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Brawl (Black Hearts MMA Book 1)

by Kylie Hillman

When a black heart meets a broken heart, fists will fly.

Gabriella Mitchell
A girl devoid of hope.
With all her energy spent trying to keep a roof above her brother and sister’s head, Gabbi doesn’t get time to play much anymore. Her parent’s divorce has forced her to grow up too fast, leaving her to assume responsibilities well beyond those of a normal seventeen-year-old.

“Hooligan” Harvie
Burnt-out MMA fighter who’s lost it all.
He had the fairy-tale lifeâ??the perfect woman and a son he adored. Until the day it was ripped away from him in the most violent of ways.
Hooligan is content to live with his rage … until an angry girl breaches a chink in the armour that protects his black heart.

She’s broken-hearted. His heart is dead and decayed inside his chest.
She’s lost the ability to trust while he doesn’t think life has anything left to offer. When neither believes in fairy tales, can the vicious world of MMA show them that they’re wrong?

That even the most f#cked-up deserve a happily-ever-after?

Brawl is the first book in the Black Hearts MMA series by Kylie Hillman. This coming-of-age tale is about more than MMA. There’s themes of hate, hope, and healing – featuring a barely legal girl, who’s wise beyond her years, and a much older man, who might have found love in the last place he thought possible.

Pick up your copy of this second-chance romance today!

Conflict (coming November 2018)
Dissent (coming December 2018)
Execute (coming January 2019)
*The three remaining interconnecting standalones in the Black Hearts MMA series are available to pre-order now.

The Boy and the Dolphin

by Dick Schmidt

“Dick Schmidt has crafted a charming story of a relationship between a boy and a dolphin. Spanning more than a decade and set against the backdrop of a fictitious Caribbean island, this wonderful story explores the connection between humankind and the natural world and how it can enrich both.
“This inspiring story reminds us that the world would be a better place if we could all find a way to live in harmony. “I have known Dick for several years. As a businessman and philanthropist he has demonstrated his deep commitment to conservation. This touching story is another example of his passion for nature and the oceans.” â??Philippe Cousteau

“Dick Schmidt’s first novel is simply first rate. Fascinating, heartwarming, and absorbing from beginning to end. The characters are finely drawn, the plot ever captivating, and reading this novel, you are completely transported into Toby’s world, surrounded by the beauty of the Bahamas and Southeast Asia.”
â??Doris Kearns Goodwin

Following the unfortunate death of his parents, young Toby Matthias finds himself living a carefree life on Piper Cay, an Out Island in the Bahamas, at his grandparents’ inn. Isolated from children his own age, Toby develops a deep and lasting friendship with an unlikely companion: a bottlenose dolphin.

A heartwarming tale, The Boy and the Dolphin follows the tropical adventures of Toby and Phinney as they make sense of life in the mid-1950s. When Toby is sent to complete his education in the States and Phinney immerses herself more deeply in her dolphin culture, the best friends experience ever-increasing separations. But even while Toby serves his country in the skies over Vietnam, the boy and the dolphin share an unbreakable, decade-long bond.

Wolf’s Hunger (Alpha’s Hunger Book 1)

by Carina Wilder

“The stranger’s expression dripped with sexuality incarnate. Smoldering, seductive. Piercing me to the core with pure sensuality that made my blood run hot.
He was a god made flesh, and for those precious few seconds…he was mine.”

Ariana lives the dream life in Manhattan…or so it seems. The truth is that everything’s going wrong. She’s about to lose her job. Her best friend is leaving town.
As for her love life?
That is, until the moment when she locks eyes with the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. The kind of man who steals a woman’s soul and doesn’t give it back.
Oh, and apparently he’s a famous billionaire, but hey, who’s counting?
She wants him like she’s never wanted anyone. But will the dangerous Tristan Wolfe be too much for her heart to handle, and will he be able to accept the ghosts from her past?

Wolf’s Hunger is 55,000 words long, and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Volume 3) (Sarah Woods Mystery Series Boxset)

by Jennifer L. Jennings

“Sarah is engrossing. The books are sublimely led by a grounded detective who earns her series.” - Kirkus Reviews                                                                                                                                     Jealousy, Blackmail, Revenge (Book 7)
When rookie private eye Sarah Woods arrives in sunny Florida to stay with her boyfriend, the trip turns out to be anything but relaxing. When the owner of the beachside resort dies from an apparent heart attack, Sarah becomes involved in a bizarre case that involves murder, blackmail and dark family secrets.                                                                                                                                         (Book 8)When Sarah Woods takes a seemingly benign assignment involving background checks, the rookie private eye makes a shocking discovery that brings her face to face with a monster. Will an attempt on Sarah’s life force her to back away? Or will she become even more determined to unearth the truth behind the scandal?(Book 9)When a well known sex therapist meets an untimely demise, the victim’s daughter requests the investigative skills of Sarah Woods. While struggling with her own personal life decisions, Sarah and her partner Carter must sift through the clues to determine who would end the life of a woman with no known enemies.

Lance: Special Ops (Shifters Elite Book 5)

by Ava Benton

A dire wolf shifter destined to be an alpha.

Lance’s dream is to be able to lead the pack. He’s hellbent on being the alpha.

A dire wolf shifter hottie with a big, big secret.

Layla’s loved Lance more than she can remember. He’s been her priority. But now she has a new priority. How will that impact her feelings for Lance?

A mission and a baby can test the limits of any couple. Except Lance and Layla aren’t a couple. And they have to think of more than just themselves.

Colorado Cowboy Christmas (Peakview Series Book 5)

by Jill Haymaker

This Holiday season author, Jill Haymaker, brings you home to the small Colorado mountain town of Peakview, Colorado, where everyone has the chance of love.
Cynthia Welch has made a name for herself as one of Chicago’s top divorce attorneys at the expense of her personal life. Burnt out, she heads to Peaktop Guest Ranch for a couple of months of solitude over the holidays.
AJ Coulter, a cowboy from Wyoming, has been a loner and a drifter ever since his divorce and his teenage daughters leaving for college. He finds a temporary job at Peaktop Ranch as the head wrangler.
When their paths cross, Cynthia begins to question her life in Chicago, and AJ struggles to find a way to keep her in Colorado.
Can the spirit of Christmas bring these two people from very different worlds together and help them find their way to true love?
If you love small town romance in the tradition of Jill Shalvis and Robyn Carr, you’re sure to love this small mountain town and it’s tight-knit residents. If you love the Silver Fox heroes of Roxanne St. Claire, you’ll love AJ Coulter.
Discover the true meaning of Christmas and Love in this wonderful holiday romance.

Brennus (Immortal Highlander, Clan Skaraven Book 1): A Scottish Time Travel Romance

by Hazel Hunter

An ancient highlander who’s never been allowed to love. A modern woman who keeps men at arm’s length. Can their passion overcome their pasts?

Althea Jarden’s botanical fieldwork keeps her happily busy, but it has kept her from relationships as wellâ??by design. Because deep passions can overwhelm her, she concluded long ago that a conventional life was not for her. She’s learned to depend on herself. But all the self-reliance in the world can’t prepare her for being taken to ancient Scotland and what she finds there.

Chieftain Brennus Skaraven would like nothing better than to remain dead, his legendary clan buried and forgotten. Anything would be preferable to suffering the manipulations of the druids. But when a strange lass comes crashing into his life, he discovers more than a reason to live. He finds the one thing that had always been denied to him and his kindâ??love.

Brennus is the first book in the Immortal Highlander Clan Skaraven series. If you love hard-bodied heroes, a mythic world, and a brave heroine, then you’ll love this sizzling series. Join the romantic realm of the Immortal Highlanders by picking up a copy of this book today. Mature readers comfortable with dark themes only please.

Doughnuts, Politics, and A Thing Called Murder (A Mama and Cookie Mystery Book 1)

by Noella Lee

Beulah “Cookie” Simmons was just living her life in Seattle before her mother, Maven Simmons, called. Sure, she had twenty-seven different jobs in her life but she was still doing great. Tricked home by her retired beautician mother who decides she now wants to be a detective, Cookie finds herself falling into several different mysteries before she knows it. With someone robbing the local doughnut shop and a big campaign looming ahead for the town, what is Cookie to do? She’ll just have to team up with her mother to figure out all these mysteries and how to get back home to Seattle.

Meet Virginia: A Southern Series: Book One

by Angela March

When a Simple Man falls in Love with a Complicated Womanâ?¦ can Love be Enough?

Virginia Costello wanted nothing more than to take a break from her life, a much-needed re-evaluation of who she is. Unhealthy choices, bad decisions, and emotional uncertainty makes her life almost unrecognizable, even to herself right now. While Virginia is on her life break visiting her family on Coffee Lake, she unexpectedly encounters a delicious distraction named, Jeremiah James Boonesfield, aka Boone.
Boone is a simple guy and has never experienced anything or anyone quite like Virginia Costello, fiercely independent, tough exterior, sensual and is quite possibly the most amazing woman he has ever met. If he can persuade Virginia that simple can be exactly what she’s seeking, that’s a challenge he’s ready to take on.
We all have cracks in our foundation; some of those cracks run deeper and leave scars that are more evident. If she can come to terms with herself and her past, she can stop fleeing from uncontrollable situations and repair the broken parts of herself. And most importantly, fix those cracks that keep tripping her up.
We never know when love will walk into our lives or when it will turn and walk right back out.

Her Protectors (Wolf Trials Book 2)

by Tamara White

Death. It always seems to come for those I love. My mother was killed protecting me. My father was murdered with poison intended for me. How long before someone else I love dies?

The third trial is here. A mere day after laying her father to rest, Dani and her mates are forced to pack up and begin making their way across the country, meeting with each pack as part of the trials. To make matters worse, the Elders all insist on coming with them. Under their watchful eye, she must fix the problems, whether real or fictional, of each pack in order to improve their stability and prove to them all that she will be a just and wise leader.
Along the way, she will be introduced to her mates’ families and learn more about each of them, as well as the roles they will play in her life. And in the end, Dani will realize exactly who her mates areâ?¦ Her protectors.
But what happens if the thing that Dani needs the most protection from is herself?

This is Book Two in the Wolf Trials Series and is a newly edited/revised version.

This book is recommended for readers 18 and above.

Pleasured by a Rogue (Sizzling Historical Romance Novel)

by Lindsey Locke

Irina is a youthful, headstrong girl with opinions of her own and a sassy attitude to go along with them. Unfortunately, she lives in a time where such things are not only frowned upon – but seen as something that needs to be corrected!

And so, when Irina learns her father has doomed her by arranging a marriage which she had no say inâ?¦ the stubborn girl is more than a little angry. But, the handsome and older man she’s meant to marry is nothing like she expected.

Tegan is strict, demanding, and capable of satisfying Irina in ways she never imagined possible! If only he can bring the recalcitrant girl to submit to his will – in all sorts of sizzling ways! Her bad behavior will not go unpunished, and her good deeds will not go unpleasuredâ?¦

The Someday File (The Deuce Mora Series Book 1)

by Jean Heller


Deuce â?¦ finds dead-ends and danger at every turn. Part journalism procedural, part character study, THE SOMEDAY FILE is a humdinger of a mystery, the first of a welcome new series.”Paul Levine, author of Bum Rap

Deuce Mora’s one tough cookie–a female sleuth with a conscience and an attitude–fiery, tough, athletic, a dirty fighter when she has to be. In Jean Heller’s first mystery featuring the scrappy newspaper columnist, Deuce finds out in short order that if you mess with organized crime, you have to be toughâ??and you’d better be as much detective as reporter. When she walks into a seedy neighborhood bar in a suburb of Chicago–all six feet of her, topped with auburn curlsâ??she’s searching for a human-interest story. What she finds is Vinnie Colangelo, an aging mobster living on bad beer, cheap bourbon and regret for the life he wasted.

Vinnie hints at secrets much bigger than his rap sheet should entitle him to, and Deuce immediately discovers that somebody’s willing to kill to keep those secrets buried. She uncovers a series of crimes committed over nearly six decades, and, as her human interest story morphs into a hard-boiled, action-packed mystery, she finds herself dead center in a storm of threats and reprisals from the mob.

It’s not enough that the mob’s after her, and corrupt government is concealing the evidence that would explain why; even her own editors, frightened of lawsuits and losing subscribers, want her off the story.

Fortunately, she has many allies: a network of loyal co-workers and contacts, even an ardent new admirer. But which ones can she trust? At least one of them, she suspects, is hiding a secret– corruption? Murder? The veteran reporter knows: if you’re talking Chicago crime sceneâ??it’s probably both.

Though attacked in her home, stalked, and shot at, Deuce doggedly batters the well-oiled machinery of terror that has kept the secret buried so long. Heller meticulously builds her heroine’s investigation, as the evidence–and the danger–converge in a white-knuckling confrontation.

“Good reporters do not always good novelists make, but Jean Heller is both.” — The Boston Sunday Globe

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of Chicago private investigators VI Warshawski and Libby Fischer Hellman’s Georgia Davis, get-the-story-or-die reporters like Hank Philippi Ryan’s Jane Ryland and Kelly Lange’s Maxi Poole, hard-boiled female protagonists like Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone and Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan; and anyone who admires tough-minded women sleuths who’re good in a fight.

50 FILTHY, EXPLICIT EROTICA STORIES (Naughty Erotic Story Collection)

by Lexi Hots

50 stories of the filthiest, hottest stories ever collected — and barely even allowed to be on amazon! Think you can handle the heat? Then peel this tome WIDE OPEN!

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