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Be Still My Heart (A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery Book 2)

by Sonia Parin

Abby Maguire is lagging behind with her scoops. As a reporter for the Eden Rise Gazette, she needs to be first in with the news but Eden is a small town and, even on a bad day, nothing much happens� And even then, the local café owner has shown a talent for beating her to the latest news.

After witnessing an altercation between two Eden thespian rivals, Abby hopes the annual Eden picnic fundraiser will be the perfect venue for her to witness some fireworks. Everyone has turned up, and everyone is dressed in 1920s costumes. Everyone including the dead body she finds.

The police claim it was death by natural causes. No one in Eden believes this, and everyone expects Abby Maguire to get to the bottom of the unexpected death. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make the death look like an accident. When she’s staring down the barrel of a gun, Abby knows she finally has her scoop.

This Cozy Mystery is a clean read, with no graphic violence, sex, or strong language but full of lots of fun, quirky dialogue and characters.

His Hands were Quiet (Zachary Goldman Mysteries Book 2)

by P.D. Workman

He’s better off dead anyway.

Hired to investigate the death of an autistic boy in a treatment facility, PI Zachary Goldman is concerned about the therapies he sees there. While he is assured that the children there are not actually being hurt, his investigation leads to the discovery of even deeper institutional abuses.

Battling the ghosts of his own past, Zachary fights to uncover the facility’s dark secrets and to get as many children as he can out of harm’s way.

Sea of Lies: A psychological thriller that will keep you guessing

by Julia Derek


Reality TV star Eden Elk is shocked to learn she was born a man. Well, that’s what the National Enquirer claims. Eden herself has never had reason to suspect she was anything but a woman. It turns out her own mother has revealed to the gossip rag that Eden is a hermaphrodite, a child born with male and female sex organs. The male parts were removed when Eden was a toddler. How will the explosive news affect Eden’s TV career? But Eden soon has more serious matters to worry about: Two days after Eden’s birth secret was made public, Eden’s boyfriend Justin dies in a freak sailing accident. What’s worse, Eden discovers it was no accident – Justin was murdered and her mother is a prime suspect…
NOTE: SEA OF LIES is a stand-alone thriller with no sex or violence.

Noble Origins (Episode One of The Omega Conspiracy): A Conspiracy Thriller (The Omega Conspiracy Series Book 1)

by Frank Bagnato

A supposedly “Fiction” Global Conspiracy Thriller that is Unnervingly Veiled in Historical Truth.
What happens when a rogue faction within a global shadow group charged with protecting humanity from itself suddenly threatens to incite a cataclysmic event like the world has never seen?

Ivan Porborsky was only a boy when he became his family’s sole Holocaust survivor. Left alone to cope with the devastation of such a loss he dedicated his life and ensuing wealth to help the world learn from its past mistakes in hopes of never repeating them.

The science behind his work paved the way for the creation of OMEGA, a global shadow government that has been influencing world events behind the scenes for decades. The Omega group was charged with steering society away from self-destruction.

When a rogue group within Omega attempts a coup in the hopes of setting off a false flag event that will forever change society and consolidate even more power, Ivan must figure out who is behind the plot in time to stop it or risk having his life’s mission turn into a catalyst for the biggest catastrophe in history.

Download: Noble Origins (Episode One of The Omega Conspiracy) while it remains at a discounted price.

Conspiracy Fiction Fans
People who Like Shadow Government Plots
Readers interested in False Flag Events
Readers who enjoy suspense deeply routed in the real world
and a lot more.

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