Free war Kindle books for 09 Oct 18

The World, the Flesh & the Devil: a novel

by Rhett Vorster

This is the story of a Texas boy who becomes restless, and when barely of age, joins the army, which leads to his brutal experiences in Germany. From there he is sent to Vietnam to fight in America’s most unpopular war, but in the process finds out what it really means to be a man in this world – according to the flesh.

The Threshing Crew

by Mike Flinn

The years 1917 and 1918 were some of the most difficult years in the history of America. War was raging in Europe and America was now being drug into the conflict. A draft was instituted to supply troops to the American Expeditionary Forces in France. Military training bases like Camp Dodge, Iowa were being hastily built to train and house the 4.8 million men that would eventually serve. All of this turmoil and movement of troops and people caused a killer much worse than all the guns, bombs and poisonous gas to be unleashed on a population that was ill prepared for such a catastrophe. The events of the time would forever change the lives of the Chambers family.

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