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To the brink and back

by Lee Barker

â??To the brink and back’ is a poetry book containing 100 poems, all written by myself, Lee Barker, about my own battle with depression and everything that goes with living with this mental illness. I talk about hitting rock bottom, but finding the strength to rise back to the top again, with the love and support of those close to me.

In this book I also write about the love for my family, as well as my own experience of losing a loved one so very dear, dealing with the grief, and believing in the after life.

As well as the above there is a wide range of subjects covered; from the military to nature, Christmas to the homeless, and domestic abuse to betrayal.

Rocky Mountain Haiku: a love letter to Colorado

by Gregory Waldron

“He was born in the summer of his 27th year, coming home to a place he’d never been before.” These lyrics from John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” describe my own experience moving to and falling in love with Colorado. I spent a year expressing that love in this collection of haiku. Whether you’re a native Coloradan or a transplant like me, I hope these poems allow you to experience the Centennial State through fresh eyes. If you’ve never even visited, I hope you get the chance, but in the mean time, this book will give you a taste of life at 9,000 feet.

Moving On (Butterfly Book 4)

by Lauren Carpenter

Sometimes it hurts to hold on and to let go. Moving on feels impossible when the heart and mind collide. Poetry for those who struggle to say good bye.

*Mature Content: Themes of suicide, self-harm, abuse, and depression are prevalent throughout.*


by Catherine Williams

A book depicting mental health struggles through the art of poetry. Catherine describes her experience growing up and surviving mental health challenges through her passion for creative writing.

The Ankle-biters’ bicycle

by Air Herk

This one little poem is a CUTE(Caring Unanimously Tinkering Endlessly) description of a bicycle and world and them, which would leave them thinking and wandering in clouds.

The Eighth Book of Beloved: Part 4 (Beloved of God 8)

by Forester De Santos

The Eighth Book of Beloved, Part 4 and the final part, eighth because eight truly is the eternal number of the eternal servant beloved of God the Living and very loving Creator. It is a book about the eternal and the double abundance, all five portions of her because of being truly real as in royal. It is a book about the double gladness and the double joy of God. It is a book about the eternal peace of God and the eternal knowledge of God and is also a book about the real as in royal rebirth of not only man in life to much more or as much more but also the real as in royal rebirth of God to much more or as much more than loving Creatorâ?¦ Now then, in my very simple and very faithful and inspired writings in the form of verses, short stories and even short essays and at times scientific formulas through my personal search and research there are certain truths already done. Thus very joyful and very happy or very glad those that venture to read and lend real attention! Tags: Asher, Eight, ultimate, first, infinity, gladness, joy, acknowledgement, renovation, rebirth, salvation, beloved of God, savior of God, blessed of God, blessed.

Scattered Thoughts: A Stream of Consciousness

by Felicia Guy-Lynch


Six Packs, Rants, And Midnight Chants

by Thornfellow

If you like your poetry with rhyme, wit, and meaning then this is the book for you.  Six Packs. . . is not just anothercollection of boring, immemorable verse, forgotten as quickly as thepages are turned, so prepare yourself for the unexpected and let theentertainment begin!
  ~  Recommended for open-minded, mature readers only! ~

The Lover’s History Book

by Thornfellow

A collection of all original poetry that comes from the innermost recesses of the author’s heart!

Thoughts of Poetry

by Keith Smith

This book is filled with poems about the struggles and triumphs of everyday man. Told through love, truth, and spirituality.

Denigration Of My Soul

by Thornfellow

Denigration Of My Soul is an emotional adventure with words, taking the reader on a brief trip through the mind of its author, Thornfellow. So prepare yourself for all of the sarcasm, humour, and anguish of the experience you will find along the way.

MI MUNDO (Spanish Edition)



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