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Highlander’s Stolen Wife: A Medieval Scottish Historical Romance Book

by Alisa Adams

He is a clansman Highlander, son of a Laird fighting the English troops. She is a noble English girl, betrothed by her family to a much older Earl. But nothing, not even war can stop this peculiar love.

“Highlander’s stolen wife” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words.
No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Huidos (Spanish Edition)

by Enric V. Alepuz Llopis

La represión de los vencedores de la guerra civil española, la escuela de la posguerra insuflando a los niños valores fascistas, la dureza de un gran sector de la sociedad intolerante con los perdedores, el hastío, el miedo y el compromiso con sus ideales llevarán a cuatro personajes de una misma familia a luchar contra el franquismo en la época quizá más dura y también más silenciada del siglo XX.
La familia (ficticia) Gisbert-Gandía por diferentes circunstancias se verá forzada a la separación para dedicar su vida al combate. Levante, Andalucía y Cataluña serán los escenarios donde se jugarán la vida en la guerrilla por un trozo de libertad, la libertad que ahora mismo gozamos gracias a su esfuerzo y al de otros muchos anónimos cuyos cuerpos aún permanecen enterrados en las cunetas de las carreteras o en las fosas comunes de los cementerios de España.
Represalias, persecuciones, resentimientos, vejaciones, consternación, rencillas, enfrentamientos, muerte, vivirán cada día los personajes protagonistas inmersos en el turbulento universo de los maquis, desde 1946 hasta 1963, donde las Fuerzas de Seguridad del Estado acabarán con la vida de “Caracremada”, Ramón Vila Capdevila, el último guerrillero levantino.

TOUCHING THE WIRE: Auschwitz:1944 A Jewish nurse steps from a cattle wagon into the heart of a young doctor, but can he save her? 70yrs later, his granddaughter tries to keep the promise he made.

by Rebecca Bryn

“He had no way to tell her he had given her life: no right to tell her to abandon hope.”
A fictional story of every man and woman interred in Nazi death camps throughout WW2, this novel is inspired by real events. It is a tribute to the courage of victims of Nazi war crime during the Holocaust, sadly an inescapable part of Jewish history. The horror of medical experiments carried out under the auspices of war and military engagement are hard to understand, impossible to condone and difficult to imagine forgiving. The human spirit that can find love in such a place must be rare indeed, but a person in dire circumstances will grab at a kindness where it is offered. Such is the premise of this story and it asks the question. Could you forgive?
Part One – In the Shadow of the Wolf
In a death camp in 1940’s Poland, a young doctor and one of his nurses struggle to save lives and relieve the suffering of hundreds of women. As their relationship blossoms, amid the death and deprivation, they join the camp resistance and, despite the danger of betrayal, he steals damning evidence of war-crimes. Afraid of repercussions, and for the sake of his post-war family, he hides the evidence but hard truths and terrible choices haunt him, as does an unkept promise to his lost love.

Part Two – Though the Heavens should Fall
In present-day England, his granddaughter seeks to answer the questions posed by her grandfather’s enigmatic carving. Her own relationship in tatters, she meets a modern historian who, intrigued by the carving, agrees to help her discover its purpose. As her grandfather’s past seeps into the present, she betrays the man she loves and is forced to confront her own guilt in order to contemplate forgiving the unforgivable and keep her grandfather’s promise.

“A young woman bent to retrieve her possessions. An SS officer strode past. ‘Leave. Luggage afterwards.’
She stood wide-eyed like a startled deer, one arm cradling a baby. Beside her an elderly woman clutched a battered suitcase. The girl’s eyes darted from soldier to painted signboard and back. ‘What are we doing here, grandmother? Why have they brought us here?’
The wind teased at her cheerful red shawl, revealing and lifting long black hair. She straightened and attempted a smile. ‘It’ll be all right, Grandmother. God has protected us on our journey.’
Voices rasped, whips cracked, dogs barked… An SS officer pushed towards a woman of about fifty. ‘How old?’ She didn’t respond so the officer shouted.
He edged closer. As a doctor he held a privileged postion, but he’d also discovered he had a gift for languages. He translated the German to stilted Hungarian, adding quietly. ‘Say you’re under forty-five. Say you are well. Stand here with the younger women.’ He moved from woman to woman, intercepting those he could.â??Say you are well. Say your daughter is sixteen. Say you can work or have a skill. Say you aren’t pregnant.’
Miriam’s eyes glistened. â??May He rescue us from every foe.’ She touched her grandmother’s cheek, a gentle lingering movement, and placed a tender kiss on her baby’s forehead. She moved to stand where he pointed.
Miriam’s eyes met his. He had no way to tell her had given her life: no right to tell her to abandon hope. ‘Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.’ “

Words readers have used to describe this story – ‘astonishing – compelling – relentlessly engaging – important – complex and brilliant.’ Readers’ feedback, via reviews, is hugely appreciated.

The Emerald Scepter (A Matinicus â??Mattâ? Hawkins Adventure Book 1)

by Paul Kemprecos

” ‘The Emerald Scepter’ just might be the perfect speculative thriller, offering up a seasoned blend of legend and folklore mixed brilliantly with actual historical fact. James Rollins and Clive Cussler have nothing on Paul Kemprecos who has been and continues to be a master of the form and then some. This is everything a great read should be, a riveting, tried-and true tale of quests and daring-do, of great heroes and equally contemptuous villains. There’s a reason why Kemprecos is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and it’s all on display here.”
â??Jon Land, bestselling author of “Pandora’s Temple”

“A brilliant mystery that combines suspense with exciting adventure. Intriguing plot twists from beginning to end shrouded under genuine history.”
â??Clive Cussler, New York Times bestselling author of “Zero Hour”

Something bad happened to Matinicus “Matt” Hawkins in Afghanistan.

The ex-SEAL was grievously wounded in an ambush that killed men under his command and almost ended his life. When he pushed for an investigation, he was kicked out of the Navy with a psychiatric discharge. The doctors put his shattered leg back together, but the bitterness destroyed his marriage.

Five years later, Hawkins is jerked out of his tranquil life as a designer of undersea robots. A super-secret government group wants him to go back to Afghanistan on a strange and dangerous mission.

A Georgetown University historian has unearthed evidence that could lead to the fabulous treasure of Prester John, a legendary Christian ruler of an eastern empire.

The historian has disappeared, and the government wants Hawkins to track down the treasure as a matter of national security. The centerpiece of the trove, an emerald-encrusted gold scepter, is the linchpin in the Prophet’s Necklace, code-name for a plot that is intended to kill more people than the attack on the Twin Towers and rally others to the terrorist cause.

Hawkins sees his mission to foil the plot as an opportunity to search for answers. He pulls together an eclectic team that includes his ex-wife, a former comrade-in-arms and a mentally unstable computer whiz.

Backed by his unlikely team, Hawkins will travel thousands of miles and hundreds of years on an amazing time-space odyssey. He’ll face off against a cold-blooded killer. Probe the underwater secrets of an ancient tomb. Navigate the treacherous stands of an unimaginable conspiracy. And in the process, will discover that there are treasures even more valuable than gold.

The Dandelion Clock: A wish to end all wishes. The war to end all wars.

by Rebecca Bryn

Families torn apart by the Great War. When war is declared in August 1914, Bill, a farm boy brought up in a village on the Duke of Buccleuch’s Northamptonshire estate, is plucking up his courage to ask his sweetheart, Florrie, to marry him. Florrie has given up her dream of being a dancer to bring up her siblings and protect them from their violent and abusive widowed father. For her, marriage to Bill is love, escape, and protection: a dream to be clung to.
But Bill and Florrie’s dreams are dashed – Bill is sent with the Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars, a yeomanry cavalry regiment, to fight in Gallipoli, Egypt, and Palestine taking with him a horse, Copper, volunteered for service by the 7th Duke’s young daughter, Lady Alice. Bill makes promises before he leaves: to marry Florrie if he survives and to bring his beloved warhorse home safe to Lady Alice.
While Bill fights Turks and Germans in appalling conditions, Florrie, a strong female, fights her own war with rationing, poverty, the loss of her menfolk, and her father’s drunken temper. As WW1 proceeds, fearful and with her resilience faltering, her feelings of self-worth plummet, and she turns to her dandelion clocks for reassurance. â??He lives? He lives not? He loves me? He loves me not?’
When Bill returns to England six months after the armistice in November 1918, both he and Florrie have been changed by their personal journeys. Has their love survived wartime romances, five years apart, and the tragedies they’ve endured? Can Bill keep his promises to Florrie and Lady Alice?
A heartbreaking story of lovers torn apart by the Great War. An insight into the military history of the 1914 1918 war as fought by the Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars and the Queen’s Own Worcestershire Yeomanry – some of the ‘PALS brigades’. At first thought, ‘not real soldiers’ by the regular army, the Royal Bucks and the Worcester Yeomanry fought with great courage and suffered huge losses. In fact, the Worcesters sustained more losses than any brigade in any war, and the PALS earnt the respect of all those who fought with them. Although Military Fiction, it is a story inspired by real people and based on real events that doesn’t forget the role of women in the Great War or their need for a wartime romance – love where they could find it.

Dracula: Badass Vampire: The most historically accurate Dracula novel ever written

by Brent Reilly

The most historically accurate Dracula novel ever written — plus vampires. Vlad the Impaler was not a count from Transylvania, but a blood-thirsty prince of Wallachia like his father and brothers. He was only in his 20’s during his infamous 6-year reign of terror, and he repeatedly defeated bigger foreign armies by using scorched earth tactics and terror as at weapon. Three times he ruled his family’s kingdom, and three times he was deposed. Feast your eyes on the fascinating real man who impaled thousands, got praised by the Pope, and fought kings, cousins, and Mehmed the Conqueror.

EXCERPTS: “Your thirst for human blood will never go away. Do you still want my gift?” Vampiro, the first vampire, asked. “I’ll be your undying friend for life,” Dracula promised.

“So the stories are true. You are something called a vampire. What’s it like, Dracula?” the king asked. Drac shrugged: “The diet sucks, the days are long, and the nights are murder.”

The forest of impaled soldiers haunted the sultan. “The stench! Dracula weaponized odor! How many men does it take to impale 20,000 troops? Someone please do the math.”

Naked, Justina offer Dracula her neck. He had gone too long and could barely contain himself.

Drac knew he’d never see his mother again. He could not tell her he’d be fine because he would never be fine. The world was crap and he’d spend his life dodging diarrhea.

Having “devil” for a last name would be both accurate and unhelpful. Dracula, which means “son of the devil” was hardly better.

Justine smiled at the prince: “There may be no good way to die, but some are better than others, and collapsing on my naked body after orgasm ranks high up there.”

Drac didn’t understand. “Radu, you’re bigger than Stephen. Kick his ass or he’ll spend the rest of his life kicking yours.” If Radu knew how prophetic that would be, he’d wet himself.

“I’ve never tasted German,” Vampiro said, licking his fangs. “The German language has too many consonants and not enough vowels.”

“Sharp wood puncturing the heart seems to kill vampires,” she told Dracula as the vamp beneath her bled out. “Hmm, even vampires die of heartbreak.”

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