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Saint Joseph of Wisconsin: The Heroic True Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy that Fake News & Fake Historians Donâ??t Want You to Know

by M S King

*273 Pages / 500 Images

Who was Joseph McCarthy, and why is he, without question, hands-down — the most widely and most viciously vilified personage in American history? The official version of history — written by academic operatives serving the same ruling class which McCarthy sought to expose – teaches us that the Wisconsin Senator was a nasty bullying brute who dirtied the reputations of anyone who disagreed with him politically. As the story goes, if one was a “liberal,” the demagogue McCarthy slandered him as a “communist” and, just like that, an innocent man, or woman, was ruined.

McCarthy’s mole-hunting came to be known as “McCarthyism” – a derogatory term still used today to describe political slanderers. More than sixty years after his crusade against “Red” traitors was stopped in its tracks, American school children, who learn very little about history (real or fake), will surely learn about the “evil” Joe McCarthy – and it’s all a pack of slickly-packaged lies.

The history of Joe McCarthy is a story that absolutely must be corrected not merely for the sake of academic scholarship, but more importantly, because the very same “conspiracy so immense” that ultimately destroyed McCarthy is still alive and well today – and more dangerous than ever.

This is the true story of Senator Joseph McCarthy – “Saint” Joseph of Wisconsin. Hallowed be his unjustly dirtied name.

Synanon Kid Grows Up: A Memoir Of Learning To Live Outside The Synanon Cult

by C.A. Wittman

“Commune shopping,” my mother, Theresa, called it as if to imply some sort of fun. But I wasn’t fooled. One shopped for shoes, clothes, and groceries, not insular bizarre private societies to devote years of one’s life to.

After spending almost five years of her childhood in the Synanon cult, Celena has developed a deep longing and desire for normalcy, to live in a house with her mother, attend public school, and meld into the plainness of mainstream American life.
In October 1981, Celena’s longtime wish to leave the commune is finally realized, and one cold fall morning she departs by bus from the rural property in Marin with her mother, stepfather, and stepsister to start their lives anew. Yet right from the beginning, ideals of how and where to live clash within their small family. While Celena and her stepsister yearn for a nuclear home, their parents are on the hunt for the next utopia.

Money is tight and tempers are hot as the four try to navigate the challenge of what it is to be a family while attempting to survive in a society that rewards individualism over collectivism. For the first time, Celena is made aware of what it means to be black in a white world, sometimes struggling with a level of invisibility that she was not prepared for. Longing to belong somewhere, she develops the fierce desire to return to Los Angeles and the African American communities she came from.
As Celena grows into a young woman, her existential angst has her questioning God’s existence and taking a hard look at materialism and the values of the American mainstream culture that she once idealized. Over time, she learns to embrace the counterculture lifestyle of the Santa Cruz community that she and her family have settled in. Through her stepfather’s role as a drug counselor at the Sunflower House rehab, she comes to have a deeper understanding of what the Synanon cult was all about and why people initially became attracted to the commune.
This is the story of a young woman’s search for identity while coming to terms with her past as a Synanon kid.

NIKOLA TESLA: The extraordinary life of a modern Prometheus: The Entire Life Story (Best Biography)


Nikola Tesla

The extraordinary life of a modern Prometheus

The Entire Life Story

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Nikola Tesla pursued his ideas for wireless lighting and worldwide wireless electric power distribution in his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments. Tesla explained the principles of the rotating magnetic field in an induction motor by demonstrating how to make a copper egg stand on end, using a device that he constructed known as the Egg of Columbus and introduced his new steam powered oscillator AC generator.

Inside you’ll read about

  • A promising intellect
  • Health complications
  • Inventive work
  • A troubled mind
  • Unusual experiences
  • Mental breakdown
  • Controversial viewpoints
  • A forgotten mind
  • From breakdown to brainstorm
  • Overshadowed by rivals
  • Death of a forgotten mind

And much more!
Based on Tesla’s new ideas for electrical equipment, including a thermo-magnetic motor idea, Alfred S. Brown and Charles F. Peck formed the Tesla Electric Company. Nikola Tesla developed an induction motor that ran on alternating current (AC), a power system format that was rapidly expanding in Europe and the United States because of its advantages in long-distance, high-voltage transmission.

The Journey to Find Myself

by Elijah DeVivo

From the Best-Selling Author and Columnist for an Award-Winning Blog, comes a powerful book on love, solitude, spirituality and friendship.

Do you sometimes feel that you’re living a life that’s not entirely yours? Does it feel as if you haven’t yet found who you are and what your life’s purpose is?

That’s exactly how Author Elijah DeVivo felt not too long ago. It was not after he took a deeper look into his life and examined his own personality that he managed to figure out what’s important in this life.

Promising to be the most personal thing he has ever released, this book might just spark some deeper thinking, inspiration and motivation for the reader who’s looking to grow and blossom into the happiest version of themselves.

It was not after Elijah turned away from the shallow things life has to offer that he finally found happiness where he least expected it. Perhaps, you might make a similar realization after reading this book!

How to file a Motion to Dismiss : A Pro Se Guide

by Lorayne Miller

Lorayne Souders-Neely has created a self help guide for people who want to fight the foreclosure themselves. This easy to understand guide has everything you need to file a motion to dismiss with templates, case law, and everything written in easy to understand format.

Ops! Cambio Di Rotta!: Come lâ??Esperienza di Vita con una Figlia Disabile Può Aiutare a Migliorare la Vita di Altre Persone nella Stessa Situazione (Italian Edition)

by Roberta Bertolatti

Mamma, donna e imprenditrice. La vita l’ha portata a sperimentare attraverso sua figlia Federica il difficile mondo della disabilità. Catapultata con Federica nel “Paese delle Meraviglie”, così come scrive nel suo libro, ha dovuto imparare una nuova lingua, ha incontrato nuovi abitanti, percorsi faticosi, momenti di smarrimento e rabbia che unitamente alla forza e determinazione l’hanno portata a non arrendersi cercando nuove strade per migliorare la qualità di vita di sua figlia Federica. Non ha mai negato la disabilità di sua figlia, non si è appellata a soluzioni magiche per cancellare ogni difficoltà, ma ha continuamente lottato contro le avversità senza perdere la speranza creando opportunità di cambiamento. Una donna guerriera che attraverso l’amore, la pazienza, il perdono, la consapevolezza e le difficoltà ha imparato a reinventarsi conoscendo ed accettando le avventure del “nuovo paese “e dei suoi abitanti, costretta a rimettere in discussione tutto, anche lei stessa, per scoprire, infine, una qualità della vita: la resilienza. E da tutto questo ne uscirà più saggia e più forte di prima, protagonista di forti cambiamenti.


  • Come affrontare la notizia di un figlio disabile.
  • L’importanza di guardare a questo evento come a un viaggio da intraprendere.


  • Come accettare la diagnosi e pianificare le migliori strategie da adottare.
  • Perché chiedere aiuto e consigli a familiari, specialisti e ad altre famiglie con problemi simili è fondamentale per affrontare le piccole grandi sfide quotidiane.


  • L’importanza di non sottovalutare mai una diagnosi precoce.
  • Il modo migliore per scoprire i diritti e le agevolazioni che spettano al figlio disabile.


  • Il vero motivo per cui la disabilità non può essere considerata un limite.
  • Perché alla base della riuscita di qualsiasi obiettivo c’è prima di tutto una forte motivazione.


  • Come trasformare la disabilità da “ostacolo” a “sfida”.
  • L’importanza di valorizzare i ragazzi disabili per i progressi che fanno ogni giorno.


  • Il progetto Federica: cos’è e in cosa consiste.
  • Come supportare un ragazzo disabile in un processo di apprendimento costante.


  • Come imparare a vedere in modo diverso la disabilità.
  • I 5 ingredienti indispensabili per la sopravvivenza.


  • Come affrontare il termine dei cinque anni di scuola superiore.
  • Il progetto SpaH – Benessere in Comunità: cos’è e in cosa consiste.

FRANK SINATRA: A Frank Sinatra Biography

by Ziggy Watson

Frank Sinatra: A Frank Sinatra Biography

Frank Sinatra is the 20th century”s greatest male singer and it’s not particularly close. His relaxed and easy performance style mixed with his famous wit has made him a household name worldwide, some 50 years after his peak. There are few that can hold a candle to him and even fewer that try. His imitators are numerous and his influence is unavoidable. This is the story of a young Italian boy living in New Jersey who dreamed of something bigger and had the gumption to do out and get it.

There are surely competitors. Bing Crosby, in particular, was the man that inspired Sinatra to become a singer in the first place. But Sinatra was talented enough to take what Crosby laid out and grow from itâ??creating something that had never been seen before. Sinatra did all this without any formal training in music and without the virtuosity that was seemingly necessary before his rise. That’s not to say his work wasn’t complex or meaningful, on the contrary, the emotion that he offered for the pieces he sang could be felt in every syllable.

Above all, he had a voice. But, he also lived a life that was his own and made sure everyone knew it. He was an iconic musical figure in three different decades. He was Frank Sinatra. Sinatra lived a life of relative wonder upon being discovered as a part of a jazz group in the 1940’s. But Frank was always one to stand out of the group. There were other singers in his contemporary periods that had more talent, more natural ability. But there was no one who had the draw quite like Sinatra.

My name is Bino Byansi Byakuleka: Double essay

by Lydia Ziemke

â??We must learn to see the stereotypes behind the term asylum seekers. The book is a good start for that.” (Susanne Memarnia, taz)

Could you imagine to be a refugee and be treated like a criminal? Not like a human being? How would you like to be welcomed? With Patras Bwansi you can relive this experience. He describes growing up in Uganda with school beatings, tells us about the constant bureaucratic supervision in the German “initial reception facilities”, colloquial also called “Lager”, as well as his personal outbreak into the protest, calling for humanitarian rights. That this will come only with a political and social rethinking, Lydia Ziemke shows in her text, which is inspired by her artistic work with refugees. This double essay will completely change our thinking about immigrants.

Bino Byansi Byakuleka, formerly known as Patras Bwansi, born in 1979 in Kabale, Uganda is a Textile Artist who currently lives in Berlin. In August 2012 he started a protest tent in Passau Klostergarten and in October he joined the refugee protest camp in Berlin-Kreuzberg at Oranienplatz. Since then he is a full time political activist to change the asylum system in Germany and for LGBTIQ rights.

Lydia Ziemke, born 1978 in Potsdam, lives in Berlin. She studied Classics at the University of Edinburgh and was running the Gilded Balloon Studio Ensemble there for three years. Since 2006, after completing LAMDA’s one-year directing Pro-gramme, she divided her time between London and Berlin as a freelance director and dramaturg.

Stories from My Memory-Shelf: Fiction and Essays from My Past

by Lori Schafer

From the author of On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness, Stories from My Memory-Shelf is the story of my life told in short fiction and essays. Features author commentary on the real-life events that inspired the stories.

“Girl in Pink, Seeing Red”
Never mess with a little girl’s best friend – even if she is dressed all in pink.

“Two Fathers”
“He is clasping my hand and leading me down the street to the local bar; propping me up on a barstool so all his friends can see, can joke with me and about me while I twirl about on the red vinyl, tall and proud to be out with Daddy.”

“Yellow Wagon”
A young girl walks to school alone – is she being stalked?

“The Second Grade”
Because everything’s a first when you’re in the second grade.

“She was strong, she was beautiful, she was graceful. Even if it was only in twilight that it showed.”

“Past and Present”
” â??It was lucky I forgot my keys,’ her mother was saying, rubbing the raised scar between her daughter’s thumb and forefinger. â??I came back and found you lying in a pool of blood.’ “

“Large for my age, prideful of my tomboyhood, and self-assured in my paranormal incredulity, it was I who braved the deep, I, even, who had relayed the tale of the enigmatic contents of the newspaper room following my first venture there, and inadvertently set the neighborhood to wondering what horrors might be lurking at its bottom.”

” â??What’s the matter, Sutton?’ Mr. Jenkins inquired. â??Schneider get your goat?’
There was a momentous silent pause followed by the audible snap of thirty heads whipping around in unison towards the mortified young girl and the shamelessly grinning boy who had yanked on her ponytail until she’d finally shouted at him to quit it.”

“Fallen Ideal”
“I didn’t think I wanted to get married. But now I wonder who will take me to the bathroom when I’m too old to stand.”

“Deep-Water Girl”
“Go on, deep-water girl! Keep on lookin’ for that deep water! You won’t never find it!”

“Rest Stop”
“He approached her, thumbs tucked into the pockets of his own full-length dungarees, evidently immune to the heat.
â??Say, that’s an expensive trip,’ he observed. â??You, uh – you got enough money to get there?’ “

“Found Money”
“It was something, wasn’t it? Finding five dollars. Not a matter of life or death, maybe. Not just yet.”

“Heads of the Line”
“Each job had its own rhythm. Scrape, scrape, scrape. Thunk; thunk; thunk. It was such a persuasive rhythm that sometimes you even forgot that it was a part of the job. Like that unfortunate header from last seasonâ?¦”

“Fog Line”
“He raised his flashlight and looked her over, as they always did, comparing the image on the out-of-state license to the young woman in the rusty van that pre-dated her by a decade.”

“Jackson, Mississippi”
Essay on finally understanding how it must feel to be black in a largely white world.

“Baby and Me”
“Our best friends were having a baby. Inwardly, I groaned.”
Flash fiction. In which I fail to comprehend the reproductive instinct that seems to be consuming everyone around me.

“Funeral for Charlie”
“I watched as the water swirled away, taking Charlie on one final miraculous journey to the home of his ancient ancestors…”
Flash fiction. Sad, but oh so true.

“Dead in the Water”
“She hung suspended, gazing up at the sky, the sun, the surface, at the cord entangling her foot. It was too late. She would drown; she would die there beneath the water, ten feet away from the people who loved her.”

“Youth does not have a fair picture of itselfâ?¦ It is only with the perspective of years that we begin to see our lives in patterns, in great sweeping arcs that promise, if we examine them closely, to reveal to us something of ourselves, something of who we were, something of who we have become. Something of who we will become.”

Stories from My Memory-Shelf: Fiction and Ess

The Shaman and the Angel: A prequel to the Russian Treasures Series

by Elvira Baryakina

Klim Rogov, the sole heir to the fortune of a noble family, has disappeared without a trace on April 21, 1907.
His father has announced a reward for any information about his son; Russia’s finest detectives have tried to track Klim down but to no avail.

Only Klim’s fifteen-year-old cousin, Lubochka, has any idea what has happened, but she is keeping silent. There is little point trying to explain to adults the nature of the mysterious force that has commanded Klim to leave home, come what may.

The Lady Killer: A Collection of True Crime

by Kirsten Morden

These serial killers had a disdain for women behind their charming facades..Ricardo Caputo was a handsome young man, a sketch artist who was fluent in various languages. His dark hair, dimpled chin, and deep eyes, accompanied with his charming personality, drew people to him. He enjoyed the attention he received from women and tended to seek out intelligent partners who he could hold a conversation with, and preferred women who would sympathize with his frustrations in life. It wasn’t difficult to be won over by Ricardo’s smooth, winning personality. In 1970, at the age of twenty-one, Ricardo travelled to the United States on a six-month visa. He held a number of jobs, from a busboy and waiter in various restaurants, to a custodian in the Plaza Hotel, and eventually decided to stay in the country for an extended period. This attractive and ambitious young man would become a regular on the FBI’s most wanted list over the course of the 1970s, often holding the number one spot. Behind the sombre eyes hid a dangerous mix of personalities with a terrifying aggression towards women.

A Spiritual Healing Healing Stick: Can pieces of a tree,Heal,Gives us the Healing Energy from Our Lord. (Eyes of Spirit)

by Paul Julius

The Spiritual Healing,My Healing Stick…On my First Book,Eyes of Spirit.I speak of my Healing.For years,I used a stick and piece of bark for my healing session.I know,I had something special,when they were holding and without noticing it.The person felt better.When I wrote,Eyes of Spirit.I realized,I was into healing . The connection to Spirit is part of a Spiritual Medium.In the Spiritual Centres both are very important.I have these pieces of a tree.How Special are They.That was my question to myself.I need proof,not so much from people,this is a very sensitive subject.Especially to write a book and to go public,some will accept,in what I am saying.and some,well,not to nice.I have no problem in defending myself.I defend myself all the time as a Medium,and I am very proud of who,I am.I found my mission in Life,in Spirit and Our Lord.I asked Spirit,Give me ,in what I need.Well in the days. Following,I channelled two Spirits,one for the piece of bark,and other was for the piece of a branch.The bark was funny in a way.I was awaken at 4am,I channel her with her message.That was a little emotional for myself,her desire to help,woman.By channelling these 2 Spirits,giving me those words,those words gave me,all the proof ,I NEEDED….
Now,I wrote a book.Now I am trying,in seeking help, in proving of their abilities and to donate them.I can keep them and pass them down to generations.I feel,they belong to everyone and give hope,to give light in our lives.All levels of our lives,Our human life,have their Ups and Downs.It’s Our Spiritual Side ,that have no pills.Our lord and Spirit.are always with Us.

Ellen’s Tears

by Sally Hull

Ellen is a fictitious character, based on the real-life journal of the au-thor, Sally Hull. She is her uncle’s care-giver. He is in the latter stages of Parkinson’s disease. Her one rule in writing her journal is that she can say anything she wants, but she must leave the entry on a positive note. These journal entries are from the trenches of care-giving. Though some of the experiences Ellen goes through are hard, hope is offered. If you are a care-giver, or love a care-giver, this book is one to offer help and hope. The journal is in tact, just as it was actually written. The only changes are the names of the people, in order to protect their privacy. Interwoven in journal entries is the fictitious story of Ellen and the young man she hires as their handyman. Come laugh and cry with Ellen as you read her journal. Enjoy the young man’s amazement and befuddlement over Ellen’s tenacious hold upon God as her anchor and strength.

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