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Macabre Stories Vol.3

by Leandro Coria

When Elizabeth Holloway and her ghost hunting team are exposed as frauds, she is compelled by circumstances beyond her control to join forces with an old friend from her past who offers her and her cohorts a chance to redeem themselves and their reputations. Their adventure takes them to Argentina, to a region long famous for its well-documented UFO sightings and infamous for its equally well-documented Nazi past. The region’s history, when combined with the recent unexplained disappearance of dozens of its residents serves as an irresistible draw to this team of intrepid investigative videographers. The team soon finds itself embroiled in matters that go way beyond UFO’s, Nazi’s, and missing persons, matters which threaten not just their reputations but their lives.

The Sharp Family

by TJ Moore

This suspenseful novella features a family trio, creatures of night, each searching for their purpose beyond the lust for blood: fashion, sculpture, and ancient mysteries. When a teenage girl named Jezebel investigates strange occurrences in her city, she discovers chilling revelations locked within the walls of their ominous house. She wants to be one of them. But some family secrets are exclusive . . . and dangerous.

Kensington Gore’s Hammered Horrors – The Wooden Walls

by Christopher Long

Horror icon, Kensington Gore knows exactly what scares people. He knows that not everyone is scared of monsters and curses. Some people are scared of other things, heights, snakes and even running naked down the high street chased by a baying pack of rabid dogs. That’s why he’s bringing you the story of Adam Roberts, a simple man to all intense and purposes. Adam is a horror writer. He makes his living scaring people but his biggest fear is a meeting his agents have scheduled for him. A meeting with a strange man called Nicholas Todd. Adam thinks a presentation is the worst thing that could happen to him. Sadly, Adam is very, very wrong.

Kensington Gore’s Hammered Horrors – Narrow Doors

by Christopher Long

Kensington Gore presents an instant Hammered Horror classic. The Narrow Doors is a tale that proves that sometimes you should leave the past buried, because every so often something will claw its way up and come after you.

They say the deepest wounds are cut by those closest to us. Laura Welles never met her real parents. When she receives a letter from a solicitor telling her that they have something of interest for her concerning her mother, old wounds are torn open. Then a horrifying truth begins to reveal itself. A truth that will change her in ways she could never imagine.

Are you ready to step through The Narrow Doors?

The Narrow Doors is the third horror novella by acclaimed writer Christopher Long, and is his best to date. He will shock you and scare you in equal measure.

Kensington Gore

Dead in the Desert: Book 0

by James Hunt

A mother in Boulder, CO suddenly finds her world turned upside down. Five hundred miles away a small community fights against a company that threatens their very existence. Fast forward three months later and both parties find their fates intertwined, the stakes life and death.

B-Movie Reels

by Alan Spencer

Off the screen and out for blood!

Andy Ryerson, a film school graduate, has been hired to write commentary on two dozen cheap, b-horror movies. It seems harmless enough, and he might even enjoy it. But the people in the town around him won’t enjoy it at all when one by one, the films he watches come to life. Andy chose the wrong projector to screen his movies. This one is out for blood. While Andy grumbles about low budgets and poor production values, a hungry butcher, a plague of rotting zombies, demonic vampires, a mallet-toting killer, flesh-eating locusts, and many other terrors descend on the unsuspecting innocent. By the time he realizes what he’s done, the town is teeming with evil, and it’s up to Andy and the few survivors left to stop the celluloid horror he’s unleashed.

Muse 2: King of Shadows: A Dreamlands Novel

by Katherine Jean Pope

Mina returns to the Dreamlands to find that things have changed in her absence. Mina’s mission remains the same: to find a story, record it, and deliver it to the Realâ??a world next-door to the Dreamlands where magic does not exist. Her dangerous friend Shade is the new King of Shadows, with all of the responsibilities and possibilities that implies. While Mina struggles to find her footing in a world that seems to have moved on without her, a series of disturbing dreams leads her to believe that all is not well with her first story in the Real. Worse, it seems as though Shade’s new Court of Light and Shadow may be doomed from the start.
Armed with ink, paper, magic, and luck, Mina sets out to address the mystery of the missing Queen of Light, whose lost magic is a necessary requirement for the Court of Light and Shadows to survive. One serious misunderstanding later, and Mina finds that the entire fate of the fledgling Court of Light and Shadow may rest on her ability to conduct a successful rescue . . . or two.

It’s Dark Inside: short stories

by Karen Heard

These six tales span the genres of ghost story, mystery, horror, and suspense. Some look back on dark times, others look forward to an apocalyptic future, and still others dwell on a terrible present – but they have one thing in common: they are all dark. Don’t expect happy endings or pleasant characters here, for there is something dark lurking in the shadows of each tale waiting to get out.


The Lighthouse: A young girl trapped in a flooding Lighthouse begins to wonder why her parents left.

Snap: How do you photograph the last moments of a dying species?

The Picture: A dead man’s home is haunted by the living and the memories they disturb.

Out of Order: What do you do when the lights go out and the screaming starts?

The Promise: Never make a promise you can’t keep.

Inside: Something scratching behind the walls is dying to get out.

The Sword of Sighs (The Age of the Flame Book 1)

by Greg James

Sarah Bean lives a quiet life in Okeechobee, Florida until the day when she is transported from our world to the fantastic realm of Seythe.

She meets a wayfaring wizard called Ossen who saves her from the dreaded black riders, servants of a being known only as the Fallen One. Together, they will have to undertake a treacherous journey to the far-away Fellhorn mountain where Sarah must find the one weapon that can save them from the black riders pursuing them – The Sword of Sighs.

NB: This novel is recommended for mature young adults as it contains occasional bad language and occasional scenes of a graphic nature.

The complete Age of the Flame trilogy is now available from the Kindle Store:
The Sword of Sighs
The Sceptre of Storms
The Stone of Sorrows

“The Sword of Sighs is a fantasy novel with well paced action and compelling characters…This was an entertaining read and I am looking forward to the next one. ” – Ann BoozeandBooks Review Blog

“What a ride! What a journey!…Do I recommend this book? Heck yeah I do! If you want to dive into a fantastical and epic journey of good vs evil, then this book is for you.” – Same DiNamics Book Review Blog

“Interesting and exciting, it was enough to catch my attention all the way! You’ll never be able to put the book down.” – Girl in the Woods Review Blog

Past Ghosts and Future Nightmares: Two Gothic Horror Tales

by William Creedle

Montcalme – An unexpected inheritance in the North of France leads to a grim discovery in a fireplace. What secrets does the old Chateau Montcalme hide in its depths? Who is the man in the stained glass window and why do his eyes follow you wherever you go?

The 7:03 – An angry mob, a scared girl prone to clairvoyant visions. Can she make it through the snowstorm and catch the last train out of town or will the mob, and the horrific visions accompanying it catch her instead?

‘Past Ghosts and Future Nightmares’ is two tales of Gothic horror sharing a theme of time. Stylistically similar to the works of Ambrose Bierce and M.R. James, one tale relives the horrors of the past while the other tries to escape a tragedy in the near future. Just as the ghosts of the past shape the present in’ Montcalme’, the dread of the future shapes the actions of the present in ‘The 7:03’.

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