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Happy Thoughts Playbook: Collaborative Workbook Helping You Remove Blocks To Happiness In a Playful Way.

by Kyra Schaefer

Happy Thoughts Playbook was written in collaboration by a group of thought leaders, coaches and healers to help you overcome the blocks to your happiness in a playful way. We tackle loss, grief, fear, anxiety and sadness with unflinching self-honesty and authenticity, all while moving you closer to fully embrace your joy.
This book offers you:
-Relatable real life stories of people that have experienced the worst life has to offer and still thrive
-Exercises that help you remove blocks to happiness
-Coloring pages
-How to shift old worn out habits that are keeping you unhappy
-Poetry and illustrations
-New thoughts and ideas that inspire a willingness for positive change even in challenging times
Happiness is a process of unfolding that is impossible to force or fake. This book helps you unfold in your own time and in your own way in order to help you delight in that greater knowing of ease and happiness for yourself.
Digest these pages. Enjoy the stories and move closer to thinking happy, feeling happy and being happy at your speed. This playbook has been designed for you to embrace the truth of who you are and enjoy yourself along the way.

Prudie’s Mountain Man (The Annex Mail-Order Brides Book 3)

by Elaine Manders

Clean, Christian romance novella about a Victorian era, western mail-order bride.
Annex graduate, Prudie Walsh, has lost her home and family merchandising business. She answers a mail-order bride ad for one reason only–Erich Stafford’s dry-goods store.
Scarred by a cougar attack as a child, Erich has spent his entire adult life living as a hermit in the Wyoming mountains. After inheriting a dry-goods store in the nearby frontier town of Bent Fork, he leaves his mountain cabin and eagerly awaits his mail-order bride, a woman who will be the perfect helpmate in his new business.
He soon realizes the beautiful, ambitious Prudie carries scars of her own. It will take a lot of patience and faith to turn their business arrangement into a real marriage.
Prequels to the long historical novel series, Under Cerulean Skies, the Annex Mail-Order Brides novella series follows three courageous young women who find love through the mail.

Purple Moon

by Tessa Emily Hall

Selah Finalist in Young Adult Fiction

Facing pressure from new friends, Selena must decide if she can you be her true self when everyone wants her to be someone else.

Her dad kicked Selena and her mom out of the house. Now she finally has a chance for a new beginning for Selena. Except that she has to spend the summer with her snobby cousin in Lake Lure, NC while her mom gets help in a rehab facility. When Selena gains the attention of the cute neighbor next door she thinks her summer might turn out pretty good. But when her best friend back home betrays her and reveals things about Selena no one should know, she becomes the target of nasty pranks.

Facing the scars from her past and pressure from new friends, Selena must decide if she can you be her true self when everyone wants her to be someone else.

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar young adult fiction novels in this genre may be categorized as: teen fiction, inspirational YA fiction, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome young adult fiction.

The Seventh Seal: The Prophecies of Jacob Boehme

by Wayne Kraus

In 1621 Jacob Boehme began to prophesy “The Time of the Lily and the Judgment of Babel.” The prophecies were not published in his books, but in letters to friends. Thus from deep in the secondary literature of 17th century Esoteric Christianity we find an authentic record of prophecy and fulfillment.

This is an anthology of the prophecies of Jacob Boehme and of all his expositions on the Book of Revelation.

There is perhaps no one better qualified to explicate the sevenfold structure of Revelation, which, according to Boehme, is the sevenfold structure of the cosmos and of all things. He is the only major writer, ancient or modern, who ventures to describe that enigmatic phrase in the Revelation: “the Seven Spirits of God.”

“The Seven Spirits of God, in their circumference and space, contain or comprehend heaven and this world; also the wide breadth and depth without and beyond the heavens, even above and beneath the world, and in the world, yea the whole Father, who has neither beginning nor end. They contain also all the creatures both in heaven and in this world; and all the creatures in heaven and in this world are imaged, fashioned or framed out of these spirits, and live in them as in their own propriety. Their life and their reason is generated in them in such a manner as the divine being is generated, and also in the same power. Out of and from the same body of the Seven Spirits of God are all things made and produced, all angels, all devils, the heaven, the earth, the stars, the elements, men, beasts, fowls, fishes; all worms, wood, trees, also stones, herbs and grass, and all whatsoever is.”

Halloween Fun and Decorating

by Brenda Winters

This book is in honor of my mother Irene who was a master teacher of small children all of her life.

She gave up a full art scholarship to teach. I asked her if Halloween was bad and she said no-it is for fun for children and that is all.

Here are tips and tricks (no pun intended) to make this holiday special.
Make your holiday have magic with these tips on decorating.
Fully illustrated. I have found picture books make great gifts for people who cannot read or small children.

You will be able to shop for most all of these items online or in stores. Some are vintage and rare and many you can make yourself.

I always made my own costumes. The fun was seeing the costumes of others.

Mountain Laurel: Grandma’s Healing Place

by Jean L. Kuhnke

After a traumatic incident that stole her childhood at thirteen years old, Laurel ran from the horrors of Ohio, with some help along the way, ending up on a mountain in Colorado. Grandma, the name she used for the old recluse on the mountain, took her in and together they helped each other heal.

Laurel grew into a loving young woman but was unable to relax in the presence of men, any man. She feared that once her brother found out she was not dead, as she allowed the staged evidence to show, she would not be able to embrace him. With the help from Grandma, and the men from a cartage company, she slowly began taking the steps to the recovery she needed.

Chad Clifton, an equally tormented young man, would play a part in her recovery, but they would tell you that it was the love on the mountain that changed them.


by Claire Derby

A comprehensive fully illustrated colour book containing a Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and Reiki Master Manual, plus an Ethical Practice Guide for private practice. This easy to read and follow book is for Reiki Students, Reiki Masters and Reiki Teachers. How To Practice Successful Reiki is written in a modern down to earth format with lots of useful guides, tips, diagrams and photos. This book will hone your belief, intention and intuition, allowing you to connect with and awaken the natural healer within you. It is fully supported by its own dedicated website. The author, Claire Derby, takes you on an amazing spiritual healing journey that will fascinate and enlighten you.

Saving Wimpy

by J. Marie Joyce

Divorce. Attempted suicide. Rescued. A purpose.

Parker and Jade married young, but it didn’t last, even though they were in love. After their divorce, Jade sunk into depression. Six months later, seeing him again pushed her to the brink, prompting her to swallow a bottle of pills. But the man who left saved her life.

After her near death, Jade’s assignment is to write her bucket list and has six months to complete it. Her friends and family try to help, but are afraid to leave her alone. All the while Parker tries to stay by her side, hoping for the second chance she is terrified to give him.

Saving Wimpy is a contemporary Christian, stand alone romance that follows Jade to her happy ending.

An Amish Cold Case: A Collection of Amish Mystery & Romance

by Terri Downes

An anthology of Amish Mystery and Romance stories…Sarah planned to leave her Amish community for good. After crossing paths with the Amish mafia, she leaves her place of birth to make it in the Englisch world. She finds out, however, that she cannot escape her past so easily as she meets Jake, another Amish exile and her ex-boyfriend. Fulfilling his lifelong dream to become a police detective, Jake vows to return to their Amish community and solve the murder of his father once and for all. But will it put both him and Sarah at risk?

Numerology: a Journey Through the Secret Path of Your Destiny

by Colby Gray

Numerology: a Journey Through the Secret Path of Your Destiny

What if numbers are the key? Could they really help you understanding what the future has in sort for you?

With numerology, you can begin to examine the patterns of your life and find ways to alter your future. This book does not promise you funny tricks or simple solutions to your problems, instead it leads to a sort of different way of seeing things, of considering life.

“Numerology: a Journey Through the Secret Path of Your Destiny”, this means being able for a moment to abandon the way we considered the world till now, and to make ours another dimension filled with mysterious numbers and hidden connections. This means to deem as a gift the value numerology acquire for those who are eager to fulfill their lives with this knowledge.

This delightful, breathtaking journey begins by understanding numerology, how it works, its patterns and rules. This is the first fundamental step that makes possible for the reader to acknowledge how numbers are not just mere mathematical symbols, but they have their unique features and meanings that, if rightly interpreted, will lead to great results.

This book is also designed to give you an insider look at how the followers of Pythagoras worked with numbers to identify their life path and the life path of others.

Different chapters focus each one on a specific topic or connection between numbers and events, and all the subsequent meanings, highlighting the most important combinations of numbers.

Just to give you an idea of you will find:

  • How to understand numerology and the patterns within your life.
  • The rules of numerology and how the patterns play a key role in them.
  • Charting your numerological charts and what the different charts mean.
  • How numbers play into your life and your future.
  • The connections of numerology with astrology.
  • The distinctive characteristics available based on the numerological number you get.

And so much more.

Thanks to this book you will discover the strategies that reveal deepest meanings about life, and following just a few tips and advices it will be possible to interpret the outer numerical signs and understand how to behave according to them.

Take your life into your own hands, and identify those areas that you can work on to make your life different. Find the insight you need to live your life to the fullest and not worry about what the future holds. Let the numbers lead you through the Secret Path of Your Destiny.

Yoga: Yoga Guide to Healthy Living, Mindfulness, Weight Loss And Meditation (Fitness , Mindfulness, Spirituality,Meditation Book 2)

by Emely Sand


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Derived from the Sankrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate”, yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian body of knowledge. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures (asanas) and meditation.

When you download Yoga: Guide to Healthy Living, Mindfulness, Weight Loss And Meditation, your life will begin to change if you work at it and implement the instructions we have in this book.

Would you like to know more about:

  • Poses used in YOGA and how to do it
  • Training Exercises
  • Advanced poses
  • YOGA History
  • This book breaks training down into easy-to-understand modules. It starts from correcting you’re of state of mind, so you can get great results – even as a beginner!

    Download Yoga: Guide to Healthy Living, Mindfulness, Weight Loss And Meditation

Finding Next: A Book of Divine Seasons

by Ivan Thompson

Every day we flip pages on the calendars of our lives as we move through various seasons en route to either fulfilling or coming short of the destiny God has ordained for us. “Finding Next” is a book about the divine seasons that you may pass through enroute to fulfilling God’s destiny for your life. It is the companion book to another book I have written entitled “You Should Distractions & Detours to Divine Destiny.”

Healing Gemstones

by Camilla Compton

Can hidden energies in sparkling gemstones really lead you to find love, good health, happiness and success? Yes! That’s the claim made by many famous spiritual healers throughout the centuries. The secret is to know which gemstone releases which powers and cures. Every stone has a unique personality all its own and bestows upon its wearer the special traits associated with each gem.

You CAN find–and get–what you want by tapping into mysterious, but marvelous HEALING GEMSTONES. In this book learn what these special stones can do for you:

1.History of Healing Gemstones
15.Blue Opal
16.Boulder Opal
22.Clear Quartz
40.Lake County Diamonds
41.Lapis Lazuli
46.Mother of Pearl
66.Tiger’s Eye
71.Birthstone Charts
72.Love Stones
73.Wedding Anniversary Gemstones
74. Talismanic Stones


by Elizabeth Forkey

Dressed in elegance, my hair arrayed in flawless ringlets, my makeup so fancy that I can’t even find me in the mirror, I stand at the door with my heart hammering in my ears.

The whole thing is ludicrous.

It’s the most ridiculous misunderstanding in the history of misunderstandings. It will be a weird ending to the weirdest day of my life. To be made up like a princess in a palace and then executed naked in the street, I’m so overwhelmed I can’t even process it all. My stomach is flip-flopping like its on a trampoline. The baby is twisting and kicking my bladder, making me feel like I might pee my princess underpants. I keep trying to pray, to prepare myself. I’m about to stand in the presence of the Antichrist, and I feel empty, dry, and unprepared. God, help me.

The sands of time are almost spent, and Ivy has never been more vulnerable. Though suffering and great danger lie in store, The Sovereign One has ordered her steps and planned her course, and He has never failed her. Heights of love and depths of peace are comforts on the road to loss and unfulfilled dreams. Getting everyone home safely is all that matters now.

“But woe to those who are with child and to nursing mothers in those days.” Matthew 24:19

The final book in the INFECtIOUS trilogy.

The Practical New Age Thinker: A Guide to Empowerment through Aligning Goals & Purpose

by Jeff Goldberg

The Practical New Age Thinker will help you learn how to cultivate a mindset that is performance-oriented without you becoming maniacal about doing anything but self-growth. Are you ready for some practical advice and guidance for changing the way you think, so you can change the way you live? The Practical New Age Thinker is all about taking the necessary risks, albeit calculated ones, to get you there. If you are seeking to improve your situation in a corporate environment, this book will teach you how to march to the beat of your own drum and the beat of others’ drums without any contradiction or relegation of individual spirit.

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