Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Oct 18

Starstruck: Book 1 of the Starstruck saga

by S.E. Anderson

She could barely look after herself. Now, she’s looking after the entire planet.

After an incident with a hot-air balloon causes college-dropout Sally Webber to lose her job, she sets off to find direction in her life. Crashing into a teleporting alien, however, is not on her to-do list.

Now she’s on the run from TV-drama-loving aliens, and things are just getting started. Zander won’t stop reeling her into life-or-death situations to save her planet, as he waits for his laser-wielding sister to search the universe for him. Though Sally isn’t quite sure if he wants to save Earth from annihilation, or just quell his curiosity of all things human.

Now she’s got to find lost alien emissaries, as well as a job, and stop the planet from getting incinerated in the process. But with Zander as her roommate, what could possibly go wrong?

(Contents suitable for Young Adult readers)

“S.E. Anderson’s debut is a hilarious galactic romp with loving nods to Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Galaxy but with a voice all its own.

It’s quirky, fun, and utterly enjoyable.”

~Dragon Award-nominated author, R.R. Virdi of The Grave Report and The Books of Winter.

Timecaster (Insane Sci-Fi Action! Book 1)

by J.A. Konrath


Talon Avalon is a timecaster–one of a select few peace officers who can operate a TEV, the Tachyon Emission Visualizer, which records events (most specifically, crimes) that have already happened.

With crime at an all-time low, Talon has little to do except give lectures to schoolkids–and obsess on his wife’s profession as a licensed sex partner.

Then one of her clients asks Talon to investigate a possible murder. When Talon uses the TEV to view the crime, the identity of the killer is unmistakable–it’s him, Talon Avalon.

Someone is taking timecasting to a whole new level and using it to frame Talon. And the only way he can prove his innocence is to go off the grid–which in 2064 is a very dangerous thing to do.

Time is NOT on his side.

Featuring all of the action, thrills, and humor of other Konrath books, but set in an outrageous never-before-seen future, the Timecaster series is ecopunk on super steroids. Add in healthy doses of sex, some characters from Konrath’s previous books (Talon is Jack Daniels’s grandson), and a lot of outrageous ideas about technology, society, and politics, and Timecaster is a book that will appeal to anyone who likes to be entertained, even if they don’t dig on sci-fi.

If you are a more sensitive (or adventurous) reader, this handy scale rates specific categories from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to give you some idea if this is your kind of book.


Technobabble – 7
Action – 9
Sex – 8
Humor – 8

Crossovers – Features Jack Danielsm Phineas Troutt, and Harry McGlade from Konrath’s bestselling Jack Daniels series.


by Adam Kanofski

Welcome to world Unholy Masters. Australia. The year 2035A.D.
Burgeoning world population has demanded a few changes as laid out by the Unholy Masters Global Government and none of them are little. Big changes are happening in the First World. Changes they say everyone wanted. The time of tumult is here. Protectorate Citizenry are now classed in Tiers. Geographic borders are being rewritten. Recorded history has changed as digital replaces book. A change in social dynamics and what constitutes a family. A change in world currency and a whole new way of buying and selling. Organs bought and sold on demand. Even the cars in the Protectorate Zones drive themselves nowadays. Change all around and all in the name of Citizen Safety and Security.
Ordinarily none of this wouldn’t have bothered Robert. A lead engineer for AirSatIntell Corporation, it was a golden age to be in the cutting-edge industry where the future was just waiting to be writ by guys like him.
Only something had changed in him. Something inside had…shifted.
Could it be his conscience? Of recent he’d been lamenting the way things used to be, even coming to hate the way the values he’d been raised with had gone by the wayside. Values were bad things. The old world had been systematically erased during the ushering in of this golden age of a New World Order. Yes, life had gotten easier. And yes, he had to admit it had gotten more…convenient? Yes, that too. He had after all designed Luft-Car, the world’s first mass-produced driverless vehicle. A river of money was coming his way.
But things weren’t as rosy as they seemed.
Things were fraying around the edges at home. The women in his life felt they didn’t have to listen to him anymore, having being taught that they didn’t have to. Under Protectorate Law as a man and thus a second-class citizen a simple accusation could see him arrested by the AO’s and jailed. Even winking at a gal was classed as sexual-assault. Such was the way in the never-ending War against the Men of the Protectorates.
Once upon a time he had another life. Back then he had a brother. A brother he didn’t know was even still alive or not. His whole family just up and vanishing that strange stormy night down the Coast.
So much had changed since then. So long ago. All gone now.
If Robert could have one wish come true it’d be to see his brother Alex again.
If only…

Darknight Rebellion

by Riley Nielson

In a floating realm of airships and steam, a hero will riseâ?¦ quite literally.

Resolved to solve the mystery of his uncle’s death, eighteen-year-old Nikolas Scribus commandeers his grandfather’s airship and sails through the skies to bring his uncle’s murderer to justice. But his journey isn’t easy, as he has to find favor with forgotten friends, pontificate with pilfering pirates, put up with prideful protectors, and avoid falling in love with a furtive female. (Not to mention get involved in a coup that plans to take over the city before the end of the week. It’s a lot to do by anyone’s pocket watch!)

All the while, a mysterious monster named Blackout, known to destroy entire cities in a single night, is threatening to break free of the protectors’ control and wreak havoc on the realm.

Will Scribus survive long enough to find his uncle’s murderer? What will he do when he confronts the person responsible for his uncle’s death? The sky’s the limit in DARKNIGHT REBELLION.

Rhea’s End

by Adam Howell

Three people are forced to land on the planet Rhea. A world now known as the planet of the damned. What happened to this once great civilisation is clouded in rumour and legend. A cautionary tale for those who wish to hand their lives over to machines. The crew take the opportunity to explore the planet and, in doing so, they uncover exactly how much of the nightmare is still in play – still an ever present danger.

Green Crystal

by Christopher Charles

David slid to a stop in the middle of the room as Janoir slowly turned to face him. “They’re here! They’re….” David looked straight into Janoir’s glowing green eyes under the hood. Stunned a second, “You Janoir?”
The Green eyes under hood started to appear fuzzy to David. He looked around quickly as the floor began to vibrate. He tried to jump, but there was nothing solid to push off from, yelling, “What’s going on? The room’s fading!”
“A transport disc,” Janoir said, “Relax David.”
“David disappeared through the floor. Janoir walked slowly towards the disc, and stepped in. The two-armed men in black broke the door open and came charging through as Janoir dissolved. One of the men leaped for the spot, but the floor stopped vibrating and became whole.

The Summit: Rise of the Anati (Thurian Saga Book 4)

by James Todd Lewis


With the help of their family houses and the mysterious Theo, Sahnassa de Orturu and Vanarra de Gonari brought about the complete collapse of the powerful and corrupt house de Caterra. Now, all of Thuria struggles to recover from the enormous losses of that conflict. The Allegiance of the Anati, a renegade band of rebellious mixed-bloods, have agreed to negotiate peace with house de Gonari, but it’s soon peace at a price Vanarra’s house can ill afford. When the talks fall apart, the Grand Matriarch reaches out to her house’s only mixed blood daughter.

When Vanarra takes charge of the negotiations, she’s targeted by factions on all sides – including those with deadly intent. To help protect her, Theo grants Sahnassa the awesome powers of a Teldear. As forces hurry to the two friends’ defense, even deadlier foes relentlessly target Vanarra and all those she loves. When it’s discovered that the leadership of another house is trying to assassinate Vanarra, the houses begin to prepare for open war.

Only moments remain before Thuria is destroyed with the rising of the Anati!

Cuentos para Gadea: La niña que no conoció la guerra (Spanish Edition)

by Mery Varona

Entre mi infancia y la de mi nieta ha transcurrido medio siglo. Yo nací cuando el país aún tenía reciente el espanto de la guerra civil y se lamía con temor las heridas de una posguerra silenciosa. Cuando ella llegó al mundo estrenábamos un nuevo siglo que parecía un mundo feliz. Se ha producido una revolución tecnológica, un salto en la civilización. ¿Cómo explicar a esa niña qué era la posguerra española? ¿Cómo jugábamos y nos relacionábamos los niños de aquel país pobre que no había oído hablar de la televisión? ¿Cómo mostrarle la dureza de la migración, cualquiera que sea su origen y su destino? ¿Cómo contarle que hay otra magia muy superior a internet y las redes digitales? Cuentos para Gadea, la niña que no conoció la guerra es una recopilación de relatos escritos para esa niña del siglo XXI que se ha encontrado un mundo muy distinto al que encontró su abuela y que ella deberá cuidar para las generaciones futuras.

AEON (The Consciousness Series Book 2)

by James Suriano

Melody Parifallo thought usurping Earth’s latest election to put President Haakon back in office was the right thing to do. She believed that she knew better than the Majesty and that breaking the one unbreakable lawâ??”Obey the vote”â??would go unnoticed.
But the consequences came hard and fast as the Consciousness shut down and civilization plunged into darkness. Now the human race’s survival rests once again with the Majesty. When she activates her royal army to launch an orderly yet callous evacuation of Earth, she chooses only citizens whose genetic makeup uniquely qualifies them to populate a new planet.
They are the lucky GenoSettis, and the Majesty has chosen Melody to lead them.
Aboard the vast starship HOPE, one million survivors embark on a journey to the edge of the solar system, where their new home awaits. What they find, however, is not a neat replication of Earth, focused on human needs, but a world programmed at its very core to deceive and manipulate while various factions of world builders fight for control of their own destinies.
Melody finds herself in the crosshairs of a species war that will push her beyond her limits to lead the GenoSettis, to decipher the mysteries of her past, and to decide what value can be placed on each life she represents.

Darkspawn: Book 1 of the Darkspawn Trilogy

by M. A. Short

Careful was not particularly her jive, but Lark would try anything once…

In the lawless Fringe, an anarchic string of independent worlds stubbornly resisting participation in the Alliance, assassins and bounty hunters uphold a delicate street justice. Lark is the embodiment of the Fringe’s every-man-for-himself
spirit – until she stumbles upon a figure from her past and finds herself thrown headlong into someone else’s war.

On the exiled planet Kyro, home to the ancient and fiendishly humanoid darkspawn, Magnimus Avrok is impatiently awaiting the day when he will fulfill his destiny, free his people from Alliance oppression, and avenge the deaths of his parents. Today could be this day – if Lark, in all her unpolished and foul-mouthed glory, would stop getting in his way.

While they plunge the galaxy into war, Mags and Lark will find that the path from rebellion to retribution will put loyalty, family, and destiny to the test.

Resurrection: The Beyond Thuria Trilogy – Book Two

by James Todd Lewis

Brutally beaten to death in front of her, the tragic loss of Vanarra’s mother had always defined who she was. Van was an orphan, a mixed blood, and a victim of the great family houses’ unyielding hatred of her kind. Her lifelong friendship with Sahnassa de Orturu helped her change those houses, grant mixed bloods equality, and live far beyond a normal Thurian lifespan. Although coming to a bitter peace with her distant past, Vanarra never forgot those brutal moments of her beloved parent’s pitiless injury and murder. Now, seventeen hundred and forty seasons later, she stares down in utter astonishment at her very own mother lying upon a hospital bed, inexplicably alive and recovering from those very same injuries.
Matching her mother’s plight, the once great houses that Vanarra restored now exist in an utterly wounded and failing state. Their rights were unjustly torn away by corrupt politicians. Their ranks were insidiously infected by Sahnassites and Vanarrans. Their once noble leadership has been reduced to either twisted perversion or despairing impotence. Vanarra faces the task of not only helping her mother recover and find a new place in this far distant time, but she must also aid and restore the family houses. Failing to resurrect the great houses will undoubtedly cost Thuria its future. Failing to help her mother survive in this new time would cost Vanarra de Gonari her very soul.
She has no choice but to bravely face both the consequences and requirements of â?¦ resurrection.

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