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Angels & Patriots: Book One

by Salina B Baker

Six-Time Award-Winning Novel–Historical, Fantasy, Military Fiction
Angels & Patriots is the violent struggle for freedom, played out on the battlefield and the firmament as the angels fend off the demons in a quest to serve both humans and God.
“Baker has done a superb job of creating a novel that takes us back in time, not only to the battlefield, but to the time of Gods. I love her imagination in this novel. It leaps off the pages with every setting. There were very few times where I wasn’t completely engaged…a huge testament to her ability to convey action and emotion.” – Novel News Network
Sons of Liberty, Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill

On the eve of the Revolutionary War, American patriots are leaving their homes and families behind to stand firm against the British. What these early Americans do not realize, is that while they prepare themselves for their battles, a war is simultaneously playing out among the soldiers–one that poses a far greater threat to their lives and souls.

Demons that God created to kill a brotherhood of fallen angels are fanning the embers of the Revolutionary War to draw the angels out of hiding. They walk and fight alongside patriots and British soldiers alike. 

Archangel, Colm Bohannon, leads his angel brothers to Boston to track down the demon leader and to warn John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, and the Sons of Liberty that the British army is not their only threat. The patriots will need to engage with two enemy forces on the battlefield. As it stands, the band of angels is road weary and struggling with infighting and earthly temptations. Is faith a strong enough shield to fight off demon attacks and protect the patriots?

Angels & Patriots is the violent struggle for freedom, played out on the battlefield and the firmament as the angels fend off the demons in a quest to serve both humans and God.

2018 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book, Notable2018 Independent Press Award Historical Fiction, Winner2018 National Indie Excellence Awards, Military Fiction Finalist2018 Independent Press Award Military Fiction, Distinguished Favorite2018 American Fiction Award Fantasy, Finalist2018 American Fiction Award Military Fiction, Finalist

New World Order Rising Book 5: …to save the world…

by James W. Nelson

In Book 5 of this New World Order Rising series, seventeen-year-old Jocelyn (introduced in Book 1 as a seven-year-old) is leader of the Southeastern North Dakota Sanborn Militia. Her sixteen-year-old adopted sister, Dodie (also introduced in Book 1, as a six-year-old) and she, have both become warriors quite proficient in killing the enemy.
Free America, comprised of a five-state coalition in the center of North America (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming) and other small free enclaves, still exist after fighting the super soldier minions of the elite Illuminati.
In Book 3 the United Nations Blue Helmets–with great numbers of expendable soldiers–joined the fight. In Book 4, Islam, with even greater numbers of expendables joined.
Ten years have passed. The war for freedom rages on with no end in sight.

Rooineck: Red Neck

by C G Feltham

This book appertains to the main Boer war proper. The first Boer war was a minor affair and happened at Majuba hill in South Africa. The British suffered defeat in this skirmish and it ended with peace talks and nothing more was expected until 1899 when the official Boer war began. The Boers were descended from Dutch settlers and known as Afrikaans and the word Boer which alluded to a white race of mainly farmers. So how could civilians such as these challenge the might of the British Empire with its seasoned modern army and its navy which truly ruled the waves being kept at more than twice the size of any other
The British had been in South Africa for many years, as long as the Dutch descended Boers who moved inland to escape encroachment by the British who had settled at the colonies of the Cape and Natal. The Boers had settled at the two Republics of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, headed by President Steyn and President Kruger.
The whole of Europe were against the British involvement in the war, looking on it as a David and Goliath affair when in fact the Boers, though imbued by civilian volunteers, had an army, well organised and divided into commandos, which at the start was much larger than the British forces which were then present in South Africa. The Boers were also backed by Germany who supplied them with the modern Mauser rifle and artillery manned by some German officers and Russia who supplied and manned ambulances and medical teams. The Boers also knew the country well and were adept at entrenchment
and had the sturdiest of ponies.
All main battles and even skirmishes are detailed in this narrative along with the regiments and troops provided by Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and Ceylon, and some of the long gone and still present Irish regiments. The Boers also had on their side some American and Irish mercenaries. The British also had the services of the Canadian born American scout, Burnham, and the auspices of war correspondent Winston Churchill.
The most destructive battle casualties the British received was at Spion Kop, almost detailing some of the forthcoming slaughter of the then future First World War.
So relevant was the Boer War to the British public that some people named their dogs Kruger after the Boer President, and the most popular music hall song was ‘Goodbye Dolly I Must Leave You’, and the Boers loved to demonetise the British and belittle them by calling them Rooineks.

Change the World (Japanese Edition)

by Nitta Masataka

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SOMBRE WATERS: Creswell Family Saga (Quartermaster Book 1)

by Richard Kinsella

The peace and tranquillity of life at the Creswell’s Liverpool home is about to be shattered as the First World War in Europe looms closer.
Peter Creswell, Managing Director of an Anglo-American consortium and a serving senior officer in the Royal Naval Reserve, receives an unexpected invitation from the Admiralty and informed that not only do they want to requisition one of the company’s passenger liners for conversion to an Armed Merchant Cruiser they also want him to take command.

Peter is deeply in love with his rich American wife, Gwen and their daughter, Jessica. He is also ecstatic at the news that Gwen is pregnant with their second child. Gwen’s father, Louis B. Neilson, an American oil magnate, is an early casualty of the war forcing Gwen to brave the dangers of the Atlantic to return home to the Neilson Mansion in Highland Heights, New York.

The Creswell’s suffer the agony and anguish of a family at war, a war whose casualties are mounting alarmingly on land and sea. Peter’s ship, HMS Montrose Castle, escorting a convoy across the Atlantic, meets the unexpected arrival of the German battle cruiser, Beowulf, forcing him to take action that will lead to the certain destruction of his ship and consequential loss of life.

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