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I Am Proud of Myself! (Mindful Mantras Book 7)

by Laurie Wright

Are you proud of yourself?

Hopefully, the answer to that question is YES, but even confident people struggle sometimes.

Boost your child’s positive self-talk by teaching them this mantra: I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

Even when things are hard, even when things go wrong, even when things turn out unexpectedly, kids should be proud of the effort they put in.

Emotions are tricky and hard to handle when you’re small, and kids need our help! This Mindful Mantra equips children with a necessary skill to cope with negative emotions that arise when things don’t go as planned.

Give the children in your life the gift of learning to believe in themselves, a gift that will last a lifetime.

Since teachers and parents have the most difficult and important jobs, this book comes with free resources for both! Simply go to to get them.

King Arthur and the Dragon Rider Episode 9: Minecraft Diamond Steve and the Zombies (King Arthur Comic Series)

by M.E. Martin

After almost being killed by the evil witch Morgana and her endless plots to get rid of Arthur, the young king heads back to Camelot with his trusted knight Sir Lancelot.

On their way back they camp overnight in the forest and meet a mysterious character on horseback who introduces himself as Minecraft Diamond Steve.

Lancelot is not impressed by the stranger and his abrupt manner, and is glad to see the back of him.

But later that night, they are attacked by an unusually large number of zombies, and it’s Minecraft Diamond Steve who comes to their rescueâ?¦

Find Every Excuse To Be Happy: 111 Inspirational Reasons You Can Be

by Dash Trembley

Have you ever caught yourself red-handed finding another excuse to complain about the nitty-gritty of life? You must be thinking.. “if only I could be an expert at making excuses to be happy instead.” Well, you absolutely can. It’s high time you flip the script and prime your mind with deliberate intent to milk every possible reason for joy to put a smile on your face today, tomorrow, and every other day for the rest of your life.

This book contains an original collection of 111 inspirational quotes of carefully selected words where the heart meets the mind. Entailing a journey of mindfully cultivated life lessons of gratitude, self-love, and sculpting a strong mind of your own to help you through significant decision-making in life.

Make a decision to heal your body, mind, and soul today and carry with you the useful insights and wisdom that will inspire and motivate you to use it as a daily affirmation routine. It covers an overall well-being theme which is uplifting in nature that is going to serve you and help create an inner environment that is well-rounded, engineering all aspects of your life.

You can start from the first page, the last, or anywhere in the middle. The most important thing is, you got to start somewhere to make a change. Everything in this book has been simplified and summarized in its purest essence to allow you to fully utilize and read over, and over again.

Make a decision to be happy. You can choose to be.

Special Edition 2018 * Love Thrives When Unrestrained

Dead Time: Redemption

by Jason Wilcox

With the rebuilding of the Portal, Caden is released from his two-year prison. Tagen, a Dark Soul sworn to follow his master Caden, is jointly released and they find their world has drastically changed. An evil demon and his army of Dark Souls are trying to take over their planet. But that isn’t all of Caden’s problems. Evil dark matter is slowly eating away at Caden. Tagen is equally affected by visions he doesn’t understand and white scars begin to appear on him. Having the gate rebuilt, Bridget travels through the Portal thinking Caden went through it two years prior. Will Bridget realize that Caden is still on her home planet before she can’t return? Will Tagen learn what his visions mean and what the white scars are all about? Will Caden help destroy the evil in his world or turn evil himself? What will he do when he finds out Bridget is alive?

Howling Hilarious Halloween Jokes to Color: So Frightfully Funny Youâ??ll Die Laughing (Holiday Book 1)

by C.U. Tremble

Halloween Jokes!

This Howling Hilarious Halloween Joke Coloring Book is a real scream!

Make no bones about it – these jokes are freakishly funny.

You get:

-Over 30 Howling Jokes

-Boo-tifully Worded

– Kid-Friendly, Mummy and Daddy Approved!

It would be a grave mistake to miss out on the fun. Grab something to color with and get ready for some monstrously funny jokes!

Fairy Tales of Ordinary Children

by Ayesha Marfani

Fairy Tales of Ordinary Children tells the stories of a group of friends whose life problems were remarkably similar to the characters from famous fairy tales like the beautiful girl as white as snow had to cope a beauty and status-conscious mother and a poor starving boy had only a cow. The girl with long with long and blonde hairs was stuck up with her aunt who made potions and a pretty girl faced so many hardships because of her stepmother. The children waited for the magical turning point in their lives but things got even worst and they lost hope in the term ‘happily ever after.’ One of them located what they lacked in bringing a change in their lives. Soon they knew the secret to living a’ happily ever after life.’

Papa and The Magic Mustache

by W.J.A. Fowler

Meet Papa, a grieving widower and his adventurous granddaughter with a valuable lesson to learn. But does she?
Based on a true story, where loss doesn’t have to mean the end and true love really never dies.

Would You Rather. Illustrated Children’s Joke Book Age 5-12 (Silly Jokes and Games for Kids Series)

by Donald Shaw

Looking for a perfect gift for kids? Looking for an illustrated book of silly jokes? Looking for jokes for kids which will really make them laugh? Looking for a funny book game that will be loved both by boys and girls? This is it!
Would You Rather books have never been so much fun!
This book provides tons of crazy scenarios and hilarious cartoons which will make children laugh out loud in no time!

All illustrations are unique and extremely funny! Please use Look Inside feature by clicking the book’s cover to see some of them. Awesome illustrations provide a visual aid to kids who easily get tired of reading. Funny cartoons also make it a perfect book for early readers!

When kids answer Would You Rather questions, they develop reasoning skills. What’s also great, each scenario is funny and there are no wrong answers! They always love to share those silly jokes with family and friends. Therefore, it helps children to make new friends, to develop and improve conversational skills, and so on.

Examples of silly questions:

Would You Rather eat a hamburger with maple syrup or a jelly pizza with peanut butter?
Would You Rather sleepwalk every night and wake up in odd places like a supermarket or a library or only be able to fall asleep on a kitchen table?
Would You Rather be required to paint your nails every hour or have to color your eyebrows the colors of the rainbow every day?
Would You Rather have zebra-style stripes all over your body or replace your right hand with the one of a giant crab?
Would You Rather have a new crayon every time you touch your left ear with your right toe or have a new balloon every time you lick the tip of your nose?

Already getting excited? 🙂
Buy this book NOW and make your kids roll on the floor laughing!
Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Will of The Hill

by Marshall Cobb

Secrets, dysfunctional friendships, a girl who wants destroy him-or is in love with him–what’s a boy to do?

Will wants nothing more than quiet time to read his comic books. Unfortunately, between the mountain he must conquer every day to get to school, the teacher who is out to get him, and the girl who wants to ruin his life, his time is anything but quiet.

Humorous, fun, adventure!

The Magic Seedling And Other Short Stories

by Prasant Tangirala

Underneath the soft fairy-tale veneer of ‘The Magic Seedling and Other Short Stories’ lies a powerful message of tolerance, courage, love and respect. Children will relate to the characters in the lush, colorful settings, but in these stories, grownups will also discover compelling symbolism that resonates with the stark realities of our times

Asylum: A story by Ian Lahey, illustrated by Hauke Vagt

by Ian Lahey

An asylum for unwanted children, a strange doctor and a mystery at the core of it all.


by Valerie Kerr

“First Piano Lesson for Tiny Tots.” In order to learn the methods used in the book for teaching piano music it is not necessary to own a piano at this stage. Be sure to click on the YouTube video at the end of the book to listen to the song.
Three year old twins, Tshepi and Sipho, receive a gift of a piano from their father.. Realising that small children have a natural ability to soak up and store information, their mother spends quality time with them, teaching them the names of some keyboard notes in an interesting and fun way, at the same time developing visualisation skills. She uses the same method to teach them about the stave on which music is written and how to read a few notes.
This book will help young children to develop an interest in playing music and with this basic understanding allow them the freedom to choose to eventually study
music if they enjoy it. An understanding of music will also help them to be able to listen intelligently to performers playing music. The author felt that the fact that young children have the ability to learn and retain knowledge in their early years, they could develop a love for music through a story book of this type.
Valerie has spent many years successfully teaching music to people of all ages and felt inspired to share her knowledge with impressionable young children at home as well as children who attend pre primary, primary and nursery schools. Her aim is to write further books in this series which will steadily become more advanced with the added benefit that children could become interested in playing other instruments as well.
Knowledge builds on knowledge.

The minds of children is likened to a sponge. The ability to be able to visualise is very natural to the young mind.
Learning anything worthwhile at a young age is remembered for a lifetime. As with everything knowledge builds on what is already known.

Music knowledge and understanding can be created early in a child’s life through them absorbing a small amount of information at a time.

As this awareness develops the mind will easily understand the information that will follow the first book
Awareness is created through the Parents, Grandparents or Nursery School reading the story repeatedly to the children at intervals.
It will then be easy for the children to understand the subsequent books.

Not all of us would like to become aspiring pianists but the information found in this book will also develop good listeners of all types of music and instruments.

My inspiration to write the book â??’First Piano Lesson for Tiny Tots
came when two year old
Matthew’s grandmother, Wendy
told me how he loved music.

Wendy asked me if I taught music
to children of his age. I told her that
I didn’t teach very young children.

Children like to have books read to
them more than once.
I realised that because of this they
could easily develop an
understanding for music through books.

Hard copy of “First Piano Lesson for Tiny Tots.”can be purchased from [email protected]

Order your “First Piano Lesson for Tiny Tots.”CD from [email protected]

Children’s Books: THE CHICK WHO COULD NOT KICK! (Fun, Cute, Rhyming Bedtime Story for Baby & Preschool Readers about Chuck the Chick Who Could Not Kick!)

by Tim Zak

The Chick Who Could Not Kick is a read aloud, baby nursery rhymes kids book that is written in easy-to-read rhyme style. This is the perfect picture book for children from preschool to little kids.

In his latest kids bedtime story, “The Chick Who Could Not Kick”, Tim Zak — best selling children’s book writer — helps children relate to many of the problems they encounter each day through the eyes of baby animals. Tim can help you communicate important messages to your children through rhymes and colorful illustrations!

Here Is A Preview Of What Your Children Will Discover…

This is the rhyming story of Chuck the Chick who could not kick!
Soccer tryouts are fast approaching and Chuck desperately wants to make the team!
Can Chuck kick the ball in the goal in order to make the team?
Chuck has been dreaming about playing with the other chicks on the soccer team forever!
Can Chuck find a way to use his little legs to convince the judges he is the perfect team player?

The After

by Leot Felton

New Year’s came and went, and with it went America. Now all that remains is… THE AFTER.

When a grassroots “Stoppage” movement succeeds in banning money, the civilized world quickly crumbles as looters and rioters claim for themselves the products that can no longer be bought. Within days gas stations run out of fuel, truck drivers abandon their freight on the side of the road, and trains stop running. Even airplanes begin to crash on the landing strips of airports as cascading power outages sweep over the nation leaving air traffic control towers to go dark. Last of all, the phones go dead and the local TV and radio stations stop broadcasting as their backup power runs out.

Those who manage to endure the first few days only succeed in postponing their suffering. Without a supply chain of new goods coming into the cities the remaining supplies dwindle rapidly. Governors call upon the National Guard to keep the peace, but amidst the chaos of hundreds of thousands of people clamoring for food and supplies the military units disband almost as quickly as they arrive. Now, with no rule of law, all that anyone has is what they can secure for themselves and are able to defend.

THE AFTER are the journal entries of a teenage boy who manages to escape the city with his family to find shelter in a cabin in northern Wisconsin. His journals are discovered in the late spring of “Year None” during a routine census conducted by the Inventory Takers from the recently reestablished, nearby town of Lake Lowery. Inside they find that his testament is more than just a simple retelling of one family’s struggle to survive in a hostile new world. For written in his diary is also a secret. One so powerful that it could undermine all that Lake Lowery has endeavored to do in its attempt to restore a sense of order in their community. It is a secret that, if revealed, could destroy the last known refuge of hope left in THE AFTER.

THE AFTER is Leot Felton’s premiere Coming of Age Story about a boy becoming a man in a post-apocalyptic world. Written as a first person diary narrative from the prospective of a teenage boy, the expectation is that it will prove to be an easy read for those who long for strong character development in their Young Adult literature. With each entry, our protagonist begins a short new chapter that intimately journals a character driven account of a common struggle set in an uncommon world.

Get your copy today at and be the first of your friends to read Leot Felton’s surprising new novel, THE AFTER.


by Tammie D

Reading makes you smart. This book teaches you the fun things about reading a book.

The Early Years: A collection of stories for English language Learners (A Hippo Graded Reader)

by Cooper Baltis

Do you ever wonder what celebrities were like before they were famous?

In the stories in this book, you will find out what Jackie Chan and Beyonce Knowles were like at school; and how actress Mila Kunis felt when she first arrived in America from Ukraine when she was a little girl. You will also read about Winston Churchill’s amazing escape from prison in Africa; how a kind priest helped Pele to get out of the slums of Brazil; and how J. K. Rowling thought of Harry Potter while she was sitting on a train from Manchester to London.

Funny, exciting and fascinating – if you like reading about famous people, The Early Years is the book for you.

The Early Years is published by Hippo Books, a publisher for young readers. Our collections of short stories/series are written with young people in mind. They are short and easy to read but also educational and fun. They are the perfect quick read before bed or on the bus to school. Be sure to check out our other Hippo Easy Reads.

About the Authors:

Patrick Kennedy is the chief editor at Hippo Books. He is also one of Hippo’s principal writers. He is a DELTA qualified English teacher with over ten years’ experience teaching in Europe and Asia. Patrick has also written three English language textbook series. He is the author of the Mahoney Green mysteries and has contributed to many of Hippo’s short story collections. To find out more about this author, click his name under the book title above.

Cooper Baltis is one of the writers and founders of Hippo Books. He is a former Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the National University of Mongolia and is TESOL certified. He has taught English in Asia for five years and has published stories in several literary magazines in America. His Hippo books include Hassan and Lulu and My Brother the Giant, as well as many short story collections. To find out more about this author, click his name under the book title above.

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