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Stories to Curl Your Toes – V.1

by Van Haney

A mysterious box bought at auction, security cameras capturing the end of the world, an unusual illness leaking into society, an invisible beast tormenting a family, and a man with a troublesome gastrointestinal track are all creepy, crawly and grotesque stories meant to make your stomach churn and your toes curl.

The Revenge of Count Dracula: An authentic Transylvanian vampire story (The True Legenthology Series Book 1)

by Adrian Popa

Four freshly college graduated friends start a journey in Europe, more exactly in Transylvania, where one of their classmate family lives. They are faced with an unbelievable and terrifying situation, when they explore one of the most mysterious and full of paranormal activities castle in the area then unexpectedly comes to life. Being caught in a war between two armies of vampires, our friends must confront vampires, horrifying creatures, and quick changes of the situations that will make this trip a life changing experience. Would our heroes ever make it out of this situation, or they are deemed to be transformed forever in vampires?

The Broken King (The Adventures of Will the Wayfarer Book 1)

by Con Coleman

Helping the helpless can be a pain in the backside, especially if magic’s involved.

Will just wants a peaceful life, but when he takes pity on a crippled vagrant who thinks he’s the wronged King of Aeoland, things become very complicated very quickly.

Choked by a black-clad sorcerer, attacked by an enchanted amulet, and almost getting his head chopped off by outlaws, Will is thrown into making a choice that might just determine the fate of the kingdom. Can he stay in once piece long enough to discover the truth behind the crazed myth-making of The Broken King? And what might he discover about himself in the process?

The Broken King is a fast-moving fantasy adventure, introducing the cynical but good-hearted Will the Wayfarer, self-styled ‘finest archer in the kingdom’. If you love the wit and humour of Joe Abercrombie or Scott Lynch, then you might just fall for Will…

The Transitioners: The Purple Blues (The Purple Blood Lineage Book 1)

by Indigo Cox

When Misty, the first African-American woman to enter the doctoral program at the prestigious Girard school of music steps into the esteemed halls, she is immediately embroiled in an epic battle that takes place in both the past and the present to save herself and her enslaved people. During her struggle to survive the rigors of a school fraught with seemingly insurmountable challenges for a “poor black girl from the south”, Misty learns from her estranged mother that she is one of the chosen ones, a descendant of the purple blood lineage. Misty must summon all her powers to overcome the demon spirit of hate, Schizm who is responsible for some of the worst human atrocities committed in the world, including slavery and the holocaust.  In the daytime Misty is forced to transition into the dominant race to make it through her classes, and at night she transcends time and place by transitioning into her powerful animal form, in order to save herself and her people. But Misty quickly finds that she is not yet strong enough nor mature enough to beat the omnipotent Schizm on her own.  Schizm the demi-god of hate has many powers that make him almost impenetrable even for a descendant of the purple blood lineage. 

Misty must join forces with other transitioners to defeat her formidable foe. However, when a surprising twist of fate comes to pass that even Misty could not predict, an unimaginable secret destiny is revealed to her that threatens her and her newfound love. The love that she has cultivated with another must find a way to reconcile past hurts so that Misty can go on to realize her true lot in life, the destruction of the world’s most heinous villain, Schizm. 

The Transitioners is a dark fantasy fiction novel that portrays the real battles that have been fought to overcome racial injustice and hate driven human tragedies that have stripped many of their lives and their futures.  If you enjoy young adult fantasy that promotes a message of equality and hope you will enjoy this book.  This book deals with some mature subject matter that may not be suitable for readers under age thirteen.  

Time and the Gods

by Lord Dunsay

Time and the Gods is the second book by Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Ursula K. Le Guin and others.
The book is a series of short stories linked by Dunsany’s invented pantheon of deities who dwell in Pegāna

Notes on a Colonial Situation in Hell: A Short Story

by Clarke C. Clarke

In this short story:
A missionary murdered horribly in Hell.
An old colonial officer drinking himself to death.
A beautiful woman in despair.
Settlers in an uproar.
A demon on the run.
Rumors of war with the dark powers beyond the frontier.
And the District Commisioner’s man, a young bureaucrat on the make, sent out to restore the peace.

The Merman’s Mark

by Tara Omar

In a nation ruled by men, Lady Imaan has fought the odds and secured for herself the highest political position in the land. But when an unlikely turn of events devastates her people and destroys her reputation, she finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy that may spell the end of the humans forever.

Revelaciones (Kage Queen nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Simone Lari

Las sombras de un pasado que todavía se obstina en perdurar ensombrecen la tenue luz proyectada sobre el futuro de Kage y de la familia Queen. Los planes de mentes desquiciadas y corazones perversos amenazan las vidas de los que se han acercado demasiado al que en un tiempo era solo un frío asesino de corazón negro. Pero estos no han sabido lidiar con la determinación de Kage, que entre las visiones del futuro y los recuerdos del pasado, teñirá de sangre el presente.

Mr. Phoenix & Associates

by Martin Such

This urban fantasy story is about a group of highly skilled supernatural criminals is hired to help pull off a heist that no oxygen breathing human could ever do. Mr. Phoenix has to get his crew together and not get caught, by the paranormal police or otherworldly criminals that hire him.

WITCHMAS: a Marshal of Magic file

by Chris Lowry

The Marshal of Magic has got a problem. He’s out on a first date, the first date he’s been on since his wife went missing years ago when a rogue trio of witches show up and ruin his night.

Now he’s got a nine foot demon streaking around the city wreaking havoc, he has to stop the witches before they can cast whatever spell they summoned the damn thing for, and oh yeah, he’s being haunted by the ghost of a former partner that’s going to be tied to him forever unless he can figure a way to undo it.

Not quite all in a night’s work, but the Judge chose him for a reason, and there’s only one way to get the job done. Make it happen, magic captain.
Until the rest of the coven shows up and he realizes it’s going to take a little bit more than witty retorts and one liners to defeat thirteen powerful witches and a spell that could rip the US in half at the Mississippi River.

If you like your heros glib, and witty, the Marshal may not be right for you. But if you like Dresden and Han Solo mixed up to their neck in shenanigans, then check out the Marshal of Magic in a comedy dark fantasy series as he attempts to keep law and order in the magical world we live in.

Book 1 of the Marshal of Magic Series

Check out Witchmas Eve and Witchmas Present, or visit for a complete list of the upcoming books in the series, and get a free intro to another overwhelmed and underprepared good guy trying to do right in Battlefield Z, a comedy about a father hunting for his kids after the zombie apocalypse.

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