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Backside (The 56th Man)

by J. Clayton Rogers

Homophobic Ari Ciminon (The 56th Man) almost meets his match when he searches for a young man who has run off with the Thebans, a group of gay bicyclists for whom fitness is paramount. Joey Haider, the son of an official at the Iraqi Consulate, eludes his bodyguard in Richmond. Called in to translate for the guard, Ari quickly becomes embroiled in the search for the boy. This puts him in far more peril than he had anticipated, including a run-in with MS-13. This is not helped by his open antagonism towards the gay community. Even when it appears he will not make a dime for his efforts, his hunt is relentless. It takes him to places he would have once avoided like the plague: a gay hostel, a gay club and a house in an unlikely hamlet tucked away in the Virginia backwoods where the Thebans are targeted for execution. All the while he is shadowed by the mysterious Peter Pan, who might or might not be a guardian angel. Ultimately, though, his most dangerous adversary turns out to be his own bad back.

Watching (The Making of Riley Paigeâ??Book 1)

by Blake Pierce

“A masterpiece of thriller and mystery! The author did a magnificent job developing characters with a psychological side that is so well described that we feel inside their minds, follow their fears and cheer for their success. The plot is very intelligent and will keep you entertained throughout the book. Full of twists, this book will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.”
–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone)

WATCHING (The Making of Riley Paigeâ??Book One) is book #1 in a new psychological thriller series by #1 bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose free bestseller Once Gone (Book #1) has received over 1,000 five star reviews.

22 year old psychology majorâ??and aspiring FBI agentâ??Riley Paige finds herself in a battle for her life as her closest friends on campus are abducted and killed by a serial killer. She senses that she, too, is being targetedâ??and that if she is to survive, she must apply her brilliant mind to stop the killer herself.

When the FBI hits a dead end, they are impressed enough by Riley’s keen insight into the killer’s mind to allow her to help. Yet the killer’s mind is a dark, twisted place, one too diabolical to make sense of, and one that threatens to bring Riley’s fragile psyche crashing down. In this deadly game of cat and mouse, can Riley survive unscarred?

An action-packed thriller with heart-pounding suspense, WATCHING is book #1 in a riveting new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night. It takes readers back 20 plus yearsâ??to how Riley’s career beganâ??and is the perfect complement to the ONCE GONE series (A Riley Paige Mystery), which includes 13 books and counting.

WAITING (The Making of Riley Paigeâ??Book 2) is also now available for pre-order!

A Time to Live and a Thyme for Murder! (Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series Book 3)

by Phoebe T. Eggli

Book 3 of the Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series

Recipes Included!

Finally! Summer in the quiet seaside town of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, was quiet and crime-free for once. Melissa Maples would have breathed a sigh of relief if it wasn’t for the turmoil created by her cop boyfriend’s teenage daughter, Krissy, who happened to be visiting her father for the summer. She would take that tumult over another murder anytime though.

Sadly, the quiet did not last. The whole town is soon under siege by more than one federal agency investigating after the unfortunate death of a restaurant patron and the hospitalization of a number of other townsfolk. Both Melissa and her good friend Cheryl fall under suspicion along with the teen-aged Krissy. Additionally, Melissa’s house-guest for the summer, and nephew, Logan, along with his friends also work overtime to uncover the truth and clear the three women of malicious wrong-doing and murder, before it’s too late. Yes, it’s going to be another hot, thrilling summer of mystery in the Outer Banks.

And So It Began

by Nicholas Catron

For Mike, the day started out as any other, getting ready for work and going through his morning routine. And then it happened, something that changed everything. Now, on the run from an evil he can’t begin to understand, will he find his way home to his family, or will he be swept away in the rising tide of insanity and the unknown?

Finding Sarah

by Paul Walker

Finding Sarah: 35 years after her disappearance… the search begins…
Jack Mason is in a care home, suffering from dementia. His apparent nonsensical ramblings stir the interest of his grandson, Matt, to solve a family mystery. Jack’s wife, Sarah, vanished 35 years earlier and was never found.
Matt sets out on a quest to find out the fate of his grandmother with the help of Nikki, the granddaughter of Sarah’s close friend.
Was she abducted at random or by someone known to her?
Finding Sarah takes Matt and Nikki on an unexpected journey to uncover the truth.

One: Rage Vengeance Murder (A Path of Deception and Betrayal Book 3)

by K. J. McGillick

A stolen life. A Faustian bargain. Prey becomes predator.

In our daily lives, we cross paths every day with hundreds maybe thousands of people. But what happens when two random stranger’s lives intersect in such a way that encounter leads to an obsessive focus on the destruction of each other’s lives?

Azar Abed and Adrian Armond are two of the most dangerous people alive. Each fueled with hate and vengeance, each determined to kill the other. The hunt is on. In Azar’s quest for revenge, she would rather die than let Adrian live. The collateral damage of innocent people means nothing to her because a personal war had been declared and there are no rules.

One is the third book in the gripping trilogy, A Path of Deception and Betrayal. Filled with seductive mystery, witty dialogue and riveting tension, the last installment of K.J. McGillick’s super-powered series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore One today.

The Hunter: Will You Be Next? (Steele Resolve Book 1)

by Stephanie Colbert

An isolated mountain town. A deranged killer. A woman who refuses to be his preyâ?¦

Amanda Steele just wants to be left alone. Devastated by the death of her husband, she has retreated to a peaceful mountain cabin, where she lives a quiet life with her pet German shepherd. But in a town full of hunters, Amanda’s land attracts a small army of poachers. And her anti-hunting views have made her plenty of enemiesâ?¦

Then The Hunter makes his first kill.

When Amanda and the town sheriï¬? track a poacher through the dark woods surrounding her cabin, they are horrified to discover a grisly corpse hanging from a tree. The dead woman has been skinned and gutted, prepared like a hunter’s trophy. The state police send Detective Gabe Bradford to investigateâ?¦

A predator stalks the sleepy town.

A second victim is found decapitated in the woods, and panic engulfs the town. Amanda and Gabe link the two bloody deaths to one weapon. There can be no more doubt – a deranged killer is stalking the town’s residents. And no one knows who The Hunter will target nextâ?¦

A new hunt has begun.

When the sheri� is murdered by a vicious killer, Amanda and Gabe quickly discover they are on their own. Cut o� from the outside world in a town full of enemies, they can only trust each other. Their relationship begins to grow closer. But just as she lets down her defenses, a bloody surprise in her home leads to a shocking revelation.
She has been The Hunter’s prey all along. And now he’s moving in for the killâ?¦
Fans of Leslie Wolfe, David Baldacci, and Melinda Leigh will love this gripping psychological thriller. The Hunter hits the mark for heart-stopping, pulse-pounding suspenseâ?¦ Read it today.

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