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The Complete Ketogenic Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 55 Budget-Friendly Ketogenic (Keto) Recipes. 10-Day Diet Meal Plan

by Paul Johnston

Do you want to lose weight (and lose fat in particular)? 

We all want to look gorgeous. But to make dreams come into reality, it takes a lot of determination, self-discipline, and effort. 

This diet plan will be yours!

Will it be easy? – Maybe. 
Worth it? – Absolutely.

With The Complete Ketogenic Diet Cookbookfor Beginners, you can eat to total satisfaction by enjoying rich, high-satiety foods, and even weather occasional slip-ups. You’ll use keto as a lifelong tool to stay trim, healthy, energetic, and free from the disastrous health conditions caused by the typical American diet. 

With step-by-step guidance, daily meal plans and a recipe section with over 50 delicious keto-friendly recipes, this is the definitive guide to help the keto-beginner or the experienced health enthusiast understand the what, why, and how to succeed with ketogenic eating.

The Complete Ketogenic Diet Cookbookfor Beginners contains:

  • 55 Easy to Follow Recipes using five main ingredients or less for every meal
  • 10-Day Meal Plan jump-starting your ketogenic diet with shopping lists and balanced meals
  • A Complete Overview explaining the fundamentals of the ketogenic diet and advice for living the keto-lifestyle
  • Handy Charts illustrating calories and nutritional information
  • Recipes in The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners include: Stuffed Whole Chicken, Malaysian Beef Curry, Pork Shoulder Chops with Au Gratin, Mushrooms Pesto Pizza, Sesame Crispbread, Vanilla Panna Cotta and much more!
  • Also included is a step-by-step guide on how to slowly switch over to keto without shocking yourself or ruining the diet for yourself by being irresponsible and hasty. Slowly and surely, we will drop away one or two foods at a time until you’re finally on keto. This method will make starting keto an absolute breeze.

Endorsed by the Mayo Clinic and others in the medical community, the ketogenic diet has been proven as a healthy, effective way of achieving weight loss, as it consists of low-carb, high fat foods that prompt the body to burn fat for energy instead of glucose.

In this complete ketogenic diet book for beginners, I decided to collect all necessary information about a new diet for those who want to follow it. The benefit you will gain from this book depends on you. 

You are personally responsible for your health!

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The American Cooking Kitchen: America’s Most Trusted Cooking

by Franshollande

The average American family eats out three or more times per week, which translates into hundreds of dollars spent on food each month. In these hard economic times, families simply can’t afford to keep paying these high prices. And Ron Douglas has spent the past five years of his life ensuring that we won’t have to. With the help of a test kitchen and more than 45,000 tasters, he uncovered the carefully guarded recipes of the most popular meals at restaurants across the country. With his easy-to-follow steps, families can now enjoy the meals they love most at a price they can actually afford.

Step-by-Step Picture Book Breakfast Recipes: to Make Your Mornings Happy

by Valeria Willmers

These recipes are so easy and delicious, you won’t ever consider skipping the most important meal of the day again. Prep a morning bake the night before with any one of our easy overnight breakfast recipes or make a batch of simple homemade breakfast burritos to stash in the freezer and grab when you’re running out the door. You can even make pastries that taste like they came from the bakery with a few easy kitchen shortcuts! It’s all in this collection of our best, easiest breakfast recipesâ??give any one of them a try, and watch as the day’s first meal becomes your favorite meal.

Lectin Free Instant Pot Cookbook: Simple and Delicious Lectin Free Instant Pot Recipes for Your Health (Lectin Free Cookbook Book 1)

by Missy Washington

Welcome to this lectin free diet cookbook!

Introduced by Dr. Steven Gundry in his book “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain”, Dr. Steven Gundry focuses on selecting alternative choices of food to avoid lectins. Dr. Steven Gundry book also talks about various methods of reducing the impact of lectins available in certain food items.

As per Dr. Gundry, lectin free diet asks you to avoid certain food kinds such as quinoa, legumes, nightshade vegetables, grains, and others. In Gundry’s Lectin Free Diet, the meat, as well as dairy product selection, becomes critical too. You are required to pick the lectin free kind of meat and dairy items.

The Lectin Free diet pushes more toward gaining nutrients from leafy vegetables. Hence, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, and other vegetables become a part of your daily diet. The lectin free diet also suggests pasture-fed meat and eggs to stay away from any source of lectins.

You are going to learn some great recipes in this Lectin Free Instant Pot cookbook along with a comprehensive idea of how lectin free diet works along with quick and easy instant pot lectin free recipes. This lectin free instant pot cookbook will tell you how lectins work in your body and what type of food items include lectins. Similarly, in this lectin free instant pot cookbook, there is a list of food items that will help you stay away from lectins. Hence, you can become lectin free and save yourself from the harmful impact of lectins.

The reduction of lectins is a necessity to keep your body protected and healthy. Various health issues are associated with the excessive lectins intake such as digestive problems, autoimmune issues, and weight gain as well. This Lectin Free Instant Pot cookbook is all about providing delicious recipes which you can prepare using Instant Pot. The ingredients and instructions of the recipes come along with the nutritional value. Hence, you can utilize the recipes to control your calorie intake and stay healthy.

Instant Pot style of cooking is simpler, but many people look for the steps of using an Instant Pot. This Lectin Free Instant Pot cookbook saves from that search as well. There is a dedicated section providing comprehensive knowledge of Instant Pot, its usage, and benefits. With that, you can easily go lectin free without feeling any discomfort when using an Instant Pot.

Though, in this Lectin Free Instant Pot cookbook, the recipes have been divided into three major sections, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will find recipes related to all the food options recommended within the lectin free diet.

Now, you can begin your journey by avoiding lectins and using Instant Pot to prepare delicious lectin free recipes.

Mastering MrBeer: My unofficial guide to brewing better beer with the MrBeer homebrew kit

by Jake Bushior

My unofficial guide to brewing better beer with the MrBeer starter kit. I discuss the entire process from gathering supplies to properly aging your bottles and tons of tips and tricks in between. The end result? What might have turned out to be disappointing cidery drainpours can instead be a great foray into the world of craft brewing you’ll be proud to share with friends and family!

Happy Meals Made with Your Instant Pot Cookbook For Everyone: 1000 Days Instant Pot Recipes Plan | Quick, Easy and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes with 36 Months Meal Plan for Busy People

by Jessy Jones

1000 Days of Instant Pot Recipes

Amazingly Simple and Yummy Instant Pot Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Would not you enjoy cooking delicious recipes, and doing this for 1000 Days in a Row? Then this is your book! A delicious scent coming from your instant pot. Your next meal is about be served. Can you picture this moment? It is difficult to beat, isn’t?

So many recipes to cook. Such a wide variety of dishes, tastes, smells, cuisines. A whole life before us to try everythingâ?¦ But where to get all the ideas and inspiration from? This is where World Good Foods come into play: to make your life easier and to give you plenty of ideas and recipes to choose from and enjoy.

  • Interesting Mediterranean cuisine Recipes
  • Asian cuisine
  • Eastern European
  • Vegan foods
  • Classis American Cuisine Dishes

    Also the categories cover wide range of products and ingredients

  • Soups and Stews
  • Simple and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes
  • Tasty Appetizers
  • Savory & Original Seafood Recipes
  • The most Tender Poultry & Meat Recipes
  • Lazy & Easy Breakfast Recipes
  • Absolutely Mouth-watering Desserts and Cakes
  • And many, many more Instant Pot recipes including Desserts, Pork and Lamb Instant Pot Based Recipes for your Electric Pressure Cooker

My wife, kids and now hundreds of readers are enjoying and benefiting from the recipes included in this collection. I guarantee you will make your family and friends happy with these recipes, and most importantly you will be able to add your personal touch!

These recipes are suitable to all audiences, form the beginner to the experienced cook. Just choose the one you like the most and start cooking .If you like it you can repeat as many times as you want or just choose a new one from the wide variety of recipes offered in this book.

Enjoy your meals

Casserole Cookbook: Heartwarming Casserole Recipes

by Carla Hale

Casseroles are the ultimate go-to type of dish to make whenever you need to feed a large group of hungry people. Casseroles can be made with a variety of ingredients to make a meal everybody will love.

That is exactly what this cookbook will teach you!

Inside of this casserole cookbook, you will learn how to make delicious casserole recipes such as:

– Chicken Teriyaki Casserole
– French Onion Beef Stroganoff Casserole
– Sweet Potato Casserole
– Chicken and Waffles Casserole
– Baked Corn Casserole
– Spinach and Artichoke Ravioli Casserole
– Chicken Taco Casserole
– Broccoli and Cheese Casserole
– and even more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of this casserole cookbook and start making your favorite casserole dish as soon as today!



Son 30 recetas, 30 panecillos diferentes que puedes preparar en el hogar para toda la familia.
son super fáciles y rápidos de hacer. no necesitarás usar levadura, lo puedes preparar facilmente usando solo polvo de hornear.
Puede aprovechar este libro si quieres agregarlo a tu negocio de REPOSTERÍA, LOS PRODUCTOS SON EXQUISITOS.
Hay imagenes a color de productos ya realizados.
cuando lo complemente con EL LIBRO DE REPOSTERÍA Y EL LIBRO COMPLETO PARA POSTRES de esta misma serie tendrás el paquete completo para deleitar a la familia con exquisitas y variadas recetas. para cualquier tipo de cultura alimenticia se adapta.

Australian Cookbook: Wholesome Australian Recipes from the Outback

by Martha Stephenson

Experience what makes Australian cuisine unique with the help of this Australian cookbook!

With over 25 authentic Australian recipes, you will begin to discover a new world of food that you have never been able to try before. Learn how to make popular Australian recipes such as:

– Miniature Australian Beef Pies
– Zucchini Slice
– Lamingtons
– Australian Honey Joys
– Date Loaf Cake
– Australian Pavlova
– Australian Date Pudding
– Fairy Bread
– and even more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of this Australian cookbook and start making authentic Australian recipes today!

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The Best Korean Recipes Easy: Delicious & Nutrient Improve Your Emotional and Physical Health

by Franshollande

The most common ingredients used in Korean cuisine are vegetables, which we all know to be full of the macronutrients and micronutrients essential in the maintenance of good health. From the side dish to the main dish and from fresh to fermented, vegetables like cabbages, bean sprouts and spinach are generously used. Add in the generous uses of garlic, ginger and other beneficial spices and Korean cuisine is very healthy.

The Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook: 60 Best Delicious and Healthy Recipes (Plant-based, Easy Recipes, vegan cooking, healthy living)

by Amy Stein

The Ultimate Cookbook to Fry, Roast, and Bake the Healthy and Vegan Way!!

This book has 60 delicious vegan-friendly recipes that you can prepare using an air fryer. If you are excited about unleashing the full power of the air fryer as a vegan, this book is for you! It has lots of delicious recipes that you can prepare with a lot of ease. In the book, you will also understand the benefits of air frying, how air frying works and tips that will help you to make air frying easy and fun as a vegan.

Adopting a vegan diet is perhaps one of the most life-changing decisions as far as your health is concerned. We’ll show you how you can still enjoy delicious fried foods with little to no fat. All that is possible using an air fryer and this book has everything you need to make it easy for you to expand your cooking as a vegan by leveraging the power of the air fryer.

The best thing about the air fryer is that it allows you to enjoy all your fried goodies without the guilt that comes with indulging in such foods. You can actually enjoy fried and baked foods without having to worry about things such as weight issues, high cholesterol, and heart conditions. The air-fryer also ensures your food has that crisp quality on the outer surface while maintaining a soft inside. This is important to food lovers.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the spill and mess and potential accidents that come with deep-frying foods in the traditional way. Lovely, isn’t it?

In this cookbook, we collected 60 of the best vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, mains, and desserts that you can cook in your Air Fryer.

What you’ll find in the book:

  • What is air frying
  • Air Frying Benefits
  • 60 easy recipes including the quantity of Calories, Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins for each meal
  • Air Fryer Tips
  • Get this book today for only 0.99$

All About That Bacon: Bacon Recipes for Breakfast, Appetizers, Entrees, Sides and Dessert

by Samantha Schwartz

In All About That Bacon, bacon takes the center stage in every recipe. We subscribe to the theory that bacon makes every dish better. Discover more than 50 mouth watering recipes for breakfast, appetizers, side dishes, entrées, and even in desserts. Here is a sample of the recipes you will find:

Cowboy Hash Browns
Crispy Cheese & Bacon Breakfast Potatoes
Tater Tot Bacon Breakfast Pizza
Devils On Horseback
Deviled Eggs With Candied Bacon
Bourbon Bacon Roast Beef Sliders
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pasta
Beef Bourguignon & Bacon
Bacon Ravioli With Mushrooms
Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
Warm Bacon Slaw
White Bean & Bacon Soup
Bacon Cauliflower Gratin
Maple Bacon Baked Beans
Maple Caramel Bacon Crack
Bacon Jam
Maple Bacon Cheesecake
Whiskey Bacon Brownies
Bacon Cannoli

Grab your copy of All About That Bacon now!

Cooking with the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook: Essential Family Meals and My Easy at Home Non Stick Comforting Stovetop Oven Pan Recipes to Enjoy (Best Cast Iron Cooking Book 1)

by A.J. Luigi

Cast Iron Deliciousness

We would like to let you know that this book was inspired by some of the most famous high end restaurants in the world. We’ve taken some of those and made them our own by enhancing the eating experience of deliciousness.

This book is very easy to read with simple instructions to put you on your way to gourmet greatness! We are sure with your experience using this magical cookbook that you will come up with some of your own master of four creations that you can log in the back of this book. We even made a section in the back of the book for you to do this.

Giving You More to Enhance Your Cooking Experience

– “BONUS” Marinade Section for Meats & Veggies!
– Metric Volume Conversions Chart
– Metric Weight Conversion Chart
– Temperature Conversion Chart

Just Some of these Easy to Make Delicious Home Cooked Meals Include:

Best Beef
– Cast Iron Oven Baked Beef Stew
– Montana Style Cowboy Skillet Steak
– Beefy, Cheesy Skillet Lasagna

Pulsating Poultry
– Sweet Potato and Savory Ground Turkey Skillet
– Chicken Sausage with Basil and Gnocchi
– Prosciutto Wrapped Skillet Seared Chicken

Fantastic Fish
– Buttery Tarragon Encrusted Seared Salmon
– Zesty Shrimp and Crab Bake
– Korean Tuna Cakes

Perfected Pork
– One Skillet Pork Cacciatore
– Pork Tenderloin with Vegetable Medley
– Slow Roasted Skillet Pork Roast

Very Vegetarian
– Tomato Basil Skillet Pizza
– Tomato and Caprese Grilled Cheese
– Cast Iron Skillet Brussels Sprouts Orecchiette

Succulent Sides
– Spinach and Potato Hash
– Creamy Chicken Soup Mac & Cheese
– Skillet Garlic Sweet Potatoes

Bring Home Breakfast
– Egg and Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza
– Cinnamon-Vanilla French toast
– Hearty Breakfast Casserole

Delicious Desserts
– One Stop Skillet S’mores Graham Cracker Dip
– Gooey Chocolatey Texas Skillet Cake
– Brown Sugar and Butterscotch Skillet Pumpkin Pie

Order your copy of this one of a kind book!

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DISCLAIMER: This book is independently published by, and is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any of the products mentioned in this book. All other company and product names are the trademarks of their respective owners.

The Art of Making Pie: A Practical Guide to Making Homemade Pies

by Daniel Humphreys

Top chefs share their secret of making homemade and traditional holiday pies from the comfort of your own home!

Throughout the pages of this pie cookbook, you will learn how to make homemade pies such as:

– Oreo Cookie Pie
– Apple and Raspberry Pie
– Mocha Cream Pie
– Sweet Potato Pie
– Chocolate Mousse Pie
– Cherry and Berry Fruit Pie
– Southern Pecan Pie
– Blueberry Cream Pie
– and even more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of this pie cookbook and start making your favorite pies as soon as today!

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One Pot Kochbuch: Die einfachsten One Pot Rezepte für die schnelle Küche. One Pot Low Carb One Pot Vegan und One Pot Pasta (German Edition)

by Detlef Groeger


  • Willst Du nicht mehr Stundenlang in der Küche stehen? 

  • Willst Du Deinen Abwasch reduzieren?

  • Willst Du schnell gesundes Essen kochen?

  • Willst Du mal wieder Deinen Kühlschrank aufräumen?

Dann ist dieses Kochbuch genau das Richtige für Dich! Du möchtest auf die Abwechslung in der Küche nicht verzichten, auch wenn du oft zeitlich eingespannt bist. Für die gesunde Küche muss man nicht stundenlang am Herd stehen! Das es auch anders geht zeig ich Dir in meinem One Pot Kochbuch.

Die Vorteile liegen auf der Hand:

  • Mehr Zeit für die schönen Dinge Weniger
  • Abwasch Einfache und schnell zubereitete Gerichte
  • Die besten Rezepte ,die von Veganern und Fleischliebhabern gleichermaÃ?en geschätzt werden
  • Die Freunde der Low Carb Küche werden dieses Buch ebenfalls liebenâ??

Gönne Dir jetzt das kulinarische, gesunde One Pot Kochbuch! Klicke dazu JETZT auf “Jetzt Kaufen mit 1 Click”

Meal Prep: The Complete HEALTHY Meal Prep Cookbook for Beginners to Lose Weight and Get Healthy (Healthy and Ready to Go Meals, Save Your Time and Get Healthier)

by Lady Pannana


Get Your FREE   BONUS E-Book & Report inside the book, after the title!

Have you been worried about your health lately due to your food habits? Do you feel your busy work schedule is taking a toll on your health? Are you so busy that you are unable to find time to cook your meals? Do you eat out more than you should? Have you been considering working out on a meal plan but not sure where to begin? If your answer to any of the questions mentioned above is yes, then you are looking at the right book.

The best way to keep track of your eating habit is to get started with meal prep. When you have your meal prepared earlier, you can start your new week with a fresh and healthy mindset. Having your meal planned and deliciously stocked in your refrigerator will give you time to concentrate on your other plans to make life better and easier.

Through the course of the book, we intend to discuss some quick and easy meal prep recipes for a complete meal plan. Here is a quick snapshot of some the delicious and healthy meal prep recipes:

  • Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Tacos
  • Spinach and Broccoli strata
  • Coconut Lime Cilantro Quinoa
  • Tomato and Basil Bruschetta
  • Southwest Sweet Potato Meal Prep Bowls
  • Moroccan Chickpea, Quinoa, and Sweet Potato Lunch Bowls
  • Mushroom Goulash
  • Spicy Chickpea and Quinoa Bowl
  • Baked Egg and Roasted Veggie Casserole
  • Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprout
  • Green Lentil Salad and many more

We will concentrate more on vegetables and greens in this book as they help to maintain good health and a lean physique. All the recipes can be made easily at home and are extremely delicious.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Dash Diet: Dash Diet for Beginners to Rapid Weight Loss: Lose Up to 30 Pounds in 30 Days (Dash Diet Cookbook, Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution, Dash Diet Recipes)

by Lady Pannana


Get Your FREE BONUS E-Book & Report inside the book, after the title!

Have you ever dreamt of losing weight in just a month? Maybe you have a wedding to attend or you just want to be healthy again? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. The DASH diet is the most effective path to healthy weight loss.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute developed the DASH diet after immense research. This diet was designed to lower the blood lipid levels and blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of any cardiovascular diseases. The DASH diet and its benefits took the world by storm, and it was named the World’s number one diet by the U.S. News and World Report in the year 2013.

The diet consists of foods that are rich in nutrients and low in fat, sodium and sugar. As effective as the original DASH diet is to reduce the probability of developing hypertension, the diet is also effective for weight loss. If you wish to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way, you have come to the right place.

Over the course of the book, you will gather the following information:

  • An introduction to the DASH diet
  • Tips to make the transition easier
  • Tips to help you lose weight in 30 days
  • Delicious recipes for different meals that adhere to the rules of the DASH diet

We at lady Pannana will be with you every step of the way and help you cope with the changes you will need to make to your lifestyle. So what are you waiting? Grab a copy of the book, lose 30 pounds in 30 days and reduce the risk of developing hypertension!

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.

What Are You Waiting For?     

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 Be Happy! Be Healthy!

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Gluten Free Diet: 101 Gluten Free Recipes to Lose Weight and Recipes to Make Anytime

by Ray Hassan

A gluten-free diet has become a popular trend in recent months, and some may even consider it to be a “fad.” Gluten-free products are starting to line the shelves at grocery stores, but most people are still in the dark when it comes to the health benefits of a gluten-free diet.

A Chinese Diet that Could Be A Good One for You!: This Cookbook Will Educate You and Reveal You Some Awesome Recipes!

by Gordon Rock

It can be interesting and beneficial to adopt another country’s diet. In this cookbook, we will talk about the Chinese diet. Get ready for a lot of healthy cooking and some different cooking methods in some cases.

Do not be intimated about some ingredients we might suggest for you to use, as it may require you to visit an Oriental supermarket or ask your local grocery store and as the manager to order some specific food items. You will be sometimes being able to substitute some ingredients, for example, some Chinese veggies might be hard to find during some of the seasons, so do not worry about always be 100% accurate. If you can’t find Chinese cabbage for example, you can use zucchinis or regular cabbage.

Let’s start this new adventure. Are you excited? We certainly are. We have put in a lot of love and efforts into coming up with the following recipes. We want them to be healthy, tasty and original.


Healthy Herb Cooking: Crazy for Herbs; 50 Herb-tastic Recipes

by Daniel Humphreys

Concerned about your family’s sodium intake? Want more control over what your family eats?

Cooking with herbs is the solution you’ve been waiting for, and, Healthy Cooking: Crazy for Herbs; 50 Herb-tastic Recipes is exactly what is needed to bring those goals to life. Cooking with herbs also offers great health benefits like immune support, bronchodilation, anti-inflammatory properties, etc. Healthy Cooking: Crazy for Herbs; 50 Herb-tastic Recipes gives you 8 weeks of valuable experience of cooking with herbs 3 times a day!

Let’s Get Cooking! Scroll Back Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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99 Clean-Eating-Friendly Recipes – measurements in grams: From soups and noodle dishes to salads and smoothies

by Mattis Lundqvist


  • Swiss Chard with Garbanzo Beans and Couscous
  • Garbanzo Curry
  • Vegan Polenta Arepas
  • Ginger Stir-Fry with Coconut Rice
  • Avocado Tacos
  • Vegan Style Shepherd’s Pie
  • BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches
  • Easy Vegan Pasta with Pine Nuts
  • Mediterranean Zucchini
  • Pumpkin-Apple Curry with Lentils
  • Garlic-Ginger Tofu
  • Baked Potato with Lentils
  • Vegan Mac and No-Cheese
  • Soba Noodles with Spicy Tahini
  • Spicy Potato Curry
  • Quinoa Chard Pilaf
  • Tofu Broccoli Quiche
  • Lentil and Veggie Bake
  • Grilled Tomato-Balsamic Veggies with Couscous
  • Tempeh Fajitas
  • Lentil, Kale, and Red Onion Pasta
  • Teriyaki Tofu with Pineapple
  • Tofu and Red Bell Peppers with Spicy Peanut Sauce
  • Toasted Almond and Quinoa Salad
  • Vegan Chili
  • Tofu Kebabs with Cilantro Dressing
  • Four-Grain Vegan Salad
  • Barley with Winter Greens Pesto
  • Cajun Style Tempeh Po’ Boy
  • Tomato Parsley Potatoes
  • Creamy Wild Rice Chowder
  • Vegan Bean Burger
  • Celery Root Soup
  • Garbanzo Cakes with Mashed Avocado
  • Vegan Paella
  • Spicy Quinoa with Edamame
  • Avocado Pasta with Blackened Veggies
  • Black-eyed Peas with Collard Greens and Turnips
  • Vegan Black Bean Quesadillas
  • Stuffed Red Bell Pepper
  • Couscous with Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes
  • Braised White Beans and Chard
  • Miso Soup with Napa Cabbage
  • Vegan Chinese Porridge
  • Curried Carrot Soup
  • Vegan Kofte
  • Creamy Vegan Alfredo
  • Bell peppers in balsamic vinegar
  • Grilled Tofu in Barbecue sauce
  • Kale and mushroom sandwich
  • Jackfruit Sandwich
  • Banana Oatmeal Smoothie
  • Breakfast Pudding
  • Fruit salad and mixed nuts
  • Veggie breakfast wrap
  • Vegan Muesli
  • Avocado Tacos
  • Barley Beans with Mushrooms
  • Vegan Chili
  • Sweet Potato Minestrone
  • Bean Soup
  • Lettuce Wrap
  • Lentil Soup
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Lemony Cucumber and Peanut Salad
  • Spinach and black bean lettuce wrap
  • Sprouted Lentil Salad
  • Refried Fat Free Beans
  • Grilled Mushrooms and Veggies
  • Paleo Sweet Potato with Kale Salad
  • Baked Potato Sticks
  • Roasted Purple Cauliflower soup
  • Kale smoothie
  • Potato and Spinach Pie
  • Nut Patties
  • Spicy sweet potato sandwich
  • Chickpea kebab sandwiches
  • Yummy potato sandwich
  • Healthy soya sandwiches
  • Mushroom and spinach sandwich
  • Aubergine sandwich
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • Schezwan chili potato sandwich
  • Tomato Pancake sandwich
  • Smoked egg-plant sandwich
  • Tofu tikka sandwich
  • Grilled macaroni and spinach sandwich
  • Pineapple and mushroom Sandwich
  • Bean Burger
  • One-Pot Marrakesh Stew
  • Crispy Sesame Tofu and Broccoli
  • Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  • Tofu in Mint Paste
  • Corn and peas sandwich
  • Sweet corn sandwich
  • Caramelized Onion and mushroom sandwich
  • Grilled Chocolate sandwich
  • Vegetable schezwan noodle sandwich
  • Spicy Avocado Sandwich

Mother’s Half and Half Bread: A Step-By-Step Photo Bread-Baking Cookbook for a Perfect 50/50 Loaf Every Time (You Can Always Make 3)

by Sandy Gee

Bake bread like a pro with this half and half bread recipe step-by-step photo cookbook cheat sheet

Even if you’ve never baked a loaf in your life, these foolproof instructions that take nothing for granted will have you tuning out bread to be proud of this afternoon.

Part of the You Can Always Make Basic Bread series, you can follow the step-by-step photos for quick reference. Or, if you want to know more about what to do at each stage and why, read the comprehensive instructions that follow.

The chef’s secrets section at the end has hints and tips from a pastry chef to help troubleshoot any problems, and improve your results even further.

  • Great for kids, students, bachelors and the culinary challenged
  • Includes 26 large step-by-step photos, so you won’t go wrong
  • Learn why brown and wholemeal bread flours tend to produce dense chewy bread and the secrets to baking full flavoured, yet light and airy bread
  • Everything you need to bake wholly delicious half and half bread
  • The 12 simple steps to perfect half-and-half bread dough
  • The waiting game: getting your dough oven ready
  • The pastry chef’s secrets to perfect half and half bread every time, including:
  • Achieving a crunchy crust
  • The two things you need to know to bake bread at altitude
  • How to salvage your dough if things go wrong

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Anti Inflammatory Diet: Step By Step Guide To Heal The Immune System, Reduce Inflammation And Restore Your Health

by Elizabeth Wells

Discover How To Prevent Inflammation And Heal Your Body With The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Our health is directly linked to the foods we eat. In fact, eating the wrong foods can increase the risk of chronic inflammation, obesity, heart diseases and digestive tract issues. Following an anti-inflammatory diet instead can help you heal your immune system and prevent those illnesses.

In this guide you’ll learn what inflammation is, what are its causes and what you can do to avoid it. You’ll discover the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet, what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid. You’ll also find a selection of easy-to-make recipes that will help you eat healthier and prevent inflammation and illnesses.

One of the goals of this book is to help you make your first step towards a healthier life and enjoy all the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet.

In this book you’ll find:

  • What Is Inflammation And What Are Its Causes
  • Complete Lists Of Foods You Should Eat And Avoid In Order To Prevent Inflammation
  • The Basics Of The Anti-inflammatory Diet
  • How To Improve Your Health With An Anti-inflammatory Diet
  • The Difference Between Chronic And Acute Inflammation
  • Top 3 Most Common Inflammation Triggers And How To Avoid Them
  • Easy-To-Make Recipes To Eat Healthier And Prevent Inflammation And Illnesses
  • What Illnesses Can An Anti Inflammatory Diet Prevent?
  • And Much, Much More

Make your first step towards a healthier life today!

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50 Recipes For Amazing Christmas Desserts â?? The Best Christmas Dessert Recipe Book (The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection 2)

by Pamela Kazmierczak

Welcome to the second volume of The Ultimate Christmas Recipes and Recipes For Christmas Collection!!

Are you looking for Easy Christmas Desserts?

This cookbook has a wide variety of choices if you are looking for Christmas Dessert Ideas! Everyone is looking for the perfect Christmas Dessert (In fact most people make several for their family and guests to choose from) so if you are one of those people, this might just be the cookbook you have been looking for!

Inside this book you will find Christmas Desserts Recipes such as Christmas Cookie Recipes, Christmas Cake Recipes as well as recipes for other desserts such as pies, cheesecake, brownies, tarts and more!

The type of recipes you will find inside 50 Recipes For Amazing Christmas Desserts – The Best Christmas Dessert Recipe Book include Christmas Cookies Recipes, Christmas Cake and more!

What Type of Christmas Food Recipes are in this book?

Here are some of the Desserts such as Christmas Cakes and Cookies and Others you will find inside:

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Ginger Snaps

Holiday Rollup Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Angel Food Snow Cake

Christmas Cupcakes

Gingerbread Cheesecake

Pumpkin Trifle

Cranberry Tart

Cream Puffs

Gingerbread Cupcakes

Lemon Trifle

Cherry Almond Bark

Apple Cranberry Crumble

Sweet Potato Turnovers

& Many Moreâ?¦.

For a full list of what you can see inside, scroll up and click on the look inside feature and check out the Table of Contents!

Now that you know more about this book and why it is for you do not forget to scroll up the page and click on the buy button above so you can start enjoying Your Fabulous Christmas Desserts right now!

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Wine Cookbook: Delicious Recipes That Can All Be Made with Wine

by Martha Stephenson

Do you enjoy red wine or white? Sure, drinking wine is fabulous but did you know that cooking with wine is also an incredible way to enhance a dish. So, when next you open a bottle, why not add it to your pan and enjoy the amazing flavors that wine can bring to your food. But how will you know what goes with what? It’s simple, with this copy of Wine Cookbook.

This Wine Cookbook will feature delicious recipes such as:

– Chili Jam
– Wine Soaked Mushrooms
– Cinnamon Sangria
– Poached Eggs and Cream
– And Much, Much More!

Grab a copy of this Wine Cookbook today, and let’s put some spice back in your life.

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Killer Ketogenic Kick-Starter

by Mike Kraft

Killer Ketogenic Kick-Starter provides all the necessary information to establish a killer ketogenic diet plan to accelerate weight loss and improve your overall health significantly. Includes food groups, foods to avoid and sample meal plan. Kick-start your fat burning now with the Killer Ketogenic Kick-Starter!

Top 50 Quick Meals Recipes: 101 Insanely Quick and Easy an Essential

by Franshollande

Top 50 Quick Meals Recipes: 101 Insanely Quick and Easy an Essential

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