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A SHORT INTRODUCTION:The Future of Tolerance, Migration And Identity: ALLAHâ??S GREAT BUT HIS PROPHETS SUCKS

by Aisha Aslam

Revelation from the most knowledgeable, most respectedâ?¦ and criticized Muslim womanâ?¦Reveals the little unknown secrets about Islam that you must know as a good Muslim.
Are you a good Muslim/Christian?
If so, Please take the next three minutes to read this
Because, it will be the most important message, you will ever read today, because you could save someone’s life
If you understand and teach it to others, you are actually not saving a life, but also making the world a better place for all.
Who am I and why should you listen to me
I’m Aisha Aslam, A former devoted Muslim woman from Pakistan, who has left Islam.
I want to reveal to you what only few Muslims will ever tell you, because they have be lied toâ?¦.
Every day I look in the mirror and realize have failed Allah by my silence.
I bet you can imagine even as a Muslim or a normal human being the sorrow, pain and sadness of losing three brothers “fighting for Allah”
â?¦Because they were, deceive by “teachings” from the Quran
Many Muslims are ignorant about the true tenets of Islam, despite the spread of Islam, thus there have been little or no respect from other religion.
How does it feels been denied of your right because you are a woman? sad I guess â?¦7 in 10 Muslim women denied daily.
When I was a devoted Muslim, I had my challenges too.
been embarrassed â?¦pulled by my cloths in public and shouted at “terrorist” at school â?¦
â?¦ My sandwich stuff with pork during shopping, and discriminated against because of wearing the hijab.
As a Muslim, I have always wondered why people treat Muslims with contempt.
However, I start to examine the truth after the death of my brothers to ISIS and realize I have failed as a good Muslim to teach them the truth.
I have decide to end my silence by revealing this, with the hope of making sure no one falls for these false teachings.
I want to reveal to you
ï?¼The 7 unbelievable false teachings in Islamâ?¦if you understand will make you an outstanding Muslim
ï?¼It exposes the smuggled verses in the Quran â?¦ that made Islam the way non-Muslims see Islam â?¦and how you can identify them.
ï?¼Islam is a religion of peace, right â?¦ wrong! You will be embarrassed by the truth you are about to learn from the Holy Quran.
ï?¼Does Islam discriminate against people based on gender? No, you will be shocked to learn the truth that nobody talks about that you should know.
ï?¼Find out the insiders scoops only few Muslims whispered in silence even in your mosqueâ?¦about terrorism and violence in Islam and Islamic countries.
ï?¼Never been revealed unscientific lessons and practices all good Muslims should never practice and avoid at all cost.
ï?¼What never to discuss with any Islamic scholarsâ?¦discussing might lead to your death
ï?¼The two secret and most important reasons you should be awareâ?¦why a Muslim might kill you even as a Muslim.
ï?¼The single and most important flaws in the Quranâ?¦known to all but never to be mentioned in public.
ï?¼The truth about paradise women could revolt for if they known it is in the Quranâ?¦please don’t read in the mosques
ï?¼The reason violence will continue in the name of Islamâ?¦get the truth todayâ?¦it could change your life forever.
Today could be the best day of your life. Note it is not about me or my brothers been killed, No
This is about you getting to know this secrets and tips that has been hidden for so long from you, that you must know,
Remember, if you know this and tell someone then you would have indirectly saved a life, thus become an outstanding Muslim.
If you have read other books about why Islam requires a reformation,
This takes you without any BS in simple, clear and easy to understand English, without Prejudice against Muslims, Islam and its prophets
Download a copy today by clicking on the buy now button

Living on Mill Circle

by William Russo

The final volume of the Mill Circle chronicles ends with tales about psychics, the peddler’s ghost, and archaeological searches of the street. Author William Russo finishes his epic study with historical and paranormal evidence about the most unusual street he lives on.

Me,Myself & My Life

by Rina Quintanilla

Hi i would like to share me,myself& my life with you its the story of my life as a child and adolescent i went threw so much in my life and this is only the beginning i will give you only the beginning in this book but i have much more to go i wish i knew then what i know now about my life i loved and trusted but those i did love were the ones that caused me pain and shame in my life i would love to reach out to those people that feel alone and lost in this world i have been beating on raped molested intimidated let down my words can’t even begin to describe what i went threw but i will try my best to do so please read my book even if you have doubts about it. Don;t get me wrong i still love my mother to death i understand now why she was the way she was its cause of the way she was raised she had old fashion parents that didn’t show her love and care

Am getting started on the second part of this book


Athina Onassis The Red File

by Alexis Mantheakis

This shocking tell-all biography of Athina Onassis, the iconic billionaire Greek heiress and patron of the prestigious Athina Onassis Horse Show of St Tropez, and the revelations of an eight and a half year relationship between Doda, Athina’s handsome older Brazilian Olympian champion rider husband, and Nicky, a Belgian call girl, exposes what went on in the VIP enclosures of the competition, and unknown to the heiress, at sex clubs, in cars, and in love nests nearby after hours, and at the hotels where her husband’s mistress was lodged by her lover on a different floor from the couple.

Alexis Mantheakis, the former Onassis-Roussel family spokesman and adviser who first met Athina when she was only 13 has shared holidays with Athina and her family, has been on yachts with her as the only non-family guest, stood for the family in numerous court cases as their only witness, and recently was there for the heiress when she was subjected to a huge alimony claim after she walked out on a faithless Doda.

It was then, in the summer of 2016 that the heiress called Alexis to Holland asking him to help secure the file with all the damning emails, messages, photos, hotel and travel receipts and other documents that Nicky, dumped by Doda, had promised to give the writer. The shocking Red File with its contents, was delivered to Athina by her old family friend who now saw that the formerly shy, timid girl he had known had changed into a different person, one that very few know.

The final chapter, Cancer Ward, is one of the most shocking conclusions of any celebrity biography.

The Density of a 100-Page Suicide Note

by Bill Clunie

Portland. Berlin. It’s hard to get around when you’re going blind. “I do, actually, love her. I can’t let her know that, as it would just be embarrassing. She is barely thirty years old. I’m fifty-three. She seems young for her age. I feel old for mine. I dream, though. In dreams I can see. I see Anke. She emailed me a picture early on and I stared closely at it, blond hair, round face, an easy smile, a sweet spirit shining through blue eyes. In my dreams I see her clearly.” Part memoir, part literary diary, “Density” follows the author through the maze of daily life, struggling to cope while almost blind and still create art and meaning. “There is another world though that I catch glimpses of. One where Miriam is alive, where Anke loves me, ME, and not Mats, some guy she mentions now and then; she loves me, even though I’m old enough to be her father, have no prospects, and am going blind… In that other world I spend my nights with her and my days working on my latest novel, using my 20/20 vision to focus on the tiny letters in my notebook, letters that form words that make sentences that sing.” A book of death and a book of life, “Density” is a love story for our time.

Invisible: Welcome to my World

by Aileen Acevedo

Being a child in Manhattan, New York was not easy at all for Aileen because it was so dangerous that her mother would only allow her oldest brother to play outside with his friends making her feel invisible since childhood. This went on for many years.

ALAN TURING: ENIGMA: The Incredible True Story of the Man Who Cracked The Code

by Anna Revell

Alan Turing: Enigma: The Incredible True Story of the Man Who Cracked The Code

If you have ever used a computer, you owe that joy to Alan Turing. Turing is known by many as the Father of the Modern Computer for his conception of the theoretical stored-memory machine (known as the Turing Machine) and for the subsequent implementation of this idea in the creation of some of the world’s first working computers, the Automatic Computing Engine, and the Manchester Mark 1.

Impressive as they are, though, Turing’s contributions to computer science are not necessarily his most famous or influential projects. Alan Turing was one of the most significant figures in the Allied victory of World War Two, thanks to his ingenious code breaking skills and the invention of the British Bombe at Bletchley Park. In his later life, Turing even dabbled in artificial intelligence, and biology, creating concepts that are still being investigated today.

Until recently, Alan Turing had often been overlooked as an important figure in history. Thanks to in-depth biographies like Andrew Hodges’ Alan Turing: The Enigma, and film depictions of Turing’s life, like The Imitation Game, based on Hodges’ book, Alan Turing is quickly becoming a household name, as people begin to recognize that his contributions to various fields were so influential they actually changed the course of human history.

Failure’s approach: A motivational story

by Harsh Pandey

This book pre defines its genre by its title telling you the content of writing. But let me tell you its not a fiction it is truely based upon the legend. Telling how things become more complex as life circle gains speed. How to overcome those things is the way to learn the experiences. Which are quite compulsory.

PRINCE HARRY: A Prince Harry Biography

by Katy Holborn

Prince Harry: A Prince Harry Biography

As a central part of the slimmed down House of Windsor that his father, Prince Charles, has brought about, Harry is a man for today.

Along with his brother and sister in law, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, and his new bride Meghan Markle, he is the face of a monarchy for the twenty-first century.

A man who is determined to combine living his own life with public duty. Who is keen to develop his own relationships as privately as possible, while doing immeasurable amounts of good for the country – and world -as a whole.

Harry is a man who fought bravely in Afghanistan, who never lost the affection of the public despite being embroiled in some controversial events.

A man for whom the death of his mother, in the most unbelievable of circumstances, would shape his life.

…And This Is How It Ends: The True Story of Minivans, Switchblade Combs, and the Homeless

by Jen Sky

Their journey with the homeless started with RATSâ?¦the size of cats that can eat through tin cans and coolers. It’s Pittsburgh, 2016, not a far off third world country, but that’s what is seems like because they’re talking about feeding people on the streets outsideâ?¦in the middle of winter. Encounter people living as no person should, hear their stories, and become transformed in the process.

â?¦And This Is How It Ends is the emotionally gripping true-story of a group of volunteers who started off serving meals in a park, and eventually began visiting homeless camps, interrupting drug deals, and encountering street fights.

Are the homeless a problem, or are they people with lives and stories just like you?

Praise For …And This Is How It Ends

“With keen insight and evident compassion, Jen Sky narrates her journey of coming to know, understand, befriend, and care for the women, children, and men who live at the margins of our cities. The stories she shares are as intense as they are enlightening. Jen doesn’t shy away from the complexities and messiness, but instead seeks to see clearly, asking “What does it mean to really love my neighbors as myself?” and “What does it really mean to be an advocate for those on the margins?” All who read this book will come away changed, and inspired to go and do likewise.”

–Michael Yankoski, Author of Under the Overpass

“Jen Sky began by asking herself what she could do to help the homeless people she saw wandering the streets of her town, sleeping under the bridges and hiding in the trees of the local parks. As we follow her on this compassionate and eye-opening journey, we begin to see the homeless as individuals who have fallen out of relationship with themselves and with those around them.

Jen and her neighbors banded together to offer food and comfort where and when it was most needed. This simple act of kindness opened the doorway to a world that most of us ignore or do not want to enter.

The insights she has gained are invaluable to anyone who has glimpsed a homeless person spending the night out in the open and asked: ‘What can I do to help?'”

–Robin Moore- Author and Faculty Member, The Graduate Institute for Writing and Oral Traditions; Author of the Year, PA School Librarians Association

“Jen Sky’s honest sharing allows the reader to know the homeless – not just of them. Her accounts and observations lead us to face a truth we are afraid to see. The author admits there is no easy answer to all the issues involved in this ministry, but she is wise enough to leave the unanswered questions in the hands of God.”

–Mary “Mayme” Bulger, Author of GOD EXPECTS ME, Living the Reality of Life by Embracing the Reality of God

“Not only a beautiful testament to the serving nature of those who desire to reach those in need, but a story of personal transformation. Jen Sky truly catches us the contradictions of the heart in the tender situations we encounter when helping the homeless. Oh how I love this book!”

–Dana Falletti, Author of Beautiful Secret and The Whisper Trilogy

First Citizen of America – Benjamin Franklin: A Quick-Read Biography About the Life of an Endeared Founding Father

by Cynthia A. Parker

Learn More About This Founding Father

A Short, Yet Interesting, Biography!

Ever wanted to learn more about Benjamin Franklin, but never felt you had the time to read a comprehensive work? Here author Cynthia A. Parker removes that pain by offering an opportunity to Get-to-Know the ‘First Citizen of America,’ to learn of his youth and upbringing, his early career, his romantic life, and of course his pivotal role as a statesman and in the formation of budding new nation!

Turn these pages and enjoy the opportunity to learn history, but better yet to come to know Franklin better through Parker’s amazing ability to describe his life in such a way as to encourage the reader to carry on; making this an enjoyable and interesting Quick-Read Biography.

This Book also Comes with a FREE Gift!

Kandhapuranam : �ந்தபுராணம் : tamil history book of lord muruga story : tamil novels (Tamil Edition)

by Tamil Maanthan

Kandhapuranam : �ந்தபுராணம் : Tamil history book of lord murugan story : Tamil history novels



â?? à®?ி.பி. பன்னிரண்à®?ாம் நà¯?ற்றாண்à®?ில் à®?à®?்à®?ியப்ப à®?ிவாà®?ாரியார் à®?ன்பவரால் à®?ழுதப்பà®?்à®? தமிழ்à®?் à®?ாவியம் à®?ந்த புராணம் à®?à®?ும்.

â?? பதினà¯?ண் புராணà®?்à®?ளும் வà®?à®®à¯?ழியில் à®?ருப்பவà¯?. à®?வற்றுள், ஸ்à®?ந்த புராணத்தின் à®?à®?்à®?à®° à®?à®?்à®?ிதà¯?யில் à®?ிவரà®?à®?ிய à®?ண்à®?த்தில் வரும் முதல் à®?றுà®?ாண்à®?à®?்à®?ளின் தமிழ் à®®à¯?ழிபà¯?யர்ப்பà¯? à®?ந்த புராணம்.

â?? ஸ்à®?ந்த புராணம் à®?ிவபுராணà®?்à®?ள் பத்தில் à®?ன்றாà®?ும். à®?து நà¯?றாயிரம் à®?ுலà¯?à®?à®?்à®?ளால் à®?னது. à®?து à®?று à®?à®?்à®?ிதà¯?à®?ளà¯?à®?் à®?à¯?ண்à®?து.

â?? à®?தில் à®?à®?்à®?à®° à®?à®?்à®?ிதà¯?யும் à®?ன்றாà®?ும். à®?à®?்à®?à®° à®?à®?்à®?ிதà¯?யில் à®?ள்ள பல à®?ண்à®?à®?்à®?ளில் à®?ிவரà®?à®?ிய à®?ண்à®?மும் à®?ன்றாà®?ும். à®?à®?்à®?ண்à®?த்தில் ஏழு à®?ாண்à®?à®?்à®?ள் à®?ாணப்பà®?ுà®?ின்றன.

â?? à®?வற்றில் à®?பதà¯?à®? à®?ாண்à®?ம் தவிர ஏனà¯?ய à®?று à®?ாண்à®?à®?்à®?ளதும் தமிழ்த் தà¯?à®?ுப்பà¯? à®?ந்தபுராணமாà®?ும்.

â?? à®?ற்பத்தி à®?ாண்à®?ம், à®?à®?ுர à®?ாண்à®?ம், à®®à®?à¯?ந்திர à®?ாண்à®?ம், யுத்த à®?ாண்à®?ம், தà¯?வ à®?ாண்à®?ம், தà®?்à®? à®?ாண்à®?ம் à®?ன்று à®?று à®?ாண்à®?à®?்à®?ளà¯? à®?à®?à¯?யது.

â?? à®?து 91 பà®?லà®?்à®?ளà¯?யும், 10345 பாà®?ல்à®?ளà¯?யும் à®?à®?à¯?ய à®?து முருà®?ப்பà¯?ருமானின் வரலாற்றà¯? முறà¯?யாà®?வும் முழுமà¯?யாà®?வும் à®?à¯?றுà®?ிறது


பாத�யில் பதிந்த ��ி�ள்: மணல�ர் மணியம்மாள் வாழ்�்�� வரலாறு (Tamil Edition)

by ரா�ம் �ிருஷ்ணன் Rajam Krishnan

1979-80-81 �ண்�ு�ளில் ��ழ்த்த�்��ப் ப�ுதியில் �ழவர் ப�ரும�்�ளின் வாழ்-நில�ய� �ராயப் ப�ன நான் 1953ல் மரித்த மணல�ர் மணியம்மாள் �ன்ற �ந்த �ரிய ப�ண்மணிய�ப் பற்றி முதன் முதலா��் ��ள்விப்ப�்��ன். �வ்வ�ர் �ழவர் �ு�ிலிலும் �ந்த �ம்ம�ய�த் த�ய்வமா��் ��ண்�ா�ியத�யும் �வரு��ய ��யல்�ள�, வ�ர �ா���்�ள�, ப�ரா�்��்�ள�, �வர்�ள் �த� �த�யா� விவரித்தத��் ���்�ு வியப்பிலாழ்ந்த�ன். முதலில் ந�த்த�ர் �ராம�ாமி �ன்ற முதியவர், வறும�யும் முதும�யும் தம்ம� ��ு�்�ி �ருந்த நில�யில், �ன்னி�ம் மணியம்ம�யாரின் �ளப்பரிய பரிவ�யும், துணி�்�லான ��யல்�ள�யும் பலவாறா��் ��ல்லி�் ��ண்�ிருந்தார். �வர், �ம்ம�யாரு�்�ு �ரு �ாலத்தில் வண்�ி ��்�ியிருந்தாராம். த�ளிவில்லாத முதியவரின் புலம்பல் �ன்று தான் முதலில் நின��்�த் த�ன்றியது �ன�்�ு. �னால், நான் முற்றிலும் ��ள்விப்ப�்�ிராத, நம்ப மு�ியாதத�ரு ��ய்தியா�, �வர் �ரு ��ம்ப�ண்ணு�்�ு �ழ��்�ப்ப�்� �வமான�் ���ும�யிலிருந்து வ�ளிப்ப�்�ு, �ண் ��லத்தில், ��ு�்�ிய �நாதன�்�ள� �திர்த்து நின்றார் �ன்ற ��ய்தி, �ுர�ல�ன்று �ன் �ணர்வில் �ற�த்தது. �ப்ப�ருமா�்�ிய�ப் பற்றிப் பிற�ுதான் ப�துவு��ம��் ��்�ி �ார்ந்த ப�ண்�ளி�மும் மற்றவர்�ளி�மும் நான் வி�ாரி�்�த் தல�ப்ப�்��ன். ம�த்த ���தரி�ள், நான் ��ள்விப்ப�்� ��ய்தி�ள் �ண்ம�ய� �ன்று �ம�தித்தார்�ள். ந�வுப் பா�ல்�ள� ����்�ும், �ழவர் �ு�ிப் ப�ண்ம�்�ளின் நாவில� தவழும் �ரிரு பா�ல்�ளிலும் �ந்த �ம்ம� �மரத்துவம் ப�ற்றுத் தி�ழ்வத��் ��வியுற்ற�ன். த��ிய �முதாய �ளவில், புர�்�ிப் ப�ண்மணியா�, ம��ப்பழம��ள� �தி�்��்�ள� �திர்த்துப் ப�ரா�ிய �ப்ப�ண்மணியின் ப�யர��் ��� நான் �து�ாறும் ��ள்விப்ப�்�ிரு�்�வில்ல�ய�?

– ராà®?ம் à®?ிருஷ்ணன்

Padre de su Nación â?? George Washington: Una Biografía de Lectura Rápida sobre la Vida del Primer Presidente de los Estados Unidos (Spanish Edition)

by Cynthia A. Parker

¡Una biografía corta, pero interesante!

¿Alguna vez ha deseado saber más acerca de George Washington, pero nunca pensó que tendría el tiempo para leer una obra completa? Cynthia A. Parker elimina ese obstáculo, ofreciendo la oportunidad de conocer al Primer Presidente de los Estados Unidos; aprender de su juventud y crianza, su temprana carrera, su vida romántica y, por supuesto, su papel fundamental en la conducción del Ejército Continental durante la Guerra Revolucionaria y su selección como Primer Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

Revise estas páginas y disfrute de la oportunidad de aprender la historia, pero aún mejor, de llegar a conocer mejor a Washington, a través de esa increíble capacidad de Parker para describir la vida de Washington de una manera tal, que anima al lector a continuar, haciendo de ésta una agradable e interesante Biografía de Lectura Rápida

¡Este libro viene también con un OBSEQUIO!

Face A Face B: Des artistes dans la confidence (French Edition)

by Eric Lécuyer

Vous vous souvenez quand on écoutait des vinyles ? A la fin de la face A, on devait se lever, retourner le disque, et repartir à la découverte de l’autre côté de l’oeuvre: la face B.
C’est ce que propose le livre “Face A – Face B” : découvrir les 2 facettes d’un(e) musicien(ne).
Face A : le côté musique, Face B, le côté intime.

Avec : Amandine Bourgeois / Beverly Jo Scott / Victoria / CharlElie Couture / Jil Caplan / Manu / Romane Serda / Little Bob / Bertrand Burgalat / Mrs Yéyé / Sophie Kay / Manou Elmerfoodbeat / Marika de / Lizzy Ling / Claire Joseph / Typh Barrow / Renaud Hantson / Skye / Nina Van Horn / Mood / Nico Duportal / Catherine Watine / Cyril Denis / Wendy Nazaré / Gaelle Mievis

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