Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 09 Oct 18

Dead Time: Azgiel’s Return

by Jason Wilcox

In a world much like our own where dark souls manipulate the very fabrics of society, an ancient evil returns seeking revenge for his incarceration. His love, The Witch, summons her demons and prepares their minions for the reigniting of a universal war.

Caught in the middle is Caden, an unsuspecting secret agent who possesses powers from a past he does not remember, tying him to the war and the evil that is after him. Demons, witches, dragons, and a host of other creatures will stop at nothing to prevent him from gaining his powers back.

Can Caden recover his memories before the ancient evil taps into his power to dominate, or will restoring his power lead him down the path of evil as well? Caden must make his decision quickly before his world is destroyed.

Stinky Winky Silly Willy Off-key Donkey: A Fun Rhyming Animal Bedtime Book For Kids (Really Silly Wonky Songy Children’s Books 1)

by Donald Jacobsen

Are you looking for a fun kids’ book that teaches new words and rhymes in a silly and entertaining way? Grab this book and meet Silly Willy, the Off-key Donkey!

Stinky Winky Silly Willy Off-key Donkey is a delightful and easy-to-read rhyming picture book that follows the antics of an adorable and whimsical donkey. This book is full of colorful illustrations and portrays an entertaining story that will pique the interest of kids around ages two to six.

Be sure to read to the back of the book, where you can find out how to grab a totally FREE sample of some of my other books, printable coloring pages, and more!

Grab your copy of Stinky Winky Silly Willy Off-key Donkey today and set off on an adventure with your children!

El tatuaje (Spanish Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

Del tercer cajón de mi mesa de despacho saco un espejito pequeño, de esos que usan las mujeres para depilarse las cejas. Por uno de los lados, me veo grande, como un horrendo gigante con el cutis lleno de cráteres. La nariz está roja y se me ve muy pero que muy mal. Lo giro. Eso está mejor. No sólo desaparecen los cráteres, sino que con un poco más de saliva por el pelo, imitando el efecto de la gomina, casi desaparecen los signos del combate.

Peter and the 97 Gnomes

by Kate Baker

The story of Peter and the 97 Gnomes is a children’s fairy tale that about kindness and friendship. In it, you will meet a little boy named Peter, his loyal dachshund Doris, and the mysterious dwarves who live in the courtyard of the old house on the hill.

Descending the Cairo Side – a novel of the traveling life

by Kit Herring

The novel recounts the adventures of Danny White who, seeking to escape the complacent worlds of North American and Western Europe, joins the backpacker culture and travels to North Africa. His ultimate goal is to see the pyramids of Egypt, but during the journey he explores the intricacies of Muslim culture while trying to resolve his inner dilemmas, including the failure of his first great love affair and his inability to relate to his family and peers back home. He meets other travelers in northern Africa and their experiences exemplify the haphazard relations between Western tourists and the Arab world. In Egypt he reaches the epiphany he has been hoping for, but the event changes him in ways he could not have imagined.

Whom Shepherds Guard

by Matthew Cornett

Nathaniel is the youngest son in a family of shepherds. As the “baby” of the family, he never gets any important jobs. Instead, he must stay behind and watch the little lambs. When one of the lambs accidentally gets out and becomes lost, Nathaniel goes on a journey that changes everything!

“Whom Shepherds Guard” is the first in a series of books that retell the parables of Jesus from a different perspective. The series imagines that the stories Jesus told were based on real events connected to his life growing up while he prepared for his ministry.

Enoch and the Stars Above

by Rich Paz

“I can´t take my eyes off the stars.”
Enoch is no stranger to bullies; he is regularly targeted at school by Finley and his goons because of his quiet, observant nature. His two loyal friends, Dante and his sister, Danica, try their best to encourage Enoch to be sociable, go with them to parties-but he can never bring himself to go.
Deep in his heart-he doesn´t feel he belongs anywhere. Then, one day he heads out to the quarry only to find a strange razor-toothed girl zeroing in on him. Before she can sink her teeth into him-she is subdued into a box-like object by an astronaut.
“Your world is dying.”
He introduces himself as Uriel, an ARC from Xibalba, armed with the news that the Earth-and humanity-is in jeopardy. Dark forces have sown their seeds across the galaxies, their greed increasing as they bend planets at their will, and now Earth is next on the agenda.
“Enoch, this is all about you.”
To keep themselves out of danger, Enoch, Uriel and Danica find themselves in places they are least expected to be in the hopes of finding a solution to this danger to humanity. The Earth depends on Enoch to help stop the sweeping darkness tracking their every step. Every decision can cost lives-and he must recruit every source he can to convince the galaxy that humankind is worth saving.

The Threatened Throne (The Lake of Fire Book 1)

by I.K. Bartlett

Anlam is a peaceful nation; with a terrible past. Great Wars were fought to secure it’s freedom, however, evil doesn’t rest for long and it is not long before entire nations and even time itself are under attack.

A Wish for William: A Fairy Imelda Story (The Fairy Imelda Stories Book 1)

by Sarah L Campbell

A funny read together story, written for both young and old to enjoy. Parents who still believe in fairies will especially enjoy reading this book to their children! In this story we meet fairy Imelda and her cat Smoky. William wishes for a fairy to solve a cake calamity and fairy Imelda arrives, although she’s not quite what he expected! She doesn’t look like your typical fairy and she certainly doesn’t act like one. Her wand isn’t working and she can’t find her fairy magic. She’s just having one of those days! Can William help? Maybe if they work together, they can make the perfect birthday cake having fun along the way. Two pesky magpies cause trouble and then of course there’s Grandma! What secret is she hiding? Fairy Imelda’s cat Smoky listens to her story about her day as long as there’s a supply of tuna!

Milo’s Summer Adventures: Summer of Reading, A Children’s Picture Book

by D.L. Madson

It’s summer break and Milo’s mom tells him he needs to read 10 books to earn a special outing.

Milo is far too busy for such ideas but he quickly finds how reading can become a special adventure without even leaving your room.

A children’s picture book for young readers.


by Caitlyn Connors

A man has been framed for murder and put into Alcatraz, his only way out being “The Right Way”, the only escape route. However, along with his friend, he has to trick a doctor who is in love with him.

The Toad Goblins: Age 9-12 (Earthworld)

by Peter Blight

From the author of the best selling children’s book The Lonely Giraffe published by Bloomsbury.
The Toad Goblins is the second in the Earthworld series that follows Janice and Peter along with their special friends into the magical world that is just below your feet!
Janice and Peter take their friends on more magical visits to Earthworld and have a run in with Pyxis – the tunnel hag that once was a royal princess but was thrown out of the Crystal Cavern for her jealous and wicked ways. The children manage to fool Pyxis and escape her terrible imps. They visit other parts of Earthworld but are warned to stay well clear of the toad goblins’ territory. The evil twins, Max and Melissa, are still trying to discover the secret of the small group of friends but they are easy to trick and the secret is safe. That is until Janice’s father is hurt at his job on a building site. The only way to heal her dad is to take him into Earthworld and carry him to the healing pool. The problem is that the healing pool is in toad territory and fiercely guarded by Cygog and his brutal toad goblins! It is a dangerous journey and made harder when Max and Melissa discover the children’s secret and tell their greedy father. The perilous journey into toad territory is completed at a devastating cost and they return to find that Melissa’s dad is on their trail. Then things go from bad to worse when the enemies of the Crystal Cavern attack and the children are trapped in Earthworld. Only the wizard Zosma can save them. But will they all survive their visit to a place they thought was a dream and that has now become a nightmare?

Prince Taker

by Corey Parsons

A young prince learns to be a giver instead of a taker in this illustrated children’s book. A lesson can be learned from a child that can have whatever he wants, but learns to give instead of take.

Do-It-Duck and Other Great Children’s Stories by Jay Rabbit (Great Stories by Jay Rabbit Book 1)

by Jay Rabbit

Larry Lion is a gossip and his friends teach him a positive lesson for it. Do-It-Duck finds a way to handle sadness. Brody Ant teaches us all how to think more positively, and Donald Dragon tells us how to stop worrying.

Be amazed also at Frederick the Frog’s powerful carrot gun and laugh along with Molly Mouse with her classy ways. Do-It-Duck and Other Great Children’s Stories by Jay Rabbit has plenty of wisdom and fun for many of life’s situations, all packaged in fun bundles for children (and adult readers too!) to open, read and enjoy.

Build a Bridge and Other Great Children’s Stories by Jay Rabbit

by Jay Rabbit

From a young boy who falls down a funny hole to a young dragon who keeps destroying things, Jay Rabbit continues to inspire and amuse with this charming collection of stories for the child in all of us.

Poppa Beaver has some wise things to say about building bridges and Annie discovers how to feel bigger better and brighter! Uplifting, fun and playful, â??Build a Bridge and Other Great Children’s Stories by Jay Rabbit’ will live on in the reader’s heart long after reading.

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