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Not Just Another Photoshop Book: Photoshop Instruction Designed for Photographers

by John Watts

This is “not just another Photoshop book” – – I mean, really, there must be millions of Photoshop books out there, right? – – but how many of them are written by a custom photographic printer with over 35 years of experience working with some of the finest photographers in the world?

Why is this book different?

It’s unique because it’s written for photographers (NOT graphic artists!) and focuses on what makes a good color print. This book will show you how to use the fundamentals of Photoshop to achieve your desired printing results, using your computer and printer / custom lab.

Frustrated by the “Learning Curve” with Photoshop?

This book will show you how to effectively navigate through a complex program, showing those functions that you really need and want as a photographer.

You’ll benefit from this Book if:

– If you’re just getting started in Photoshop and Digital Printing, then this book is for you – I take the “propeller-head” out of the process!

– OR If you have Photoshop and Digital printing experience, but you’ve been disappointed with the results, then it’s time to get back to the fundamentals and learn a system that works.

Why does this book cost a bit more than other Photoshop books?

Allow me to answer that with a question: What is your time worth? When you purchase my book, that’s when our relationship starts – not too many other Photoshop books can claim that. I encourage you to contact me as you’re going through the book – you’re going to have questions, and I want to answer them.

– Over 125 pages, specific to Photoshop CC
– Organized in a unique system for ease and speed of learning
– Lots of illustrations, examples, and tips
– Based on “Real Life” images
– Ready access to the author via email

PLEASE NOTE: Best viewed on tablet devices or larger, especially Kindle for Mac / PC – not suitable for e-readers. On iOS devices, external links may not work due to legal issues between Amazon and Apple.

Travels In Arizona – The Grand Canyon – Volume 2

by Paul Moore

This is a photographic work on the Grand Canyon in Arizona and contains more than 65 color images and is approximately 70 pages in length. This is the second of two volumes that were divided to keep the cost at the lowest level.

The author began photography and photo-journalism in early 1963 when he accepted an offer from his local newspaper to write about and photograph sports events at the Arizona high school where he was a junior.

After a stint in the service, he had an opportunity to study photography and printing techniques with Bernard Hoffman, a true gentleman and scholar, and one of the earliest staff photographers for Life Magazine.

Since that time he has had thousands of photographs and hundreds of articles published by more than 60 national and international periodicals. He was also a contributing editor for one of them for more than ten years. Topics ran the gamut from professional sports, medicine, archeology, and photography to science. In addition, the author is represented by more than a dozen agencies and all of these images have appeared in publications around the world.

After twenty years away from Arizona he returned in 1985 and it has been the base from which all his photographic excursions are launched. Along with many others he has embraced digital photography but can still be seen, from time to time, peering through the ground glass of a large format camera, hoisting a large medium format 6×7, or indeed still using a 35mm film camera.

The photographer currently has fine art photography on exhibit at The Center for Fine Arts in Globe, Arizona.

Boyhood Days (Part 1)

by Marcellus Joseph

Designed to bring out a feeling of nostalgia to everyone who reads it, this book, Boyhood Days, is a very exciting and detailed account of our experiences, activities and adventures, while growing up in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia in particular, during the period 1960’s to the early 1980’s. This was a point in time when Saint Lucia was like our own “Garden of Eden”, which was a very beautiful, natural and Nature Isle, filled with fruit trees, rivers and streams and where everybody was each other’s neighbor. An anecdotal piece, this book, which is divided into three parts, documents, in an indirect way, our lives and times during the period indicated above. And although all of the stories included in this publication are real and serious in nature, they are designed to bring about some really good laughter for the reader.
Inside, you will get a clear indication of the things we did and how we did it back then, which was the period prior to the development of technology and its subsequent advancement. Then, as people of humble beginnings, we were forced to be creative, in order to make ends meet and to cater to our enjoyment and lifestyle. It was also a period of extreme laughter and excitement for us all and also a period of strict disciplining for us the children. Please believe me when I say that everything written in this book is entirely true and it is written in a way to grab your attention and keep you wanting more. In this book you will read about a group of young boys being chased by a machete (cutlass) wielding grounds keeper, how a young lady fought with and defeated all the young men of the area, the traditional events and activities of our country, the games we played and relationships we forged, our culture and heritage and our lives in general. In my view, it was really a wonderful time to have grown up and this is the period that we refer to as “The Good Old Days”. Reason being, there was no shortage of things to do or things happening, in our neck of the woods, back then. Those were the days, the Boyhood Days. Please look out for the subsequent releases of Part 2 and Part 3, both of which are of a similar nature and content as Part 1

Tajine Kochbuch: Die 60 besten Tajine Rezepte zum Nachmachen. Traditionelle, leckere und würzige Gerichte aus dem Orient und Marokko. (German Edition)

by Cooking Club

Tajine Kochbuch: Die 60 besten Tajine Rezepte zum Nachmachen. Traditionelle, leckere und würzige Gerichte aus dem Orient und Marokko. 

Neben der indischen oder der asiatischen Küche sind Gerichte aus Marokko, beziehungsweise Nordafrika, für unseren europäischen Gaumen etwas ganz und gar besonderes. 

  •      Möchten Sie neue Eindrücke in der Zubereitung Ihrer Mahlzeiten?
  •      Haben Sie Lust, mal etwas ganz anderes zu kochen?
  •      Wollen Sie den Zauber von Marokko zu Ihnen nach Hause holen?

Dann ist das “Tajine Kochbuch” Ihr neuer Begleiter rund um die Zubereitung in diesem speziellen Schmortopf. Ã?berraschen Sie Freunde und Familie mit leckeren, nordafrikanischen Gerichten, die Sie selbst in der Tajine zubereiten können. Lesen Sie im “Tajine Kochbuch”

  •      Was die Tajine ist.
  •      Warum Sie nur diesen einen Topf für ein komplettes Gericht brauchen.
  •      Wie Sie die Tajine richtig verwenden.
  •      Welche Gewürze typisch sind für die marokkanische Küche.
  •      Welche Vorteile die Tajine bietet.
  •      Wie Sie sogar Brot und süÃ?e Speisen in der Tajine zubereiten.

Das “Tajine Kochbuch” hält viele schmackhafte Rezepte für Sie bereit, die Sie spielend leicht umsetzen können. Egal ob Fleisch, Fisch oder komplett vegetarisch – die marokkanische Küche hat für jeden etwas zu bieten. Versuchen Sie einmal etwas vollkommen anderes und verwandeln Sie Ihre Küche in ein orientalisches Wunderland.



Want a book that will make you look? If you watch the trees you may see movement. It could be a bird watching a worm down by your feet. So run inside and open this book to try and find what bird you saw!

‘Birds and Words’ is a fun way to get children excited to learn about the birds that can be found in their backyard.

My Side of the Story: Monologues for Teens

by Kristin Kay Rasmussen

The kid who always has to organize the teacher’s classroom. The jock who is hiding a concussion. The friend who tells on him to the coach. A bully and her victimâ?¦are we really sure which is which? You will meet these characters and more in this collection of authentic monologues inspired by my years in the classroom.

There are always at least two sides to any story. This monologue collection examines significant moments from the point of view of two different characters. Some are funny; some are serious. The monologues can be performed individually or in pairs as part of a drama class exercise.

If you’re teacher, you’ll be glad to find rubrics and extension activities as a bonus in this book. If you are a student looking for a great audition piece, you’ll find that too. For even more content, sign up for my newsletter at

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