natural (if dire) a progression that, once pointed out, it becomes hard to envisage a different scenario.’

As the Grass Grows

by Ty Noel

The science fiction future we all hope for with flying cars and cybernetic body parts. Hop into this short story about two friends living together and see how, even with these exciting new developments in the world, life can still be boring and mundane for those who are use to it.

-Very short read.

As the Grass Grows has been free on my blog and after several positive responses, is now being brought to Kindle for my readers to get to know my style of writing and to enjoy.

Alien Safari

by Robert Appleton

Warning! Wildlife may be dangerous. Proceed beyond this point at your own risk.

When celebrated detective Ferrix Vaughn is called in to investigate a deadly breach on Hesperidia, a protected planet full of indigenous wildlife, he doesn’t know what to expect. The place used to be a tourist attraction, but the safari tours were discontinued long ago due to rampant poaching. Only a handful of researchers live there now, including Jan Corbija, the young woman who reported the breach.

The deeper Vaughn digs, the more the evidence seems to point to a recent raid on a biotech facility in a nearby system. Whatever was stolen from there, it’s attracted the attention of major political players in a time of war across the colonies. Vaughn suspects the secret is on Hesperidia, in the hands of the two fugitives who fled the murder scene.

If he wants to get to them first, he’s going to need Jan’s help. Her Alien Safari tour will have to reopen for this final excursion. But to survive it, they’ll both need to face their demons, for a predator far deadlier than man roams the wilds of Hesperidia. And this is its killing season.

This way for the ride of your life.

57,000 words

Angela Replica

by Max Neivandt

Angela doesn’t know who she is, what school she went to, or where she lives. She doesn’t even know what she is. They told her she’s dead and her thoughts execute on a machine. But she doesn’t feel like a machine and definitely doesn’t look like one. More like some stuck-up kid with zero percent body fat.

Angela goes in search of her identity and meets a girl who seems familiar. The girl might have the answers Angela needs, if Angela can ever find her again.

Angela would have a better chance of figuring out who she really is if people would stop lying to her and stop shooting at her.

In the Year 2889

by Jules Verne

In the Year 2889 was first published in the Forum, February,1889; p. 262. It was published in France the next year. Although published under the name of Jules Verne, it is now believed to be chiefly if not entirely the work of Jules’ son, Michel Verne. In any event, many of the topics in the article echo Verne’s ideas…


by David Arrowood

A U-boat that can change the course of the war. Otto Speer is a commander who knows which rules to break and which rules to bend. He is ordered into a battle that change history. He and his crew jump in feet first. Can he survive the battle that will alter the outcome of WWII?

Find out in Kraken by David Arrowood, the first book in the new series that chronicles Germany’s rise the use of advanced weapons and the OSS Agents who must stop them. If you like The Man in the High Castle, you’ll love Kraken.

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