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Keto Diet + Paleo Diet: Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Live a Healthier Lifestyle: 30 Day Paleo Challenge, Ketogenic Diet

by Andrew King

Keto Diet + Paleo Diet 2 Books in 1

Book 1: 30 Day Paleo Challenge: An Exploration of the Cro-Magnon Diet Fad and a Cavman Culinary Cookbook 

Book 2: Ketogenic Diet: The Complete Keto Guide for Beginners 

Discover How To Scalp Off, Remove, Destroy and Obliterate that Flat Tire You Have Bulging On You Waist.

“Does the Paleo Diet actually work.”

Well, partner, I wouldn’t have written a book if it didn’t. Is it all that plus a bag of chips? Not by a long-shot. There are demons, dinosaurs, and the occasional toothy tiger hidden inside Paleo Diet’s closet.

A book, and narrative, ultimately crafted as a DEFINITIVE guide to the Paleo Diet.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

-     A look behind the curtain of that crazy show called the Paleo Diet. Chapter after chapter tossing out all the cards on the table; The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

-     A comprehensive scientific study on the Paleo Diet.

-     A perfectly researched tale on every weird and bizarre claim Paleo Diet is marketing.

-     More cooking tips and workarounds than a book by Julia Childs on steroids.

-     The definitive answer on whether or not the Paleo Diet works.

-     101 lip smacking, finger sucking recipes.

-     A guide on how to outfit your kitchen. What utensils are essential and which will simply collect dust.

-     How to hack your brain.

-     Workarounds for certain Paleo diet restrictions.

-     A quick reference guide on what to eat and what to defenestrate out the window.

-     A list of Paleo Acceptable booze.

-     Expert advice on how to cut up a pineapple. How to build your own slow cooker. How to make Paleo sushi. How to cook an octopus. What the heck is ghee?


Here’s what you’re going to get:

-    A look behind the scenes of one of the most famous diets out there. Chapters packed with crazy tales of how the diet started.  Paragraphs brimming with crazy Spartans, mad scientific experiments, journalistic hoot-and-nanny, and even Academy Award winners.

-    A comprehensive scientific study on the Keto Diet.

-    An in-depth investigation of how this diet first came into existence.

-    A perfectly researched tale on the Keto Diet’s many benefits; the Good, The Bad and even the Ugly.

-    Workarounds for some of Keto’s less than savory side-effects.

-    The definitive answer on whether or not the Keto Diet works.

-    A Complete Overview demonstrating the fundamentals of the ketogenic diet and advice for living the keto lifestyle.

-    101 lip smacking, finger sucking recipes.

-    More nutritional information than you can shake a stick at.

-    A couple of jokes.

-    Handy charts.

-    Workarounds for certain Keto Diet restrictions.

-    Expert advice on how to freeze a casserole, how to truly make a succulent pork, cook an award-winning chili, make brownies you don’t need to eat with guilt. 

-    And much, much, much, much, more�

SoundPath: Using the Power of Sound and Silence for Health, Harmony and Happiness

by Karen Olson

In SoundPath, New York Pops violist Karen Olson reveals how to harness the energetic power of frequencies to reduce fear, guilt, shame, and anger and boost love, gratitude, serenity and joy.

– Enrich Relationships
– Heal Emotional Wounds
– Resolve Physical Complaints
– Reduce Stress
– Generate More Joy
– Grow Closer to God

All matter has vibrational energy-a frequency. This vibration influences your physical health, your emotions, and your ability to create what you want in life.

Dr. Karen Olson teaches you how to use meditation, contemplation, prayer, and of course, music to power up your unique, personal vibration and create new neural pathways to replace memories of fear and pain with restorative healing, an increased sense of wholeness, and enduring happiness.

Karen is an amazing and powerful teacher, healer, musician and aligned being. Karen’s compassion and alignment heals everyone she meets. – Sheryl Blumenthal, Global Healing Foundation Board of Directors

You will learn how to enrich your relationship with yourself, your Higher Power, and others in your life-children, parents, a partner, siblings, friends. You will learn how to be comfortable and at home with yourself, resolve old hurts, heal specific physical ailments, and – finally – be happy!

A brilliant, gifted, and renowned musician, Dr. Karen Olson has established herself as an authority in emotional healing and wellbeing, based on her training and her personal experience. In addition to her professional music career, Karen gives workshops and works privately with clients to resolve long-held emotional issues and lead them to physical wholeness and increased joy.
Concerts – Sound Healing Workshops – Motivational Speaker

Emotional Intelligence: Mastery of Modern Psychological Techniques to Speed Up the Development of Your Emotional Mind Faculties, Boost Your EQ, Master … Healthy Spirituality Guide Book 1)

by Daniel Wallaces

â?? â?? Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the kindle eBook version included for FREE**

Do you find your emotions dictating the way you feel, and how you behave?
Do you want to construct more meaningful relationship bridges, be it in the workplace or in your personal life?
Or master the ability to communicate effectively with those around you to avoid conflicts and achieve your goals smoothly?

If you find your-self in at least one of these or other similar situations, raising your emotional intelligence is what you should be aming for.

Many different studies over the last years has shown how Emotional Quotient (EQ) stands for 80% of one’s success and accomplishments which is far more important then Intelligent Quotient (IQ) as IQ stands only for 20% of these

At the same time other researches conducted in the workplaces have shown how costly a poor mental wellness due to low emotional well being actually is for companies. It’s been estimated that corporation lose over 500 billion a year. One in four people quit their jobs due to stress at work, resulting in12.5 million working days lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety.

The good news is that one’s while intelligent quotient is largely determine by genetics, emotional intelligence is something that can be shaped through habits to deliver wealth and achievement. Yes, we can continue to increase EQ through consistent practice.

This book is filled a variety of exercises, helpful instructions and practical strategies. Every chapter reviews different areas of emotional intelligence. But let’s have a better look of the main content.

In this book, you will learn how to

  • Give insight on how emotion influences motivation and behavior
  • Develop impressive Social Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Obtain full control over your emotions and actions
  • Break down the Mental Barriers of Shyness & Social Anxiety
  • Boost your social awareness
  • Connect naturally with others in a more productive manner
  • Easily navigate through interpersonal relationships to be able to get the most out of life

You have probably already attempted to better your social affairs through other books or courses and you’re wondering if the strategies within this book are really effective, understandable and easy to follow. However, through the step-by-step approach to develop your EQ and become a better version of yourself that this book provides, it will be a child’s play to get advantage from it.

Moreover the author has provided a better grasp of the ins and outs of creating a positive impact on one’s professional and personal life.

So what are you waiting for? All this can be achieved with just the simple push of a button! SO SCROLL UP AND CLICK THE BUY BUTTON NOW!

Ten Feet Beyond Possible: Your Life Without Limits

by John Moffettone

Anything that you can imagine for yourself is possible. We are all powerful creators.
Read on and learn to create the life you have always dreamed of.
â?¨Would you like to design your own future?
Your life can have limitless possibilities and opportunities. Your business, professional and personal life will be enhanced by learning these principles.â?¨
We all, as human beings, want basically the same things in life. To be happy and content, to be successful and to not be held in check by the limitations which are often placed upon us, usually by our own fears.â?¨
In this ground-breaking new book, Ten Feet Beyond Possible: Your Life Without Limits, you have the chance to see just how you can achieve the success and happiness that you deserve, by using a ten-step program which includes:��

Discovering that anything is possible,

Achieving balance,��

Removing the obstacles that get in the way of happiness and success,��

Discovering the genius within you,��

Developing peaceful rituals,��

Discovering your unique purpose��

And much more����Now, you can have the kind of life you once only dreamed of.
Get your copy now! Make a difference!â?¨

Refined: My Memoir

by Demeshia Lavette

If you feel like you have been counted out in life, this is the book for you. Refined is a powerful and emotional journey through the broken places of my life. Through this journey, you will see how I used what broke me as a tool to help build me into an unstoppable woman. You will witness as chains fall and I walk into my purpose.

French Chic: The Ultimate Guide to French Fashion, Beauty and Style; Dress Classy and Elegant on Any Budget (French Chic, Style and Beauty, Fashion Guide, … Parisian Chic, Minimalist Living, Book 1)

by Veronique Blanchard

Grab your copy today to receive a special FREE gift Use this comprehensive guide to understand the basics of French chic. By practicing the ideas presented in this book, you can dress classy and elegant on any budget.
You can trust the information presented in this book as it comes from a native Parisian.
Having been born in this iconic city, world famous for its romantic charm and fashionable women, I grew up watching an impeccably dressed mother. Her personal style inspired my own as the art of being beautifully dressed came naturally and rather effortlessly to her. While I had heard about how French style is admired all over the world, I realized just how different the French way of life is only during my stay in the US.
Classic French style is essentially based on simplicity and elegance. We’ll discuss the wardrobe must haves essential for this kind of look but you must modify those basics to match your own true style.
The better you understand yourself, the better you’ll know your style. The magic of wearing clothes that truly complement your personality is that it enhances your entire being in a subtle but incredibly profound way.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • French Style & Beauty – An Introduction
  • The Art of Dressing Elegantly
  • How to Build Your Signature Look
  • What Not to Wear
  • Hair, Grooming and Make-Up
  • The Basics of Chic – Inner Values
  • Shopping Tips for the Elegant Woman
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Cleaning With Common Sense

by Melissa Fogle

We all want more time to do what we enjoy but, things like cleaning have to be done. With my Common Sense Cleaning book you will spend less time cleaning and more time having fun!

Weight loss champion: Replace your food choices and quickly lose weight

by John Dyke

This is the simplest guide on how can you easily lose weight. Practice is what matters, so if you really want to use a tested method and get an immediate results – read this small book.

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