Free religious fiction Kindle books for 08 Oct 18

Overwhelming Evidence (Warriors For Christ Book 4)

by T.D. Moore

David Mercer thought his dreams had been answered when a beautiful, sexy, woman consented to be his wife. Little did he know he was only a pawn in a devious plan to get his money.
He turned to alcohol to ease his pain and after a drunken fight with His ex-wife’s new lover, the lover and David’s ex-wife were found stabbed to death with blood on Bill’s shirt.
This complex case fell to the feet of Christian investigator, Bill Blackbern, who happened to be married to David’s first cousin, Carol.
In this fourth of the series “Warriors for Christ”, the author demonstrates again that no problem is too big for the awesome God we have.
As the series takes another step in the direction of forming the “Warriors for Christ”, the threads that hold this series together such as complex human emotions, love, intrigue, family, and true happiness being dependent on our close walk with God are evident.

Before the Beginning: a flash fiction

by Bien-Aime Wenda

The devil wants to tell his side of the story of what happened when him and his fallen angels were kicked out of heaven.

Also includes an excerpt of NEGUS, a compilation of African-American sci-fi also written by the author.


I was seething, not realizing I was producing a low growl until later, when one of my “fallen angels” had recounted the event.
He, His precious “Son”, stood there coolly, in His pretentious maroon robe with the etching KING OF KINGS stitched. While my glorious flesh continued to transform into that of a green scaly covering, His gleamed blinding bronze, further pushing me closer to the brink.

Beyond Beautiful: A Redemption Story

by Robert Goluba

Beyond Beautiful imagines a world where no one is judged based on appearance. See this world through the eyes of Dave Tisdale, a handsome high school PE teacher that is hurting everyone around him with his constant judgment of their appearance. Everyone is frustrated with Dave’s antics, especially his wife Megan.

One day everything changes and Dave’s world is turned upside down. He’s labeled and judged others for as long as he can remember and now that’s not an option. Is this new normal enough to change someone as convicted and stubborn as Dave?

This short story zooms into the lives of Dave and Megan Tisdale as they cope with this dramatic event and Dave’s fight to redeem himself and his marriage.

Shadowed by a Spy

by Marilyn Turk

In the dead of night on June 12, 1942, four sailors climb from their German U-boat and make their way toward the coast of Long Island, NY. From there, they board the Long Island Railroad heading into Manhattan. One of the men, Cal Miller, is a US citizen, making him the perfect candidate for a special mission to infiltrate the States and gain access to key economic targets he can destroy.

Three seats ahead, Lexie Smithfield ponders her future as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital and wife to her fiancé Russell Thompson. A brief encounter with Cal Miller on the train leads to an unlikely friendship, and ultimately to the fearsome discovery that this handsome, kindly man is not who he appears to be.

When Russell is given an opportunity to work overseas, Lexie reluctantly encourages him to go. But his absence leaves Lexie alone in a strange city where her path becomes increasingly darkened by her unwitting connection to the German saboteurs. As the spies lay plans to destroy American factories and bridges, it becomes clear that only two people can stop them. One is a catatonic patient at Bellevue who must be strapped to his bed and sedated. The other is Lexie herself, a young woman who longs only for the security of marriage while ministering to the war’s physically and emotionally wounded.

Can Lexie’s unintended friendship with a Nazi spy thwart a terrorist attack? Or will her hopes and dreams â?? peace on the American homefront â?? become another casualty of war?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar historical novels in this genre may be categorized as: historical fiction, inspirational historical fiction, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome historical fiction.

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