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Romantic Short Stories: Collection of Sweet, Relationship-saving romances

by Terry Atkinson

If you think your relationship is over, read this book now!

Included in this collection are: Romance on the Island; Romance in the Mountains (including FREE AUDIO); Lost love; London Adventure; Romance in the Forest; Romance under the Stars (including FREE AUDIO); Romance in the Mist; Internet Romance; Romance in the Valley, Rhythms of Life; New Love, New Life.

Here are some reviews of these clean and wholesome love stories:

Romance in the Mountains: “I think this story is one of those stories that should be read again and again. It is an inspiration for those who are in a relationship or for those who envision to get in one. ” Author, George Letton

Romance on the Island: “A special, romantic place can be an island in the mind. A dream may begin when two persons find love. Life needs to address the inner-being to find what is really important. “

Lost love: “A gorgeous love story that includes all the nuances of love & trying to please others instead of doing what is right for you. Read it – it’ll make you smile.” Founder and CEO of FutureThis Scientific Beauty

Romance in the Forest: “A warm-hearted short story that is indeed wholesome. A nice story about deep love and caring for one’s partner. I will definitely read more by this author.”

Romance under the Stars: “Love always has a way of showing us, what we think we want isn’t always what we need. Sweet short tale into how rich love and nature, truly is.”

Romance in the Mist: “Reading through you felt like you were sitting in the coffee shop. Got a sad feeling when I thought it was going to have a bad ending. As I kept on reading the story made me smile. Thanks for another great book Terry.”

You can get your short reads one at a time – see Terry’s Author Page – or you can read 11 stories in one collection at a discounted price here.

2 FREE audio stories included.

Happy reading and listening!

How To Stop Puppy/Dog Bite: Easy Step-By-Step Guide On How To Successfully Stop Your Dog Or Puppy From Biting (Easy Dog Training And Puppy Training Guide Book 1)

by Charlie Smith

Dog Training And Puppy Training Made Easy! Learn How To Train Your Puppy Or Teach Your Dog To Stop Biting With Easy Steps.

Does your puppy bite? No need to panic because biting is normal with puppies especially when the start teething. Fortunately, this is a behavior you can easily control.

Training your puppy or stopping your dog from biting is not a big issue as it may sound in the ears. In this book you will learn the easy steps that will help you to train your puppy or stop your dog from biting. Luckily, with the guides you are about to read you can easily prevent or stop your dog from biting without breaking her spirit.

The guide in the book is very clear and easy to follow. With it you with quickly learn how to train a puppy or dog training in order to stop puppy bite in few days. Get your copy right away to start dog training or puppy training with ease and stress free.

Facts About Sports

by Ajay Sharma

If you’re a sports fan, then you probably know plenty of fun facts about your favorite game. World records, player rankings, famous statistics. But let’s not forget about a very important part of the game: the sports equipment. Do you know any fun facts about that?

Zion National Park (Northridge Photography Presents Book 26)

by Northridge Photography

Northridge Photography is a family operated business. We strive to capture the cinematic qualities of the natural world.

We hope you enjoy our art, and that you learn something along the way.

Thank you for your support.

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