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Saga Six Pack 5 (Annotated)

by Various Artists

“A tale is but half told when only one person tells it.”
– The Saga of Grettir the Strong.

Saga Six Pack 5 is a Viking-sized selection of Scandinavian super-stories:

Erling the Bold by R. M. Ballantyne
Big Peter and Little Peter by George Webbe Dasent
The Saga of Harald Hardrade by Snorri Sturluson
The Master Thief by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen
A Sea Queen’s Sailing by Charles W. Whistler
Bruin and Reynard by Jørgen Engebretsen

Image gallery includes:

Surt, The Giant with the Flaming Sword by John Charles Dollman.
16th-century depiction of Norse gods by Olaus Magnus.
Wotan takes leave of Brunhild by Konrad Dielitz.
Thor and the Midgard Serpent by Emil Doepler.
Loki breaks free at the onset of Ragnarök by Ernst H. Walther.
A scene from the last phase of Ragnarök, after Surtr has engulfed the world with fire by Emil Doepler.
The new world that rises after Ragnarök by Emil Doepler.
Then the Awful Fight Began by George Wright, 1908.

Where The Amish Heart Lies: A Collection of Amish Romance

by Eliza Baker

She both loved and hated how genuine his concern was for her and their child. Sometimes, with great effort, Miriam could see her future with Isaac. He was a good man, whom she did care for greatly. Settling herself onto the armchair near the front window, Miriam sighed, and rested her hand on her belly. She was still not far enough along to feel the baby move, but she liked to imagine that she could feel each little kick and squirm.
More often than not, though, when she sat like this she imagined what would have happened if Matthew had settled down after their Rumspringa, gotten baptized, and proposed to her. Would they have a baby now? Or maybe more than one? She could picture how their children would have looked, even as she couldn’t picture what this babyâ??this very real baby that she was having with Isaacâ??would look like.

Miriam and Isaac’s marriage is in trouble but they are making progress in communicating better with her former boyfriend out of the picture. Miriam is with child, and her pregnancy is helping to bring them together. But when tragedy strikes and she flees her Amish community in grief, it’s not her husband who follows her. It’s her former boyfriend, the man she’s loved since childhood.
Annabelle Graber had her fair share of heartache and pain, and after the untimely death of her husband, she had even less to hope for. With a daughter only three years of age, and a baby growing in her womb, she has very little hope to find her feet again in a hurry. She has to get by baking bread and helping her best friend Helen, but when opportunity presents itself, and a door opens, she has two choices, stay or go.
Owen Yoder, father of five was starting to take strain taking care of five kids and working, and when he finally decides to try something completely different, he orders a bride from one of the other communities. His first encounter with the beautiful Annabelle leaves him hopeful, but he decides to give her time to think it over.
Will two people who had both dealt with the tragedy of death, find comfort and companionship with each other, and finally start the life they both deserve?
Amos is a young Amish man used to getting what he wants. But when he lays eyes on Esther, he knows he has to be at his best. She is a lot like him, charismatic and full of life…but sometimes full of herself. Still, he cannot help but fall for her charms even though she doesn’t pay any attention to him and her father doesn’t care for him. Can he somehow find a way to win her heart?

Question-Based Bible Study Guide — Loving God: Good Questions Have Groups Talking

by Josh Hunt

13 ready-to-use lessons on the topic: Loving God

Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking. Answers are provided in the form of quotes from respected authors such as John Piper, Max Lucado and Beth Moore.

These lessons will save you time as well as provide deep insights from some of the great writers and thinkers from today and generations past. I also include quotes from the same commentaries that your pastor uses in sermon preparation.
Ultimately, the goal is to create conversations that change lives.

What God Says About His Mighty Word: Learn Why the Word of God is Your Mighty Sword of the Spirit…to Defeat All the Enemy’s Attacks

by What God Says Ministries

You have been given the supernatural ability to command and control things that reside in both the spirit, and physical realm, via the spoken Word of God. Your ability to move all the mountains in your life, is going to be found in you opening your mouth, and speaking of the Word of God, in faith, and in the name of Jesus – to your situation. In life, things may seem as if they are immovable, fixed, and impossible to defeat. But when you incorporate the power of God (the spoken Word of God) into those same impossible, and difficult situations of life, you will clearly see that nothing is impossible with God. Look at the miracles that Jesus performed when He walked on the earth – it was a result of Him releasing the power of God, into that situations that He faced.

Please check out the following e-books by What God Says Ministries (also available on Amazon):

What God Says About Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage
What God Says About the Mighty Blood of Jesus
What God Says About Praise & Thanksgiving Being a Supernatural Weapon
What God Says About Your Supernatural Weaponâ?¦Faith
What God Says About Your Spirit, Soul, and Body
What God Says About His Righteousness
What God Says About Temptation & the Fear of the Lord
What God Says About the Mighty Holy Spirit
What God Says About the Angels of God
What God Says About the Armor of God
What God Says About the Kingdom of God
What God Says About Apostasy & Hope
What God Says About Getting Deliverance via Biblical Meditation
What God Says About His Grace
What God Says About How You Defeat Strongholds in Your Life
What God Says About How You Win the Battle in Your Mind
What God Says About Jesus & the Cross
What God Says About Repentance & Condemnation
What God Says About Salvation

Bible Quotes

by Explorer

The Holy Bible Quotes is regarded as one of the best-selling, most translated, and highly influential books of all time. It contains writings of Judaism and Christianity. The Christian Bible is made up of the Hebrew scriptures, which are known as ‘The Old Testament’, and the later writings – known as ‘The New Testament’ – cover Jesus Christ and his teachings as the grand subject. The Hebrew Bible comprises three parts: the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings. Reading and reflecting on the Word of God has led many people to be transformed, healed and filled with courage and love. Let us now take a look at some of the eminent biblical quotes.

Grits & Grace & God

by Martin W. Wiles

Feel like a hamster on an exercise wheel when it comes to spiritual matters? Working hard, praying hard, but going nowhere? Have you done everything rightâ??recognized God’s ownership, appreciated His gifts, and used His resources to serve othersâ??only to find yourself asking, “Why me, God?”

Grace & Grits & God offers personal insights and practical tips for dealing with life’s challenges, loses, and setbacks. As a pastor, Martin Wiles knows about tough times. He’s seen it in the faces of his parishionersâ??and his own. Find God’s spiritual truths in your daily challenges. Turn loses and setbacks into step-ups. Dish out blessings to others from your scraps. Show grit, love with grace, and trust God through the hard times and at all times.

“Wiles devotions meet you where you are and take you into the presence of God” – Lori Hatcher, Editor of Reach Out

What God Says About Your Supernatural Weapon…Faith: Learn Why Faith is a Potent Shield to Extinguish All the Attacks of the Enemy

by What God Says Ministries

In this life, you have to gain concept of the fact that it is not up to you, to fight and extinguish the attacks (that the devil tosses at you). It is for you to use the supernatural force of faith, to spiritually fight, and spiritually extinguish all the attacks that the devil has brought your way, is bringing your way, and will bring your way. You don’t fight – use faith to do the fighting, extinguishing, and the winning for you. Don’t rely on your strength – rely on the supernatural force of faith to work successfully, for you. The world and some born again Christians don’t know this. They believe that when trouble strikes, they have to use their strength, their power, and their abilities to defeat the trouble. No!! They are to use faith, to fight, extinguish, and win.

Please check out the following e-books by J. London (also available on Amazon):

What God Says About Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage
What God Says About the Mighty Blood of Jesus
What God Says About Praise & Thanksgiving Being a Supernatural Weapon
What God Says About His Mighty Word
What God Says About Your Spirit, Soul, and Body
What God Says About His Righteousness
What God Says About Temptation & the Fear of the Lord
What God Says About the Mighty Holy Spirit
What God Says About the Angels of God
What God Says About the Armor of God
What God Says About the Kingdom of God
What God Says About Apostasy & Hope
What God Says About Getting Deliverance via Biblical Meditation
What God Says About His Grace
What God Says About How You Defeat Strongholds in Your Life
What God Says About How You Win the Battle in Your Mind
What God Says About Jesus & the Cross
What God Says About Repentance & Condemnation
What God Says About Salvation

The Life of David

by Gary J. Hall

A Devotional style Bible study of the Life of David

Jesus Quotes

by Explorer

Jesus[e] (c.â??4 BC – c.â??AD 30 / 33), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ,[f] was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of Christianity. Most Christians believe he is the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited Messiah (Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament.

Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed historically,[g] although the quest for the historical Jesus has produced little agreement on the historical reliability of the Gospels and on how closely the Jesus portrayed in the Bible reflects the historical Jesus.[h][i] Jesus was a Galilean Jew who was baptized by John the Baptist and subsequently began his own ministry, preaching his message orally and often being referred to as “rabbi”. Jesus debated with fellow Jews on how to best follow God, engaged in healings, taught in parables and gathered followers. He was arrested and tried by the Jewish authorities, turned over to the Roman government, and was subsequently crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect. After his death, his followers believed he rose from the dead, and the community they formed eventually became the early Church.

Jonah – The Renegade Prophet

by Gary J. Hall

This book was originally a six part Bible Study given at Living Word Bible Church, therefore it is a devotional rather than an attempt at being historical or highly theological. Though the text of the Book of Jonah is contained this study, you might want to have an open Bible (preferably the KJV) beside you to look up accompanying references.

Critics and liberals have always tried to make out that the story of Jonah is simply an fairy tale, an allegory or parable. How can anyone believe that a whale swallowed a man, and three days later was regurgitated alive on the beach! Well, Jesus did – and that should be enough to prove that the story is a factual narrative. Someone once said, “I’d believe the Bible if it said that Jonah swallowed the whale”.

A Code Named Progress: CNP (1)

by Goodwill Domingues

They were all right! James Allen, Ernest Holmes, Florence Scovel Shinn, Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II and many more. Discover the codes that propel human potential through the magic of the human mind. It is a known fact, for hundreds of years people have used these great codes to achieve success, prosperity, happiness and massive wealth and you can have it too.

A Code Named Progress is no ordinary book. It is a bombshell of ideas which the author has studied and collected from all over the world. The book explores the many aspects of life regarding the human mind and ideas that keep people ever struggling to make major shifts in their experience of life. It is short and simple enough to be understood by anyone. It is clear, authoritative and groundbreaking. This book is your quantum leap to many doors of abundance and self-awareness! Goodwill Domingues makes mind grappling claims regarding the human condition and surfaces many sensitive areas of life.

Mr. Bad Influence: A Contemporary Inspirational Romance Novel (Shine Series Book 1)

by Trisha Grace

No romance plays out like one in Hollywood …

Actress Kerri Adams grew up and had her heart broken in the spotlight. Her relationship with singer Nick Evans, one that all media had their attention on, came to a crashing halt.

Now, after a three-year hiatus, she’s back home in California, healed and ready to move on. At least that’s what everyone thinks.

No oneâ??not even the family she lovesâ??knows about her secret. A secret she has kept over the last three years.

And to complicate things, Nick Evans drops back into her life, bringing along a paparazzi mayhem that may jeopardize her acting career and secret.

Christianity Quotes

by Explorer

Here in this book you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old christianity quotes, christianity sayings, and christianity proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

Faith Surge: The Secret to Experiencing Rapid and Powerful Spiritual Growth

by Ramsey Coutta

Spiritual growthâ?¦ It’s what every Christian believer should strive for but few actually achieve. While most spiritual growth is slow and gradual, what if the Lord also offers a different form of spiritual growth that occurs rapidly and powerfully? A form of spiritual growth that can radically transform your life and inspire you to attempt and achieve great things in His name. In Faith Surge: The Secret to Experiencing Rapid and Powerful Spiritual Growth, you will see that God is willing to do just that. At key points in your life God offers you the opportunity to experience powerful spiritual growth in the form of a faith surge. In Faith Surge you will discover how you can recognize and respond to these tremendous opportunities so you can faithfully carry out the Lord’s will, while experiencing a rapidly and powerfully growing faith.

You Are Redeemed: Thirty Reminders of Your True Identity

by Bridget A. Thomas

So many people today are just going through the motions of life. We tend to fight or hide when a storm comes our way, instead of standing strong and peaceful like a well-rooted tree. We allow other people’s opinions and the world’s perceptions to define us. And Christians in particular, who have been set free, still live their lives in chains.

It is time for a change. It is time to finally tap into your true identity in Jesus. It is time for you to finally accept God’s love. It is time to become the strong person you truly are. In this book, author Bridget A. Thomas will help you to look at life from a new perspective, find lasting peace, and discover the person you were always meant to be!

Mahatma Buddha Quotes

by Explorer

Gautama Buddha was a spiritual leader on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. He is believed to have lived in eastern India/ Nepal during the 6th to 4th century B.C. Born as a prince, he spent his childhood in the lap of luxury. He lost his mother at an early age and his doting father tried his best to keep his young son away from the miseries of the world. When he was a little boy, some wise scholars predicted that he would become either a great king or a renowned spiritual leader. His father hoped that his son would one day become a great king. The prince was kept away from all forms of religious knowledge and had no idea about the concepts of old age, sickness and death. Once on a trip through the city on a chariot he witnessed an old man, a diseased person, and a corpse. This new knowledge about the sufferings in the world gave rise to several questions within his mind and the prince soon renounced all his worldly affairs in order to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Finally after years of rigorous contemplation and meditation, he found Enlightenment, and became the Buddha, meaning “awakened one” or “the enlightened one”.

A Baby’s Viewpoint of Life and Death: This Little Girlâ??s Perspective Will Change Yours (Exclusive Free eBook)

by Anita Lovato

When little Gracie was born, her mother was told the devastating news that Gracie had major heart and spinal defects, clubfeet, a cleft palate, deafness in both ears, and likely mental disabilities.

Follow Gracie’s amazing but short life, from her mother’s perspective.
-Miracles surrounding Gracie’s life are a powerful testimony of a living God.
-This child’s life and death will teach you about heaven and what really matters in life.
-Her message is a help and comfort to those who have lost a child or another loved one.

About the Author

Dr. James Wilkins is an author, teacher, pastor, evangelist, and director of New Testament Ministries. Dr. Wilkins has been privileged with starting 13 churches. He has taught in several Independent Baptist Bible colleges, authored more than 60 books and booklets, spoken on national TV and radio, and preached over 44,000 times.
Dr. Wilkins’ heart and soul has always been in the area of soul winning and discipleship. And with books like The Drama at the Cross, Designed to Win, and The Milk of the Word, he has been not only seeing souls saved, but has also been building a lasting foundation for faith.

Secret Societies and their God Lucifer

by Rick Davis

Secret societies have always been around just as Lucifer has always been here on earth. Their secrets are shown with their own words, it shows their own agenda, a communist police state. Our reality for the most part has been one of deception. There are steps you can take, and must take. God rules the earth just as he does Heaven. Evil men make plans, but it is up to God and his followers what will really happen.

Miracle at Caller’s Spring Ranch: A Western Adventure (The Caller’s Spring Ranch Western Series Book 1)

by Jim Burnett

The three million dollar syndicated stallion lay motionless against the sand. “What’s wrong with him, Wyatt?” asked Colt as he ran toward the horse. “Oh no, he’s not getting up!” Blue Boy was cast and could not stand.

Who would have ever believed that a thousand pound, three-time world champion cutting horse would need help getting up? In Miracle at Caller’s Spring Ranch, the Reeses, a fourth-generational ranching family on the brink of financial and emotional bankruptcy, find out that everybody needs help sometimes. Using a hollow cave on the back side of the homestead and a former five-time all-around world champion cowboy-turned-financial advisor, the awesome power of God is about to transform not only the Reese family and their ranch, but spark a national movement.

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