Free religious fiction Kindle books for 09 Oct 18

The Trash Man

by Michael Tovrea

Jessy worked as a clothing salesman and model for the top fashion store in Colorado. He took a vacation and went to New Orleans where he attempted to defend two young, black boys against a gang of bikers. One of the bikers had a shotgun and shot Jessy in the face leaving him for dead, but he was revived and unable to have plastic surgery on his face having to live with the face or a gargoyle.

When he gets back to Denver he takes on the job of a trash man so he can be hidden from the public and also delivers food to the poor in his parish where he meets and falls in love with another volunteer who is engaged to be married to a very abusive man.

Find out how one lovely young lady can see beyond appearances and to what extent a jealous boyfriend will go to.

The Story Guardian – Book 2 Mountain of the Visible Spirit

by Keith Hutson

“To succeed in your journey through life, you are required to step outside your comfort zone. Will fear hold you back, or do you choose to continue onward with courage?”

Having been given instructions by Sir Animus, Alex Booker uses the pocket watch again, sending him into another world unlike his own. He wakes up in a temple set upon the top of a high mountain, inhabited by martial artists who train in both body and spirit. This far removed location from the familiarities of his own world leaves Alex in a moment of culture shock as he is suddenly introduced to a youthful, friendly monk and his master.

During his time at the temple, Alex learns to open up to his muscular roommate, Brox, as they both train under Master Tren in preparation for a tournament being held at the end of the week. The young writer, encountering the spirit that resides within a giant flask, is given the ability to use a technique known as the “Spirit Form”. As Alex becomes accustomed to the ways of the monks, he learns many new things, including a piece of his life’s purpose. By the end of the week, he begins to realize how much of an impact he has made on the life of his new friend.

The Story Guardian Book 3 – The Quill Kingdom

by Keith Hutson

“When faced with two opposing opinions of yourself, which is the one you will accept?”

Having spent several weeks in training under Sir Animus and Master Tren, Alex is finally ready to travel to a new destination. His next journey takes him to a world far apart from his own as he is met with surroundings and people bathed in vibrant, animated colors. This world is one where art plays a central role, as Alex meets a young teen, Ken, and his creature partner, Galdegarde. Ken is one of a large fraction of special people, known as Penaé, who have the ability to bring to life artwork of his creature of choice.

During his week in the Quill Kingdom, Alex joins Ken and his best friend, Garret, on a journey to Easelton, where the young teen will take a test to become a Quill Knight, one of a group of Penaé who are entrusted in defending the kingdom and helping its citizens. Though Ken proves himself to be a bottomless well of zeal in his dream to become a Quill Knight, he finds himself quickly discouraged when someone he trusts stands against his dream. Once more, Alex becomes the force that impacts the lives of his friends. At the same time, the writer learns from the inseparable bond between the Penaé and his creature as his nearly burnt-out desire to write stories slowly becomes reignited by Ken’s zealous flame and his best friend’s wisdom as a blacksmith’s apprentice.

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