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Revenge Hookup

by Amanda Martinez

Lyla thought she was marrying for love, but that wasn’t the case. She had somehow became the trophy wife. She sat at home in a huge house that she loved, but Lyla didn’t have the one thing that she really wanted. She wanted her husband to love her and want her like he used to, but now he was seeing other women behind her back.

Lyla finds out about it and starts to have her own fun. Too long has she sat idly by while her husband stayed out late and came home smelling like other women.

She wanted to get even. Lyla just didn’t realize what it was that she really wanted. The whole time, it was staring her in the face.

Travess Blood: A western novel of love and revenge (The Travess Blood Series Book 1)

by Quinn Larson

Travess Blood is a novel with elements of the Old West: sheriffs and outlaws, robberies and murders, love and desire, hate and revenge. It is a story of good versus evil–of two brothers who are mortal enemies–but its main characters do not fit typical hero-villain molds.

Clint Travess, Sheriff of Trenton County: a man dedicated to the law but plagued by guilt, and tormented by desire for another man’s wife.

Troy Travess, his brother: an ex-convict possessed by hate and a vow of revenge against the lawman who sent him to prison, but capable of loving the memory of a girl–and the son she left him.

Matt Gustafson, wealthy rancher: a man who has nothing in common with Troy–except a vow to see Clint Travess dead.

Ann Stuart Gustafson, Matt’s wife: a woman who has everything she ever wanted, and would gladly trade it all for the man she loves.

Mark Travess, Troy’s son: a child caught in the middle of a deadly war between the two men who share his Travess blood.

Will good triumph over evil in the end? Perhaps. But not without pain. Not without suffering. Not without the shedding of Travess blood.

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Our Secret Wedding (SHS Book 1)

by H J Perry

The most OTT romantic friends-to-lovers, feel-good gay romance. Contains an elopement to Gretna Green for a British secret wedding and a whole lot of man-on-man love action.

Impulsive, Connor is set to take over the family business, Sky High Scaffolds, with his siblings. But he might be ruled out as possible CEO, because even though he’s almost thirty, he’s still single.
Connor makes a life-changing chance discovery about a member of his construction team. Lee is gay, but no one at work knows. The macho scaffolding crew aren’t known for their gay-friendliness.

At twenty-nine years of age, sexy scaffolder Lee is looking for love and commitment. He’s not about to hook up with any straight guy who’s going through a gay experimental phase. Especially not his work colleague, Connor.

Lee fears rejection if and when Connor wakes up and realizes he’s not bisexual and not into guys.
Connor fears losing the love of his life if he can’t prove he’s serious about him and win Lee’s heart.

A standalone novel. There is no cliffhanger, no cheating, and there is a happy ending. 55,000 words of gay construction workers friends to lovers romance.

This is book 1 in the Sky High Scaffolders series.
Our Secret Wedding & Our Secret Christmas:
both books are available as one volume in print and audiobook. And then read on as the characters appear in the stories of their friends. All stories in the series take place at overlapping times so you see some of the same situations from other points of view. The night before the wedding is in Tread the Boards and the big party arranged by Connor’s parents is in The Glass Ceiling.

Naughty Eager Women: Collection of Giving Her Exactly What She Wants!

by Adele Bad

So eager and can’t wait any longer!

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by Marie Skye

Revenge…Revenge was Killian Kingston’s only intention in life. At a young age, he watched his entire family die slowly and painfully at the hands of the Clyper family. The Clyper’s were notorious well-known physicians. People traveled all over the world to be seen by a Clyper. Some never came back, yet no one talked about those people. No one talked about the experimentations the Clyper’s illegally did.

Now, as a prominent doctor, Killian enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies, with no plans to stop until they’re all destroyed no matter what. Things begin to change when Alegra a medical student enters his life. She’s bright. She’s resilient. She’s a fucking Clyper. A Clyper that was dismissed the day she was born. Although that makes her innocent…she’s still a Clyper.

*Sadistically Cocky was previously released in the anthology Fourteen Shades of F*cked Up: An Anthology
titled Affliction.

**For those new to me, I don’t believe in putting trigger warnings, I prefer for you to walk in going ‘oh shit! WTF Marie Seriously?!’ <-- That was your trigger warning.

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