Free reference Kindle books for 08 Oct 18

Cosejos para sobrevivir la universidad: Aquí está el manual de los consejos para sobrevivir los primeros años de la universidad. NECESITAS LEER (Spanish Edition)

by JJ Musk

Este es el manual para comenzar sus años de universidad en el buen paso.Aquí hay unos 20 buenos consejos sobre qué hacer en la universidad.

The Secrets Of The Binary Number System

by Wilfried Wanson

“The Secrets Of The Binary Number System” contains 2 personal discoveries about the binary number system:
1. The Binary Mirror
2. Easy Method To Find Any Binary Number

Motivation in Depression

by John Kala

This is will help you to be motivate in depression to get success

BuzStartups MadeEZ: Proven steps that catapulted my simple idea, to being featured on FOX 5 News in less than a year!�

by Carey N Yee

In less than a year of starting my Concierge Business, Finesse Concierge Services, I was featured on FOX5 News NYC with an audience size of over 300,000 viewers in less than a year. Over the years I have been approached by many individuals requesting to be advised on how they can yield the same successes within the same period of time. With over 13 years in the financial services industry, project management, product development, client management and leadership, I have decided to coin a book detailing the seven proven steps that I took to grow my business to be featured on the news in less than a year. In addition I have organized monthly seminars where I mentor startups and existing businesses on how to optimize their revenue and cut cost and to end, be profitable. Partner with me on this journey of being the most impactful business owners of our time.


by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

To increase your vocabulary quickly.

Fun Times with Shapes

by Ninah Phil

What shapes do you see? Fun Times with Shapes is an interactive book that will teach and help your kid(s) to become familiar with some common shapes.

School-wide PBIS: An Implementation Guide for PLC

by Cynthia Kennedy

School-wide PBIS: An Implementation Guide for PLC is a book that provides introductory information on beginning and sustaining a multi-tiered system of support. SWPBIS encourages a team management approach to facilitate goal-attainment and maximize resource usage. The chapters focus on each of the three tiers, as well as other facets of implementation, and the format includes questions and prompts for SWPBIS teams to consider as professional learning communities (PLC).
Each of the tiers is described clearly and in detail, along with practical suggestions and examples. Chapters on leadership and professional development are included, as are chapters on MTSS and the law and science-based behavioral interventions.

Why does Fortnite like it so much: I ear about Fortnite but i dont know why is so famous. This is for you.

by Alae Oundir

For more than a year, Fortnite has become a global phenomenon that is catching millions and millions of players around the world every day, in June 2018 Fortnite reached the figure of 120 million active players according to SuperData and Neezoo.

If you have a son / daughter, brother / sister … who can not stop playing at Fortnite, calm, this has a logical explanation. An event like this happens very rarely and Fortnite has managed to get the stars aligned so that everything is tainted with their game.

This eBook explains the reason for this situation and where it will take us.

The reinvent of inclusion: the challenges of difference in the process of teaching and learning


Inclusion is a subject of study and research that requires from us, educators, a resumption of what until then we think, learn, write, live and teach about education.
In the search for new references that support us in the review and criticism of what we know and believe about our students, schools, teaching practices, we face the need for a theoretical-methodological turn and to face new investigative horizons.
To understand what it is and how to include it, we must undo what has made us to exclude, without or with the intention of doing so. In both cases, the situation is difficult, because it questions us about what has been our professional performance and what is behind it: these habits that help to face the daily routine, without interpellations, doubts, uncertainties about conducts adopted, judgments handed down, arguments and positions that we use without question and whose source is, in general, external and reliable, given the competence of its origin.
With the backing of authors who integrate the contemporary French philosophical current that focuses their productions on postmodern and poststructuralist thinking, the author of this study reviews questions that derive from the weight of the diagnosis in the understanding of the difference. These issues are central to the understanding of the theme and to act in inclusive manner, in schools, in society. How to approach the diagnosis from the multiplicative sense of difference? It is always better that is said what we are, what we will be, what awaits us and what are the prescriptions, the right way to go.
The sense of difference, which guides the conception of this study, is based on what is still very little diffused and for some plausible reasons, and which leads to significant changes in education. The difference has been confused with the diverse, with the different, with what contrasts with the equal. Thus, the tendency is to oppose the rich to the poor, the healthy to the sick, the beautiful to the ugly, to compare the normal with the disabled. It is usual to establish differences between people, as we do with any objects. We tend to reduce them to a given attribute, to a characteristic that we deem striking in appearance, someone’s way of being. This is defined by all types of diagnosis. This is comfortable, most of the time, because it frees us from facing our own weaknesses, imperfections, ascribing them to the other, as wrong, undesirable. We learn to think and act in this way throughout our lives.
How, then, to understand the meaning of the diagnosis, if the difference, unlike the diverse, is not the repetition of the same. It is always differentiating itself. We are singular beings and, at the same time, mutants. Therefore, we escape from any possibility of falling into categorizations, classifications, qualities that can represent us and define us by means of a fixed and stable identity. This is an intriguing proposition for those who wish to go beyond the classical sense of representation, rigid identities, precisely defined, precise and limited models.
The focus on a given human characteristic leads us to define the whole by the part, to lock people into groups defined by a single attribute: those disabled, those obese, those aggressive, those autistics, those wheelchair users … These undue categorizations, among others, are applied to all of us, but the inflection and their major losses fall on the minorities, those groups less strengthened by social power. Hence the commitment of many of them to assert themselves as a minority by taxing themselves on the attribute that devalue and undermine them before the others. What they seek is to strengthen themselves before the most powerful groups, calling for their rights and claiming for privileges. Such an exit has been a double-edged sword, because when a minority becomes noticeable in this way – giving emphasis to a specific difference, its individuals can be further excluded!

मिशन एमप�एसस� स्पर्धा पर��्षा �ाल� �डाम�ड� सप्���बर २०१८: Mission MPSC Current Affairs eBook September 2018 (Marathi Edition)

by Tushar Bhambare

स्पर्धा पर��्ष��� तयार� �रता�ना व�त्तपत्र वा�ा �स� स�ळ�� सा��तात मात्र त्यात न�म�� �ाय वा�ाव� ह�� माहित नसत�. सर्व व�त्तपत्र� �र�द� �रण� द���ल �र्थि�द�ष्�्या परवडणार� नसत�. ह� �ड�ण ल�्षात ���न Mission MPSC न� �ाल� �डाम�ड���� मासि� म�फत �पलब्ध �र�न दिल� �ह�. या ���ात १ सप्���बर त� ३० सप्���बर दरम्यान�्या �ाल� �डाम�ड� स��्षिप्त र�पात द�ण्यात �ल्या �ह�त. ह� मासि� MPSC सह सर्व� स्पर्धा पर��्षा�साठ� �पयु�्त �ह�.

Fun Times with Numbers

by Ninah Phil

How many animals can you see? Fun Times with Numbers is an interactive book that will help your kid(s) to become familiar with numbers 1 -10.

Baby Steps In Physics: Free-Fall and Projectile Motion

by Boris Sapozhnikov

The best way of understanding the physics is to solve physics problems.

This is the third book from the series Baby Steps In Physics.
A student is wondering,” How do I start? From where do I start? What formula should I use? ”
As with the previous books in the series, the book tries to answer these questions.

The book features problems and solutions worked out in detail. The problems are arranged by increasing level of difficulty that allows the student to use this book independently.

Indeed, this book is only a third step towards understanding how to solve physics problems. However, the book encourages personal confidence in problem-solving and develops the student’s knowledge of physics.

My Amazing Skin Can Heal: A Book About Boo-Boos, Bandages and Band Aids (Human Body For Kids 3)

by A.D. Largie

Kids learn all about their amazing skin and everything that it does for their human body. Skin is waterproof and dirt proof. Skin protects us from the hot and from the cold. When skin gets cut it heals itself like magic. Skin is amazing in so many ways.

Wonderful English to Telugu / Telugu to English Picture Dictionary: (An Excellent Vocabulary Builder)


Very useful for learning Meanings, Spellings, Identification, Grammar, Spoken English & GK.

It covers all most all the words used in daily life.

HUMANS Are; Apes, Monkeys, Lemurs & Bears.: YOU will LEARN about (YOUR Blood Type). (BraindoctorJoe Book 5)

by BraindoctorJoe (pen name).

This Book is (the ‘most’ USEFUL) ‘new’ FIELD of SCIENCE (in World History) ! ! !

Every STUDENT (should be given) this TEXTBOOK, (worldwide).

YOUR Blood Type (reveals) YOUR Primate Family.

This Book is (the TEXTBOOK) for HUMAN EVOLUTION.


Phonics Flashcards with Pictures and Blending Words

by Lina K. Lapina

This is a colorful book of 104 single phonics sounds Flashcards with examples and words for blending practice.

A total of 364 phonetic words to read over and over (blending drill), including 5 vowels and 21 consonants (the whole alphabet A-Z of 26 letters; in ABC order; 4 pages for each sound).

Designed for homeschooling and/or teachers.

***Black and White PRINTED Version is AVAILABLE as well***

Silly Human

by Billy Hindley

A fun children’s book about global warming
Do your children leave the lights on?
Leave their phones on charge all night?
Meet Silly Human he is a funny and lovable character who will teach them about global warming and what we can do to help our planet. A fun yet educational book aimed at primary school age but for kids of all ages.

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