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Body Language MASTERED: How to Dominate Modern Life with Primal Powers

by C.K. Murray


You are here for one reason. Because you are ready. Prepared. Willing to delve deeper and think clearer. Ready more than ever, to learn the time-tested, all-powerful, evidence-based forces of mankind’s most effective communication:

Advanced Body Language

Did you know that body language and nonverbal communication are the most powerful forms of communication known today? That transmitting the unsaid can literally change the neurochemical, electro-chemical properties of your environment, body and brain? That body language is an all-encompassing approach to success in life, whether career, interpersonal, intrapersonal, sexual, or on a higher existential plane?

Believe it

Whether seeking body language secrets, transforming your personal reality & psyche, or totally restructuring your sphere of influence in this World, advanced body language has the power to COMPLETELY elevate your Life forever. Without advanced body language in our lives, we may never reach our heights of potential. Instead, we’ll underachieve at every turn, lacking in skill, influence, and power, consistently unable to do what it is we want to do, with our days, months and years left on this Planet…

Is that what you want?

Body Language MASTERED: How to Dominate Modern Life with Primal Powers (A Preview)

  • The Nature of Human Transmission
  • The Sources & Forms of Modern Transmissions
  • How Science Explains Subconscious Signaling
  • How to Recognize & Analyze the TOP Body Language Profiles
  • Key Gestures for Success in Life, Relationships & Your Career
  • The Most Powerful Telepathic Techniques
  • How to Hijack the Psyche of Your Target
  • KEY Steps for Decalcifying your Pineal Gland
  • The Most Effective Pineal Activators on the Planet
  • How your Third Eye can Penetrate the Subconscious Mind
  • The Most Important Weapons in Psychological Warfare
  • Why “Cultural Milieu” is your GATEWAY to Worldly Success
  • The Body of Psycho-Physical Therapies
  • How Bioenergetics can REVOLUTIONIZE Your Life
  • And much, much more!

Chapters Include:

Modern Conceptions of Human Transmission
Saying the Unsayable – The Science of Subconscious Signaling
Seeing is Believing – How to Pinpoint The Top 14 Body Language Profiles
Key Gestures that Change The Game – How to Analyze & Capitalize
The Telepath – How to Read, Mine & Hijack the Mind
The Gateway -Opening your Pineal Gland for Psychiatric Power
Easy, Everyday Techniques for Awakening Your Inner Eye
Gearing Up: Top Ways to PREPARE your Personal Psychological Warfare
Brain Freeze- Knowing WHEN to Permeate the Psyche
World Dominance – How to ALWAYS Send the Correct Cultural Signals
The Body of Power – Unleashing your Bioenergetics


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ANOREXIA: How to Start Overcoming Anorexia Today!

by Alexandria Stone

In this book you will learn what Anorexia is, and how to start overcoming its effect on your life. We will take a look at the symptoms, the effects, and explore some easy ways to handle this disease and take control of your life. Anorexia is a disease, and by the end of this book, you will be aware of the internal symptoms, relevant and effective treatments, as well as tips on a new lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight.

Anorexia may feel like it has control of you, but you are the one in control, and with this easy to follow guide, you will be on track to getting your life back on track in no time at all. Remember that you are beautiful, and you are strong, and there is nothing standing in the way of you taking control of your life.

4 Super-Foods: Matcha-Tee, Kokosöl, Moringa-Baum, Zistrose [Sammelband 1 / WISSEN KOMPAKT] (German Edition)

by Michael Iatroudakis

Superfoods sind Lebensmittel, die über einen hohen und konzentrierten Anteil an wertvollen Nährstoffen verfügen. Jeder Kultur entspringt eine Pflanze, welche einen besonders hohen Gehalt an Inhaltsstoffen aufweist. Bei den Japanern ist es z.B. der Matcha Tee, bei den Afrikanern der Moringa Baum usw.

In diesem eBook geht es um Superfoods anderer Kulturen, die man mit einfachen Mitteln in sein persönliches Essverhalten integrieren kann. Sie können in der Regel ohne Probleme gelagert werden und sind, dank Internet, jederzeit verfügbar.


Dieses eBook “4 Superfoods” beinhaltet vier eBooks, welche auch einzeln erhältlich sind. Diese sind:

eBook I : Der Matcha Tee: Das grüne Wunder aus Japan

eBook II: Das Kokosöl: Das Geheimnis äu�erer Schönheit, stabiler Gesundheit und grenzenloser Energie

eBook III: Der Moringa-Baum: Der Wunderbaum für Ihre Gesundheit

eBook IV: Die Zistrose: Das Wunderkind unter den Heilpflanzen

Lebensfreude leben, vital seinâ?¦

LIVE A REFLUX FREE LIFE: A Guide to Acid Reflux Diet


This book is a short nutrition guide on acid reflux and its causes. This book is not an instructional guide, but it is meant to guide you to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux if you already experience it or rather prevents you from having one. In this book, you will also read about the causes of acid reflux, symptoms, remedies and some foods that serve as triggers that you will need to avoid. This book also contains some acid reflux recipes you can enjoy while on an acid reflux diet plan. After reading through this book, you will see how you can effectively manage and keep acid reflux at bay.

Download this book today, and start living a reflux free life.

Ham Radio Guide: Best Lessons For Beginners On How To Set Up A Ham Radio

by Cameron Summers

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Ham Radio Guide: (FREE Bonus Included)

Best Lessons For Beginners On How To Set Up A Ham Radio

This book is all about Ham Radio. What it is. Where to get it; and how to use it. Learn from proven professionals on how to ride the radio waves! Ham Radio provides communication for instances of emergency as well as for a recreational pastime. This book explores all of the options available for someone wanting to become involved in this fascinating medium. Like never before this book breaks down everything you need to know and every step you need to take in order to become a Ham Radio enthusiast.

This book provides for you an exclusive set of lessons; teaching you the fundamental principles of the practice and how to set up your very own Ham Radio. But it doesn’t end there, because this book takes a special look at what it takes to get a license to operate Ham Radio, providing you with all of the resources and insights that you need to pass the exam and receive your licensure as an officially sanctioned Ham Radio enthusiast. Explaining the various modes and call signs that are used during the course of a Ham Radio’s operation and giving you an eagle eye view into what it took others many years of hard worn experience to learn.

In this book we will learn:

  • How to setup our very own Ham Radio rig
  • How to get a Ham Radio License
  • Call Signs and Modes
  • And much more!

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