Free horror Kindle books for 08 Oct 18

Pumpkin Food: Prose + Poetry Compilation

by Sarah Sapp

A spooky compilation of prose and poetry, perfect for Halloween and seasonal scary stories.

Camp Redwood: A Short Slasher Horror Novel

by Nathan Galion

If you love Friday the 13th, you’ll love this horrifying piece of work!

Dylan Evans was murdered in 1983 in living daylight. Many thought he was dead for three decadesâ?¦until people started to disappear.

Camp Redwood is the chilling tale of seven friends who go camping near the old grounds of a summer camp that closed in 1983 due to the horrific murder of one of its kids. However, the past comes back to haunt them as the protagonists learn many secrets about the camp as well as revelations regarding their connection to the killers who committed this heinous crime against the innocent boy. Ultimately, they must band together to survive when he comes back from the dead and comes for their soul, one by one. Will they survive? Find out!

The Unattended: Memories of Dublin and Whitby

by Deirdre Farrell

THE UNATTENDED is Deirdre Farrell’s gripping account of one of Dublin’s oldest and – at the time – deeply Irish parts: Stoneybatter/Smithfield Market. As she returns to the now mostly gentrified area of her halcyon days of youth, she slips into a maelstrom of memories and emotion, some of which she takes with her “across the water” and into the heart of Whitby.

Initially conceived as a personal memory of her student days in Dublin, and as a comparative description of life in the DNS (Dublin North Side) 1994/2014, the journal-style report develops into a creepy mystery story joining her very own past with the wrongdoing of Buukh, the stranger. An eerie presence, not entirely unfamiliar, pervades the chapters of a genuine page-turner.

With 28 unique photographs!

Cannibal Orgy

by Eric Blood

Welcome to the party of the year!

Sam isn’t really the party going type, but he tries to keep an open mind when his friend Bart drags him along to a raucous college party. And if nothing else, Sam’s dream girl, Jodi, is expected to be there. If the party’s half as wild as Bart is making it out to be, who knows what could happen?

But when an uninvited guest arrives, things quickly escalate out of control. And before long, there will be depravity unlike anyone has ever seen…

Congratulations – you’ve just been invited to…

the Cannibal Orgy!

The Sceptre of Storms: A Young Adult Dark Fantasy (The Age of the Flame Book 2)

by Greg James

The armies of the Fallen One have invaded the Three Kingdoms. A traitor sits upon the throne of Highmount. Malus, the Necrodragon, has been unleashed to lay waste to Seythe!

The only hope left is Sarah Bean. But she has disappeared. Will she return and fulfil her destiny as the Living Flame? Or will she let the armies of the Fallen One conquer Seythe and plunge it into the Age of the Shadow forever?

NB: This novel is recommended for mature young adults as it contains occasional bad language and occasional scenes of a graphic nature.

The complete Age of the Flame trilogy is now available from the Kindle Store:
The Sword of Sighs
The Sceptre of Storms
The Stone of Sorrows

“With a fluid, dark writing style, James’ words make you feel like Gandalf, or maybe Sean Connery, is narrating masterfully to you as you read.” – Books with Verve Review

“I was completely engrossed in this book and I can’t wait for the next one. Very entertaining read.” – Booze & Books Blog Review

The Adventures of Steve and Terry: The Zombie Chronicles

by Mark de Jong

“I never wanted to be a hero.”

“Hey Steve, whatcha doin?”

“Dammit, Terry, you ruined it. I was talking to them.”

“Who’s them?”

“You know, â??them’.”

“You really think that’s smart man? You know breaking the fourth wall is always risky.”

“It worked for our favorite mercenary, did it not?”

“Pop culture innuendo aside, it flops more than it pops.”

“It’s too late, what’s done is done. Anyway, to all of â??them’, I mean, you: I’m Steve, this is Terry, we kill zombies, buy our book, or don’t. What do we know? We’re just two idiots trying to survive, by our wits and cunning.”

“Of which we have none.”

“I know.”

The Light Outside

by Sean Shannon Jr

A nihilistic young man, reclusive neighbors, and a strange light. Will he be able to find out the mystery the apartment complex holds before it’s too late?

Finding Truth (Natural Powers Book 1)

by Semyl-Rai

Madison and her brother, Sebastion, must stay on the move. They must stay out of the path of those hunting them; a sinister group that will stop at nothing to track them down. The two have help from a network of friends, but every new town quickly becomes a small chapter in the siblings’ lives. Can this newest town and their new friends help them to freedom?

The Stone of Sorrows: A Young Adult Dark Fantasy (The Age of the Flame Book 3)

by Greg James

Armies of Fellspawn march upon Highmount. The Iron Gods have awoken from their slumber and, E’blis, the Prince of Pain, is preparing a very special sacrifice to raise the Fallen One from his tomb.

Sarah Bean must beseech the Kay’lo to join the war and help her to save Seythe from total destruction. Will they agree to help her? Can Highmount survive such an onslaught of evil? Or will this be the beginning of the end for the Thirteen Worlds?

NB: This novel is recommended for mature young adults as it contains occasional bad language and occasional scenes of a graphic nature.

The complete Age of the Flame trilogy is now available from the Kindle Store:
The Sword of Sighs
The Sceptre of Storms
The Stone of Sorrows

Arsonists Anonymous: A Steamy Paranormal Mystery

by Nora Snowdon

From the author of the hilarious Dances With Werewolves series comes Arsonists Anonymous, a Steamy Paranormal Mystery.

Lucinda Dawson has a heart of gold, a wicked sense of humor, and a bad habit of setting fires unintentionally. Oops. Lately, Lu’s hot temper has resulted in more than a few inadvertent fires, leaving her baffled as to how she’s suddenly starting fires without striking a match.

To ease her guilty conscience, she joins the Seattle Fire Department. But her whole world is turned upside down when she’s assigned to work with Arson Inspector Byron Morgan to investigate a string of fires-one of which she started. A man used to making his own rules, Byron both threatens and thrills her. But is his interest in her merely a ploy to discover her involvement in the fires?

Lu must fight more than fires in her struggle to keep her secret safe and her heart secure.

*Contains steamy sex scenes and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

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