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Caesar vs Zombies: Julius Caesar fights 100 million zombies invading Europe

by Brent Reilly

100 million zombies are invading Europe and only one man can stop them. An asteroid in Central Asia triggered the outbreak and now it’s sweeping Eurasia. Caesar must move people off the mainland, battle zombie hordes, and deal with a Senate that wants to ruin him. Meet Caesar, Cato, Cicero, Crassus, Calpurnia, Cleopatra, Caesarion, and Pompey the Great in this fun military thriller.

EXCERPTS: Marc Anthony held up Cicero’s head by the hair. “Cicero, do you still prefer defeat with Pompey over victory with Caesar?”

Zombie Cato attacked Caesar with his sword, smelling as bad as Cato.

Caesarion climbed after the zombies climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza, the world’s tallest man-made structure, and yelled down to his troops. “The dead aren’t gonna kill themselves. Let’s go!”

The riders lured a million living corpses into a kill zone. Cut off from the main body, those zombies were dead meat.

The woods were scary at night without being chased by a zombie bitch. A growl gave her away and the boys ran for their lives.

“Bibulus is a small man,” Caesar said sadly. “He’s also short.”

Cleopatra was neither pretty nor ugly, like a mediocre artist who didn’t finish a clay sculpture.

“Pompey has a legion in Rome — they call it Zombie Duty.”

As long as the hottie didn’t turn into a zombie, saving her was a no-brainer. Ironic how that turned out.

“I’ll see you in Hades, Julius Caesar.” “As long as you get there before me, Lucius Caesar.”

Cebo looked a decade older. “I get my optimism from my mother. I had to kill her with her favorite chair.”

“That zombie looks disappointed,” Caesarion said sadly. “Or overwhelmed by existential angst.”

“Sulla, you want my beef jerky?” “No, that shit gives me diarrhea.”

The Cleansing Origins


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Nothing has ever been tried like this, the Cleansing Trilogy was nothing but opening a world of despair and apocalypse, this is nothing short of the most insane thing ever put to page by any author ever, the concept alone will destroy your mind with wonder. The first one hundred thousand words you can get by without knowing too much about the original trilogy, but I would STRONGLY advise that you get your hands on a copy of the Cleansing Trilogy for the next hundred thousand words to all add up in the most insane universe created in the apocalypse category for a VERY long time.

Follow Michael, the leader of the plague that swept the world into oblivion over a five year period as you see every crack that was left open by the trilogy, as you feel him and travel with him through every hardship and every learning curve that made him into the insane genocidal apocalypse bringing madman he is today, or is he?

Live through one thousand years of history with the man behind the red piercing eyes that cut through the world in the original trilogy, this is no time travel, this is no magic or trickery that made him get through it all. Nothing but advanced and realistic science, see him go through everything that has scarred the world, watch his claws drag at all the events that twisted the world up into the high position it fell from in the trilogy.

Whether it be Templar’s or whether it be three civil wars, whether it be naval battles with wood or battles in the trenches from wars that said they would end it all, when in reality they were all the nudges in the worlds wrong direction. Watch the man who was at the head of the original cleanse fight and lie his way through history, wars and deceit alike he has done it all and see how all of this brought on the end of all things as we know them to day in the trilogy.

The pure scale of this book cements the Cleansing universe into something that has never been put together before, none would be crazy enough to try and reading this and the trilogy your eyes will be blown wide open by just how easy it all would be to the right person, at the right time, at each time throughout history.

Chapter one starts just after the battle of Hastings, when the world was turning to the sword more than ever before, Chapter twenty five ends at the end of the Cleansing Last Stand, in between you have everything that shaped the planet into the harsh war torn rock that it became to allow the Cleansing to happen in the first place.

Any of those who read the original trilogy will find that all questions intentionally raised in those books are answered within these pages, all the gaps between the lines are filled by a man that the world would have never suspected, a man whose same lips shout at kings long before they shout at the main character, Steve, from the original trilogy.

Where will you be when the Cleanse is nothing more than a distant dream hundreds of years away, where will you be when the Cleanse starts, where will you be when it ends? Take my hand and jump into the abyss that I have created with me.

A few side notes for the book would be that I now have a Twitter page!

@BookCleansing or search The Cleansing Book Series Official!

Another side note would be those who loved the fourth wall breaking in the original trilogy, I must apologise because there is not as much in this book, this book is nothing but raw and bloodied story!

The Artist Formerly Known as Adolf Hitler (Color Interior): With Full Color Paintings from the Artist Himself

by A.M. Overett

In 1907 and again in 1908 Adolf Hitler applied for entry at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He was rejected on both occasions – a professor citing “unfitness for painting”. It seems that this decision has been deemed by many historians as not a significant event. But what if Adolf Hitler had been accepted to the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts? Prior to this rejection, Adolf had sold some of his paintings so it would not have been unthinkable for him to have been accepted. Some have thought that perhaps he had been rejected by Jewish professors and so began his hatred of the Jews.

Again, we have to think about what if Adolf Hitler had been accepted in the Academy of Fine Arts? Would that have change his path and therefore changed the course of history? Would someone else have simply taken his place?

“The Artist Formerly Known as Adolf Hitler,” is a novel that looks at what the world may have looked like had he chose a different course in life. For many people, the name Adolf Hitler is the embodiment and true definition of evil.

The purpose of this book is not to venerate Adolf Hitler. This story is meant to have the reader think in a different way about Adolf Hitler. Was Adolf Hitler predestined to be the architect of one of the most horrendous and evil events in modern history, or was it simply a series of bad choices and decisions and eventually choosing the wrong course in life? There is evidence that in Adolf Hitler’s youth, he had many interactions with Jewish people and in some cases, quite beneficial ones. What were those events or interactions that shaped his opinions to become drastically different in later life?

(Version with Interior Color Paintings by “The Artist”)

A Sprig of Green: A tale of romance and rivalry during the English Civil War

by Felicity Luckman

The religious rivalries that fractured families and communities alike during the English Civil War rear up again as the Duke of Monmouth’s rebellion of 1685 challenges the authority of King James II.

The Civil War is a distant memory. The Commonwealth experiment is dead. The monarchy has been restored. But James, Duke of Monmouth, the bastard son of Charles II and a Protestant, seeks to depose his tyrannical Catholic uncle.

Among those who land from The Netherlands with Monmouth at Lyme Regis is Cornish gentleman Nigel Tregellis. A close friend, Nigel had spent much time with the young Duke in roistering and wenching. Nigel was all for adventure and glory.

But Nigel has a wife, Elizabeth, the daughter of an earl, who has been left to languish on their sleepy St Austell estate. Elizabeth is bored and craves excitement. She is determined to find it – with or without her husband.

Nigel is charged with trying to whip Monmouth’s artisan army of farmers and laborers into shape as the rebellion gets underway. Time is against them and despite some initial success at Axminster, the upstarts are crushed by the King’s well-disciplined army at the Battle of Sedgemoor.

Can Nigel and his family escape the wrath of the King and his chief instrument of revenge, the infamously cruel Judge Jeffreys?

A Sprig of Green is a riveting tale of romance and religious rivalry set against the tempestuous politics of 17th century England. It is the sequel to her first novel, the historical romance, Sacred Music.

About the Author:

Felicity Luckman worked in various roles, including Morwellham Quay and for some years at the Tavistock Times, both as proofreader and typesetter. Though not born in Devon – she came there at the age of one – she has lived in the county for most of her life. She now lives in Tavistock with her husband.

SAN (Japanese Edition)

by KAI


A Soldier’s Bounty: A Story of the Civil War

by Mike Flinn

A Civil War soldier’s story of his enlistment, enticed by a bounty of $200, into the 77th. Indiana Volunteer Infantry. After fighting in several battles and an emotional furlough spent with the girl he loves, he is sent to Atlanta with Sherman and is captured and sent to Andersonville prison. As the war is ending he is finally going home aboard the Mississippi riverboat Sultana. An explosion and an encounter with a rich widow leads to unexpected bounty in the new and rich farmlands of Iowa.

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