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Hero of Wilderland (Luke of Lyvaross Trilogy Book 2)

by K. M. Flynn

Luke has escaped the murderous intrigue of a power-hungry governor. . .
But his quest has only just begun.
After Luke’s narrow, and miraculous, escape from Lyvaross, he faces a long and dangerous trek across uncharted wilderness to reach Melkrova, the lair of Lord Melterum. The scorching deserts, dreadful creatures, dizzying puzzles, and dreamlike forest he braves are only exceeded by a maniacal chief, a vengeful queen, and a murderous tribe of poison-users he faces on his journey. With the aid of the Almighty, young Luke of Lyvaross continues his quest to find and return Princess Irina, and save Lyvaross from the evil plans of Lord Melterum.
As Luke uncovers his destiny, he grows spiritually and physically into the role the Almighty appointed for him before he was born.
*NOTE* This was originally published as Part Two of the full-length book, Luke of Lyvaross. This is a revised and updated edition of the second part of that story. This Book, Hero of Wilderland, is Book Two of the Luke of Lyvaross Trilogy.

Christmas with the Colburns (Uncharted Book 4)

by Keely Brooke Keith

Lydia faces a gloomy Christmas in the Colburn house until an unexpected discovery brightens her favorite season.

It’s Christmastime in Good Springs, and Lydia Bradshaw is eager for the light at the end of her yearâ??the Colburn family’s big holiday gathering. When she discovers none of her siblings are coming back to the village this year, she believes Christmas will be ruined. As Lydia faces a gloomy holiday in the Colburn house, an unexpected discovery brightens her favorite season. Will it be enough to rekindle the light of Christmas?

Christmas with the Colburns weaves past and future in this inspirational frontier-style romance with a slight Sci-Fi twist. Perfect for fans of dual-timeline and time-slip stories. If you enjoy the rural setting and wholesomeness of Amish Fiction but are looking for something new, read Christmas with the Colburns today. Holiday recipe included.

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Prepare to be hooked! Discover why readers worldwide have fallen in love with the Uncharted series.

The beloved inspirational romance series Uncharted includes these books:

#1 The Land Uncharted
#2 Uncharted Redemption
#3 Uncharted Inheritance
#4 Christmas with the Colburns
#5 Uncharted Hope
#6 Uncharted Journey

Each book stands alone, but for the ultimate Uncharted experience it’s best to read them in order.

“This has been one of the best series I have read. I could not put the books down.” â??Reviewer

“Keith’s abundantly detailed and romantic adventure tale features a faithful, colorful cast that face the unknown with grit and determination, making for a fresh and satisfying story.” â??Publisher’s Weekly on ABOARD PROVIDENCE

“Outstanding! Her characters are warm, loving, very realistic! You will not be disappointed if you read this series! I loved it!”â??Reviewer

The Sticky Buns Challenge: A Lighthearted Delight (Sticky Notes Book 2)

by Sherri Schoenborn Murray

Sticky Buns Challenged
When Ethel King’s neighbor challenges her to a sticky bun baking contest, Ethel quickly learns that she is sticky-bun-challenged. She has one month to discover a prize-winning recipe or risk losing in front of her friends. Thankfully, Jimmy, her 22-year-old grandson, is living with her now and serves as her taste-tester.
Two dashes of Romance. Two recipes. Too Funny! Now available as an AUDIO book. This sweet read can also be enjoyed as a standalone.

Way of the Raven

by Jackie Zack

Two Converging Pathsâ?¦
NYC editor David Wappelhorst has everything going for him except what he’s wanted in life. Concerned he’s waited too long to pursue his dream of writing a bestseller, he ditches his prestigious career and relocates to his hometown.
After witnessing a murder and given a new identity, Megan Summers finds herself in a Podunk Pennsylvanian town far away from family. Stunned with grief, she wonders if it’s possible to rebuild her life. A nearby abandoned brick house with a grim history lends more unease to her situation. Has she escaped one deadly past to live in the shadow of another?
David is intrigued by crossing Megan’s path. Why does she seem familiar? And by meeting her has his desire turned tragically unattainable?

The Chastity Club (The Rising Bridge Book 2)

by A.M. Overett

Reeling from the death of his best friend Daniel Claymore, Spencer Preston rises above the turmoil and controversy surrounding the murders of Hollywood star Tanya Lynn Morris and her friends. Being associated with Claymore, the murderer of Morris and deeply affected by the sexual aberration that took place at the Bendecourt mansion, Spencer begins a long pilgrimage to spirituality and abstinence by creating “The Chastity Club”.

Spencer implores all people to be chaste and to emulate Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. The controversial Chastity Club soon propels Spencer into the national spotlight, but dark forces are at work and even the ardent Mr. Preston can sometimes fall prey to evil. Will the Chastity Club be able to survive in an ever-darkening world and a “politically correct” society? Find out now by reading Book 2 of the Rising Bridge Series!

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