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Portraits of Alice

by Ben Goodwin

At sixteen, Alice was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition which left her in the body of a barely pubescent young woman. Now, at forty, she’s utterly exhausted with the slew of men who have constantly attempted to fetishize her existence.

When her husband Henry is offered a teaching position in the midwest, the couple leaves the relative anonymity of New York City to embark on a new journey, one which will hopefully rekindle her creative spark and help her rediscover herself.

But as her husband is distracted by his new job, and as their sexual interests diverge, Alice is stuck trying to find satisfaction in new and dangerous places. Unwilling to sacrifice her own pleasure for the sake of politics or appearance, she starts down a road which will end either in destruction or salvation.

A complicated, disturbing, and erotic novel, Portraits of Alice thrusts itself into our cultural landscape without regard for comfort or excuses. In the age of MeToo, Alice is a fierce and endearing defender of personal autonomy, sexual empowerment, and the right to exist in this world without apology or approval from undeserving men.

My Brother’s Bodyguard (Hometown Heroes Book 1)

by G.L. Snodgrass

***A Sweet Young Adult Romance***

The ultimate bad boy and the school’s good girl.

Elle is cursed with a genius younger brother. A brother who has absolutely no idea of the problems he will face as a thirteen year old senior. Desperate to protect him, she reluctantly asks the school’s new bad boy, Nate Clark, for help. Unfortunately, the only way this will work is if everyone believes Nate cares enough for her to get involved.

The last thing Nate Clark ever expected was to get close to someone like Elle Watson. Girl’s like her should know better. But he’d learned long ago, when a chance like this came along. Seize it, and figure out the details later.

Superheat: A Daniel Serrano Robles A Sizzling Crime Thriller Fiction Series Read: Corporate Crime, Ohio Meth Labs, California Vinyards, Deception, Love and Violence what could go wrong?

by M. B. Wood

When Daniel Robles discovers a secret meth lab and reports it to the police, he finds himself in the cross hairs of the meth lab’s owner, O’Brien, a murderous ex-cop who seeks revenge. Framed and forced from his job, Daniel flees to San Francisco with O’Brien in hot pursuit. Nancy Benet falls in love with Robes. But will she help when no one else will?

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A satisfying read
By A. Miller

Superheat firmly places the reader into each setting with pointed details as Daniel Robles–a likable, unassuming type–tries to find his equilibrium in the world. One can feel the suffocation of cut-throat, white collar politics, hear the industrial cacophony of hissing steam and rumbling furnace induction fans, and smell the aromatic glory of California wine country. From the boardroom to the boiler room, Wood draws the reader into a carefully plotted tale nuanced with technical know-how and pulp-like twists. He takes his time in laying out the groundwork for what eventually gains momentum and builds toward a satisfying conclusion for all concerned.

Imaginative, fun read
By ILaria

(br)(br)Superheat is full of clever and colorful descriptive language and wonderful character development, especially of the main character which made me care about what was happening to him. I read mostly non-fiction, however, I found Superheat intriguing with the technical dialogue concerning the factory jargon, drug making operation and “wine talk”. The scenes were described with such detail that I could clearly picture them in my mind. I enjoyed the intrigue, subtle sex and danger. I found myself rushing from page to page to see what happens next. I can see myself reading this again as it was a very fun read which is a first for me with fiction. I will look for more books by this author.

A Chilling Tale
By rosemarie danielson

M.B. Wood has woven a chilling tale of greed, crime, murder, and loves, lost and found. Daniel Robles is an insecure young man, who lets circumstances determine his future. His fate is ultimately determined, when his circumstances lead him to travel from Akron, Ohio across the country to San Francisco. In San Francisco, he discovers that things are not what they seem and returns to Ohio. The historical events of the 1970’s surround the action and add to the many twists and turns along the way. Keep them coming! Rosie Daniels

By Meredith J. Mansfield

This story artfully includes some of the major events of the time (1969 and 1970), while building up to a suspenseful climax of corporate greed gone awry and one honest man’s attempt to see justice done. The ending will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Superheat is Supersuspense!
By Doug S

Suspense from beginning to end…a fast paced novel that lovers of action and excitement will enjoy! The author brings to life great characters with excellent depth and vivid descriptions. Even though it takes place in the 70’s, it could have been ripped from the headlines of today!

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