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Surviving Prison: A Realistic/No-Nonsense Guide

by Hex The Helpful Ex-Con

Going to prison is one of the most traumatic things a person can experience, and all of their information usually came from Hollywood interpretations and rumor. As someone who went to prison as a young man, this leads to a lot of avoidable problems.

In “A Realistic/No-Nonsense Guide to: Surviving Prison”, I explain many of the things to expect from the moment the cuffs go click. From the upcoming court appearances, getting to see the dentist, and even a few tips on adjusting to the inside.

This is not a legal strategy book in any way, shape, or form. This is a guide to navigating the jail/prison portion of your legal troubles. Figuring out how to make the best out of your situation, despite your sentence. Because, unless that sentence was death and it will be carried out today, you will live in prison for however long that judge said.

Job Interview Skills: Jump-Start Your Career

by Yogesh vermani

How this book will help you:

1. Answer tricky and other interview questions with in-depth understanding and clarity

2. Learn and apply the nuances of effective communication skills to create a lasting impression

3. Learn to improve your market value relentlessly

This book will help you to get better market value and develop the right mindset for any job. It will also help you to comprehend body language blunders. Moreover, you will understand the intent of interviewer behind interview questions. Once you know the mind of the interviewer, you can frame your answer accordingly. I have provided you with sample answers for every question.

170 Crucial Nouns You Need to Know for the Standard Aptitude Test: A comprehensive study guide guaranteed to increase your test score and bolster your vocabulary

by William H. Montgomery

This book helps students learn key words to increase their SAT scores. It was scientifically constructed from years of comprehensive research. Learn these words and watch your score fly through the stratosphere.

Teaching Methodology

by G. M.

This book expresses the effective teaching strategies and describes the effects of effective and non-effective teaching methodologies on the mind, attitude and the life of students. It also explains the best teaching styles, strategies and teacher’s attitude regarding teaching.It will provide you full infromation about teaching if you want to be a good teacher.

4 Steps to Choosing An Online Nursing Program

by Our Mindful Nurse Our Mindful Nurse

A Quick Guide to prepare and assist with researching and selecting online nursing programs to apply to. This book provides the Pros and Cons of what to expect during this process along with providing the reader with a nursing program comparison tool to utilize for a one stop assessment of all program options.

English Learning And Social Media

by Masroor Zaidi

Gone are the days when students open books to cram for things whether they like it or not. It’s been â??more than ten years since social sites started gaining fame and now there are numerous networking â??sites are offering social profile for connecting known and unknown people and that too free of cost. â??Every student has a profile on social media regardless of the site’s name and even schools are encouraging â??them to use their profile for education. Why don’t a language learner make the most of this â??opportunity? â??
This book is compiled with those lessons posted on social sites by the author which will not only help â??English learners but also let them know to use social sites for polishing their skills

It has following topics.â??
â??2.â??A Phrase
â??3.â??Confused Words
â??4.â??Vocabulary In Use
â??5.â??Vocabulary To Say Sorry
â??6.â??Vocabulary To Say Goodbye
â??7.â??Verbs Used With Different Parts Of The Body
â??8.â??Speech Preparation
â??9.â??Common Abbreviations
â??11.â??English Pages and Groups on Social Sitesâ??

Things I Wish I Knew About Wellbeing

by Tim Mobbs

This is a short read about WELLBEING for TEACHERS but there are many transferrable messages to all professions. WELLBEING is an essential part of teaching and too few of our wonderful educators take this seriously. If you are feeling down about yourself or are finding the job challenging then this is the book for you. It is designed to be read in short bursts to fit into busy schedules and to give immediately relevant and implementable advice. Please take it seriously and look after yourself!
This is based on an extract from a longer book “The Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Teacher” from the same author:

Tim Mobbs is a Primary Leader who entered education through TeachFirst and rose through the ranks quickly. He has led Maths, Reading and Writing in several schools whilst leading Key Stage 2. He has particularly enjoyed mentoring trainees, students and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) and developing them into excellent and resilient teachers.

“I have written this book to help those at the start of their teaching careers learn from my mistakes and make them aware of the surprises and frustrations that I experienced in my career. It is the honest advice I wish someone had given me over a coffee and a chat before I started, but instead I sadly blundered into many avoidable mistakes, bleary eyed and unprepared. I hope this book stops others finding themselves in the same situation. I find that many education books paint a picture of an ideal and perfect profession in ideal and perfect classrooms – teaching is not that and neither is this book… but I would never do anything else!” – Tim Mobbs

Minimalist Homeschooling: A values-based approach to maximize learning and minimize stress

by Zara Fagen

Remove the clutter in your child’s education by taking a deeper look at how you invest your time and energy. Homeschooling does not have to mean a crazy, busy life of too much to do, too much to buy, and too much to plan. You don’t have to choose between excellence and sanity while homeschooling – you can have both! “Minimalist Homeschooling” will have you rethinking your priorities and your perspective to create a simple, focused, and meaningful homeschool based on the minimalist mindset and approach. Uniquely, “Minimalist Homeschooling” offers 15 thought-provoking worksheets so readers can purge their tasks, schedule, curriculum, and supplies with clarity and confidence. There IS a way for your children to learn MORE while doing less.

Time Mastery With Key Indicators: A guide to time mastery with basic basic indicators

by Marcus Osaz

This book is to help you get a grasp of your time with the help of basic indicators. Time is a very important factor and it doesn’t matter how much time you have wasted in the past as long as you don’t let that happen anymore but how much you want to be in control of your time as from this moment. If you want to master time then this Book is for you

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