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Swan Song

by Monica Smythe

It was plainly obvious, to even a casual observer, that Emily Morton was in love.

Thomas Lindale, who was considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the County had, at last, asked her to marry him and she was blissfully happy.

Especially now, that she had become of age and could accept his proposal without her father’s approval, which she knew, would not be given otherwise but when she stepped on a rabbit hole and sprained her ankle on the Yorkshire moors, in the Autumn of seventeen seventy six, she had not the slightest idea that her future was about to be changed, or how dramatically.

Roman Mask (The Cassius Chronicles Book 1)

by Thomas M D Brooke

Rome AD 9
Augustus Caesar rules Imperial Rome at the height of its power, as the Roman Empire stretches across the known world. Cassius, son of one of her most powerful families, is the personification of Rome’s imperial strength: wealthy, popular, a war hero with a decorated military career – none of Rome’s fashionable parties are complete without him – except, he hides a secret.
After his nerve is broken in Germany, the thought of genuine armed combat is enough to send him into a cold sweat of fear and shame. But this doesn’t dissuade him from living off a false reputation so he can continue a life of casual affairs, wine, and parties, as he is seduced by the many vices of Rome.
However his scandalous life is soon upset by a summons from the Emperor’s wife. It ends his happy decadent life and returns him to Germany to assist the Roman legions in their greatest ever trial, and the events that will resound down in history, in the dark forests of the Teutoburg…

“The classical world is brought vividly to life” Daily Mail – UK National Newspaper

Wind Song (The Kingdom of Northumbria Book 2)

by Jayne Castel

She once lost her heart to a Pict prince–but now they’re on opposite sides of a conflict between warring kingdoms. A tale of longing, passion, and destiny set in Dark Ages Britain and Scotland.
Hea fell for Bridei mac Beli when she was just thirteen years old … only her affections were never returned. Years later, she works as a seer to the king–but she has never forgotten the arrogant young Pict who once fostered at Bebbanburg.
Bridei has dedicated his life to reclaiming his birthright–lands the King of Northumbria stole from the Picts. When he travels south to confront the king, he is reunited with Hea once more. Gone is the waif he remembers, instead she has grown into a striking, flame-haired woman whose fiery independence captivates him. And yet he is a Pict, she is an Angle. He may desire her, but they can never have a future together.
The shadow of war looms over the north, and Hea sets out on an epic journey. She accompanies her king from the Northumbrian stronghold of Bebbanburg to the wilds of Pictland, where a great battle will decide the fate of all. Meanwhile, Bridei struggles to forget the woman he has left behind–he may rule the north, but Hea now rules his heart.
WIND SONG, set in 7th Century Dark Ages Britain and Scotland, is the second book in THE KINGDOM OF NORTHUMBRIA historical romance series. Readers who like richly detailed and well-researched historical settings, independent, strong-willed heroines, and warrior heroes, should love immersing themselves in a forgotten time.
Want more romance set in Dark Ages Britain?

Jayne Castel has written many novels set in 7th Century Anglo-Saxon England and 4th Century Scotland.


Prequel novella: Night Shadows
Book #1: Dark Under the Cover of Night
Book #2: Nightfall till Daybreak
Book #3: The Deepening Night

Book #1: The Breaking Dawn
Book #2: Darkest before Dawn
Book #3: Dawn of Wolves

Book #1: The Whispering Wind
Book #2: Wind Song
Book #3: Lord of the North Wind


Book #1: Blood Feud
Book #2: Barbarian SlaveBook #3: Battle Eagle

Get Jayne’s FREE Starter Library and read the prequel novella and Books #1 and #2 to her first series, THE KINGDOM OF THE EAST ANGLES:

Indian Immigrant

by Biku Ghosh

â??We looked for workers. We got people instead.’ – Max Frisch
Indians have been travelling to and settling in Britain since 1600, about as long as Britons have been sailing to India. Colonialism powerfully altered what being â??Indian’ meant culturally and legally in Britain – a meaning quite differently perceived in India. The lived experience of Indians venturing into Britain varied in their historical context, gender, class and individual circumstances.
This fiction tells stories of some of the early settlers who perished in harsh conditions and of the many professionals, who arrived later in Britain to fulfil demands in various public services, successfully integrating into the British society albeit facing many prejudices.
Right-wing agenda claims an insular â??all white-England’ apparently under threat from the non-white aliens. Nativist British hostility to immigrants has increased since the Brexit Referendum. This book tells the stories of Indian immigrants not as an offshoot of race relations but from their perspective.

Kingsman’s Wood

by Len Seaver

Harold Covington is the wealthy and proud master of Kingsman’s Wood, a fifteen-hundred acre plantation in the fertile red hills of antebellum Florida. How and why Harold became wealthy are secrets that he ruthlessly guards at the expense of all else.

To all things there is a cost, and the cost to maintain these secrets has driven Harold’s wife, Mariah, to madness. Now these secrets are forcing his illegitimate son, Jessup, to question his own memories and pushing his grown daughter, Elizabeth, to find the truth in order to save them all.

But as the Civil War escalates and their lives unravel, Elizabeth and Jessup must first overcome their fear of the consequences. The more Elizabeth and Jessup discover, the more they learn that there will be a cost to lift the curse of Kingsman’s Wood.

The Fire Escape Belongs In Brooklyn: A novel based on The Fire Escape Stories

by Chuck Cascio

The year is 1968. The world is crumbling around Mike Burns, a disillusioned Brooklyn youth attending his second year of college. His cousin and constant childhood companion, Sally-Boy, went missing two years ago. The two were incredibly closeâ??they called themselves twins because they were born the same dayâ??and Mike still thinks about Sally-Boy relentlessly, even talks to himâ?¦but nobody needs to know about that.

Adding to Mike’s problems, his father angrily nags him to cut his hair; a professor fills his head with passionate, troubling ideals; a friend’s draft dodge pulls him into incriminating circumstances; his Jewish roommate is in the doghouse with his own parents for dating the “wrong” girl; and Mike’s love interestâ??well, she has secrets of her own to deal with.

College parties make a quick fix to Mike’s troubles, but after the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., campus tensions rise to the breaking point. How will Mike deal with the turmoil of young adulthoodâ??existential questions of morality, conscience, obligationâ??when everything in his life, familiar and new, is falling apart? And, above all, he longs for his cousin. He has to find Sally-Boy.

Marie, From Rouen: Love in the Hudson Valley in the 1600s

by Daniel Ford Rasbach

Arriving in New America in the mid-1600s from religious persecution in Rouen, France, Marie’s life is as new and rich as her adopted province in the Hudson River Valley.
America was a vast, rich, untapped land that attracted business opportunists, those religiously persecuted in Europe, and those who wanted to conquer and rule. So Dutch, English, German, Spanish, and French settlers poured inâ??to a land already occupied and organized by Indian tribes such as the Iroquois. The mixture and interplay of cultures was extraordinary! European settlers brought skills, education, art, and altruistic values, but they also brought prejudices, fears, weapons, and ambitions. And that is where this story excels, in weaving Marie’s pure values with the conflicting motives of settlers, Indians, religious leaders, and European-style governments in a largely uncontrolled country.
The Hudson River Valley became a pivotal crucible for America and her values. Marie, From Rouen tells that story.

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