Free historical fiction Kindle books for 08 Oct 18

The Last Hundred

by Jim Ellis

It’s the 1920’s, and Jock MacNeil sets on a transformative journey from a Confederate serviceman to a Chiricahua Apache warrior and husband.

But Mexico and the American Southwest are still dangerous places, as the last Apache strongholds are persisting against the foreign invaders. Hard as nails, Jock receives an unexpected invitation to guide runaways from a reservation to a stronghold in Sierra Madre.

Facing both Mexican and American authorities, and the Apache Wars raging around them, Jock witnesses first-hand the terrors of war, and his own transformation from a man of faith to subtle Apache spirituality.

Q: The Awakening

by Rayna Gangi

A fictional account of the possibility of Q being real and being JFK Jr.
A conspiracy theory? A ray of hope for so many?
Q, The Awakening will make you ponder the possibilities.

Dominic’s Quest (Historical Fiction Action Adventure, set in Dark Age post Roman Britain) (The Dominic Chronicles Book 2)

by F J Atkinson

Rome’s protection has been withdrawn.
Britain’s underbelly is exposed.

The Dark Ages have begun…

Ranulf, the Saxon, is a callous raider. Griff, the Briton, a heartless profiteer. Both are driven by a lust for gold.  
Their business was slaves; in particular, slave children who command a high price in Hibernia.  
But Osgar has raided too deeply into the west; has taken children precious beyond mere gold. Worse still, he has taken from Arthur’s people, and Arthur does not tolerate thieves.  
Arthur turns to the one man in Britannia with the guile to follow the intricate slave trailâ??he turns to Dominic, and so sets him upon an incredible journey through the dark, unforgiving lands of Britannia and Hibernia.

A Different Path, Part 2

by L Smith

1929. Sold to a Tokyo Tea House at five years old. Misao has proved an unfortunate purchase, and is about to be sold on.
A Japan few foreigners know and many Japanese would prefer to forget.

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