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The Lost Valley (The Tasmanian Tales Book 2)

by Jennifer Scoullar

A Tasmanian East of Eden

The Lost Valley is a sweeping saga of ambition, betrayal and dangerous love. 

Hobart 1929 – Ten-year-old-twins, Tom and Harry Abbott, are orphaned by a tragedy that shocks Hobart society. They find sanctuary with their reclusive grandmother, growing up in the remote and rugged Binburra ranges – a place where kind-hearted Tom discovers a love of the wild, Harry nurses a growing resentment towards his brother and where the mountains hold secrets that will transform both their lives.

The chaos of World War II divides the brothers, and their passion for two very different women fuels a deadly rivalry. Can Tom and Harry survive to heal their rift? And what will happen when Binburra finally reveals its astonishing secrets?

From Tasmania’s highlands to the Battle of Britain, and all the way to the golden age of Hollywood, The Lost Valley is a lush family saga about two brothers whose fates are entwined with the land and the women they love.

Jennifer Scoullar writes page-turning fiction about the land, people and wildlife that she loves. Buy The Lost Valley now to discover why Jennifer Scoullar is one of Australia’s favourite story-tellers

Fragments of Grace: Book One to the Dragonblade Series

by Kathryn Le Veque

1291 A.D. – Keir St. Hever is a powerful garrison commander for Lord Coverdale on the border of the Cumbrian vales. Whilst attending battle, he receives word that his own castle is under attack. Keir returns to Pendragon Castle to discover that his wife and daughter have been murdered, and his young son is missing. So begins Keir’s descent into hell and despair.

Three years later, Keir is still searching for his son as he is called upon to rescue the family of an ally whose castle is under siege. Once Keir fights his way inside, the damsel he is supposed to rescue does not believe he is there to assist her and a great battle ensues. But somewhere during that battle, Keir finds a strange and uncontrollable fascination with the Lady Chloe-Louise de Geld. When she’s not trying to gouge his eyes out, he catches glimpses of a woman of magnificent red hair, porcelain skin, and delicate features. And so, the love story beginsâ?¦.

Chloe is a much sought after beauty, brilliant, sweet and feisty. She awakens within Keir long-dormant emotions, feelings he believed died when his family perished. He doesn’t want to love Chloe but he cannot help himself. His attention should be on finding his missing son but he finds it diverted by a woman he is falling more deeply in love with by the day.

A vindictive and evil neighbor, however, who has wanted Chloe for his own, discovers St. Hever’s interest and uses lies and manipulation to convince Keir that he has Keir’s long-lost son. He proposes a trade – Chloe for the boy. Before Keir can make a decision, Chloe takes matters in to her own hands and the situation goes horribly awry.

Through death, battle, vengeful enemies and ghostly visitors, Keir and Chloe’s love remains strong and unbreakable, and in the end Keir must once again wield his sword to save the woman he loves. With flashbacks of the family he was unable to save, will he be too late?

Crumbling Palisades of Gwosh

by Osinachi Awaibe

The imprints of terrorism and its heartbreaking holocaust in West Africa.

Black Sword (Lords of Eire)

by Kathryn Le Veque

“…Powerful emotionally and breathtaking! 5 stars! One of Kathryn Le Veque’s best medieval story, powerful emotionally, rich characters, intriguing storyline…Loved the beautiful and hot chemistry between the hero and heroine! Ms. Le Veque’s medieval story was fantastic from beginning to end.” ~ Nicole Laverdure, Reviewer

Welcome to Medieval Ireland….

1323 A.D. – Devlin de Bermingham, an Irish knight to the core, is the bastard son of the Earl of Louth and the descendant of Irish kings. He is also a strong proponent that the Irish should rule Irish lands. Rebelling against his English overlord, the Earl of Kildare, he captures one of Kildare’s castles south of Wicklow. Known as Black Sword, a rebel who is both admired and feared, Devlin has set the events in motion for an enormous Irish revolt. Every Norman settlement in Ireland is at risk because of Black Sword’s actions and the stage is set.

The Lady Emllyn Fitzgerald is the sister of the Earl of Kildare. When her brother sends his fleet to quell the uprising on his lands, she stows away on one of the vessels in order to follow the object of her affection, a strong young English knight sworn to her brother, into battle. It is her intention to prove to the man she is worthy and brave enough to be his wife, but she truly has no grasp of the seriousness of her folly. As the English fleet makes landfall along the Wicklow coast, disaster strikes – Black Sword and his army of Irish rebels are waiting for them. In a devastating night of blood and mayhem, the English armada is destroyed and Lady Emllyn is taken a prize.

Join Devlin and Emllyn as they embark upon a journey of a lifetime where both will face death, defeat, and disaster, but most terrifying of all, face their growing feelings for one another in a world that would see them torn apart. How is it possible for two people from two completely different worlds to find a love so deep that it will see each of them make sacrifices for the other? Will they be able to remain together or will politics and war keep them apart?

Join the unforgettable adventure of a lifetime and experience what lengths Devlin and Emllyn with go to in order to be with each other, lengths that will transcend their loyalty to their own people and jeopardize their very freedom. For a love that was never meant to be, they will risk all.

Author’s Note: The first two chapters of this novel deal with some forced sexual encounters – given the circumstances at the time and at this period in history, this was not considered abuse. It was considered conquest and victory. Understanding and forgiveness is a key element of this novel.

Never Say Necklace (Love on the Run Book 1)

by Jaclyn Hardy

She Has Spent Her Entire Life In Search Of A Long Lost Treasure

Carlie has spent her entire life searching for a necklace that was lost centuries ago. When her work finally pays off, she drops everything to retrieve it.

Ë?Ë?Ë? He Is An Agent Forced To Choose Between His Duty And The Woman He Loves

Braden works undercover for an agency going after artifacts throughout the world. But when his latest quest means taking the necklace from the woman he’s been secretly in love with for months, things take a drastic turn.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Facing The Enemy

But Carlie and Braden aren’t the only ones searching for the necklace. What seemed to be a cut-and-dry quest becomes a constant battle to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Will their love survive this dangerous adventure, or will they be forced to live forever apart?

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Family Promise (The Delahass Legacy Book 6)

by Jacie Middlemann

Family Promise is the sixth book in The Delahass Legacy series, the continuing saga of one family’s search for answers to questions rooted in events that took place generations ago.

When Barb Delahass finally makes the trip to Espinola she finds out that everything she’s heard about it is true. She loves the old city and is amazed at how it has been able to hold on to its history. It’s something she can appreciate since she’s there in search of something from her family’s past. She’d give anything if she knew exactly what it was. But when she and Gray return home to Nolbeloir House they bring with them what they found, documents that Jeremy Delahass left for them centuries ago and that may very well hold the answers they’ve been looking for.
In the middle of the twenty-first century Jeremy Delahass came from out of nowhere much as history decreed his ancestor did some two hundred years before him. It was his legacy, that of a man counted among those who fought in some of the harshest battles of the Revolutionary War for Independence, that Jeremy waved like a beacon and eventually reached the pinnacle as his ancestor had been unable to.

But his dreams had never been those which would put him in the midst of the public eye. Jeremy had never been driven to right all wrongs, to speak the words of the voiceless, to be the one who pushed until promises made were kept. And he’d never felt the need to sit in the center of power. But he did all those things.

Jeremy Delahass did all that he wouldn’t have otherwise because of those who had dreamed of doing so, for those who did have visions of all that could be, who had been driven to right all the wrongsâ?¦but couldn’t. Their lives had been tragically and violently cut short.

In fulfilling what they were no longer able to, Jeremy Delahass became a hero to scores yet was also reviled by many who resented the changes he’d fought for. And he left behind a lasting heritage for all of those who would follow. And so it endured. The Delahass Legacy.

Now two hundred years laterâ?¦

Family Promise is the sixth in The Delahass Legacy series that also includes Family, Family Unbroken, Family Shadows, Family Always, and Family Trust. The Delahass Legacy series tells the story of how one family learns the lessons of what’s important in life and how despite the centuries and generations that pass it remains the same. Family.

The Delahass Legacy is a series of books classified by Amazon as short reads. The books in this series fall in the two hours and more reading time. If you enjoy sitting down with a novella style book you’ll enjoy The Delahass Legacy series.

НепÑ?авилÑ?ная сказка: Ð?сÑ?оÑ?ия вÑ?емен ТÑ?идÑ?аÑ?илеÑ?ней войнÑ? (Russian Edition)

by Ð?аÑ?Ñ?бин АлександÑ?

ТÑ?идÑ?аÑ?илеÑ?няя война пÑ?аздновала своÑ? двадÑ?аÑ?Ñ? Ñ?есÑ?Ñ?Ñ? годовÑ?инÑ?. Ð?де-Ñ?о Ñ?ли бои, а наÑ?иÑ? геÑ?оев загнали гаÑ?низоном в самÑ?Ñ? глÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? дÑ?Ñ?Ñ?, в коÑ?оÑ?ой, как казалосÑ?, ниÑ?его не пÑ?оисÑ?одиÑ?. Но эÑ?о Ñ?олÑ?ко казалосÑ? внаÑ?але. А поÑ?ом собÑ?Ñ?ия завеÑ?Ñ?елисÑ? â?? дÑ?евняя баÑ?ня, Ñ?аинсÑ?венная незнакомка, запеÑ?Ñ?ая в ней, Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?аÑ?Ñ? в свеÑ?каÑ?Ñ?иÑ? доспеÑ?аÑ? под сÑ?енами. Ð?ак в сказке. ТолÑ?ко какой-Ñ?о непÑ?авилÑ?ной.

С гиÑ?аÑ?ой по жизни: Ð?оспоминания (Russian Edition)

by ТаÑ?аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ин Николай

АвÑ?обиогÑ?аÑ?иÑ?еское издание «С гиÑ?аÑ?ой по жизни» повесÑ?вÑ?еÑ? об одном из Ñ?еÑ?, кого сейÑ?ас назÑ?ваÑ?Ñ? «деÑ?Ñ?ми войнÑ?». Ð?м пÑ?иÑ?лосÑ? жиÑ?Ñ? как Ñ?аз в Ñ?о вÑ?емя, о коÑ?оÑ?ом кÑ?о-Ñ?о сказал: «Не дай Ð?ог жиÑ?Ñ? в эпоÑ?Ñ? пеÑ?емен». Ð?Ñ?дям эÑ?ого поколения сÑ?дÑ?ба послала и оÑ?еÑ?есÑ?веннÑ?Ñ? войнÑ?, и «оконÑ?аÑ?елÑ?но посÑ?Ñ?оеннÑ?й соÑ?иализм», а заÑ?ем его кÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ение вмесÑ?е со сÑ?Ñ?аной, коÑ?оÑ?ая вела к «свеÑ?ломÑ? бÑ?дÑ?Ñ?емÑ?». НесмоÑ?Ñ?я на все испÑ?Ñ?ания, авÑ?оÑ? соÑ?Ñ?анил лÑ?бовÑ? к мÑ?зÑ?ке и свое сÑ?Ñ?асÑ?ное Ñ?влеÑ?ение классиÑ?еской гиÑ?аÑ?ой.

Mail Order Bride: Winter’s Torment: Inspirational Historical Western (Pioneer Wilderness Romance series Book 5)

by Katie Wyatt

Available as part of a value boxed set AMZN.COM/B01A73QL6Q (copy and paste the link into your browser)

Clean and Wholesome American mail order bride historical western short story romance.

It’s late fall of 1850 and love is starting to blossom in the nearly lawless town of Dodge city!

This historical and inspirational Western romance much-loved series is about empowered women who turn around their hopeless circumstances in this mid-19th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover authentic men and true love.

Meet Winter, she has been scandalized and put to shame in her beloved town of Bangor Maine. Unable to go to her local church and support herself after the incident, she takes the only option she has: To seek marriage and get far away from all of the pain and suffering. She accepts Henry Olson, a farmer and blacksmith, in his offer for marriage and paid for a train ticket after just two letters.

What happened on that fateful frosty morning that tragically changed her family’s life?

Can Winter rise above her misfortune and find true love and happiness?

Will Mother Nature give a devastating blow that will end their love before it starts?

Come on down to Dodge city where the bars outnumber the other businesses. You can hang out with the local folks like the massive blacksmith Henry Olson, mustached deputy Bat Masterson and of course, the lovely, petite, 5 foot tall, emotionally scarred Winter Lindstrom

….”a story of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love.”….

While this book is part of a romance series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book.

Katie Wyatt:

#1 Best Seller in New Release Romance
#1 Best Seller in 90 Minute Short Reads
#1 Best Seller in Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction
#1 Best Seller in Western & Frontier Christian Romance
#1 Best Seller in Christian Westerns
#1 Best Seller in Historical
#1 Best Seller in Collections & Anthologies
#1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult
#1 Best Seller in Religion & Spirituality
#1 Best Seller in Children’s Christian Books

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Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American mail order bride historical Western book romance series are enjoyment for all ages from Teen & Young Adult to a more mature audience.

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