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Thunderbolts of Wrath Chapter Two: Dr. Tex Arcana Book Two (Dr. Tex Arcana and the Cult of Relics Book Two 2)

by Scott F Neve

Early morning embraced Tex and his crew. They were happily mingling with the tourists at the famous Santiago Cathedral. As the groups awaited the tour to begin, the Americans pretended that they are on the pilgrimage called the Way of El Camino. The Scott girls boldly asked the priests and nuns many curious questions. The holy people did not know the answers.
Gentleman millionaire that he was, Tex removed his white Stetson before he requested a private tour of the famous cathedral. The officials scattered to find a sole who was a worthy and available tour guide. As soon as the black clad servants of God were out of sight, a ghost materialized before the tight group of believers.
The Scotts squealed with delight, yet they did not panic. Dr. Tingley hugged her whole body to the sturdy frame of Will Holyfield. The two captains gripped Tex’s arms as if he was their greatest spiritual weapon. Somehow, they knew who it was.
The spirit of St. James had been personally sent from Heaven. He was in disguise as a big quiet commoner. The ghost of St. James became the tour guide for Tex and his crew. Everyone took a breath and relaxed for now.
The favored disciple of Jesus appeared to be nothing more than a real man. However, he spoke with a voice as smooth and low as a tremor before an earthquake. To calm his new friends’ fears, he began to tell them personal firsthand eyewitness accounts about many Bible stories where only Peter, James and John accompanied Jesus.
The Americans listened intently as he held nothing back. St. James told his version from his perspective of the raising of Jairus’ daughter, the Mount of Transfiguration, and the Garden of Gethsemane. For the life of them, no one could think of a single question to ask the great apostle.
St. James took them behind every chained off partition. He led them through every barred door. The locks instantly unlocked as the spirit of the apostle approached. After going up the narrow stairs of the tower, he showed them the cathedral’s impressive stepped rooftops.
The eyes of the saint twinkled as he spoke, “This stone heaven gives us a unique perspective to understand the church’s different construction stages. Its towers, domes and pinnacles are within touching distance of the monumental squares. No other buildings are allowed to be built higher than the cathedral’s towers. We are one hundred feet above Plaza del Obradoiro. Your eyes amble over the city rooftops into the countryside with an unforgettable view.”
The group was dumbfounded by the spectacle and magnificence. Next, the supernatural tour guide ushered them to the most resplendent altar. Above were Gothic and Renaissance additions. Below, a baroque façade covered the room with Romanesque features. A hallway from the 13th century led to where the archbishop and the knights dismounted their horses near the stables. The one hundred foot long ribbed vault had amazing corbels. The tapestries were decorated with scenes from a lively medieval banquet.
Delving deeper, the heaven-sent saint took his new friends down a stone staircase into the catacombs. Soon, they were underneath the altar known as St. James tomb. The girls dared not speak, so they communicated feverishly with sign language.
Tex cleared his throat before he asked, “Why are you here? And how can we help?”

Sky Tracker: Society sat up and took notice

by Kenneth Chamberlin

When a small Canadian company developed a computerized tracking-system that could locate criminals, track their movements, facilitate arrests and convictions, society sat up and took notice. Spy agencies and world governments were more than eager to acquire Sky Tracker.
An elite, covert organization has devious motives to gain world dominance using nuclear weapons, and they have already infiltrated various spy agencies at the highest level. They go to extreme measures to steal Sky Tracker technology, using unscrupulous and ruthless methods at any cost.

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Power Play: America’s Fate (Powerless Series Book 3)

by Diane Ryan

Power Play: America’s Fate is the third novel in the Powerless Series.

After surviving an electromagnetic pulse that short-circuited the American way of life (book 1) and a relief effort that was a veiled invasion (book2), a Cold War enemy re-emerges with advanced technologies and futuristic weapons, engaging the war-weary United States in a winner-take-all battle that is certain to destroy a nation.

A World Without: Singularity is Near (NorWorld Short Stories Book 1)

by Ernie Howard

The Future is Scary!

Anthony’s wife Susan has lost her love. She takes long business trips, and talks in clipped sentences. The problems that Anthony sees in his marriage are not what they seem. They are bigger than the two people who can’t seem to get back to where they once were.

At Norworld, we prolong life through A.I. We take away the suffering with technology.

“If the one person in your life you loved the most was there one second and gone the next what would you do? You would explore every possibility to get them back. Losing someone is a bone crushing, soul emptying experience, but now it doesn’t have to be! At NorWorld, we prolong life through A.I. We take away the suffering with Technology.” – Dr. Thad Feast

Singularity is near. The Droids are Becoming…

What really is consciousness? Is it what we can see, taste, hear, and feel? If that is what consciousness is couldn’t we duplicate it with an Artificially Intelligent being? As humans we really are just computers, that walk around in movable meat suits. It’s consciousness that makes up the person we are. Machines that are like us in every way will eventually surpass us, or that is the way it looks today. The age of quantum computing is just around the corner. A World Without is a quick peak into the future. This is book one of the Nor World series.
“A super high five to Mr. Ernie Howard for this short story. His style is well synchronized for giving the reader (me) that eerie peeked interest of wonder, like that loose end I just couldn’t place my finger on until I was supposed to. This piece was smooth and the “aha” factor was creepy cool. Thank you for your energy here from start to finish.”
“The future is scary. This was a brisk and intriguing read. I’m excited to see what comes next in nor world! The author was able to tell a super story in a short form. Can’t wait to read more.”
“I have read a few short stories now (they seem to be becoming more popular in put time-constrained lives). This is by far the best so far – it was the first that did its job and left me wanting more. A lot more! I have been given a taster of the author’s fluent, flowing style and highly recommend”

Comet Fall (Wine of the Gods Book 6)

by Pam Uphoff

Book Six in the Wine of the Gods Universe

A thousand years ago the gods said a comet had fallen. Nearly everyone had died.

Now a small one is going to hit in six months . . . and a planet killer in eight years.

The young witches and wizards of Ash have a lot to learn, and a lot of growing up to do.Rustle Neverdaut is going to be a powerful witch, if she survives bullies, high society, rapists and her own greatgrandmother.

My First Death: The Coming of Age of Smoky Swallow

by Dave Bailey

If you die near Area 51, you may just live to tell the tale.

How did I survive the jackknifing semi that ran me over?

And why do I suddenly have the ability to heal the sick and raise the dead?

These strange thoughts inside my head, telling me things that I shouldn’t know are changing me.

Giving me the family that I’ve always dreamed of.

But at what cost?

And that creepy man coming for me with his even creepier bosses.

What do they want from me? And why do they want to exterminate humankind?

Have I been possessed?

By who and for what reason?

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El Programa GAMER – DLC I: Tutorial (Spanish Edition)

by Humberto Decanini

El Programa GAMER DLC I contiene el primer tercio de la novela original, y consiste en 26 capítulos, de los cuales nueve son completamente nuevos y permiten una aproximación más detallada del universo de la serie, exploran áreas que antes dejara en la oscuridad y brindan un mayor adentramiento al estado en que el mundo se encuentra tras el fin del mundo ocasionado por los sheitans.
Más sangre, más drama, más acción, más muertes. Asimismo cuenta con una mayor profundidad en algunos personajes, se explora más acerca del mundo en que los éstos viven; incluso llegamos a conocer otros campamentos.
Además se han corregido los errores de redacción, de sintaxis y cacofonías, cambiando de forma importante la manera en que el primer tercio de la historia es leída.
El Programa GAMEr DLC I es ideal para quienes no han leído la historia original y también para todos aquellos que desean conocer más del universo de esta interesante novela de ciencia ficción.

A Song In Time II

by Ashley Robert

Heather, who is a divorced mother of two, once again has the power to travel back in time. Will she use her second chance wisely or poorly? Unfortunately, she has no recollection of what happened the last time she had control of the magical charm bracelet. Hopefully, history won’t repeat itself and Heather will end up with a better reality than the one she started with. Only “Time” will tellâ?¦.

Portal to Purgatory

by Tim Blagge

You are about to experience a profound love story between a man named Frank and a woman named Kat. This tale of love, discovery and loss however is shaped and perverted by a unique and yet unproven phenomenon. Known as an ‘Out-of-Body Experience’, the wonder of the possibility that another realm exists between life and the final hereafter conjures up deep-seated emotions that few of us can explain.
I expect some readers of strong faith to be offended by the fictional narrative of ‘Portal to Purgatory’. Exploring the concept of a parallel expanse and how it relates to the physical world in which we exist was a stirring personal endeavor. While holding strong spiritual beliefs myself, I allowed my imagination to wander from hopeful and optimistic to bleak and foreboding.
“Portal to Purgatory’ features Dr. Frank Peabody, a brilliant man with a penchant for exploring the undiscovered. After making his mark and fortune in the medical field, Frank turns his attention to examining a curiosity that had fascinated him from the time he was a young man. When his best friend, Ernie Thomas was involved in a skiing accident and experiences an out-of-body episode, it reinforced Frank’s desire to explore this strange, unseen dimension.
Against the wishes of his wife and his family, Frank becomes determined to find out everything he can about his life-long obsession. Now able to fund the research, Frank embarks on an unexpectedly convoluted path that not only involves the ethereal but collides head-on with the corrupt and double-dealing domain of the United States and other world governments.
In the end, Frank is able to prove his theories. Unfortunately for him, his discoveries come with a horrific price that he never could have imagined.
Follow the exploits of a truly noble man as he, his newly honed capabilities and a small band of patriots clash with the deception and evil that permeates most of the world’s power centers.
If you appreciate a rip-roaring mystery lace with a bit of the ethereal, buckle your seat belt. The thrill ride known as ‘Portal to Purgatory will be unexpectedly rocky, bitterly emotional and leave you wanting more!
Tim Blagge, author

Mind-Control Serum: Three Fictional Conspiracy Stories

by Brandon Shane

Training Hitmen, Black Sites and Black Boxes: In an abandoned factory complex, a man becomes brainwashed and built to become something satanically sinister…
Violent Encounters of a Psychotic Degenerate Turned Hitman: A young and lost man undergoes a violent transformation by an underlying hand.
The Diary of a Depressed Teen: A symptom of our society, or rather the fault of the criminal justice system? The story of four friends undergoing the most turbulent period of their lives.

The World After

by Sonador Snow

In 2025, free will can no longer be taken for granted. New economic powers have risen from the ashes of old civilization and 90% of the population have brain implants. The new world order excludes any disobedience against the authorities.

The few who don’t have brain implants soon find themselves dealing with the Agency for Tracking the Untraceables. Among these fugitives without home or country exists a small group known as the Yuyuan.

Planning to launch a bold effort against the tyrannical ruling powers and change the future of humankind, they face the Agency and their ruthless director, Shimi Levy, who will do everything in his power to stop them.

Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.


by Chad Hofmann

Sunset washed the hillside in golden pinks rays, making the fallen bodies below burn brightly in the evening light. The two leaders stood on the crest staring at the distorted faces of their friends and countrymen. Tears rolled down the man’s cheeks heavily while the robot grieved internally.
“This could have all been avoided.” The robot’s Australian accent was crisp and clear. If not staring directly at it, one wouldn’t have any idea the sound didn’t come from human vocal chords.
“Yes,” the man sniffled and wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve. “It could have.” There were limbsâ??both flesh and metalâ??spread across shining crimson and black patches, where blood and oil covered the rich green of the grass. No one twitched, no one took their last breath or computed their last thought.
Death was the only thing that lived in the valley below now.
-Flesh & Metal

40,000 is a collection of 800 to 1,300 word short stories ranging in genres but focusing primarily on fantasy, paranormal, horror, and science-fiction. In the original version of the book (40,000: A Rough Draft) each story was written in one hour and lightly edited in thirty minutes, before being published online. This version has been edited for grammar to make it an easier read, while trying to compromise as little of the content as possible. Meant to be quick reads, Hofmann speaks volumes in every story leaving the reader haunted by the surreal worlds and the very real characters that dwell in them.

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