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Destiny & Dissent (The Nox Panthers Series Book 0)

by Ally Summers

Every love story has a beginning.
This is the story of how mine became a raging war.

I prepared for the battle.
I never expected it to be waged against my heart.

As a queen, I should anticipation deception and lies.
But from him?
I never saw it coming.

Now my army of panther shifters and I will fight for our freedom.
I’ve brought the war to my backyard.
But with my warriors, we won’t back down until we’ve won.
And they have fallen.

**Destiny & Dissent is a novella prequel to the Nox Panthers Series. It can be read before Book 1 or at any time during the series.**

The Eden Chronicles Boxset #1: The Given Garden The Forbidden Fruit The Tangled Trees

by S.K Munt

They told us that this new world was perfect.
They told us that we were all equal under the eyes of the only God.
They told me that I was nothing.
He told me that he would protect me.
They swear that I can trust them.
I don’t.
How can I believe in something, in a world where faith isn’t optional?

The Game of Inâ??s and Outâ??s (LitRPG Fantasy Harem Story)

by Lance Tonnage

When MeeTube star and games reviewer Kane Doran is invited to the Tanaka building to see the early release of their latest gaming technology, he jumps at the chance. On entering the luxurious Tanaka compound he is treated to a brief tour of the site before having all his recording devices taken from him. When he is led to an egg shaped pod, Kane lays in the comfortable, womb-like, bed and is soon transported into a game world like no other.

What happens next is like nothing he’s ever experiencedâ?¦ battles against legendary creatures and fights unlike any seen before. During one such battle, he finds himself falling unconscious – and afterward, awakes to explore a new area – where he spots several beautiful women.

Kane believes these women are mere creations of the game, but he soon discovers they are in fact trapped in this new virtual world, just as he is. And they treat him to pleasures beyond his wildest imagination!

Mates for Monsters: Boxed Set

by Tamsin Ley

Even Monsters Need a Mate

Mermen, Centaurs, and Genies, oh my! Brimming with sexy mythical heroes who don’t know they need a mate, Mates for Monsters will keep paranormal and fantasy romance fans reading long into the night. Over 400 pages of magic, adventure, mythology, and romance! Find out for yourself why readers can’t get enough of these sizzling hot happily-ever-afters. Set includes:

A finless female won’t live long among the dangers of the sea, and our sexy merman must choose between keeping her at his side, and keeping her safe.

Half man, half beast, he can never run free with the shifter herd – until the ranch’s heiress discovers his secret and wants to take him for a rideâ?¦

An ancient genie falls in love with a curvy human, but hers may be the one wish he can never fulfill.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes with dangerous mermaids, sexy centaur shifters, and seductive genie secrets. Intended for mature audiences.

These books have sold thousands of copies, had almost three million pages read, and received hundreds of five-star reviews. Now, for a limited time, save 33% compared to buying the individual books by reading this special bundle deal!  

Who knew mermen could be so sexy and mermaids such witches – spelled with a capitol “B”?” â??â??â??â??â?? – The Merman’s Kiss
The main characters were awesome and the chemistry very real, I will be reading more from Tamsin for sure.” â??â??â??â??â?? – The Djinn’s Desire
An excellent change within the genre. It was a grand surprise to see a new side in this field.” â??â??â??â??â?? -The Centaur’s Bride

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The Wrath of the Chosen (The Chosen Series Book 1)

by K.C. Hamby

Falen Thana is one of the cold, viciousâ??borderline sociopathic assholeâ??assassins from an assassin’s guild in Seattle. They are charged with ridding the world of Evil, fighting to keep the ever-changing balance between the nefarious and virtuous. In doing this, Fal prefers solitude, but it leaves her frigid and more than difficult to approach. Just as well. She’s not much of a social butterfly, anyway.
Due to demons from her past, Fal has refused to allow any emotion other than rage consume her, turning her into a destructive monster as self-defense. Getting too close and comfortable with anyone could get them killed, and Fal will not let that happen. Not again.
On one mission, Fal finds herself in a Seattle club, waiting out her next target. Nina, a sapphire-eyed, poetic spitfire, catches her attention from across the bar and Fal is caught off guard by the kind smile Nina sends her way. No one smiles that way at an assassin. After an incident involving Fal saving Nina’s life, they become connected on a level neither of them understands. But, this connection is forbidden in the assassin lifestyle and punishable by death.
Hunted by her demons and haunted by her past, Fal must discover what she values most, and if she’s willing to risk her lifeâ??and Nina’sâ??to get it.

The Coins of Judas (A Guardians Adventure Book 6)

by Summer Lee

Book 6 in the bestselling Guardians Adventure series!

The search for THE COINS OF JUDAS…

Two thousand years ago, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ for thirty silver shekelsâ?¦

After finding two ancient silver shekels in an old robe, Professor Sam Godfrey and Achava, guardian of Israel and its sacred artifacts, believe they’ve been chosen to find the rest of the coins.

Sam and Achava follow the trail of the robe to a man who tells them they have thirty days to find the rest of the shekels. He warns that if they don’t succeed in time, something catastrophic will happen.

The shekels are located far and wideâ??and in places torn by civil war. Using his archaeology and Biblical history knowledgeâ??and her supernatural skills for Soul Merge travelingâ??they must discover what happened to the coins after Judas died. And retrieve them.

Will Sam and Achava find all of the shekels in time to prevent a catastrophic event? Will Achava have to choose between her love for Sam and her duty to God?

THE COINS OF JUDAS, the sixth novel in the Guardians Adventure series by acclaimed Christian author Summer Lee, unlocks the spiritual mysteries of the Biblical past and links them to the future through exciting adventure quests for sacred relics.

Genesis Ending (Nalabecian Chronicles Book 2)

by N.A. Finlay

Centuries after the rise of the Over King we meet a boy named Alius who has the unfortunate position of being twelve going on thirteen. Little does he know that his choices will not only affect his life, but the entire world he calls home. Can you answer all the questions for Alius? Or will you be the one left hanging with questions unanswered? Available on Kindle and Create Space its Genesis Ending.

The Problem with Magic Boomerangs: Volume 1 of Dungeon Master

by Buster Wolf

The first volume of an ongoing serial, Dungeon Master follows the story of an Evil Overlord who wants nothing more than to be left alone with his music obsession and bouts of mayhem and murder, but instead gets a whole new slew of problems after trying to ‘upgrade’ his dungeon.
The Problem with Magic Boomerangs follows Grivo Nostro’s early attempts at having his dungeon improved…with very mixed results.

Stalked By A Daemon (The Trials of Myth Book 1)

by Stephanie R. Lowell

Siren is a beautiful and magical mystery who was banished from her world because she didn’t want to marry her betrothed. She uses her powers to punish evil doers and save innocents. Her methods are extreme but the outcome is to her satisfaction.

Daemon (pronounces it as Damon) is a demon who feeds on innocents and encourages the depraved to join his demonic army. The one thing he enjoys more than manipulating and maiming is enjoying carnal pleasure where he can find it, and he has his sights on Siren who wants nothing to do with him.

Ezekiel is an angel who has been after Daemon for eons. He finds himself intrigued by Siren. After he sees her use her powers to torture a man, he decides to get close to her to figure out what kind of creature she might be.

When Siren is kidnapped by her ex fiancé, poisoned and has her powers stolen, she now has to find a cure to not only save her powers, but also her life. A trip to Hell, just might have the answers, and who better to show her the way, then a demon.

Spilt Secrets (A Talnarin Novel Book 2)

by D.E. Chapman

Her secret is out. Alanna did the one thing she swore she couldn’t do.

After missing her chance at revenge, she’s back at Craforian under Malik’s constant guard. It’s there that Alanna discovers she can wield more than one affinity. Just as she regains a sense of normalcy, her past catches up with her. 

But Malik has secrets too, and when Alanna stumbles upon his biggest one, she’s at a loss. 

Will this secret be the very thing that pushes her over the edge?

Recommended for 16+ due to profanity, dark themes, and violence.

(This is not a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.)

Jewel Of Humanity

by Jessica G.Rabbit

Princess Flossina awakes in a strangers arms.
She has no recollection of how she got there.
After being taken to a secret location, she finds out that her mother, the Queen, has been murdered, and they have accused her of the crime.
She needs to find out the truth, but how…
Marlon, an undercover assassin and healer by trade is intrigued to help Flossina when she is deposited on his doorstep bruised, bloodied, and unconcious like so many girls before her.
The girl was everything he didn’t expect her to be, firey, beautiful and an amnesiac. The examination he had done on her while she was unconcious let him know she was more than a castaway. She was the dead, missing princess…

Henbit and Her Sisters (The Forest of the Frendibles Book 1)

by Marty Donnellan

Protected by the beautiful hawk Tegera, frendibles are small creatures who live in the woods, meadows and thickets of the southern U.S. Henbit is a bossy, opinionated pine frendible with two bratty younger sisters, Cloudberry and Sweetflag. Her world is turned upside down when Cloudberry disappears. Henbit, who has never left the forest either, sets out to find her. She expects Tegera’s help, but the hawk, too, has vanished. With no other options, Henbit is forced to rely on prank-loving Sweetflag. Soon she discovers that not only are both sisters’ lives at stake, but the existence of all frendibles is jeopardized. As Henbit journeys to new places, meets new friends and faces new enemies, her assumptions about life and love are put to the test. “Henbit and Her Sisters” is Book One of “The Forest of the Frendibles” series.

The Ascent: Conflict on Thuria (Thurian Saga Book 3)

by James Todd Lewis


The morning after uncovering a terrifying conspiracy that could ravage her world, Matron Sahnassa de Orturu learns that the powerful and mysterious alien from her past has returned! Together, they must convince the great houses the threat to planet Thuria is real!

As the conspiracy begins to unfold, de Caterra treachery infiltrates and cripples the great houses while the enslaved Vulpi perform unspeakable acts of horror for their Faelnar masters. As the secret records detailing de Caterra atrocities are leaked to the public, riots and threats of war start to shake Thuria to its core!

Sahnassa’s friend, Vanarra de Gonari, finds her newly adopted house besieged, with its very existence in danger! Working together, the three must save the Vulpi, house de Gonari, and the whole of Thuria from the de Caterra before it’s too late!

The future of Thuria is at stake!

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