Free poetry Kindle books for 06 Oct 18

A Piece Of Mind

by Danijela Vrdoljak

To all lovers, dreamers and wanderers. To all of my mad people whose emotions are like a supernova-exploding and outshining everything else in their lives. To those hopeless, those apathic and those who feel lost. This is for all of you. I present you poems born out of love, anger, happiness, loneliness, madness, despair, hope, dreaming and roaming. I present you the unbearable easiness of feeling everything too deeply.

A Window to the Soul: A Book of Poetry

by Gail Downing

A collection of truths

The Life of Birds: Poetry Collection

by Arlo-El Leroy

Arlo-El Leroy’s collections of poetry described in the theme of birds details the human experience, in diversity, issues, and complex detail.

Through Plate Glass

by Christine Carter

Thirteen years ago, I lost my daughter and her unborn son to SUDEP. This was the moment my life changed for ever.
Samantha was my first child, born when I was only sixteen. She was beautiful inside and out. It was a happy day when she told me she was having a baby. She had suffered from epilepsy from the age of sixteen, always as she was coming out of sleep and we never considered her to be at risk.
Prior to losing Sam, I was an ordinary mum of three, a primary school teacher working towards her first headship.
I have since had several years working as a headteacher and am presently working back at the chalk-face, teaching primary children in a job I adore. I have worked in education for over 20 years.
I decided to attempt to write my feeling down about the loss of my daughter. I have been trying over many years to do so, and found it overwhelming at times and I often gave up. As time has moved on, I have now been able to put my thoughts and feelings into words.
I hadn’t considered publishing them. This is a very personal experience for me. However, after sharing them with family, friends and other bereaved mothers, I thought it may help for others to go through my journey with me and recognise that there is a way to get through the devastation.
It is not my intention for the poetry to just create a feeling of sadness, more that they will instil some degree of hope while pouring out so many emotions.
Until she died, I had never heard of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). It kills approximately 2000 every year but is still not spoken about to those with epilepsy or to their parents/carers. Through this book, I would like to raise awareness in the hope that it may prevent someone from sharing our tragic experience.

Lolita, Género Lolita: Trabajo promocional: Barbina. (Spanish Edition)

by Mimasyo Pseudónimo

Pequeño anticipo de uno de los relatos y sonetos incluido en “Lolita, Género Lolita. Barbina”. Literatura apta para viejos verdes, lesbianas, vecinos y entrenadores de equipos femeninos. Este anticipo estará gratuitamente todos los días posibles, sed benévolos tambien conmigo. Perdonad las novatadas que pague y haga pagar. Ojalá que esto crezca mejorando. Gracias.
El libro es un regalo ideal para despedidas de soltera, dieciocho cumpleaños, divorcios, pijamas party y comidas familiares aburridas. Para leer en el baño, la cama, el pupitre de la facultad, la sala de espera del psicólogo y frente al tendedero de tu sobrina.

महरम (Mehram): Poems about Love & Life (Hindi Edition)

by Utkarsh Arora

Hindi poems and shayari about love, patriotism, and modern way of living.

Quaint Radiation

by David Podlipny

In Quaint Radiation, David Podlipny returns to take another stab at the blank page, shining a light into the chasms splitting open beneath our feet, and tasting the many stains on the quilt that is the human soul, all in an effort to capture the ineffable. This bastardized collection of poetry, rife with morbidity, humor, and childlike wonder, contains piercing poems only a few lines long, passionate ones spanning several pages, and curious verses bubbling up between.

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