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Polio Past and Present

by Lorayne Miller

My father had polio when he was nine years old. It changed his whole life. This book is about the disease and how it changes a person’s life. Post polio syndrome is very real and is just like getting the disease again.

Marguerite Martyn: America’s Forgotten Journalist

by George Garrigues

Her voice is heard again. So are the people she interviewed for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch between 1905 and 1919.

Not only did Marguerite Martyn report and write, but she also carried an artist’s pad with her and sketched her subjects as she talked with them.

â?? She interviewed Williams Jennings Bryan at a streetcar stop, walked up the hill to his home and interviewed his wife, lawyer and amanuensis Ellen Baird Bryan.

â?? She and artist Charles Dana Gibson sketched each other.

â?? St. Louis political boss Jeptha D. Howe waggled his finger at her and pronounced “No possibility for women’s suffrage!”

â?? Missouri State Representative John Burgin ran a marriage bureau on the legislative floor and bluntly asked her, “Are you married?”

Martyn wrote about the dreams of a teenage worker who lost both arms in a factory accident. She illustrated street kids building sand castles on a torn-up downtown street. She ducked between police lines to cover the 1912 Republican National Convention, and the next year she met incoming President Wilson in the White House, who blankly called her Mr. Martyn.

She interviewed suffragist Sylvia Pankhurst and birth-control advocate Margaret Sanger, and she sought out religious leaders like Archbishop James Gibbons to see what they thought about the role of women in modern society. Then she drew them.

Author George Garrigues, a former journalist and journalism professor, has edited and curated Martyn’s work to show us a time when “big hats” were all the rage, rebellious teenagers hung out at “lid clubs.” and women were fighting for the right to vote.

This book is an exploration of the past, when trust was an American hallmark. When a reporter could knock on the door of a candidate for President of the United States, send in her card, and expect to be ushered inside.

See the Progressive era through the eyes of one of the few women journalists of her time, and how she changed.


by P. A. HAS

Donald Trump is proven to be the BEST PRESIDENT America have had in decades. This, in spite of the unending gang up against his government by the establishment elites. This book explains what every true American patriot must do to help stop the annihilation of the most revered American Values by the liberal drunk.
Also contained are pieces of advice to the people and their GREAT LEADER.

The Sumerian Lover

by Esther Llull

Ingrid, a professor of Philosophy and History of Religions travels from Berlin to Baghdad to investigate more about the story of the captivating Sumerian, Akkadian-Assyrian and Babylonian goddess Ishtar. She pretends to show that there was an era where matriarchy and cultures reigned with gynecocratic reigns. There she meets American linguist researcher Hilmar who has a humility and a wisdom that will gradually make him win the love of her. Ingrid claims to be based on the presence of kingdoms where the deities were female, such as the great Mother Goddess, Inanna and Ishtar. She also explores in the transition that takes place from maternal gods to paternal gods, through classical Greek mythology, the heroes Orestes and Theseus before the Minotaur, and the goddess Athena and the god Dionysus. Ottfreid is also a teacher who with his dark eyes, who always grow and overflow with sincerity, tries to call the heart of Ingrid.

The Mother Goddess and Demeter Erinys are worshiped reverentially and represent the Erinias or right to blood for defending the mother. It is a force of true life because it is sacrificial life that spills out, opposed to other forces that will arise later with the West, although they intertwine with her in Demeter and in Ishtar, as goddess-woman-mother.


“Theseus underneath the Minotaur, at that time already Greek, advances the same principle to which Bellerophon had opened the way, and which had its exponents in Perseus, Achilles, and Heracles. The heroes themselves who destroy the brutal telluric forces also appear as benefactors and protectors of humanity and will be the ones who destroy the Amazon.
Even more significant is the fact that Athena chose not the Delfinio as the seat of the tribunal, but the place where the Amazons, the hill of Ares, camped. At whose feet, in that place, the acquittal of Orestes was decreed by the first tribunal of blood, and thus announces the end of the maternal right or the Erinias that come to the mother. “What more proof can you have of the matriarchy than this?” Ingrid asks in the solitude of her room.”

“These gods are gradually taking form, first with symbols and they will end up having human form.Anu is going to be the god of the gods.Afterwards they are configuring new gods:
The great goddess Inanna, who will later identify with Ishtar, will be the most revered goddess. She is the goddess of fertility and love. Without will be the moon and Shamash the sun.
It is possible to infer the existence if not of a matriarchy, yes of a kingdom of the goddesses, that is to say, of a gynececrotic kingdom”.

“Ingrid’s hands are like a pearly skin of a dove and serpent, her knees are like pink floating islands, everything in her is a gesture that is masked by some goddess of antiquity.Her eyes are of a strange light gray sky. And her hair is a very light blonde that has been collected in a bun.”

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