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A biography of Anne-Laura Hadlington, (1914-2014), born in Dudley, West Midlands; an entrepreneur, wife, sister and daughter.

This epic memoir, journeys through her childhood and adult years. A compelling real life story of war survival, family, romance, joy, pain, sacrifice, success.

Anne-Laura Competed with her male counterparts, to own one of the most successful fish and chip shops in Dudley.

â??Memoir of a Gem’ is a masterpiece of hope and determination.

MEGHAN MARKLE AND KATE MIDDLETON: The Wives of Windsor – 2 Books in 1

by Katy Holborn

MEGHAN MARKLE AND KATE MIDDLETON: The Wives of Windsor – 2 Books in 1

*Meghan Markle
*Kate Middleton

2 Great Books in 1!

Meghan Markle
In 2017, American cable television actress Meghan Markle topped Google’s annual list of the most searched actors of the year. This would be her second year in a row. She bested, for example, the likes of box office record-breaking Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, and the living legend herself, multiple Academy Award winner Meryl Streep. Compared to these two names, Ms. Markle’s acting resume is thin. As a matter of fact, for many people, she seemed to have come out of nowhere. Only a handful of things can propel a person from relative obscurity to a name in lights. Even little girls all over the world would know the answer to this – a dashing Prince Charming must have found his Cinderella against all odds. They will marry in a beautiful, lavish ceremony before an adoring public and live happily ever after.

Kate Middleton
In the lead up to the 20th anniversary of his mother’s death, Prince Harry – brother in law to Kate Middleton – made some interesting observations about the monarchy. He firstly said that the younger generation of royals feels that it is their role to modernize the monarchy. In so doing, these royals believe, they will maintain it’s popularity and sustain it’s role for doing good. They consider that, by bringing the House of Windsor into line with 21st century thinking, attitudes and lifestyles, they will enhance their own standing.
In extending the idea of duty and responsibility to Great Britain, to the Commonwealth and, where possible, the world, he recognized that one day one of the young royals would be monarch themselves. It was just that, none of them wanted to do it. They knew that they would have to, but just as hoovering the sitting room or putting out the bins has to be done but is not much fun, it is a necessary but unappealing job. We can wonder whether this thought was anywhere in the mind of Kate Middleton, Berkshire lass, when she agreed to marry Prince William? And one day become his queen.

Marie Curie: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Marie Curie

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One of the most famous women of the twentieth century, Marie Curie was a trailblazer in the truest sense. Known for her discovery of two radioactive elements, radium and polonium, Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She remains the only woman to win two Nobel Prizes in different sciences.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Early Life and Loss
â?? The Flying University
â?? Nobel Prizes
â?? Scandals
â?? Curie’s First World War Efforts
â?? The Discovery that Killed Her
And much more!

Marie Curie lived by her own rules in a society marred by misogyny and xenophobia. A scientist, but also a loving wife and mother, she defied expectations as a matter of course. Curie also fought for her country during the First World War the best way she knew howâ??with science. There is much more to Marie Curie’s story than the discovery of the radioactive elements that eventually killed her.

John Lennon: 365 Selected Quotes on Love, Life, and The Beatles

by Nico Neruda

“If The Beatles or the 60’s had a message, it was ‘Learn to swim. And once you’ve learned – swim!” ~ John Lennon

This book is a categorized collection of selected quotes by John Lennon, the famed singer-songwriter of the Beatles, a band that impacted the popular music scene like no other before, or since.

  • Quotes categorized into wide variety of subjects (inspirational and uplifting, deep and profound, witty and humorous, reflections, wise and enlightening, love, songwriting, views and opinions, god and religion, interviews, etc.)
  • TIP: Play some Beatles in the background while you enjoy the quotes.
  • Bonus: Includes a great collection of Lennon/Beatles facts and trivia

“Ringo is Ringo, that’s all there is to it. And he’s every bloody bit as warm, unassuming, funny and kind as he seems. He was quite simply the heart of the Beatles.”  – John Lennon

Fact sneak peek

The avant garde film Self Portrait was a 15-minute time lapse of Lennon’s erect penis. What a lad. Ironically, the Lennon/Ono movie Erection was actually a time lapse of a tower block being built.

Dining with his former producer, George Martin, one night years after the band had split up, John revealed to Martin that he’d like to re-record every Beatles song. Completely amazed, Martin asked him, “Even â??Strawberry fields’?”  His response, “Especially â??Strawberry Fields'”.

Finding the Exit: Itâ??s Not Where You Start, Itâ??s Where You Finish

by Lea A. Ellermeier

What’s it really like for the average woman to start and sell a technology company?

Standing splendidly in the intersection of two genres – business memoir and gritty personal tell-all – Finding the Exit is a courageous tale of a woman who, against harrowing odds that began in childhood, successfully started and sold a medtech company to a Fortune 100 in less than five years.

Lea Ellermeier recounts her experiences with candor and razor-sharp intrepidness – from the unexpected death of her entrepreneur father, dropping out of high school, alcohol addiction as a teenager to a failed marriage, single parenthood, to sexism in the business world. Finding the Exit delivers empowering lessons for working women of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life.

A high school dropout from a small town in Nebraska creates a successful, multimillion-dollar startup in this debut autobiography.

“As they say in Texas, he can’t eat you and he can’t take your birthday,” marketing executive Ellermeier reassured herself before facing the new boss who demoted her. Colleagues also affected by the company’s restructuring convinced her to start a new business with them, but in the early 2000s after the dot-com crash, lenders were nervous. So was the author, as she struggled in her new role as CEO of Lingualcare, traveling abroad, fundraising, training, demonstrating her productâ??innovative customized orthodontic bracesâ??and fighting ghosts from her past. A go-getter from the day she hawked Christmas cards door to door in the 1970s to buy a record player, she nevertheless endured a rape, dropped out of high school, found herself briefly homeless, and overcame alcoholism. Starting her new company, Ellermeier recalls that she was very clever in thinking on her feet and turning around bad situations but she still lacked confidence. She bluffed and blustered her way through mostly male opposition, despite her fears of bankruptcy. This “will require a real CEO, at best you might be qualified to run marketing,” sneered a potential investor, sounding like the author’s hypercritical, overbearing mother. Ellermeier fought all of the negativity and managed to hold onto her goal: a product that improved people’s lives and the sale of her mature venture. Readers of this memoir who think that government should be run like a business will discover a startup is deeply political: Activities include hiring friends and family, conducting backroom deals with competitors, and schmoozing with sharks. Yet at a startup’s core, the author maintains, is hard work, a call to service, and integrity. Ellermeier convincingly recounts meetings and re-creates dialogue to show how exhausting and precarious entrepreneurship truly is. Unlike so many difficult childhood narratives, this work delicately entwines the author’s personal and professional experiences to demonstrate why she makes certain decisions later. Her humor (with chapter headings like “So That’s a No” and “Emergencies of the Prada Kind”) is tender and smart, and this book becomes a mini-mentorship for future entrepreneurs. An absorbing, thoughtful, and joyful account of a business executive’s remarkable rise.

– Kirkus Reviews

John Colter: The Life and Legacy of Americaâ??s First Mountain Man

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures
*Includes contemporary accounts
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

“Again he turned his head, and saw the savage not twenty yards from him. Determined if possible to avoid the expected blow, he suddenly stopped, turned round, and spread out his arms. The Indian, surprised by the suddenness of the action, and perhaps at the bloody appearance of Colter, also attempted to stop; but exhausted with running, he fell whilst endeavouring to throw his spear, which stuck in the ground, and broke in his hand. Colter instantly snatched up the pointed part, with which he pinned him to the earth, and then continued his flight.” – John Bradbury, 1817

The time of the American mountain man was not to reach its peak until the mid-19th century, but the man who served as the prototype for the cultural genre hailed from an earlier age in which the new United States had scarcely established its most basic structural tenets. A member of the original Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, John Colter’s multiple journeys to the northwest country of present-day Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho were first-time events in the development of the continent.

With Lewis and Clark, Colter was met with every challenge the North American wilderness had to offer, including “constant rain and plaguing insects,” a range of cultures never before explored, an extreme mountain climate at unfamiliar elevations, and teeming wildlife boasting its share of predators. Added to Colter’s skills as a woodsman was a developing talent for communicating with previously unknown indigenous societies. He was undoubtedly assisted in this essential function by the presence of Sacajawea, a Lehmhi Shoshoni woman of the Agaidika, or Salmon-Eaters. She was married to the French translator Toussaint Charbonneau in a non-consensual contract, purchased with a second woman to serve as a working wife.

Based on the experience gained from the Lewis and Clark expedition, Colter became a valued figure in future treks as part of the international trade for “plews,” the frontier word for beaver pelts. As one of the best hunters and trackers from the expedition, he was to be sent out on missions covering vast distances in his subsequent returns to the northwest. Although the precise routes of his solo journeys are difficult to confirm, Colter was likely the first explorer to witness the thermal marvels of the Yellowstone region and the Grand Tetons towering above present-day Jackson Hole. His accounts of the boiling geysers and bubbling pools of the northern Rockies remained the butt of frontier jokes until discovered by the next wave of surprised frontiersmen.

Compared to the fantasies of Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill that entertained a fascinated public in the east, the hair-raising events of Colter’s time in the West were authentic and more than equal to popular fantasies of wilderness lore. His travels on foot were likened to the Aegean wanderings of Homer’s Odysseus, and in a comparison closer to home, he was often referred to as the Daniel Boone of the West. As the first mountain man, many factual considerations concerning his travels remain as matters of contention, and Colter never produced a written account, but the maps of William Clark and the recollections of the few who knew him have helped to clarify a story two centuries old.

John Colter: The Life and Legacy of America’s First Mountain Man chronicles the remarkable story of the legendary explorer. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about John Colter like never before.

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