Free business and investing Kindle books for 06 Oct 18

SUCCESS: The Business of YOU

by Sylvain Godfrey

This book seeks to impress upon you the value of your life, and thus, inspire you to live it in a worthy manner. It speaks of the importance of building your personal capital and achieving the life of your dreams while impacting the lives of others.

It compares your life to a business and looks at you as a capital asset, a living self-marketing product, and a brand.

You will learn that in the business of your life, your net worth is the sum of your intrinsic value, personal capital, the value given to others and the equity you add to others through empowerment.

The underlying message is that the success we experience in life is basically a reflection of our ability to translate our intrinsic creative power into tangible everyday life experience.

My hope is that this book inspires you to maximize the opportunities for growth around and within you to achieve your dreams, to give back and inspire others to explore their full potential.

Amazon FBA The Ultimate Guide: A Complete Step-By-Step Method From Beginners To Advance On How To Sell Fulfillment By Amazon, Launch A Private Label And … Income (MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS COLLECTION)

by Dale Cross




Do you want to learn the basics of how to market your business in an easy-to-use format?

Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company and even if you find only 1 product that sells well, you can make a full time income from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection and a computer. 

I generated over $120,000 in less than 6 months and have since increased my success almost 3-fold.

If you are tired of empty promises of the gurus, if you just want a simple step by step system to make money via Amazon FBA program, then this book is for you.

In Amazon FBA The Ultimate Guide you’ll discover:

  • How to Start an Amazon FBA Business

  • The most effective method to Use The Amazon FBA Platform For Your Multichannel Orders

  • Retail Arbitrage And Drop Shipping 

  • How To Make $10,000+ Per Month With Amazon FBA 

  • How to Boost Sales on Amazon Overview

  • Using Amazon FBA for eBay fulfillment

  • Tips and Best Advice Resources For eBay and Amazon Resellers

  • Step by step instructions to Become a Top-Rated Amazon Seller


  • How the UK’s B2B Industry Can Benefit From Amazon Business

  • A Step by Step Guide to Start Selling on Amazon India

  • How To Write Amazon Product Listing Descriptions


Amazon FBA, its full name Fulfilment by Amazon is a program set up by Amazon that allows you to use Amazon to the warehouse and then send out your items (and also always you to sell your questions on the Amazon Site). Amazon FBA is simple, but at the same time is very powerful and can take your business to the next level for meager costs.


Ready to create your first profitable private-label product to sell on Amazon?!

Go on and give it a go, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.



Get 100,000 Visitors To Your Website In Less Than A Hour

And Learn How To Drive Targeting Traffic To A High

Converting Page And Make Money Online!


Dale Cross is the creator of the successful series MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS COLLECTION, expert investor & entrepreneur and co-founder of leading brands building firms. He’s a serial online entrepreneur who contributes to help others grow their businesses. 

Dale Cross is a rebellious marketer, technology expert and he has created, led and advised successful tech startups for nearly 20 years. 

Since he began his online advertising career, he has managed millions of dollars in digital ad spends in entertainment, finance and software industries.


The Motivational Bible: The 10 Most Motivational Stories You Should Be Reading Everyday To Standout and Be Successful

by James Stanton

Discover the Path to Success!

How to Bring Success in YOUR Life by Reading the Motivational Stories of Others.
Are you finding yourself totally disassembled and in a state of disarray? Does your life seem like a hard-to-make electric jigsaw puzzle? Are you consistently playing a boxing match within your own mind? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative then you need to start the process of downloading this book. Also, you need to remember that you are not alone. It feels like this at most times too many others as well. From uppercuts of doubt to jabs of fear to crosses of hope and joyâ??its all there.
But then, you can easily turn your weaknesses and apprehensions into your strengths. With success being failure turned the other way; you can also become a winner. It all starts with surrendering to the inevitable and accepting that you may not have all the answers. However, you should be tired of committing the same mistakes and ready to unlearn what you may have been taught earlier on. You must stop thinking of yourself as a victim and begin the process of understanding yourself.

Take Time to Change Yourself

If you take out a little time, you can find it easy to bring about positive changes in your life too. In all probability, you will freeze upon a few things that will make a vast difference in the way you think, believe, trust and go ahead and work. As you go through the pages of this book, you will realize that the lives of those who managed to make it to the top was nothing very different from that of yours.
They also went through difficult childhoods, discrimination, ridicule, broken homes, poverty, losses, failures and all that goes into breaking the strength and determination of people like you. But then, there was a major difference. All these people fought in the face of odds. They refused to give up or succumb to the negativities of situations where people did not believe in them or tried to push them into the realm of oblivion. They were habitually inclined to keep in trying���until they met success.

Learn from Others and Stay Motivated. Always

LEARN: From the lives of 10 People : Epitomes of Inspiration and Motivation
In the book “10 Motivational Stories You Should Be Reading Everyday To Standout and Be Successful”, you will go through the ups and downs in the lives of ten individuals from diverse walks of life. You will learn from their quests and mistakes alike. The motivation tools used by them in various stages of life can be your own too, and guide you to realize your dreams. Even if you are on the verge of giving up, you will get motivated to take a U-turn and face the challenges of life, once again.
DOWNLOAD: “10 Motivational Stories You Should Be Reading Everyday To Standout and Be Successful” . It’s a compilation of the motivational stories of some of the most noted names in the world of cinema, Polar exploration, medicine, research, writing , art and so forth. With this book in your hand , you can understand the importance of inspiration and motivation in your life and why it is essential to keep trusting in yourself until you achieve the highest pinnacles of success. With the right combination of grit, determination, perseverance and tenacity; you can become a WINNER all the way.

Would You Like To Know More?

Download the “Motivational Bible” and start sketching your own path to successâ??in a highly charged and motivated way.
Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

Declare War on Yourself: How to Get Your Act and Life Together to Become a Better Version of Yourself

by Marc Summers

In Declare War on Yourself, you’ll learn:

– What it means to actually “have your act together” and how it helps you get the life you actually want

– Why only 3% of us actually have our life together and the rest of us can’t figure it out

– Why society’s definition of “having your act together” leads you in the wrong direction

– Why we’re consciously choosing not to have our act together

– The things giving us a false sense of having our act together

– Signs you don’t have your act together and have work to do

– The real and simple definition of being successful

– The one thing about your personality keeping you from having your life together

– The part of your brain that is constantly sabotaging you and doesn’t want you to improve

– Things you’re not doing that you should be doing

– Things you’re not focused on that you should be focused on

– Very important things you’re ignoring and not making a priority

– Reasons we’re lazy, we don’t push ourselves as hard as we should, and we keep giving up

– The things happening in and around your life that you shouldn’t be “OK” with but you are

– How it’s easier than you think to accomplish anything you want or that needs to be done

– 3 things that will change your life forever if you do them on a regular basis

– What it actually takes to change yourself and get your life together for good

– The people and situations that are actually holding you back from getting your act together

– What actually matters and doesn’t matter when you want to get your act and life together

– Two types of people you can be and what makes them successful and unsuccessful

– Where you stand in your life, which level you’re on, and how to move forward from it

– How what you’re programming your mind with each minute of each day is helping you or hurting you

– What change you’re looking for, who you’re aiming to become, and who the ideal you is

– How much time you’re actually wasting each day on useless thoughts and activities

– The things that are really stopping you from moving in the right direction with your life

– What thoughts, emotions, feelings, people, places, and things are getting in your way

– Which thoughts are worth your time and a waste of your time

– Which emotions are actually holding you back and causing you to move backwards

– How to eliminate “chaos” from your mind, daily routine, and your life

– How to eliminate the distractions and prevent them from killing your focus

– How to identify the 80% of thoughts, feelings, activities, people, and things are a waste of your time

– How to replace your trash habits without having to focus on them too much

– How to find out what you don’t need in your life and how to get rid of it

– What you need to accept about yourself and your life in order to move forward

– 3 things you need to be absolutely clear with yourself about so you don’t keep making these mistakes

– Boundaries and rules you should establish with yourself so you stay on track and make things happen

– Things you’re consciously doing that are making you unhappy, unproductive, and unsuccessful

– 4 things you need to stop doing immediately to be a good example to yourself and others

– How to commit to yourself, respect yourself, and do what you say you’re going to do

– The one mindset that creates permanent change and sets you apart from everyone else

– 3 mindsets that will help you reach your goals faster and easier

– “Failure” mindsets you need to eliminate as of yesterday

– Powerful mindsets that help the world’s most elite people keep their head on straight

– Mental toughness – how to develop it and how it gets you through anything

– How to make self-control and self-discipline easier

– How your environment is playing a big part in where you’re currently at

– How to handle your dark moments and what to do about them

And More!


by Red Mikhail

ATTENTION: 9 to 5 ESCAPE ARTISTS – Get this 3 in 1 START A BUSINESS bundle

In this bundle you’ll learn:


How to go from zero to whatever your income goals is as fast as possible

How to set your goals… do this before starting your own business and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding

How to get started with reselling on Thrift stores even for a $100

How to find thrift stores that gives discounts

How to turn products into cash…via the power of Search Engine Optimization and Facebook


How to get started with making money via AirBnB

How to create a property listing that converts into cash

How to price your property for maximum profits

Legal issues to consider before renting out your property


-The exact blueprint for making money on Ebay

– where to find products fast!

– How to create a product listing tar converts into cash

– How to harness the power of SEO to double your sales


Sustainable Corporate Governance: Aligning Personal Governance with Corporate Governance


Over the past years, we have heard and read plenty about how executives should behave more responsibly in the light of corporate governance. Despite all these efforts, many implementations of corporate governance provide no protection from potentially catastrophic ethical failures. This book emphasizes the introduction of a new corporate governance blueprint for addressing these concerns in a more organic and holistic way. It is a roadmap toward a high-performance ethical culture. By way of this innovative system, Yousef Safadi is launching a revolutionary concept that actively has human capital embedded in corporate governance in a manner that creates a stable basis for the personnel’s trustworthiness, integrity, and engagement and ethical corporate excellence.

Featuring numerous case examples and practical tools and exercises, this book will help the reader learn to:

Develop, implement, and cultivate authentic personal governance and corporate governance effectively
Create conditions for sustainable corporate governance
Increase their personal effectiveness
Develop their personal integrity effectively and become a better human being
Develop ethical personal leadership
Develop a highly engaged workforce, based on high ethical standards
Create a high-performance culture and enhance the competitiveness of their organization
Create conditions for an organizational climate marked by self-guidance, creativity, passion, and ethical behavior
Develop a culture in which personal integrity and business ethics is a way of life

Part-Time Marketing Profits: Learning to Make Money Through Free Ecommerce Business & Mobile Cookbook Publishing

by Terrence McLead

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

– Dropshipping explained in 30 seconds
– How to do your product research on AliExpress
– The 5 point criteria to follow to guarantee a best-selling awesome product to sell
– Why you should choose this specific kind of shipping all the time
– A real life example of a product research
– How to create your website and set up your sales page
– How to set up your peyment method
– How to find keywords to rank for in Google
– How to use F**** or S**** Market for your SEO

– The step by step process on how to make money via cookbook and recipe publishing
– How to choose a category that will make money
– How to guarantee sale even before you publish your book (The secret is in the pre-publishing!)
– How to create your book for FREE
– How to have a published book without writing it yourself
– The list of website and facebook pages for your initial promo
– The MAGIC 7 keyword and why it’ll increase your sales 2x
– How to sell your book and market it long term


Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Today!

Real Property Toolkit: Buy More Property for Less Money in Canada

by Zack Steel

Detailed listing of various real property portals. Names and contact details for specialized real property agents. Links to valuale real property resources in Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and throughout Canada.

Passive Income Online 2014: 10 Revolutionary Strategies to Quickly Earn a Passive Income Online in a Web 3.0 World

by Garrett R. Alkinson

Start Building Your Income Online Today!

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Internet has become the most reliable source of information for many people. From the basic information to the more specific â??know hows’, internet can provide almost all the information every person needs.

Since its inception, drastic changes have been noted that has affected the world in the most profound way. From a simple read only web, the internet has changed into a read and write web. Read and write web means that people can read the information on the web and write about it. This paved the way for blog sites and social networking sites. People can post a comment and create forums where they can write what they want to say. However, the evolution of the internet did not stop to the read and write phase. It has continued to develop and provided a more user friendly and personalized information to many people. As of today, the web is already on experiencing the phase. Web 3.0 is almost there in making the internet the best tool for people to live their lives with ease and convenience. The existence of web 3.0 also made way for more opportunities online. Opportunities like online businesses have become possible.

It is not new that many people nowadays are using the web to earn money for a living. This method of earning through the internet is known as passive income online. Passive income online refers to earning through the internet that requires lesser effort compared to working in the office. It’s like sitting in front of your computer or sleeping overnight and still earn money, hence the term passive. This business opportunity has gained popularity since web 3.0 allowed it on the web. Blog sites, video uploads, and social media marketing are just one of the few ways of using the internet to earn bucks. This is because internet can reach massive number of people, break language barriers, and surpass country boundaries. Internet transformed the conventional way of making business transactions and connecting to people into a more efficient and reliable one.

In this new phase where Web 3.0 is dominating, it is just practical to make use of what the web can do to a business. It is then right that you should know what strategies you can apply to take advantage of this new phase. It is time to know the best move to be successful in online transactions and online business. This is what this book is all about.

If you want to learn the strategies to quickly earn through the internet then read and find out.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn inside

  • Web 3.0 and its expanded Definition
  • Know what Passive Income Online is All about
  • Reason why People opt Passive Income Online
  • 5 elements every online marketer should know
  • 10 Steps to Create your Own website
  • Top 10 effective passive income online models
  • And much, much more!

All the methods, strategies, and tips that you’ll learn in this book are proven effective. Many successful people around the world use the business models presented here.

Download your Copy Today and Start Replacing your Earning Income with Passive Income!

Dropshipping: Quickstart Guide to Start a Dropshipping Business, Find Profitable Niches and Make Passive Income Dropshipping on Shopify, Amazon FBA, Ebay

by Matthew Tanner

Quickstart guide for Making Money with Dropshipping

Dropshipping products people actually want to buy is a great way to start a real online business with little risk or investment – but only if you know how to do it right!

Need to learn how to set up a dropshipping store the right way?

With this guide you will be armed with the fundamental knowledge you need to succeed in the exciting world of dropshipping and ecommerce. You’ll also learn how to avoid making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money and waste your valuable time!
Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide:

  • Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dropshipping

  • Is Dropshipping Profitable?

  • Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Aggregators

  • Building Your Dropshipping Store

  • The Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment Process

  • Deciding What Drop Shipping Products To Offer

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid When Dropshipping

  • Finding Your Target Market Segment And Niche

  • What Factors To Look At When Analyzing The Target Market

  • Know The Competition

  • How To Find The Right Dropshipping Supplier For You

  • What To Do Before Contacting Suppliers

  • How To Spot Fake Dropshipping Suppliers

  • Finding Legitimate Wholesalers

  • How To Run A Growing Dropshipping Business

  • Marketing The Dropshipping Business

  • Employing Social Media

  • Email Marketing And Internet Ads For Dropshipping Businesses

  • Handling Replacements, Returns, And Refunds

  • Dealing With Defective Drop Shipping Products

  • What Happens If The Supplier Messes Up?

  • Dropshipping Customer Support

  • How To Grow And Scale Your Drop Shipping Business

  • Hiring An Assistant

  • Scaling Through Multiple Channels

  • And So Much More!

Even if you have no background in ecommerce or online business, have no fear! With this guide in your hands that will not be a barrier for you any longer. Learn how to successfully dropship products your customers will love when you grab this guide now!

Air Force Enlisted Careers & Job Opportunities: A Guide to Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC)

by Lawrence Keith

Are you interested in enlisting in the United States Air Force? Are you curious what the Air Force has to offer for career and job opportunities? The Air Froce has over 121 enlisted career options to choose from! Whether you are looking to enlist in the Air Force for the first time, or whether you have served in the United States Armed Forces before, this book will provide you with all of the possible career opportunities that you may qualify for as a First Term Airman in the World’s Greatest Air Force!
The United States Air Force isn’t just about aircraft! While the Air Force needs various specially trained technicians to repair and maintain their fleet of aircraft, they also need people to fill vacancies in various other fields such as weather, special operations, medical fields and many more awesome career fields!
This book will provide you with each Air Force Specialty (AFS) that is available to first time enlisted Airmen. You’ll get a summary of each career and how it makes an impact on the Air Force mission. Furthermore, the minimum requirements, relevant interests & skills, training location, length of training, related civilian careers, and the minimum ASVAB score for each AFS will be revealed!
Additionally, you can read up on all of the Air Force Eligibility Standards which every individual must meet or obtain a waiver for in order to enlist in the United States Air Force.

Business Kick-Start: Starting Your First Internet Business Through YouTube Affiliate Promotions & Blogging for Newbies

by TJ Arron

Here are Simple Ways for a Beginner Internet Marketer to Get Started Online

– No, you don’t need a huge capital to get started.

– You also don’t need technical knowledge or even your own website!

Starting your first internet business just got a little bit easier!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn inside the book bundle:

YouTube Affiliate Reviews
– How to find affiliate information products to promote
– The proper way to evaluate the products you are looking at
– The best criteria to follow when you’re searching for good products… and how to know if it’s “good” or “bad”
– The only 2 tools you need in order to produce a product review
– Optimization tactics for your video to rank faster on Google & YouTube
– How to create a video review step by step
– How to outsource the SEO for your video so you can rank on Google as fast as possible

Blogging Quick Start
– How to find the most profitable niches to blog with
– How to create a blogstyle website
– How to create tha plan for profitability…so you can make this a full time gig asap!
– How to drive traffic to your blog…for free.

The Decision is All Up to You

Look, you can either learn all of these by yourself or you can read this short guide and save time and money in the process.

I don’t want to force you to buy this book bundle and hype it all up.

The decision is yours to make and it’s up to you to live with the results whether it’s good or bad.

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The Culture Wars: Globalists Vs Nationalists

by Frank Ngarua

Culture is the determinant of what we value and thus trade, and therefore shapes what we refer to as “the economy”. In a ground breaking analysis of the “Globalist” vs “Nationalist” debate in the U.S., Prof. Frank K. Ngarua reveals the impact of these two visions on the culture of the population. Whereas the “Globalist” vision emphasizes the empowerment and dominance of institutions in the economy, the “Nationalist” vision promotes the empowerment of the individual. The “Globalists” envision a world where a group of “elites”, via the institutions they control, make choices for the population in all spheres of their economic and social lives. This vision is currently being implemented using methods and tactics used in “Communist” and “dictatorship” led nations, via the institutions they control. The “Nationalists” vision supports the individuals freedom to choose, and would like to see the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. constitution; such as the right of citizens to vote, bear arms, and free speech; preserved. The motives of the opinion leaders in the two camps is irrelevant, and has been used as a diversionary tactic, especially by the “globalists”. The implementation of their visions is what counts, for it will shape the culture and thus economics of the U.S. population for years to come. This debate and its outcome will impact your future, read this book and choose wisely.

Debt Free: A Proven 12-Step Program For A Financial Peace of Mind (Debt Free, Debt Free Books, Debt Free For Life)

by Adam Muller

Debt Free (FREE Bonus Included)

Debt is a major problem for a lot of people these days. The problem is, even if they know they want to get out of it, they have a hard time figuring out how to start.

If you fit this description, this 12-Step program spells it out for you.

if you feel like you just don’t know how to find your way out of debt, this program is designed to give you a sort of guide â?? one that should be adjusted to fit your financial situation.

It’s aimed not at people who have their finances together and are just trying to pay off a credit card or two. It’s aimed at those who have trouble finding any extra money to pay off debts, who seem to find themselves getting deeper and deeper into debt, and don’t know how to stop it. In other words, it’s a bit of an emergency program.

This book also include a bonus tip of how I stopped using credit and debt cards and how I started using cash instead


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ABC del Gerente Exitoso (Serie ABC nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Luis G. Barrios M.

El presente libro no constituye un manual de gerencia, sólo una guía referencial para aquellas personas que asumen por primera vez una responsabilidad gerencial, ofrecemos algunas recomendaciones y herramientas que facilitarán su ascenso y ayudarán a mejorar considerablemente su gestión.
Recuerde algo, en el mundo del liderazgo, la innovación y los negocios no todo está escrito y siempre habrá un nuevo capítulo por escribir.
Espero que mi experiencia y recomendaciones sean de ayuda para su trabajo y de antemano le deseo e mejor de los éxitos, porque si está interesado en leer éste libro, significa que una oportunidad ha llegado a su vida.
Trabaje con pasión, disciplina y constancia.
Seguro estoy, que al leer éste libro, tendrá nuevas ideas para mejorar el desempeño de su equipo de trabajo y en poco tiempo podrá alcanzar grandes metas.

Ecommerce Mastermind Formula: Create a thriving Ecommerce Business Without Product Creation, Shipping & Inventories

by Keane Ray McLean

Here’s a Way to Make a Real Business with Consistent Income Per Month Through Internet Marketing

Create a freedom life business, work at home or work anywhere you want.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Shopify Mastermind
– A Step by step process of making money online even without product inventory
– How to get started for as low as $50
– The five point criteria to follow to have a 2x better chance of choosing a profitable product
– How to create your Shopify store in 30 minutes or less
– How to set up your product listing for maximum sales conversion… and why you don’t need a “great” copy to make money with your product (and follow what I told you instead!)
– The “main offer” that I always use for my own products
– The 3 step process of running and evaluating a Facebook ad for beginners
– Why you only need $30 to test a product’s potential profit

Foreign Affiliate Website
– Why you should target international affiliate niches and products
– How to rank your affiliate website in 2 weeks or less
– How to choose a product that will convert into actual sales
– The best countries and languages to target for your first few affiliate websites
– How to create a WordPress website from start to finish
– How to write a product review from start to finish
– How to properly outsource the translation of your product review

Look, you can either keep doing what you’re doing (which probably isn’t working anyway), or you can give this business idea a try and see the results for yourself.

If you’re now ready to take action and start making money at home, then scroll up and download your copy now.

Information Publishing Success: How to Sell Yours or Other Peopleâ??s Information Products Online

by Adam Bolt

3 Ways to Make a Full-Time or Part-Time Income Online!

Inside this massive bundle you’ll discover:

– The best niches or market to target
– How to find the best products to promote
– How to create a video review from start to finish
– The types of videos to create and when to use them for maximum profits
– The tools you need for creating awesome video reviews
– How to properly upload your video, so you’ll get more views fast!
– How to rank your video on Youtube’s page 1!

How to get started with minimal capital
– How to publish a book without writing it yourself
– How to sell your books to the right people
– How to outsource your book cheaply… step by step!
– How to choose the perfect book cover
– How to research the most profitable niches
– How to upload your book for maximum sales conversion
– How to write a book listing that sells!

– How to choose a topic that is both fun and profitable
– How to create a course curriculum fast!
– How to find the best topics
– How to outline your course today!
– The exact tools that you need in order to create a complete quality course
– How to apply some SEO tactics to increase UDEMY rankings

You have two choices right now.

You can stick to what you’re doing right now or you can try the method that I’m going to teach you.

If what you’re doing right now works, then don’t buy this book bundle!

However, if you’re part of the majority who”s been tryin really hard to make internet marketing work, but you haven’t got any success yet. Then you owe it to yourself to try my internet marketing methods.

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10 Guiding Principles Of The Ethical Entrepreneur : How Mindset, Habits & Beliefs of the Business Professional Determine Long-Term Success

by Kevin Allen

There are millions of entrepreneur books on the market, so what makes 10 Guiding Principles of the Ethical Entrepreneur any different? The majority of these books are filled with get-rich-quick, make-money-fast schemes – money, money, money, basically, is the message.

This book is different, as we teach you how to build and grow a business with honesty, integrity, and focus on the client, not just the paycheck.

The best part of 10 Guiding Principles of the Ethical Entrepreneur: Anyone can implement these core values into any business or personal relationship and do so without any specialized training.

The principles outlined in this book will show you how to start being an honest, authentic, true-to-you-and-your-clients entrepreneur if you implement and follow them daily. Being honest is one of the greatest characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is such a wonderful feeling. There’s so much time freedom, money, and travel that sometimes we forget the reason why we wanted to be entrepreneurs in the first place: to serve others. We get caught up in the hype of having and flashing money around. This book will help you find your way back to being that honest, authentic, trustworthy entrepreneur you really wanted to be.

How To Make Money With Storage Unit Auctions

by Sammy Davis

In this e-book we will tell you how to make money buying storage units at auction and re-selling the merchandise just like you see on the hit television series Storage Wars and Auction Hunters.

If you’re an established re-seller or eBay seller or looking to break into the business this is a great cost effective way to get merchandise.

In this book we will cover these topics and answer these questions for you…

What Is A Storage Auction?
What It Takes To Get Into This Business?
How Do I Find Out About Upcomming Storage Auctions Near Me?
What Items Do I Bring To Bring To A Storage Auction?
How Does The Process Work? / What Is An Auction Is Like?
What Do I Look For / How Do I Select A Good Unit?
How Do I Know How Much To Bid?
What Do I Do After Winning A Locker?
How Do I Sell My Merchandise?
Can I Expand Or Grow This Business Model?
A Review Of My Experience At A Recent Auction
Conclusion / Wrapping Up
Some Pictures Of Items I won At Auction

Money Loves to be Slow: The secret to wealth is to give money what it wants

by Jerry Henrie

The reasons money loves to be slow. How slow money will make you rich and reward you for your patience. How to start any business with no money and why that is the best way to start a business.


by Red Mikhail

Here’s Three Ways To Make A Part Time Income Online

Inside you’ll learn:

– How to start your own FBA AMAZON business – selling physical products online!
– The blueprint – STEP BY STEP how to do it
– How to find amazing suppliers
– How to create a product listing that turns words into cash

– How to create a website
– How to find products with high conversions
– How to sell these products via SEO

– How to provide DFY Social Media Management without really doing anything.. Seriously
– How to find clients
– How to sell your service


Marketing Business Academy: Work from Home Online Business to Start Today. Service Reselling, Mini Book Marketing & Mobile Cookbook Publishing

by Daniel Cruz

Who Else Wants a New Income Source Outside a Day Job?

According to the experts, an economic meltdown may come anytime soon.

It means lots of people, including you – may lose their jobsâ?¦

Protect yourself by starting your own home-based business today.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this bundle:

– The entire process of making money flipping digital services online
– Secret site where you’ll get cheap services to re-sell
– How to find the best services in 10 minutes or less
– The top 6 services to sell right now
– How to create a product listing sales page for your service
– How to create extra for upsells
– How to up-sell your customers so you’ll make 3x more money

– How the “chicken soup for the soul” series will help you make a lot of money on Amazon
– The entire step by step process of how to write, publish and sell ebooks online
– How to find the most profitable sub-topics
– How to outline your book in 20 minutes
– How to write your book the easy way
– How to outsource your book cover in 5 minutes or less
– How to publish your book the right way
– How to promote your books for free

-The step by step process on how to make money via cookbook and recipe publishing
– How to choose a category that will make money
– How to guarantee sale even before you publish your book (The secret is in the pre-publishing!)
– How to create your book for FREE
– How to have a published book without writing it yourself
– The list of website and facebook pages for your initial promo
– The MAGIC 7 keyword and why it’ll increase your sales 2x
– How to sell your book and market it long term

Get your copy and start your own internet marketing empire!

Get a beginner’s education on online business marketing for the price of your morning coffee today!

Affiliate Life: Earning Money with International Affiliate Selling & Video YouTube Marketing

by Sean Levis

How to Start Working from Home Even Without Experience, Expertise, Capital or Technical Skills

Start a New Part-Time Income Source and Earn Passive Income Working at Home..

Build a Strong Foundation on Your Way to a Full-Time Online Business.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

International Affiliate Marketing
– How to take advantage of the market imbalance in foreign affiliate niches
– How to find the best keyword to promote
– How to find the best products to sell to your customers
– How to create a website from scratch
– How to write a product review that turn visitors into buyers
– 3 ways to rank your website fast… for free or for as cheap as possible!
– Some examples of websites to copy

Quick Turn Video Affiliate
– How the quick turn money affiliate business works
– Why competition is good for your business
– The top 5 things to look for when you’re doing your product research
– An example of me looking for a product and analyzing why it will sell
– The 4 method of research to do so you’ll know what exactly to talk about on your video review
– The only tool you need to create your product review
– What to say on your slides and the most effective length to do for your video
– The 7 step process of creating an effective product review
– Why you should always put a CONS on your review
– The 5 optimization process that will help you rank your video faster on YouTube
– How to rank your video on YouTube by sending cheap backlinks for as low as $5

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can “trial and error” your way to success, and waste time and money in the process (lame is you ask me).

2 – You can learn from my own experience, follow a step by step instruction and achieve success 3x faster!


Choose Today!

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Physical Product Success: Sell Physical Items Without Creating the Product Yourself

by Kevin Haswell

Attention: People Looking for a New Part-Time or Full-Time Income Source via Internet Marketing


Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

* The entire process of selling garage items online
* How to choose the products to sell
* A list of the guaranteed hot items to sell
* How to find items outside your own garage so you can expand once you found a best seller
* Top Tips for a Successful Online Garage Sale Business
* The 2 best platforms to sell your product in and how to set up your account
* How to create your product listing an a step by step manner
* Examples of listing to copy
* How to get more customers via search engine optimization

– The best way to find good products on Amazon
– With millions of possible product to promote, how would you know what’s a great product and what is not?
– The evaluation process explained and outlines in a clear and easily understood way
– How to create your own video review for higher sales conversion
– The criteria you should use when evaluating potential products to sell
– Actual product evaluation example
– Why you don’t need any fancy cameras and editing tools to create reviews…in fact, simple is actually better.
– How to optimize your video for as many views as possible
– How to rank your video on Google and YouTube for 2x more traffic to your product review


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Niche Marketing Business: Target Small & Profitable Niches Through Affiliate Marketing & Supplement Selling Businesses

by Ken Caroline

Create Your Own Online Marketing Business That Makes Money Month In and Month Out!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this bundle:

Niche Affiliate Marketing
– How to find the best niches to target for your affiliate promotions
– How to find keywords that has buyer intent and leads to you getting a sale
– Why you should target the 3 biggest niches on the internet
– How to choose a product to promote
– One thing that your product marketing must have in order to double your sales conversion
– How to create your own affiliate WordPress website
– How to write a product review that turns readers into buyers
– Example of other product reviews to study
– How to rank your website on Google’s first page in 3 weeks or less

Supplement Selling Research
– 3 ways to find the best market to sell into
– What “nichifying” is and how it can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in wasted time
– How to get started with as low as $100
– How to do your keyword research… so you’ll know exactly if people are buying or not!
– The top questions to ask a manufacturer before you order a single sample.
– What to look for when researching an awesome manufacturer to work with
– How dropshipping works
– How to create a campaign adwords test for your product

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can “trial and error” your way to success, and waste time & money in the process (lame is you ask me).

2 – You can learn from my own experience, follow a step by step instruction and achieve success 3x faster!


Choose Today!

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Internet Profits Academy: Earning Money with Online Businesses Like Amazon Associates, Google Affiliate & Teaching on Udemy

by Chauncey Stephens

Attention: New Entrepreneurs Looking for Their First $3,000 Per Month Online Business

Over 150+ pages of action-packed information that you can immediately apply as soon as you finished reading it.

Learn how to make money without leaving your house:

What you’ll get in this 3 in 1 bundle:

– How to find the perfect product to promote
– The one thing that you should always have to 5x your profits
– Why keyword research is the first crucial step to making money on Amazon
– How to find problems to solve for other people
– How to create your website from absoltue scratch
– How to create and write your own product review
– My simple step by step method for writing a product review
– How to get your affiliate link
– How to outsource the SEO ranking part so you just have to wait and focus on creating more affiliate websites

– The step by step process of making money via Google and Amazon
– How to find the best keywords to target
– How to create a wordpress website from scratch
– How to write a product review the right way!
– A list of the most searched “money” keywords on Amazon!
– The keys to an affiliate site and why you have to have all of these
– 2 ways to rank fast in Google

– How to do proper niche research
– Some niche research methods that 99% of your competition is not using
– How to do course topic research so you’ll know immediately if it’s profitable or not
– Keyword Research method for maximum UDEMY SEO power
– How to create and outline your course from start to finish…nothing left out!
– 3 Basic ways to market your new course
– How to build your list so you’ll get consistent full-time income from your new business

Stop Procrastinating and Start Taking Action Today!


Newbie Marketer Promotions: Make Money with Internet Marketing Business Ideas Like Instagram Selling, Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

by Kyle Sarasota

Here’s a Foolproof Way to Start an Internet Marketing Business While Working Part-Time

Are you tired of working on your 9 to 5?

Do you want to make extra income while working at home?

Do you want to start an online business even without huge capital?

Then this bundle is for you.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

Instagram Selling
– How to find a market that will buy your products without any strong price reservation
– How to sell t-shirts on Instagram and Teespring for maximum profits
– How to find a designer for as cheap as possible without sacrificing design quality
– How to use Instagram to share content that people love
– How to use Instagram to sell your t-shirts
– The exact apps you need in order to create awesome content
– The best types of content to share online
– How to market and sell your t-shirts on Instagram for free!
– How to create and post content the systematic way
– How to use Instagram stories to double your income and your “promotion points” without annoying the heck out of your customers

Blogging for the Broke Guy
– How to find the best topics that are interesting and profitable at the same time
– How to create a wordpress website from scratch
– How to rank your website via on-page seo tactics that only few bloggers are using
– How to create a product from scratch
– How to do product research the easy way
– The exact questions you need to ask your customers for you to create the best product and a great marketing message
– The types of products to create that will help you go from zero to a consistent 5 figure income per month

Affiliate Quick Buck
– A simple loophole to make quick huge payday online – affiliate marketing style and with a twist!
– How to find the best products to promote
– The exact criteria I use everytime I choose a product to sell
– How to write product reviews that converts views into sales


You can either learn all of these by yourself and make your own mistakes, or you can learn from this book and create a shortcut to online success. That’s all up to you.

If you’re an action taker and you want to make things happen now, then I recommend that you grab your copy now.

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Video Affiliate Marketer: Use Video to Sell Amazon & Clickbank Affiliate Products Through YouTube Marketing

by Ryan McAllen

Attention: New Entrepreneurs Looking for Their First $3,000 Per Month Online Business

Over 100+ pages of action-packed information that you can immediately apply as soon as you finished reading it.

Learn how to make money without leaving your house:

What you’ll get in this bundle:

Amazon Associate Video Marketing
– How to use Amazon Associates Program to make money from home
– The exact criteria to follow when you’re looking for a product to review
– Why you should still consider low price items even though they don’t have big commission payouts
– Why competition is great!
– The top 4 product departments to target for your affiliate reviews
– What to do if you can’t afford to buy the product you want to review
– How to sign up as an Amazon Associate and get your affiliate link
– The 6 step process for reviewing a product
– How to optimize and publish your video for maximum SEO rankings for Google and YouTube
– How to rank your videos without work on your part

No Capital Affiliate
– How to find problems to solve
– How to find the products to match these problems
– The exact 3 point criteria to follow when you’re looking for a product to sell
– Why this “one thing” should always be present in your product sales letter
– How to create a video review from start to finish
– The only 2 tools you need to create your video
– The 2 types of content to use for selling your affiliate product
– What to choose first when you’re just getting started
– How to optimize your video for maximum Youtube rankings and sales conversion
– Some examples of video reviews to copy and model


You can “trial and error” your way to internet business success.

Or you can learn it the smart way, which is learning from other people’s mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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Ecommerce Success Models: Three Ecommerce Business Ideas for Beginner Marketers to Implement

by Jacob Arroyo

Here’s how you can start a new internet marketing – work at home business as a side-hustle

You don’t need huge capital, business experience or technical knowledge to implement any of these business models.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

– The 2 step system that you should follow to make money via FBA ARBITRAGE
– How to find cheap products that you can sell for high profits on Amazon
– A simple “secret tool” that will help you decide whether you should buy the product or not
– How to find products in China town and Walmart
– How to set up your account on Amazon FBA
– How to create a product listing that will automatically sell your products

– How to get started in this business for as low as $5!
– How to find the best trending topics to target
– How to find products to sell online
– The 4 step criteria to follow when choosing a product to promote
– How to create a shopify store from scratch
– How to set up your product line and write a compelling listing
– How to run a Facebook Ad from scratch
– How to go from zero to whatever your income goal is…fast!

– How to find the best niches to target.. STEP BY STEP!
– How to make sure that your tshirt will sell even before you design one!
– Where to find the best designers at the best price
– How to properly set up a campaign for maximum sales conversion
– How to advertise on Facebook for as low as $5
– When to cut your ads and move on and when to expand your campaign
– What to do after you cut your ads and what to do to expand your ad campaign
– How to create a product listing that turns visitors into buyers!

Don’t hesitate and delay your own success.

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Successful Startup Guide: The Number One Guide to Implementing your Successful Startup Fast and Easy (Entrepreneurship, Business Model Generation, Business Model Development, Startup, Management)

by James McArthur

Download the Number One Guide to Implementing Your Successful Startup Fast and Easy!

Have you got that â??big idea’ of yours and are now looking to set it into action?
Are you aware of the basics when it comes to initiating that startup of yours?
Do you want to know all the elements that go into making the perfect business plan?
Are you looking to woo investors for that brilliant idea of yours?
Are you scared to take that business idea forward because of the mistakes you think will make?
Do you wish to know more?
Do you want to be only moments away from â??starting’ that startup you’ve always dreamed about?

Well then this book is designed especially for you. It will take you through all the pivotal steps in making sure that idea of yours blossoms from a â??bud’ into a â??flower’. Because a thought is only a thought until it is converted into action. But what we must remember is that it’s only the â??right’ course of action that will help get us on the track to success, and it is the endeavor of this book to shed light on just that!

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The Hacker’s Guide to Viral Marketing: The Innovative Tactics You Can Apply to Infect Your Audience and Shoot Your Profits Through the Roof

by Sean McKenzie

Create a Viral Marketing Campaign That Will Make Your Profits Soar!

* * * LIMITED TIME OFFER! 40% OFF (Regular Price $4.99) * * *
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Hotmail. Tivo. Burger King. Mystery Science Theater 3000. WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho.

What do they all have in common?

They all increased their fame and fortune with the help of wildly-successful viral marketing campaigns.

Viral marketing is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to put your business in front of new customers. But many people fail at viral marketing because they don’t know what generates positive word-of-mouth buzz and what doesn’t. Don’t waste time and energy struggling with social media — focus your efforts into an effective campaign that will explode your traffic.

We won’t lie to you, a good viral marketing campaign takes work. But this system, combined with your creativity, will allow you to create a marketing campaign that succeeds. This isn’t just a few pointers on how to make a Facebook page and start a Twitter account–this is a complete guide about how viral marketing works, with proven methods for getting your customers to spread the word about your business.

No matter how big or small your business, these methods can bring in new customers and increase your profits. Viral marketing can be adapted to the needs of any company: whether you’re starting out in your garage, are an online business struggling to gain traction on the marketplace after months (or years of trying), or are a highly successful and reputable business looking to further increase profits.

One of the best things about viral marketing campaigns is that they can be done inexpensively. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create an effective campaign, as long as you’re willing to think outside the box.

This book will teach you:

  1. What viral marketing is (and what it isn’t)
  2. How to choose which viral marketing methods are right for your business
  3. The right way to manage a viral marketing campaign
  4. How to look for trends in the marketing world
  5. How to analyze others’ successful viral marketing techniques and learn from their success
  6. What types of content customers are most likely to share
  7. Why email marketing is still relevant in a viral campaign
  8. Tips for creating an effective campaign
  9. Answers to common questions about viral marketing

Buy this book and dramatically increase your profits with viral marketing!

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