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Operation Folkvangr

by Peter Kratky

San Francisco, year 2053. The information division of the Global Security Agency (G.S.A.) has the most sophisticated versions of sixth generation quantum computers.

When information is stolen from some of these computers in a completely unknown and unexplained way, an investigation with a Black Swan code is initiated. The objective: to locate the origin of the theft, recover the information, and know the system used to extract the information.

“Operation Folkvangr” combines science fiction, crime novel and a plot that will become more complicated until it involves the future of humanity.

B’Lack Osama in The Terrorcide Effect: A Poli-Sci-Fi Satire

by Nate Fiala

In a dystopian future where the elected leaders are liars, everyone is a clone after the devastation of ‘The War’ and all the continents of the world have conglomerated into one nation called NuMerica, President B’Lack Osama has illegally enacted The Terrorcide Effect to maintain power and preserve the status quo through fear and ignorance.

From the word ‘terrorism’ (the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims) and suffix ‘cide’ (the act of killing), The Terrorcide Effect is a top-secret government mind-control program designed to turn the average person into a public shooter, killing everyone they can for no apparent reason and then themselves, leaving the rest of society afraid of each other and apathetic to their rights being revoked by the government for safety, because it’s the easiest way to control everyone.

B’Lack Osama in The Terrorcide Effect is a political science fiction satire that asks its’ characters and readers, “How much control do you really have?”

The Maze

by Clinton Gene

Three Women must use what they have learned, born with, given or stolen to navigate the complicated circumstances that they find themselves based on the chioces they make. Purpose driven, ambitous and motivated to use ethics and morales they are forced to chose the narrow path to happiness or the wide road to destruction.

Consider the Wondrous Works Chapter Three: Dr. Tex Arcana Book Two (Dr. Tex Arcana and the Cult of Relics Book Two 3)

by Scott F Neve

Each triplet let loose with an ooh and ah over the ancient tapestries. The priceless artwork depicted battles on land and at sea. Each battle had taken place on the land where they were currently standing. Their suites were filled with canopy beds and animal skin rugs. There were all colors of bears, zebra, and tigers.
The sight of indoor plumbing brought out an exclamation of ‘yeah’. The spacious bathrooms came with tubs that were big enough for four. The European style prohibited showers. There was at least one wardrobe cabinet on each long wall. The picture windows overlooking the stables, the Carriage House or the Chapel.
Soon, the company met in Tex’s room. He carefully passed out the handheld MOTHER sniffer devices. And then he gave instructions to the three sets of identical sisters. The women stood with baited breath as he looked them in the eye.
Tex paced as he spoke, “The MOTHER Mini Vacuum can sift, siphon and sort the minutest elements from inside of a reliquary without actually disturbing the ancient artifact. It collects the dust particles that came from the breakdown over the centuries of the sacred object inside of the glass. The natural decomposition of the holy item leaves residue within the reliquary that provides many types of data including DNA, carbon dating and region specific natural resources.”
Scientist Valentina Lamberto felt a wave of sensuous pleasure come over her body and soul as she whispered to Will, “I love it when he talks technical. It’s so sexy. Somebody hold meâ?¦ before I fall down.”
Will shook his head and smirked as he said, “Get ahold of yourself. I’m busy right now.”
Tex continued with great focus, “A fake religious icon is easily debunked if the blood on the thorn does not match a human, or if the fabric of the ribbon binding the thorn does not match the product in a certain nation, or if the metal wire holding the reliquary together does not come from the region of its supposed origin.”
The Hanson triplet captains asked, “Now what? We all get one? Where to first?”
With mirth bubbling up in his guts, Tex said, “We will split up. Cover the ground floor first. That includes the outer buildings. We will meet back here at meal time.”
Will took the respective bull by the horns as he gave orders, “There will be three teams. Tex is with the Hanson sisters. Scientist Valentina Lamberto gets
Grace, Hope, and Faith Hooper. Christina, Christy and Christmas Hopper come with me.”
Hardon’s Castle ground floor layout was similar to the CLUE board game. There was a dining room, the kitchen, the patio, the conservatory and the library. The usual suspects including Professor Plum, Madam Rose, and Miss Peach were not in sight. Though there were plenty of weapons at hand including candlesticks, knives, revolvers, ropes and poison.
Like Scooby Doo and the Gang, the triplets enjoyed the thrill of feeling scared. The weird surroundings made it easy for their ripe adrenaline glands to spurt like a severed jugular artery. The two men shouldered their burdens and charged forward.

I Found A Secret Lab From The 70’s

by Mr. Michael Squid

A man hiking discovers a hatch in the ground and decides to explore it. Nothing can prepare him for the revelations that unfold in growing horror that never seems to end.

King of Terrors Chapter Four: Dr. Tex Arcana Book Two (Dr. Tex Arcana and the Cult of Relics Book Two 4)

by Scott F Neve

Tex spoke up to his new team, “No one drinks water in Ireland. Feel free to sample the native ales and wines.”
Ambassador Heather Angel tagged on a bit of advice, “Milk is for babies only.”
The handsome student acolytes were acting as the servants around the seminary and the church. They bragged amongst themselves. The young men and boys claimed that they did everything from lawn maintenance to building repairs.
Funny thing thoughâ?¦ the holy men in training considered every woman to be a temptress. So they greeted the American girls with calm holiness. Underneath, the boys were afraid of even touching a girlâ?¦ as if it was a sin.
Will guessed that the outgoing American quads were the greatest temptations that the acolytes had ever seen. His new assistant totally agreed with his diagnosis. The dining room tables divided the room. Ladies were on one side, while the gentlemen were on the other. But the girl tourists set the native boys straight right from the start.
Jamie Mercy shook her head at the leader of the young men and then she spoke her anointed mind, “Don’t be stupid.”
Babs Hope waved her right forefinger at the boy’s faces as she said, “Don’t fall in love with me or my sisters.”
Sara Favor’s face showed compassion as she said, “You will only break your own heart.”
Leah Grace winked at Dr. Tex Arcana before she boldly spoke up, “We are here on business.”
Affecting a quirky Transylvanian accept, Bella said, “We’re not here to steal your souls.”
After that scary epiphany, everyone laughed together. The moral and sexual tensions subsided for now. Sister Seyton began to dominate the conversation. The priest’s household was run by his real life big sister.

Viper’s Tongue Shall Slay Chapter Five: Dr. Tex Arcana Book Two (Dr. Tex Arcana and the Cult of Relics Book Two 5)

by Scott F Neve

In his mind’s eye, Tex remembered a champion caber toss from a long time ago. He studied the land where the event would be performed. He had found the perfect place. Before the competition, he had practiced with a similar log. He discovered the best way for him. He opened his eyes once more. It was his turn.
Now Tex cradled his chosen pole. He leaned forward. It looked like the log was falling from his grip, but it was all part of the plan. When the top of the log was a quarter of the way to the ground, he heaved up with a lifting motion. His form was that of a graceful pole vaulter.
The log spun in the air. The top of the pole struck the soft patch of ground and stayed there. The body of the log was propelled upright. When the momentum ceased, the log was completely upright. It stayed in the 12 o’clock position as the judges and crowd cheered. After nearly thirty seconds, it slowly fell away from Tex.
The super inspired native team with Tex, Honey and the American young women dominated the caber toss. The first game was completed and the crowd begged for more. As the field was prepared for the next event, Will found an arrowhead in the deep divot unearthed by Tex’s miraculous caber toss.
His new assistant forensics expert Dr. Dancer Indued whispered, “I see that your family has a knack for finding treasures wherever you go.”
Will chuckled softly and then he said, “And I am sure that your charming talents include much more than the detection of crimes.”

Descartes Meets Darwin in Podunk

by James McNabb

(Short Story, Science Fiction; Plus a Bonus Story) When you run a diner, you never know who or what is gonna come in through the door. In other words, natural selectionâ??what a racket!

Yes, indeed, when it comes to evolution, the disadvantaged species doesn’t always roll over and die out. Where’s it written that’s what’s gotta happen? Sometimes the endangered species engages in a little preemptive action. After all, who wants to become extinct?
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The Fallen: Search for the Path (Thurian Saga Book 6)

by James Todd Lewis

Bombings, sniper attacks, assaults, hijackings, assassinations, and worse unleash untold devastation heretofore unseen in the entire history of planet Thuria! The blame for all of the pain and agony of this most dreadful of dawns is laid upon the mixed bloods, and all of the gains they have made – their rightful place in the world – seems destined to disappear in the smoldering embers of ruin and despair.

Sahnassa, newly appointed Teldear of her planet, and her friends must do all they can to stem the flood of destruction and suffering while those who led the mixed blood cause scramble into hiding. Meanwhile, the honored and beloved matriarch of house de Dothnar is poisoned and hovers near death, her house on the brink of civil war!

With an age of darkness taking hold all around, a young Perratti, Lyssia de Oterbythe, searches out a legendary Nephti healer of the ancient past whose wisdom and power have the only chance of reversing the dreadful night falling upon purebred and mixed blood, alike. Under the threat of being ostracized by her peers and disavowed by her house, Lyssia bravely struggles to prove that the healer’s ways are the only hope Thuria has to bring back an age of light, warmth, and hope!

Hope is failing, and time is running out!

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