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Apocalypse Rising (Revolutionary Series Book 1)

by J.T. Marsh

Runaway capitalism has destroyed the world as we know it. In the mid-twenty first century, Britain is an impoverished place ruled by elites. Once glorious, the cities and towns across the British Isles are filled with hopeless poverty, desperation, and death.

An ordinary labourer with a fiery temperament and a passion for justice, Valeri Kovalenko lost his parents to a failed revolt fifteen years ago. Now, Valeri must find the courage to take part in a new revolution, led by an organization known as the Popular Front. But at the heart of the Popular Front is a mysterious figure known as Elijah, who answers only to a higher power in the midst of a struggle between good and evil which should change the world forever.

When events conspire to plunge the whole world into chaos and war, can Valeri put aside his personal demons to fight in the new revolution?

Will Valeri’s generation lead a revolution that can succeed where their parents failed? Or will theirs be brutally crushed like the last generation’s revolt?

And can the mysterious Popular Front defeat the wealthy elites and establish worker’s rule in Britain?

The Foremost

by Jordan Kracht

At the dawn of a new age technology reigns supreme, but old gods die hard and with the world on the brink of war one man must decide where to put his faith.
Fantasy in the time of trench warfare, a story about the price of adventure even when undertaken with the best of intentions. Prince Jukey is the heir to the most powerful empire in the world, but that has never been enough for him. The prince is cursed with a sense of duty and under the guidance of a mystifying stranger calling himself the Prophet, this sense of duty only grows stronger. At the onset of a horrific war that promises to eclipse any conflict in history thanks to the introduction of deadly new technologies, the prince sees no choice but to join the common men of the empire and fight shoulder to shoulder with them in the trenches. The war and the Prophet’s teachings will push the prince’s sanity to the breaking point and he learns all too quickly that even the smallest of mistakes can lead to drastic consequences on the front line.
The Foremost offers sprawling battle sequences and exhilarating action along with moments of quiet spiritual and philosophical struggle as the young prince attempts to reconcile his beliefs with a brutal reality.

The Wraith Vanguard: Rise of the Vanguard (The Vanguardians)

by Weslea Sanchez

Jack PennDragon is your average teenager just trying to enjoy his life, but when the 3rd Cron Rebellion erupts he thrust into a fight he didn’t want. As the war progresses and betrayal occurs Jack must make a choice and go down a irreversible path that can change not only his life and future but everyone’s. He learns to lead, fight for his beliefs, and defend his friends from utter defeat. As the murky vision of the world around him becomes clearer. He never backs down, gives up or runs away, but will that give him the ability to achieve his goal or destroy everything.

Brian – ein ganz besonderer Tag (German Edition)

by Chris Bachmann

In der Grenzregion zwischen Deutschland und Dänemark werden vier Mädchen entführt. Sie sind die Töchter des Kommandeurs, Major Jäger, des ortsansässigen Flugabwehrbataillons der Bundeswehr. Alle verfügbaren Polizeikräfte sind in einem Einsatz, niemand wird die Entführung der Mädchen verfolgen, au�er der Major selbst, wenn er sich mit seinen Soldaten auf Dänisches Gebiet wagt. Genau das haben die Entführer beabsichtigt. Sie wollen einen Krieg in der Mitte Europas herbeiführen.

Blood: The Screenplay

by Bal Kumar

World War 2. Poland. Warsaw. 1939.
The first few weeks of the great war, Germany has invaded Poland, smashed its defences and defeated its armed forces in a matter of days, brought the country to its knees. Poland lies in ruins, overrun by the Nazi war machine, the strength and brutality of the German army dominating the burnt out, barren landscape of Polish cities and towns.
As the battle for Poland rages on with the enemy, small pockets of Polish resistance begin to form, fighting back against the mighty power of the German ground force invasion. They fight against the Germans till their last man, their last drop of blood sacrificed for their country.
One such brave resistance fighter running from certain death, is Polish spy, and sniper JACOB LEWINSKI. On the run from SS SENTRY HEINZ, SHULTZ and SS LIEUTENTANT DOMINIK FICSCHER as the story begins, he counts every breath as the Germans chase JACOB LEWINSKI into a deserted woodland, bullet raining down on him as he tries to outrun certain death.
A stray bullet from the sentries pierces his leg, wounded and weak he stumbles, but somehow still finds the strength to scramble up again and keep running into the barren woodland, enemy soldiers only seconds behind LEWINSKI.
SS LIEUTENANT FISCHER orders the sentries to find and kill JACOB at any cost, while he himself vows to hunt him down and execute him as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Fischer has his own personal vendetta against LEWINSKI, the man he saw assassinate his best friend, another senior officer. GENERAL KRUGER.
SS SENTRY SHULTZ and HIENZ race after him into the woods, closing in on the injured Polish resistance fighter. LEWINSKI manages to dive into a ditch while the Germans run past him, unable to find him. Only inches away from certain death JACOB LEWINSKI, tired, weak and wounded staggers through the forest, half dead, looking for shelter and a place to recover from his wounds.
LEWINKSI manages to find a disused old barn. He staggers into the barn, falls into a feverish state, a dream like state, in which he thinks back to the life that he once had before the war.
As he begins to dream, JACOB think back to a better life before the war, one in which he thought about love and not war. He dreams about the woman he once loved from Berlin, Anna, a beautiful and warm hearted woman that shared his life with him before the war tore them apart.
Suddenly JACOB LEWINSKI is woken out of his dream by a young boy, ADAM carrying a sharp blade and pointing it at him. JACOB LEWINSKI immediately draws in weapon, ready for battle. ADAM drops the weapon, scared, uncertain he explains to JACOB this he is trespassing and should leave.
JACOB LEWINKSI, drifting in and out of consciousness begs the boy to help him find food and recover from his wounds otherwise he will die, at first he is afraid but finally ADAM reluctantly agrees to help, and runs into the woodland to find food, and a surgical knife to take out the bullet in JACOB’s wounded leg.
As JACOB begins to slowly and painfully recover from his wounds the Germans are closing in on him minute by minute, tracking him through the woodland, drawing ever closer to the barn.
Will JACOB survive when he finally has to face them, or will he die like so many other Polish soldiers before him?

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