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The Storyteller’s Anthology

by SouthWest Writers Workshop

When a flood decimated the offices of a premiere U.S. writers group, moving wasn’t optionalâ??it was mandatory. Months later, its treasury still depleted, SouthWest Writer’s (SWW) president asked for fund-raising ideas at a Saturday meeting. “Let’s publish a Book!” came the response from a long-standing member in the hundred-plus audience, and The Storyteller’s Anthology was born. Dozens of SWW members (aided by best-selling authors) donated prose, poetry and photos which were, in turn, groomed by SWW members with editing chops, to produce this first-class anthology. Everything was donatedâ??including editing and book designâ??to raise funds for the nonprofit organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico known as SouthWest Writers. In this book you will be delighted, entertained, and surprised by the hard-hitting introduction by Anne Hillerman, daughter of beloved southwestern mystery master, the late Tony Hillerman; the killer short story by none-other than the thriller king himself, David Morrell; a short story that’s southwestern to the bone by Chuck Greaves; and a tale with a southern twist by SWW member Sarah Storme/Baker. Eleven delightful short stories follow, along with five intriguing book excerpts, three memoirs, eight juicy essays and nonfiction offerings, and nine poemsâ??recommended for those not into poetryâ??complete this fine collection. You’ll learn how SouthWest Writers was formed in the 1980s and what makes the group a magnet for would be and published writers alike, most, but not all of whom, reside and write in New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment will come to life before your eyes in their original prose, poetry and photos as presented in The Storyteller’s Anthology.

Gems of the Kingdom: a collection of poems for the daughters of God

by Yanike McPherson

Have you ever wondered why you were created? Or why life does not seem to work out the way you imagined it would? This book contains 26 poems to help put your life into perspective. They cover themes such as discovering purpose, overcoming limitation, and submitting to God’s design for your life that will cause you to introspect and find the answers to your questions.


by Marta Przybysz

Not every love story has a happy ending.
One-sided love is a collection of short poems. It tells about love, sorrow, pashion, pain and desire.

Soldier of Christ (God Book 1)

by Pete Marchesi

Letter to the Publisher:

I am only approaching the big six. I do not want to waste my time with anyone else. This is all about sex. And it’s incline. I have written many books before. About forty. I never get published. I have been waiting for this one.

It is called, (“Soldier of Christ.”) and it well protected. By opinion in the society, and just about everywhere else! It supports the group known as Occupy Wall Street, but is against terrorists. It is all about love. And sex. And gets very raunchy at times. But it is not a paperback. It cannot be sold loosely. I am seeking a professional publisher. An imprint with some experience. But not jaded.

I hang loosely. Of course this is time equipped. By that I mean if it is published too late, there will be nothing left of it. So I am on a time constraint. I need you to look at it quickly. Accept it quickly. And publish it quickly. In no more than three months. That is how expendable I… am. If you are a Company with a little mercy, you will be compliant. I have always believed that the Author is in charge of the project. It will have to be this time too. I accept the incidental. We will need a lawyer. Bad language. I defer. To the editor. I am… an editor. I have completed the book. There is to be no other editing. I have completed the cover. There is to be no other cover. Distribution is yours. I hope you have a good Printer. It needs to be on good white. Average. And needs to be distributed world-wide. What is it?

I guess the genre is humor. That is what they would like to believe. But I believe that it is a novel. Written jargon style. As is the norm, in our eventual society.

Future plans. How will it react? I do not know.

I am the Author. That is your job. I expect to be paid well for this project. Or I will go to another Publisher.

Pete Marchesi
Black Dragon Publishing (Kindle)

Back in 5 Minutes (an expression of depression Book 1)

by Clint Catalyst

Back in 5 Minutes ~ an expression of depression Volume 1

Back in 5 Minutes is a collection of poetry, lyrics, short stories, excerpts of scripts and artwork from established and emerging talent. The ‘expression of depression’ series of anthologies arose from a journal and pad of art therapy pictures recorded during a stint in rehab. The idea was to collate similar pieces from as many writers and artists as possible; the desire was to provide empathy and inspiration for anyone going through a similar experience of isolation and mental struggle.

Back in 5 Minutes is the first volume in a series of six.

Featuring work by Sadie Frost, Clint Catalyst, Alice Temple and Lucie Barat

“Back in Five Minutes is a searingly honest and inspiring testament to the fact that all art, by its very existence, is life-affirming. The impulse to create is often, in the words of Leonard Cohen, the crack that lets the light in.” ~ Jillian Lauren, Author of ‘Some Girls: My Life in a Harem’ (Plume, April 2010

I AM (Inner Am Mighty)


It is a poetry of hope, giving life to lifeless and putting energy in even pessimistic person so that he can rise and shine and be positive about his life.

Just so

by Richard Rogers

What’s it all about, then? Why am we here? What does it all mean? And how on earth are we going to make it through to tomorrow?

Taking the themes of faith, fun and philosophy, these are the questions explored in this new collection of poetry. As one of the openings to the poems puts it:

We were made to dream,
to reach beyond ourselves
and, when losing balance, to take
hold of the drifting seeds
of imagination…

The Miner

by G. Culshaw

These poems are nature-based and provide the fabric for a collection of fresh outlooks on the modern world. At times simply written, these poems have a depth that will surprise and ferment in the reader. Both when in and out of this book, Culshaw’s poems will make you think.

Obeying Reason – A Book of Poems

by Alma Solis


Noble House Editorial Review Comments

“â?¦beautiful expressions from a profound, wise soul. The pieces are intelligent, sensitive and insightful. The poet has bravely delved into the human spirit and mind, emerging with a keen clarity that she openly shares with her readers.”

“The works touch on a multitude of emotions and experiences without an abundance of sentimentality. This volume imparts a genuine openness which appeals to the reader, effectively drawing he or she into the work and enabling he or she to comprehend the passion which is so eloquently expressed.

“Colorful and creative metaphors lend to the strength of the work, as does the potent diction. The peoms are very well-written and possess universal appeal.

Penhaligon Page Ltd, England

“An engaging and beautiful command of evocative and passionate language. The images woven throughout the pages of this collection will conjure in the empathic reader’s mind personally reminiscent scenes. Guaranteed great pleasure and fulfillment to many readers.”

Tracking Sanity

by Nur-Viktoria Ellen

A collection of modern day poetry

Like Rain Returning Home

by Kathryn Collison

Be propelled through a collection that questions and celebrates the love affair between a Japanese woman and her American husband as told in lyrical and narrative poems that create an intergenerational dialogue between grandmother and granddaughter. Loosely based on the author’s own life and family, this collection explores assimilation, acceptance, loneliness, and dislocation. Imbedding emotion in powerful imagery, resting in “green tea quiet” and “sake-sweet” moments, the contrast of cultures and examination of home form a landscape both familiar and unfamiliar, spanning generations. In her distinctly evocative, clear voice, Collison offers us a glimpse into loss, longing, and connection.

Toward a Unified Theory of Self: Poems

by Kat Bodrie

Kat’s raw, accessible poetry epitomizes modern life in America. Poems like “Pat” and “Grit” viscerally conjure the awkward and character-molding moments of childhood, and a trip to college in “Visiting My Alma Mater” reveals pleasant memories soured with regret. Love offers no respite, either, when it’s as complicated as “mangos at market / ripening beneath / uncertain fingers.”

Does the narrator manage to create a coherent “theory of self”? Or do the various parts of her remain scattered across the pages, “units in tiny packages, / dissolute in private places”?

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