Free philosophy Kindle books for 09 Oct 18

plans and ideas from my desktop: enlightenment defined

by David Forkner

things you want to know all in a book. how to make eutopia plans. ideas I want people to understand and comprehend.

a pleasure to read.

Feng Shui Made Simple – The Beginnerâ??s Guide to Feng Shui for Wealth, Health, and Love: Includes the Five Elements, Finding Your Kua Number, the Lo Pan, … a Feng Shui Bedroom, and the Bagua Map

by Sabrina Godwin

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â??Feng Shui Made Simple’ is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in this ancient practice.

The practice of Feng Shui brings a positive balance of energy to your home and your life.

Sabrina Godwin takes you through all of the basics like:

  • An introduction to Feng Shui,
  • Yin and Yang,
  • The Five Elements and what they mean,
  • The Bagua,
  • Feng Shui’ing your bedroom, kitchen, and every other room in your house
  • It’s all here!

    Grab your copy today and learn how to naturally attract wealth, improve your relationships and your health, increase creativity and knowledge, and even advance your career! 

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